12 Sources Of Arsenal Joy in 2021

Dear Bergkampesquerers 🙂

It has been a topsy-turvy year for us loyal Gooners but what a joy it is to witness and be part of the great Arteta revolution. I realise that not everybody has joined the Arteta-train as yet, and indeed some will probably never do so and disappear into the background (a real shame); but for those who believe in Arteta’s ability to take our great club to great heights once more, the green shoots of recent months are a real joy to behold.

Mikel is building something special and I urge you to re-watch the recent game against West Ham to see how far the team has come. Despite the manager fielding such a young team, at times it can play with real maturity, great focus and work rate; and for me the game against the Hammers showed what this team is ALREADY capable of. There are still areas for improvement and the team remains a work in progress. Especially away against the bigger clubs we need to show more composure and a self-belief that we will beat our opponents in those famous dens of adversity such as Old Toilet and Goodison Park.

But there were so many sources of joy coming from this team in 2021:

  1. The roaring, never give up goalkeeping by Aaron;
  2. The Japanese bullet train of Tomiyasu;
  3. The calm, great positioning and fine forward runs by Big Ben;
  4. The gladiatorial presence and superb timing of Big Gab;
  5. The tigerish forward running and great crosses of both Tierney and Tavares;
  6. The intelligent play and well-measured forward passes of Sambi;
  7. The control and structure-giving qualities of Xhaka and Partey;
  8. The dances into the box of unstoppable Bukayo;
  9. The re-emergence of the goal-focused Martinelli;
  10. The smoothness and silkiness of the Ode (to Joy) and Emile the Great – including their goals from midfield positions;
  11. The work rate and battle-preparedness of Laca;
  12. And the hunger of the wider squad players to make it into the first team.

It has been a difficult year for all of us with Covid-19 continuously rearing its ugly head and the associated uncertainty regarding work, the health of/time with family and friends, our personal health etc.

I would like to thank Arteta and the boys for bringing me so much joy during this often dark year and for making me believe again in better times for the club.

I would also like to thank from my Gooner’s heart my friends on Bergkampesque for the support and human warmth given to me and fellow bloggers. We don’t all have to agree with each other, and indeed we often don’t, but in general we showed great respect towards each other and together we have helped each other through an often difficult year.

A special thank you goes to wonderful GoonerNr5 who so diligently and enthusiastically runs the footie competitions for us on BK. Please give him a round of applause from wherever you are in the world!

So here is to more supporter-harmony in 2022, the year of the Three Swans, and for further progress (but most likely not linear).

Who knows what the new year will bring in terms of final position in the table and maybe even some silverware. All to play for!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and harmonious 2022!


27 thoughts on “12 Sources Of Arsenal Joy in 2021

  • Madhu wrote in previous post:

    “Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all my gooner friends. TA thanks again for providing us a platform to vent and express our feelings in a safe environment.
    I have to say that I agree with Artetas comments on Auba today. He has said that he is not being dictatorial and all he asks is for respect to others and commitment to the cause. Thats fair enough and I do feel that Auba is a repeat offender and should take a hard look at himself. Respect towards his club and team mates by training up at the right time is a minimal ask.”

  • Stuart wrote in previous post:

    “Thanks Madhu, and thanks Total for providing us the forum. It is a highlight of my day.
    A blessed Christmas to you and all at Bergkampesque. God bless and Arsenal forever.”

  • Copied from previous post.

    I would like to wish all BKers a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and wealthy 2020.

    Total thank you are allowing us all to enjoy and dialogue our favourite subject in a harmonious manner.
    Your blog is exceptional and it’s by far the most outstanding blog that I’ve participated in since the inception of blogging.

    Cheers to all and “Bottoms Up”

  • GN5 wrote in previous post:

    “I would like to wish all BKers a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and wealthy 2020.

    Total thank you are allowing us all to enjoy and dialogue our favourite subject in a harmonious manner.
    Your blog is exceptional and it’s by far the most outstanding blog that I’ve participated in since the inception of blogging.

    Cheers to all and “Bottoms Up””

  • Thank you Madhu and Stuart. I am honoured to have you both commenting regularly on the blog and you both make me think and reflect on Arsenal and other topics regularly.

