Arsenal v Liverpool: A loss to Learn and Move on From.

As expected, Liverpool away straight after the last annual interlull was a mountain too high to climb. Playing away after one’s players have been all over the place is hard; only one away team won in the PL yesterday.

The boys started well drilled and they worked hard for each other. Gradually the Red Scousers got through our walls with more ease and only our last wall of defence, the indomitable Ramsdale, held firm then.

It’s a shame we were finally beaten by a well executed set piece, just a few minutes before the end of the first half.

Second half was a painful experience from the start. Our concentration let us down, mistakes were made and then we gave the all important second goal away. The implosion after that goal was to be expected and we have to learn from it.

Our attackers struggled but then the service and support in numbers were below par. I thought the boys played perhaps with too much tactical discipline in the first half and too little in the second half. It’s a fine balancing act v the top teams away, and also for Mikel an area for improvement. It will come.

For me Emile Smith Rowe stood out above the rest and this alone was worth enduring that game.

The good news is that we have now played Pool, Citeh and the Foxes away and are in fifth position in the PL table. With Leicester, Mancs and Hammers also losing no damage was done.

Let’s zap the oily Barcodes on Saturday and recontinue our climb upwards. It’s all about bouncebackability.

By TotalArsenal.

64 thoughts on “Arsenal v Liverpool: A loss to Learn and Move on From.

  • Thanks Total, in general the reaction to yesterday’s defeat by the online community has been muted and balanced as all the circumstances you described above have been taken into consideration. I remember the Arsenal Double team of 1970/71 getting their pants pulled down 5-0 at Stoke City, it’s how you react that counts and I think, no I know, that this team and management will react the right way.

    A big January for this club and KSE coming up. The Kroenke’s have invested heavily in the last three windows and the proof of that is out on the pitch. Edu and the scouting team have steadily grown their reputation for finding affordable solutions and now we need a striking solution from somewhere?

    Top four is very much within our grasp but not attainable I fear with our present attackers, so will the club go for it, invest in a young striker whose on an upward trajectory but who isn’t yet a £100m man?

    They gambled with Pepe but that was a Raul acquisition and it’s not worked but credit to Josh for pushing out the boat, let’s see what Stat DNA and Edu comes up with instead.

  • Yes, TA. We have to review in perspective. Our team is work in progress only just put together. Pool is a well oiled machine, seasoned and tested. We are still lacking in depth and experience. Our manager and team will improve. Patience required.

  • Agreed TA except I thought that our stand out player was Aaron. He didn’t deserve that scoreline. It’s a pity that the touchline spat got the fans roused and I wonder if our players hadn’t done such a good job of calming Mane down after his booking if he wouldn’t have got himself sent off? I guess they were more concerned that one of them would have been stretchered off with a serious injury though so, I commend them for it.

    Sade to see Ole go from ManUre, I was hoping he might stay longer, LOL!

  • As usual my response to the game will be short.

    Our youngsters were over whelmed by the occasion, Anfield is one of the most partizan grounds in the country and their fans are frenzied..
    I’ve had the good fortune to see Arsenal play there on several occasions, with the assistance of my Liverpool in- laws and it’s a caldron of noise that would scare the pants off of any young player. It’s all in the learning curve the youngsters will have to absorb in order to become mature players.
    My only disappointment was that our mature players were all but anonymous.

  • Busy day today, I will be watching, Darts, Snooker, Formula 1 and football!!

    Snooker and Darts start in two minutes – one on the TV and the other on the computer.

    Tough ole life………………..

  • Well considered post, TA. That was one game we may have been able to get something from only if we stayed the same course we were on first half. That kind of awareness needed maturity which we don’t have enough of, at the moment. It is no embarrassment to lose to this Liverpool team at Anfield (hey! They destroyed Man U at Old Trafford); maybe we could have tried to keep the scoreline down. And that’s it.

    I also believe the players and management team won’t allow this result affect them (Jync did express that concern) and move on from this, having learnt a thing or two.

    Salah later started to get more space as we probed for a goal back. Before that, Tavares did keep him in check better than most other full backs have managed. Mane had to foul and muscle his way around Tomiyasu, as against the near free ride he did enjoy with our right backs in the past.

  • I agree if we do bring in a hardworking young striker who knows where the goal is, we can improve a great deal on current performance. Auba scores some good goals but needs an established side where he won’t be required to do too much in defensive duties (how many of those exist anyway?) and where chance after chance is created for him, based on the law of averages, for him to score a lot of goals.

    Kev did say something I have long observed; Auba avoids putting his foot where it (may) hurts and that’s not going to be helpful in the EPL. You can’t be pulling out of challenges when your team needs you to commit into some challenges. His hold up play too does not look useful for a team playing deep (as we do against the top sides). A good buy in that department will be a game changer for our season….and that is no disregard for what a great player and captain Auba has been for us.

