Five Young Gun Dogs and a Wily Old Fox to Chase Down The Reds… Or Will Partey Play?

After a great defensive job at Anfield it is now time to take the game to the Scousers and secure a place in the League Cup final. Of course this will not be easy and a lot depends on the availability of Partey: will he be available after Ghana’s last night embarrassing exit from the AFCON? Let’s hope so as we will need him. Of course Liverpool will still be missing their two African magicians (I think) and that should help us a lot. Yes they play a good pressing and passing game but often they rely on Mane or Salah being able to find a gap in a tight defence with a sublime piece of footballing skill. They certainly were missing during the first leg. Cutting off their great wingback will also help to keep Pool’s powder dry.

I have no idea whether Partey will be available tomorrow. No doubt it is a long journey to get back from Cameroon and then there will be protocols to go through. Of course there is an added risk of Thomas having caught the virus during all the travelling. Yet I somehow feel he will play. Arteta is clearly keen on winning this competition and a solid midfield is a necessity.

I think we will line up something like this:

Youth upfront and if Thomas is not available we could see ESR play next to Sambi and therefore five young Gun Dogs and one wily old fox taking on the Reds for fun.They will be supported by a solid and attack minded defence, especially from the wings. I hope Tomiyasu is available, and if so Big Ben will take Holdings place (unless of course we will play with five at the back which I doubt).

Let’s give the Teeth his beloved heavy metal at the Home of Football: No remorse, No repent!

All to play for and I am looking forward to this one.

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139 thoughts on “Five Young Gun Dogs and a Wily Old Fox to Chase Down The Reds… Or Will Partey Play?

  • Arteta on Partey’s possible involvement:

    With Ghana now eliminated from the Africa Cup of Nations, Mikel Arteta was asked if midfielder Thomas Partey could be involved against Liverpool:

    “They played last night, it was a huge disappointment for Thomas obviously because he was representing his country and in this period he had big games in the competition.

    “He’s out now so he needs to be fully focused and involved with Arsenal.

    “When? As soon as possible.”

  • You jinxed it. 2 goals in stoppage time for Spurs. Now they are a point ahead of us with a game in hand.
    A real shame they landed Conte. Still undefeated with him at the helm.

  • Incredible stuff at Leicester. They contrived to lose it after going ahead 2-1 up. Substitute Steven Bergwijn came on to score 2 added time goals and that was it. Right before that, Harvey Barnes had a chance to pass to Ademola for a certain 3rd goal, but chose personal glory and was denied by a block.

    Shame, as I already ruled them out. This will give them a boost and spirit. It will be a fight for that 3rd/4th place.

  • Yes, Total, spuds turn green when exposed to light.
    Total, I firstly spluttered and then giggled when you put Granit in your midfield four. Do you have Swiss ancestry? And both you and Eris fudged the hard choice by doing that / `thang.
    It has to be Viera and Gilberto with Santi and Cesc.

  • Haha Stuart, well my barber is Albanian and I had one of my happiest days in Leukerbad in Switzerland but other than that there is no Swiss thing going on! 😁

    In my best midfield I like a left footer on the left and Granit has a sweet one alright. Selecting him in is a reward for the difference he has made to the Arsenal teams he has played in and the incredible seasonal average games he played for us.

    And…. I think my midfield would beat yours… 😅

  • Hahaha! Stuart, I only did the / thang when I wasn’t sure I could have 4 midfielders. So, I shall end up with Gilberto, PV, Carzola and Cesc. The idea being for Dennis to partner Henry and Pires Up-front. Has to be a back 3, in that case.

  • Brentford v Wolves……..Home
    Man Utd v West Ham….Home (3-1)
    Leicester V Brighton…..Home
    C Palace v Liverpool…..Away (1-3)
    Chelsea v Tottenham….Home
    Man C L v Arsenal L…..Away (2-3)

  • Chelsea (a), Tottenham (a), Wolves (h), Liverpool (h), that’s quite a run of tough and uncompromising fixtures and as of yet we don’t have a date for any of them.

    Chelsea (a) was due to take place on the 12th February, but the Screaming Skulls team has a Club World Cup SemiFinal on the 9th and a possible final after that, hopefully they can reach the final and lose on penalties where the Skull will complain about fatigue – again!

    Liverpool and Chelsea have european dates to fit in and all four of them are still in the FACup.
    The FACup 5th Round isn’t until March so it’s possible that rearranged fixtures could be fitted into the midweek dates of Weds 16th Feb and Weds 23rd Feb. We don’t really want four outstanding games tipping over into March and April.

