Arsenal v Newcastle United Preview and Lineup: Enter the Tiger of Wishaw

The Oily Barcodes come to the Home of football full with frustration. The Tyne is inundated with oil tankers full of cash to spend but until January they will have to do with the current crop of players. Poor magpies!

Howe, who I really thought had more backbone, has become their manager and no doubt he will gradually improve his new team, even without splashing the oil cash soon.

We know this is a must win game for us. Whoever put the PL games roster together was no doubt a Spud. After the last international break, we are playing three times away, at Pool, red Mancs and Goodison and just this one home game. This round of games has the potential to create a big setback so today we really need that win before we go to Old Toilet on Thursday.

This is likely the team today. Only change: Tiger of Wishaw for Tavares.

Ramsdale, Tierney, Big Gab, Big Ben, Tomiyasu, Lokonga, Partey, Auba, Emile, Bukayo, Alex.

Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners 🌋 🌋 🌋 🌋 🌋

By TotalArsenal

54 thoughts on “Arsenal v Newcastle United Preview and Lineup: Enter the Tiger of Wishaw

  • arsenal must win today by stating matnely and saka as wingers and laccer at strike and leave other position auba bench is totaly finish

  • Tiger Kieran is on the bench. Ode is in for Laca. Teams:

    Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Tavares, Lokonga, Partey, Smith Rowe, Odegaard, Saka, Aubameyang. Subs: Leno, Tierney, Lacazette, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Pepe, Elneny, Nketiah, Martinelli.

    Newcastle: Dubravka, Schar, Lascelles, Krafth, Ritchie, Shelvey, Willock, Fraser, Saint-Maximin, Joelinton, Wilson. Subs: Darlow, Clark, Lewis, Hayden, Hendrick, Manquillo, Murphy, Almiron, Longstaff.

  • Thanks for the lineup, OX10.

    A bit of a frustrating first half but if we keep playing like this the goal is going to come. The bar oded busses will tire soon and more spa e will come available.

    Tavares not to shoot anymore please. Auba…. That one had to be yours. Ramsdale you giant. Saka best player on the pitch.

  • Great finish by Martinelli from a fine pass by Tomiyasu. Two great goals, a clean sheet and an important win. Loved our professionalism at the back and Lokonga had quietly a great game. Few players below par but they can step up at Old Toilet for us.

    CoyrrGs ⚽

  • Tavarez had a great game. Got to love his attitude and his mental strength. What a steal at that price and that tackle/barge on Calum Wilson was perfect. He is a beasts and lovely touch for the saka goal. On the other side Tomi what a delightful ball. Great finish by my fav Martenneli but the ball was exquisite.
    Enjoyable game and heartening to see that we didn’t budge from the physical battle.

  • The Bar codes came with a plan to frustrate us in the hope they may just nick a goal; after, get the crowd anxious by slowing things down, then hope the fans transmit their anxiety to the players. It failed because we stayed the course in the second half and got the goals to win the game.

    With 11 men behind the ball, even the best will struggle to find spaces till the opposition tires out from chasing the ball. We moved it well, from right to left, probing for openings but they were willing to put bodies in the way and on the line; eventually, they started to leave spaces and we took advantage through goals by first Saka, off a sumptuous Tavares reverse pass, and Gabriel Martinelli from a delightfully lofted ball by Tomiyasu. The visitors huffed and puffed but, frankly, they hardly troubled Ramsdale. A word on Ramsdale…….Leno isn’t getting that No.1 spot back any time soon, unless there is a major injury to Aaron.

    I enjoyed the game and thought we kept control for most parts, as the stats duly suggested. Upwards, the Arsenal!

  • You summed it up nicely, Eris. It was a very mature tactical performance, and plenty in the tank left for Thursday’s crunch game v the horrible Mancs.

  • Tavares. Wow. Credit to the manager for picking him last week and sticking with him this week. Incredible physically. Obviously the shooting is a joke and it needs to be worked on, as well as final ball decisions in general.

    After all the wild shots in the first half, when he went to take another shot with his right foot in the second half (that was blocked) I was tearing my hair out, but as the commentator Drury called the play, he was literally chuckling, and it made me laugh too. He couldn’t believe this guy just doesn’t stop.

    But then, a sweet little ball to Saka. Great assist. Not just that though. Even with the bad shooting, he was terrorizing that side of the defense all game. Those guys were exhausted from him.

    It seems that he can get by almost anyone with his strength and speed. When was the last time we have had a player of that type? His recovery pace is incredible.

    When he runs into the box, unlike Tierney, he doesn’t get shoved to the by line, he just goes right where he wants to.

    In recent years, I thought another guy as a defender had crazy physical attributes, but was a head case and a generally bad character. Serge Aurier.
    Tavares is even more impressive in every way. I have to go back and watch the first half again, but I didn’t notice passing errors.. Last week he lost his mind after his big mistake, and made more because he was anxiously trying to make up for it.