  • Total, to add another dimension I’m going to ask for a prediction of which games that I’ve chosen might be cancelled and give 2 points for each correct answer. Starting after this weekend’s games are completed.

  • Ha! GN5, I share in your sentiment. We will raise a cold one in tribute to all at BK and to the 12 sources of joy. Beautifully dressed Christmas tree, Total. Hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the publication of Wild Swans. Have you managed to get your hands on her (and her husbands) new book on Mao? I pray it spreads as widely as W.S. and exposes the, perhaps most ghastly of the 20th centuries unholy trinity.

  • Total, I just came to wish you and the gang Happy Christmas, but I love the theme of the post.

    We have so much positive to look forward to with our club, I do feel very fortunate. Top 3 next season and title challenge after that.

    T, I just watched a house hunters episode from a village named Culross. Is that near you? Looks charming. I must visit the area at some point.

    Happy Holidays everybody!

  • TA, love the point of the article ….and the pictures. Lol. Santa “Ball” doesn’t look out of place in that arc one bit, as Ode or Martinelli take the set pieces, hopefully bearing gifts of goals. The Christmas tree is gorgeous too. Things sure appear to be looking up at the club and only Arteta’s most ardent critics will not admit that. With some tweaking and an addition or two, we should be a lot more competitive, home or away.

    Here’s wishing all BKers and Gooners, worldwide, a very merry Christmas, filled with joy, laughter, peace, love and family….. and a most glorious year 2022!

  • Cheers Stuart, Wild Swans is even thirty years ago since it was published. Yes Mao, Hitler and Stalin are all very dark chapters in human history I have yet to read their book on Mao, but Wild Swand left an indelible impression on me.

  • J, Culross is about 40 minutes drive away and is situated on the Firth of Forth. It is a beautiful medieval village and we go there often to walk Basil. You would love it there!

  • Thank you, Eris. It does feel now that two well picked additions would indeed allow us to make the next step forwards.

    Best Christmas to you and family.

    Will you be celebrating in Canada or Nigeria?

  • Season’s greetings to all my Gooner friends on TA and elsewhere. I wish to those of the Jewish faith a belated Happy Channukah, and of the Islamic persuasion a belated Joyous Eid…..have I left anyone out? If you’re an agnostic or heavens forbid ,an atheist, Happy New Year!

  • Happy Christmas TA and fellow BK’ers. It’s a great site and I’m feeling positive about what we have seen this last year and what we have to look forward to. Let’s hope our young squad carry on developing and we can add one or two new faces into the mix each season.

  • GN5 special thanks to you for running teh competition with such deligence.
    OMG thats an interesting wish. Though iam born in a Hindu family i agnostic 😂. I refuse to be swayed by organized religion in my quest of the creator the greatest Architect ever. As I say the creator made humans and humans made organized religion. Thanks for your wishes sir.
    Happy new year to my fellow gooners and hopping for a champions league filled new year for Arsenal.

  • Ha! Yes Total, it is 30 years. I got 25% in School Cert maths!
    Even I, however can work out that we will have 35 points at the half way mark of the season if we turn the Canaries over. Its all I want for Christmas, and somewhat more likely than world peace… Let’s hope for both anyway.

  • Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and have a bloody good time you lot…

    Just stay safe, stay healthy and always use a licensed taxi. 🎅🎅🎅

  • TA, you said everything so well! This is the only sports blog that I recently joined after watching football for 40 years, as I think it is the blog that is by far the most balanced, accepting criticism (which is needful and beneficial) and yet avoiding the toxic comments (which is counterproductive) which I find in many blogs. I also think Arsenal is on the right track (the last few games were the most enjoyable that I have seen, since Wenger’s time). I and am certain that this team will improve as they gel with time because of the great attitude and immense talent of this young team with an intelligent coach though lacking experience. It is no coincidence that our upward trend happened after Auba is not in the team because his skill-set hinders the smooth and fast paced connection of passes. Thanks everyone, for your comments. Blessed Christ nativity and happy new year!

  • Cheers all for the fine comments.

    Special thanks to relatively new BK blogger Elisha, and fully agreed re Auba. Please comment more often. 🙂

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