    What’s the chance of a midweek fixture vs Liverpool or Tottenham leading up to the League Cup final if we get there. Mind you if we don’t get there (of course we will you idiot) we’ll be playing Wolves on that date of the 23rd, that’s a given…

  • Brentford v Wolves D
    Manchester United v West Ham * D (1-1)
    Leicester V Brighton H
    Crystal Palace v Liverpool * A (1-3)
    Chelsea v Tottenham H
    Man C Ladies v Arsenal Ladies * A (1-3)

  • I agree Total, if we have our best starting XI then we’re quite capable of beating Tottenham and Wolves for sure and taking a point from the Scousers and the Skulls’ fatigued superstars.

    But I’m not too bothered if we lose tonight TA, don’t get me wrong I really want to win, I always want to win, but for me top four is the absolute priority, so I’m going tonight and I’ll be super calm, I’ll just go and enjoy the game clear in the thought that this is a long term process.

    So if we lose I’ll be disappointed but relaxed because I know we’re going in the right direction.

    And if we win well, I’ll be calm, at first – and then I’ll go mental… 😁


  • You must love your barber, Total. I understand Albanians have a fine reputation for sheep shearing.
    So, Eris, would it be Ashley, Sol and Sagna at the back?

    Looking forward to joining you in the straight jacket, Kev.

  • Yes Stuart he treats me like a sheep hahaha. A very proud young man, especially proud of his country’s/people very long history. It helped me understand Granit’s sensitivity to showing him no respect.

  • Very curious to see how Emile and Øde are used. This is a strong lineup… but a weak midfield can negate any lineup. Pressure on Sambi.

  • An unfortunate slip by Tomiyasu. Arteta will have a lot to say about some of the tentativeness in midfield and the right side. We may have to keep the scoreline as it is and see how much of a foothold we can restore then see what we can bring on to give the offensive play (dictated from midfield) more bite. The fact Bukayo tormented their left back at Anfield, they are doubling up on him now.

    We still have a few changes we can make to give us a chance again. Even Partey at half fitness may serve us better than what we currently parade. Lokonga seems to be out of his depth here. All said, we do like a few of our players haven’t been doing much training.

  • Martinelli has been so much better than the rest of our lads tonight. A few look like they have been rushed back for this game and are not ready. We need to get these signings sorted sooner rather than later or we will risk losing top 4.

  • I am less bothered about losing than I am about hearing/reading about it from the Liverpool loving, Arsenal hating media.

  • Fair to say Liverpool proved the better side, overall. Largely (to my mind) because a few of our players looked like they were rushed back into it. The likes of Tomiyasu, Saka, Gabriel and Odegaard (who was the one shining light in our side) looked unfit.

    Arteta will have his work cut out for him, raising the spirits back up to confront the top 4 battle.

    After a soft first yellow card on Partey, he thoroughly deserved the second. What was he thinking?

  • Really poor management to bring on Partey. He must be tired, jetlagged and pretty pissed off being knocked out of Afcon. He is now suspended for the Burnley game.

  • ESR was another one who was certainly not at his best. We have had a difficult week, clearly. I do hope those who doubted that things weren’t right in our camp have had their fill now. With Partey getting himself suspended for the next game, Arteta will not be relaxing any time soon.

    We needed another player who had no fear for Liverpool tonight. Only Laca, Martinelli, Odegaard and Gabriel looked anything like themselves. We have missed a chance at silverware and straight route into Europe now and this will weigh heavily on these boys’ minds. Pressure is on!

  • That was tiredness, Eris. The man landed this afternoon in the UK. Double yellow is painful though.

    I think you are right re fitness of the team. We just couldn’t raise our energy levels enough to hurt Pool. Needed an early goal but it wasn’t to be. I thought Sambi did very well on his own but he needed help from an experienced midfielder.

    Agreed with Wedge that Martinelli had a good game but was left too isolated. The Ode played also well. Ah well, they tried but just couldn’t do it.

  • Odegaard, the one shining light, of those who looked rushed back, that is**

    Gabriel Martinelli was, by far, our best player. He did not deserve to be on the losing side.

  • Wedge,

    Exactly. It’s the hearing about in the media, and angry gooners … the worst part by far.
    I didn’t care about this trophy but still felt like beating crybaby klopp.

    Not thrilled to have no real midfielders besides Sambi for Burnley. Shouldn’t have left ourselves in that position.

    That’s not a game where we can afford a slip.

  • Granit Xhaka should be back for Burnley, no?

    TA, not sure why but WordPress now makes me sign in (first in the boxes beneath the comments box) at WordPress for each comment/post I make on here. That’s not the easiest manoeuvre after years of simply clicking the WordPress symbol (next to the twitter and facebook symbols) to get my comment posted. What’s going on?

  • I noticed just now that you sent a comment earlier with an ‘o’ missing in the Yahoo email address, and therefore I had to approve your comment. Subsequently, you posted with your exact previous email address and that came through directly. Just give it a day and hopefully tomorrow WordPress will accept your comments straight away…??