  • Cheers Kev, you are quite down on our attackers at the moment. There is indeed room for improvement but I rate their work rate and they just need to regain their form a bit.

    But we can of course buy in January and this may well be part of the bigger plan.

  • Expected result but somewhere in the corner believed we could pick a point. West Ham won against liverpool last match and that shows the gap. But thye lost against wolves today. So it’s going to be that kind of season. We would do well to keep our confidence and win the next one against New Castle.
    The center forward position is a big worry. Auba had couple of gilt edged chance when we were one goal down. That pass from ESR and one from I think Partey atleast one should have been put away. We need a CF who can take the pressure off and hold on to the ball for a period get others in position in such kind of games. Auba kept getting offside which shows that he is off the pace. Disappointing to note that in a tough match like this the senior pros let the team done. Laca is embarassing with his histrionics and trying to get a foul.

  • Morning all, here are the results for our competition
    For the week:-

    1st Eris with 5/6 plus 4 points for most correct = 9 points
    2nd Madhu with 2/6 plus 2points for a correct score = 4 points
    3rd Kev & OX10 with 3/6 = 3 points
    5th Total & GN5 with 2/6 = 2 points

    Season to date:-

    1st Eris with 72.46
    2nd OX10 with 68.13
    3rd GN5 with 58.13
    4th Madhu with 57.66
    5th Total with 55.13
    6th Kev with 49.33

    Well done Eris you continue to be the front runner.

  • Here are next weekends choices:-

    Arsenal v Newcastle *
    Brighton v Leeds
    Chelsea v Manchester United *
    Brentford v Everton
    Manchester City v West Ham *
    Lyon v Montpellier

  • Thanks for that OX10. I’ll leave the game in our selection but if it isn’t played then we will use the England v Austria ladies as our alternate choice – so kindly give me your predictions for all 7 games – just in case.

  • Arsenal v Newcastle *
    Brighton v Leeds
    Chelsea v Manchester United *
    Brentford v Everton
    Manchester City v West Ham *
    Lyon v Montpellier
    England v Austria ladies (alternate game if the Lyon game is not played).

  • Arsenal v Newcastle * H 2-0
    Brighton v Leeds H
    Chelsea v Manchester United * H 4-0
    Brentford v Everton D
    Manchester City v West Ham * H 2-1
    Lyon v Montpellier D
    England v Austria ladies H

  • Arsenal v Newcastle * 2-0
    Brighton v Leeds H
    Chelsea v Manchester United * 2-0
    Brentford v Everton H
    Manchester City v West Ham * 2-0
    Lyon v Montpellier H
    England v Austria ladies H

  • Arsenal v Newcastle * 9-0
    Brighton v Leeds A
    Chelsea v Manchester United * 3-1
    Brentford v Everton H
    Manchester City v West Ham * 4-2
    Lyon v Montpellier H
    England v Austria ladies (alternate game if the Lyon game is not played). H

  • Multiple, very bad mistakes by Sambi and Nuno in the second half. If not for those we would have had our wish for a close game and a chance to maybe grab a late point. Casual, careless passes.
    On the positive side, I saw no fault with White or Gabriel. That’s the keeper Aaron that I remember seeing against constant adversity for Sheffield.
    Partey was invisible again. I love Laca but he’s not quick enough to fill that position, especially against teams like Pool and City.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Mane take an accidental kick in the throat next time we get them at home.

    Now we just have to bounce back with confidence.

  • Thanks, GN5. 👍🏽. Lucky guesses, TA. Nothing more.

    Meanwhile, some of the score lines you predict for the Arsenal…. would love it too. 💪🏾

  • J, I guess we missed Granit and (a fully fit) Tierney on Saturday. This game came too soon for Sambi and Tavares. And Thomas missed Xhaka too.

  • Arsenal v Newcastle…..H (4-0)
    Brighton v Leeds……….H
    Chelsea v Man United..H (3-0)
    Brentford v Everton……H
    Man City v West Ham..H (4-1)
    Lyon v Montpellier……..H
    (Ladies game 4-1)

  • Renato Sanches seems to be a strong rumour, but he’s got a chequered injury record in a much less physical league so I’m not sure about him?

    I’d love to know how Atletico utilised Partey and if he played all the time as he does at Arsenal when fit or if he was regularly rotated and if he was used in different positions? Two injuries in 5 years is pretty good even accepting that he was 22’ish when he moved to Madrid and was physically at his peak in those years.

    I really like Partey but there’s certainly a suspicion of of the Abou Diaby about him rather than the hoped for Patrick Vieira.