    It looks like Mikel may see a potential superstar in him. Tierney is not only valued by Arsenal fans, but is one of the few gunners respected by the media and pundits..

    If he continues, this would make 6 brand new players starting regularly since the last window. Incredible. It’s 7 if you go to Partey last January. That’s a complete transformation. Even Chelsea after their transfer ban and huge budget didn’t do that much.

    I can’t even say how much I’m appreciating Arteta right now. I wanted him after Emery, to try something new… then last year I had strong doubts. Now the pressing is working and the passing is Arsenal level and more Pep than Arsene.

    Total Arsenal deserves a ton of credit, for being right, and having belief, when so many were either wrong, or losing faith like me. No matter what happens next in this crazy league,, I know we are on the right track now.

  • I get what everyone is saying about Tavares and his shooting but I love his courage to keep on trying, eventually he’s going to score an absolute belter and then he’ll settle down.

    Lokonga had a good game as well, I’m glad that Arteta stuck with them because generally they’ve both been on it, I’ve very pleased with what they’ve both been delivering, not so Mr Aubameyang who looks bereft of confidence and looks as if he couldn’t score in a house of ill repute.

  • I thought that Newcastle gave us quite a few problems, they looked organised and dangerous on the break, it could have gone so very badly if we’d conceded first but our team kept their heads and waited for the opportunities and took them well. Martinelli made the dream introduction which is great for him and it makes Arteta look a smarty pants, good for both of them, sometimes you just need a bit of luck.

  • Thank you BAJ, I was certainly not the only Arteta believer, and of course there is a long way to go.

    I think you are spot on re Tavares. Such potential and capable of making Tierney twitchy.

    Ooh to, Ooh to Be…

  • Nuno Tavares is going to be a powerhouse of a player in the not too distant future. He reminds me a bit of Wan-bissaka of ManU for his power of recovery and pace. When the team sheets were released today and he was on it, a few fans were non too pleased but very few were complaining after the game. It was a bold decision by Arteta and it has helped the pair of Lokonga and Tavares to grow in confidence.

    Whoever decided we needed to get him (perhaps after assessing him when he came on against us for Benfica in that Europa league game earlier in the year; okay, I know we would have watched him a lot more times), should be commended because he is precisely the kind of raw talent we need. He is unflappable and would match anyone for pace; I recall he didn’t give Salah a sniff in the first half and only began to allow him space after we had conceded and needed to go forward. He will get so much better after a few seasons.

    I like the fact he waited his chance patiently and now doesn’t look like he wants to let go. Soon, we’d have to find a formation in which both Tierney and him can play together.

  • TA, I am starting to think the African players (whose nations qualified) may have started to attune their minds to the tournament coming up soon. It is my only explanation, for now, for Pepe and Auba going off the boil. They may be saving their best for it and may seek to avoid injuries. Of course, one will quickly point me in the direction of Sadio Mane (Senegal) and Mo’ Salah (Egypt), but didn’t the Liverpool fans complain about the players’ below par forms recently? Besides, with the way Liverpool play, it will be hard to not give it a go.

    Anyway, I hope I am wrong because our AFCON eligible African players need to step up.

  • You may have a point there. It must be a huge occasion for African players to play in the tournament and it would only be human to play economically for a while.

  • Morning all, Oops I did it again I showed Lyon as the home team whereas it should have been Montpellier – so we will use the England v Austria Ladies game instead. Sorry guy’s another senior moment…………..

  • Credit to West Ham, despite the conditions they went to where we lost 5-0 and only lost by a single goal, no cautions either, two yellows for City, we’ll do well finishing above them this season…

  • I was hoping to see Arteta in the crowd at Stamford Bridge, just to ramp up some pressure on the Manure coaching staff, as we look forward to Thursday. We can afford to indulge in some mind games now, as part of the dark arts of the game.

    I can’t believe I am having to support the chavs for the win in this one. Pah!

  • Morning all, here are the results of our competition after last weekend.

    For the week:-
    1st Madhu with 4/6 plus one correct score & 4 way share of most correct predictions – 7 points
    & OX10 with 3/6 plus two correct scores = 7 points
    3rd Total, Eris & Kev with 4/6 and 4 way share of most correct predictions = 5 points
    & GN5 with 3/6 plus one correct score = 5 points

    For the season to date:-

    1st Eris with 77.46
    2nd OX10 with 75.13
    3rd Madhu with 64.66
    4th GN5 with 63.13
    5th Total with 60.13
    6th Kev with 54.33


  • Here are the choices for the coming weekends games:-

    West Ham v Chelsea *
    Newcastle v Burnley
    Southampton v Brighton
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace *
    Aston Villa v Leicester
    Arsenal Ladies v Chelsea Ladies *

  • Thanks for the update, GN5.