  • Arteta is right. The first team is there. It’s competitive and it’s building but without more additions to the squad it’s a tough ask to play liverpool with so many question marks (lack of fitness, tired players etc.).

    All i can say is I’m glad we aren’t playing european competitions with this squad at the moment. We’ll look different with another midfielder, a couple of strikers and a backup right back.

    Nketiah is beyond useless at the moment. I get he’s out the door but at least put in like laca does.

    Ode and Martinelli were our best. Saka needs a rest. Here’s hoping we can push dusan over the line.

  • Centre-midfield is a real problem and it needs attention this window, although I thought that Albert did ok, yes he loses possession but that’s because he’s always looking to progress the ball with a forward pass rather than safety first sideways as was the case with Odegaard.

    Up front there is a gaping chasm, it’s as large as the Russian Steppes and it’s where Arsenal teams used to have a thing called a centre forward. Attention badly in need…

  • Seems most of us are agreed that we missed a proper midfield to shield and then launch attacks. Arteta need to sort this out before new players join. Unfit players like Tomi, Emile, Partey and Saka should not have been rushed in. I thought Chambers played well in the first leg.

  • Just read that Arteta revealed that 6 players could not train including Tom and that Chambers was unavailable. In a way he was was forced to use them because very short on numbers. All the more it was very unjustified and ridiculous for pundits and press to say that Arsenal cheated to postpone the Spurs match!

  • I said this during Transfer Window and said it again many times. Running a huge club with ambitions yet being so unprepared for AFCON which was always on the card with a liability like xhaka is gross negligence. Not integrating AMN last season, giving him fewer mins this season instead of moving him on and strengthening in his place is a mistake. To top it all loaning him in the first week of transfer window in a season which would be disrupted by a pandemic is nothing short of arrogance or utter lack of negligence.
    I don’t even want to talk about in game management of Arteta to get Partey late in the game. What is the logic and purpose of that substitution late in the game of a person flying from Africa only landing in the afternoon of the game. The game against Burnley is now on knife edge as i really don’t care about this match. If we don’t make Champions League it’s because of the Center Mid which was inadequate both in quality and numbers. From here on if we don’t make Europa League, we need to ask serious questions of Arteta. We miss out on CL this year, our hunt for a decent striker will become even more difficult.
    Finally Klopp is mentioning Martinelli way too often, brace for a bid in the summer from Liverpool.

  • All good points. For me too many players looked rushed back and not fit enough to put Pool under the required amount of pressure. They started well but couldn’t keep it up. Arteta had little choice and let’s see whether one or two faces will join before the TW shuts. None of us should underestimate what C19 is doing to football at the moment.

  • Tbh Total, I think our guys are just going down with your normal types of injuries and it’s caught up with us at the wrong time, it happens and we do really have a small core of the right type of players with some notable gaps to be filled, hopefully this month but if not in the summer.

    Most of the players we’ve released weren’t going to take us to where we want to go in any case, I just hope that two or three more Hale Enders come through to bulk out the squad this season, I think we had a few on the bench last night it’s just a year too soon for them…

    I’m hopeful that our academy can continue to regularly develop the players we need and in the positions we need – like a few centre midfielders – because I feel more comfortable developing our own stars rather than risking it all on some ‘superstar’ brought in from elsewhere.

    Look at Chelsea with Lukaku, he didn’t really want to leave Serie A for his old club and was probably persuaded by family and agents to move because of the finance involved. He doesn’t look happy and for a package well over £100m it looks a disaster for the Putin financed blues and I’m very happy for them.

    Vlahovic it seems also doesn’t want to leave Italy and his agent has been it seems obstructive from the start, I mean even if we got him it would mean having to deal with that terrible agent for the foreseeable future, another Dr Sogut in the making?

    I’m hoping that despite all the chat that Edu is working in other areas, maybe a Brazilian striker or two and a Brazilian midfielder or two, cue the samba music…. 🎼

  • I’ve been quite for a couple of days but I must sat that I agree with the comments about tiredness, fatigue, energy levels etc, we were simple not capable of withstanding the pressure that Liverpool apply.

    We have been missing s steel backbone for several seasons, we seem to have resolved our defensive groupings but the midfield and center forward positions still leave a gaping hole.

    I’m not the least bit disappointed as we can all recognize the progress made under Arteta, but he needs Edu and crew to sort out the vulnerability with have down the middle.

  • Thanks for that observation and admission, TA. However, the issue had been going on for over one week now and that small change I made (I thought it was an upper case “G”, rather than the ‘o’ in the email, to be honest) was to see if it offers me a new identity and chance to re-register, albeit with same email address.

    I hope it is a temporary situation and look forward to returning to status quo.