  • Arsenal v Newcastle * H (2-0)
    Brighton v Leeds H
    Chelsea v Manchester United * H (3-1)
    Brentford v Everton H
    Manchester City v West Ham * D
    Lyon v Montpellier H
    England v Austria ladies H

  • Don’t know much about, Kev. Also not keen on those sort of rumours now that the key part of the season has started.

    How is business for you these days?

  • Sorry Total, I didn’t respond to you comment to me on the strikers/forwards and yes I guess I am a bit on their case but that’s because they need to do more in terms of putting the ball in the net and tagged applies to all of them.

    Just my view

  • Typos 🙄

    Yes it’s quite busy TA, I’m sitting on Cheapside in the City atm waiting for a job.

  • Aubameyang 4EPL goals, Lacazette 1, Pepe 0, Martinelli 0, Nketiah 0, Saka 1, SmithRowe 4, AMN 0, Odegaard 1, Partey 1, Lokonga 0, Xhaka 0, it’s not great is it TA…

  • Kev I remember that Partey was rotated at Madrid… Definitely not accustomed to heavy minutes, though I hoped that with no Europe it would less of an issue.

  • Hello, people.

    I’d say we should stay with our feet firmly on the ground. We weren’t the worst team in Universe after first three defeats, we didn’t become the best after eight without defeat and we are not the worst team (again) after losing heavily to Liverpool. Anfield is historically the ugliest stadium for Arsenal to play at – 50% of big defeats (4-goal margin or bigger) in Wenger’s tenure took place at Anfield. It happened when we had better team than Liverpool and now when they are among four best teams in Europe (Chelsea, City, Liverpool and Bayern) it is even more likely to happen.

    Ramsdale is some character. There is something about him that you have to like. My biggest humble pie is the one regarding him.

    Tomiyasu is learning the league in a difficult way. He is old-fashioned right back which is not a surprise given that he is basically a converted centre-back who plays as RB. I can’t help myself thinking he is just a stop-gap option until we get a really great, modern RB in a mould of Cancelo or Alexander Arnold who acts like another midfielder.

    White and Gabriel look like respectable partnership. Mertesacker and Koscielny were our finest post-Highbury partnership and still took a heavy beating at Anfield in 2014. White’s ability to progress the ball – until we invent or buy a proper No.8 – will be crucial to our attacking game. Gabriel already looks like a rock, improved version of Koscielny in a way that you can’t teach size – Kos was OK but was bullied by stronger strikers.

    Now, what we want from our LB? I believe Tierney is our long-term first choice. Tavares is still learning the trade but has shown a glimpse of what top teams need on that position – pace, athleticism and enough tricks in the bag to make quick change of direction when he cuts inside. Tierney seems to be closer to being a finished article though and more reliable when defending.

    Now, our midfield… Partey still hasn’t shown everything he can do and I’m not sure that he knows whether he is supposed to be 6 or 8. From our current squad, his ideal partner is Xhaka. Sambi doesn’t have Xhaka’s passing range and same goes for Maitland-Niles. Ditto Elneny. The problem is, “current squad”. We need a proper 8 to play next to Partey. Someone who can progress the ball and isn’t completely incompetent at defending. I’d give Wilshere a short-term deal. An HG-player capable of passing the ball forward and wouldn’t cost a dime. Not going to happen though. Rambo is another option – pay his wages and get him on loan from Juventus even he was closer to running No.10 in Emery’s days. None of our youngsters should be expected to fill that position.

    Finally, our attack has to create patterns. Saka, Smith Rowe, Odegaard but I’d give Pepe one last chance. I mean, he finished last season on a high note, scoring five in last four games. Now he can’t get a minute even when Saka looks exhausted and we don’t have anyone capable of beating his marker one-on-one. Auba’s replacement has to be found ASAP while Lacazette’s likely departure next summer means either Martinelli or Balogun should get more minutes. Nketiah won’t cut it, I’m afraid.

    4th place is there for taking. Get 65 points and I believe that should be enough.

  • I don’t usually take any notice of anything ‘reported’ by Football.London and I most certainly wouldn’t click on anything they post but a few other websites are repeating a story that Football. London first put up, as is their habit, which suggests, with absolutely nothing to back it up, that Arteta could give Mika Bireth his debut in the Sunderland game, based apparently on his performances when he’s joined in with the first team. Well a lot of our young players join in with the senior squad especially if any of them have certain qualities in their game that the coaches want to use and the seniors to train against in anticipation of forthcoming matches.

    I always enjoy seeing our young players training with the seniors but it doesn’t mean that any young player is any closer to his debut.

    Yes J, I did wonder if that was the case when Partey was in Madrid, I guess when Granit is fit it’ll allow Arteta the opportunity to rotate more, not that he’s much of a rotating coach.