    West Ham v Chelsea * 1-2
    Newcastle v Burnley H
    Southampton v Brighton D
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace * 3-1
    Aston Villa v Leicester D
    Arsenal Ladies v Chelsea Ladies * 8-0

  • West Ham v Chelsea * D 1-1
    Newcastle v Burnley H
    Southampton v Brighton A
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace * H 2-1
    Aston Villa v Leicester A
    Arsenal Ladies v Chelsea Ladies * 2-1

  • Nice reporting with the updates, GN5. Great going, Mahdu and GunnerOX10. It’s been a close one with no runaway leaders yet.

    GN5, it would seem you’ve ignored the fixtures for Match-day 14 and gone on to make choices from Match-day 15, instead. Did you do so on purpose? Manure’s next game is against us at the toilet while Villa play City, S’pton play Leicester….and so on. Games come up midweek, quickly followed by the fixtures for the weekend. Do confirm.

  • Here goes, anyway…

    West Ham v Chelsea * W 2-1
    Newcastle v Burnley H
    Southampton v Brighton D
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace * H 2-0
    Aston Villa v Leicester D
    Arsenal Ladies v Chelsea Ladies * H 3-2

  • Please scratch the one above. I meant to have the London derby as a draw.

    West Ham v Chelsea * W 2-2
    Newcastle v Burnley H
    Southampton v Brighton D
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace * H 2-0
    Aston Villa v Leicester D
    Arsenal Ladies v Chelsea Ladies * H 3-2

  • GN 5 thanks mate for the updates. Watch out for me on the inside lane 😜.
    West Ham v Chelsea * 1-2
    Newcastle v Burnley H
    Southampton v Brighton D
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace * 2-1
    Aston Villa v Leicester H
    Arsenal Ladies v Chelsea Ladies * H

  • West Ham v Chelsea……..A (1-3)
    Newcastle v Burnley……….H
    Southampton v Brighton….D
    Man United v C. Palace…..D (2-2)
    Aston Villa v Leicester…….D
    Arsenal L v Chelsea L…….H (2-1)

  • Morning all,

    It’s quite simple Eris – I’ve always chosen games played on the weekend’s (Sat &Sun) to give everybody time to make their predictions. I’ve never referred to the choices by week number always by weekends & this weeks choices are played on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5rh.

  • God bless the family of Ray Kennedy. What a truly wonderful man and player he has been. He won more at Liverpool but was a more prolific scorer at Arsenal, especially when paired up front with big Raddie. For his headers against Anderlecht and at WHL alone, he deserves a statue. Along with the courage and grace with which he bore his illness.

  • Thanks GN5. That goal is seared into my memory. Photo’s of Ray and that team covered my bedroom walls as a boy. Losing Ray to Liverpool and then Charlie to Derby were tough moments for my adolescent heart…

  • Stuart I risked life and limb to get into that game at White Hart Lane – but I failed miserably and end up being one of the thousands left wishing and hoping outside of the ground.

  • Stuart my bedroom wall was covered in Arsenal newspaper clippings – for as long as the damp walls would keep them up. Tough time during the late 40’s and early 50’s. The

  • Talking of Charlie George I have his autograph along with those of George Best and Jon Sammels on the program for the home game against Man U when we beat them 4-0 in the double year.

  • West Ham v Chelsea * A (1-3)
    Newcastle v Burnley H
    Southampton v Brighton A
    Manchester United v Crystal Palace * H (2-0)
    Aston Villa v Leicester A
    Arsenal Ladies v Chelsea Ladies * H (2-1)

  • Thanks for the clarification, GN5. To be fair, I was reflecting on my enquiry and recalled you had made this known in the past. Good to have that cleared up.

  • That was an enjoyable Retro video of the heroes past. Thanks for the history behind it as narrated by Stuart and GN5. May the soul of Ray Kennedy rest. In peace.

  • Ray Kennedy, if my memory serves me right, was only 19 when Arsenal won the Double in 1970/71 and Charlie was only 20, I think that Pat Rice was 21, a great great team, well balanced between experience and fearless youth.

    I was at secondary school at the time in of all places Tottenham, we lived opposite Bruce Castle Park, all my mates were Spuds and I gave them hell…

  • GN5, did you collect those autographs yourself? If so, do tell us about the occasion. I have a 1987 team photo with original autographs from most of the players (including Rocky’s) given to me by a mate who collected them after a match. I lived in St Albans for seven years and saw Tony Adams and Alan Smith in restaurants. I was always too shy to approach them for an autograph. I do have Arsene’s. Upon my return to NZ I took up the role of Player/Coach for Kerikeri Prems and we won a treble in 2002, the same year Arsenal won their third double. I wrote to Arsene congratulating him and told him of our success and the fact that we were opening new club rooms. He wrote back, a lovely letter on Club stationery enclosing a team photo signed by him and wishing our club all the best. The letter and photo have hung in our club room ever since. Even the Tottenham and Chelsea fans who belong to our club respect them. As indeed they should! I don’t allow them to touch the letter tho’…

  • I love that story Stuart
    That letter is a treasure. A lost art, hand written communication.

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