  • Interesting to see Arteta bring up the return of Arsene Wenger once more, maybe it’s more possible than was first thought especially since the departures of Gazides, Mislintat and Raul.
    I doubt that Wenger has any beef with Edu or Mertesaker, two of his old players, most of the Board have left, there’s no history between Arsene and Garlick or Vinnie or Tim Lewis.
    Josh seemed conciliatory during his recent PR chat with Sky Sports and Stan isn’t really involved now so who knows?

  • I just read the article and it sounds more positive than negative, I would love to see Arsene back at Arsenal in a senior advisory role, he could add so much and for Arteta to be his advocate means a lot.

  • Sorry, GN5, it’s been a long week. Here goes:

    Arsenal v Newcastle * H 3-1
    Brighton v Leeds D
    Chelsea v Manchester United * H 4-2
    Brentford v Everton. D
    Manchester City v West Ham * H 3-1
    Lyon v Montpellier D
    England v Austria ladies H

  • I also agree a Wenger return to the club, in some capacity, is overdue. We did discuss this many threads ago and I recall stating his presence, even if it is a mere dressing room or training ground appearance, would be the catalyst for a return to forward passing, quick paced football. Would love to have him around.

  • If Wenger were to return, which I think is highly unlikely, it should be well away from the coaching stuff. Arteta needs free reign to see through his vision, which is different from how Wenger had us play footie. He would be good at helping to buy the right players as he has charisma and reputation; he would also be good at marketing and sponsor deals etc. But he would need to stay well away from the coaching side of things IMHO.

  • Wenger’s return to the club is a good thing as long as his role is clearly defined.

    Manchester United have been going through hilarious mess because Red Nose is too close to the club. He hand-picked Moyes as his heir because he was afraid Mourinho 2013 would have surpassed him and endanger his legacy. He had backed Solskjaer for too long. Rangnick’s appointment might spell bad news for our Top 4 hopes as German school is dominating English football.

  • @TA

    I’ve doubled the number of children. 🙂 Since April I have two children – my beautiful wife gave a birth to our son as well. Now, my daughter is still too little to get over it and we are yet to find a proper way to handle her. At 3-and-half years, she is yet to understand she has to share toys with her little brother and that her mother – two of them have had the special bond from Day One – has to occasionally 🙂 feed her brother in the same way she had been feed for almost three years.

  • It seems that Tottenham are registering an official complaint to UEFA about Musa and their goalkeeper, who is a gas fitter, apparently he isn’t Corgi registered….

    Congrats on the family Admir.

  • Is that a true story, Kev, or just rival fan banter. Hilarious stuff.

    Congratulations, Admir. Enjoy. 😁👌🏽

  • TA, I do not even advocate a Wenger return that involves him affecting the technical stuff to do with the football. We should not be comfortable that, perhaps, our greatest ever manager isn’t comfortable coming to visit.

    There are board roles, advisory roles and even ambassadorial roles he can play….anything to get him around and about Arsenal FC.

  • Ah, Kev. It had me in stitches just thinking “what if…?”. Oh my days. The arsenal fan base would have let them have it, all week.

  • Here’s our latest team news ahead of Saturday’s match against Newcastle United.

    Sead Kolasinac
    Left ankle. Sead sustained a significant injury to his left ankle playing for Bosnia and Herzegovina during the November international period. Sead is progressing well in the early stages of his rehabilitation with the current aim to be back in full training in January.

    Granit Xhaka
    Right knee. Granit is continuing to make good progress in his recovery from a medial knee ligament injury sustained on September 26. Granit has progressed his recovery to running outside, with the aim to now be back in full training in December.

    All other players in the men’s first-team squad are currently fit and available for selection.

    As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first-team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for COVID-19.


    🏃‍♂️ Speed drills in the sports hall! | Inside Training

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source.
    Match p

  • When Arsene is sure … 100% sure he doesn’t want to manage or be any functional part of any club… of course he should come back in an emeritus role. Just a wonderful ambassador for the club. That will give him the respect he deserves. Can’t do any harm. Arteta is right, whatever his motivation… most likely respectful and sincere. I’m sure Mertesacker is on the same page.

  • Congrats Admit. Regarding Arsene coming back if we are a club who pride in traditions and culture just give Arsene a place in director box. Let him come to Emirates which will go a long way to remove bitterness. Arsene doesn’t need the toxic fans base on his bavk anymore. He has a job at FIFA and is not going to be involved with the club he has made it clear. Just be respectful to him and give him a seat at the Emirates.
    Let Arteta prove what he is made of alone and I Arsene is there at the Colney then it will be put on Arsene again for the club’s failure.

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