  • Message prompt reads: You are being asked to login because is used by an account you are not logged into now.

    By logging in you’ll post the following comment to ……..

    Trouble is I am not sure what that’s all about.

  • Like Eris, I’ve been having to log in each time I post. I assumed it was something at my end.

  • Kev,
    You made every point I wanted to make about midfield and up front. 2 things we’re trying to remedy, we hear.

  • That was a crushing way to lose at Old Trafford. A goal conceded by west ham at pretty much the last second of the added on time. For me, there was a hint of offside on Cavani who made the cross for the goal. Fat chance the VAR check that with any sort of scrutiny. Shame.

  • Great minds Johnno…

    Eris, if Cavani had been in an Arsenal shirt it’s off side, simple as that…

    Mike Riley makes all the VAR decisions, nothing gets by without his approval and Man Utd are his team.

  • Guys, I am not sure whether I can influence the requirement of you having to put in your details again and again for each comment. However, I have taken out the necessity of putting in your email address every time, so your blog name suffices now.

  • Kev, agreed RE VAR and the Old-Traffordish calls. There was also a high and dangerous tackle on City’s Aymeric Laporte (I think it was) by Southampton’s Stuart Armstrong and I thought that would be a straight red if it were Xhaka. What baffles me is how the Sky studio pundits work hard to justify the decision of the ref and VAR.

    TA, this is a test to see if your adjustment works.

  • Hmmmm. Seems to work, but my Avatar has been adjusted (not that that’s ever bothered me). Thanks.

  • Eris, it was the same on MotD as the pundits hardly questioned the Man Utd goal, I’m not at all surprised that all fans, not just Arsenal fans, are losing faith in the integrity of the Premier League, it seems so slanted in favour of certain clubs and woe betide any media pundit who questions that…

  • 2 Ramsdale
    4 White
    16 Holding
    6 Gabriel
    3 Tierney
    23 Lokonga
    8 Odegaard
    7 Saka
    10 Smith Rowe
    35 Martinelli
    9 Lacazette (c)

    1 Leno
    20 Tavares
    21 Chambers
    37 Alebiosu
    65 Oulad-M’hand
    87 Patino
    82 Hutchinson
    58 Biereth
    30 Nketiah

    That’s a sub’s bench with many player’s some of us (me) have never seen play.

  • That bench is so thin on known quality. Just realised Xhaka’s was a straight red and a three game ban.

    I tell you what…. The kids will come good if trusted to come on. They will represent the shirt well.

    We need the win, is all.

  • We have started like a team that’s still in the doldrums, waiting for a kick up the backside.

    That cup defeat looks to have taken its toll on the boys. Well, someone has to remind them what’s at stake here and they just need to start to pass it quicker. Burnley shouldn’t be making us so tentative and passing only at the back, then losing the ball once in forward areas. I know Burnley are playing deep but they can’t handle quick passing.

    Tierney looks lost.

  • We haven’t set the pulses racing in that first half and are toying with a pressure-filled second half here. Composure is harder when 50,000fams are baying for blood. The boys will get the fans anxious and that won’t augur well even for them.

    Arteta, unfortunately, has little on the bench to change much. I also feel we are playing within ourselves for just that reason: to avoid an even thinner bench because of injuries. However, all we require is decide our best approach, keep it simple and be clinical. Easier said, I know.

  • Just saying also night Man U won in the last kick. Before we say offside atleast they put it in the net fro the ref to make a decision. We didn’t even do that. Pathetic display

  • On a weekend where Chelsea and spurs play each other and West ham lost this is a very disappointing result. We had a relatively easy home game and had a good opportunity to put pressure on those around us. The only way I can see us getting top 4 at the moment is the fact that nobody else seems to really want it either.

  • Painful. We just made ourselves a long shot for top 4. I was favoring us for it before today. No excuses. Midfield without Partey and Xhaka made no difference today, it would’ve been the same result if they played.

  • Disappointing but maybe not a bad point given the circumstances. A little setback. Let’s have a good break and see how well we do when the PL resumes for us.

  • Not a bad point?

    A 00 draw at home against the bottom team in the league that has managed one win and amassed 11 points?

    76% possession, 20 shots and no goals.

    Not a bad point?

    Do me a favour.

    I suggest a new pair of glasses may be in order as the current pair is so rose-tinted it has become distorted.

  • Jigsol, I happen to agree with Total, and my glasses are certainly not rose tinted. I am of course disappointed with the result but I would never resort to questioning the hosts opinion. A parked double deckers are very hard to get around.ans we had several good opportunity’s but no luck.

  • Jjgsol, go and ask Leeds what it means to play a desperate relegation team with a skeleton, reduced fit team. Of course I am disappointed and had expected three points today, but this happens to all good teams sometimes. It just didn’t happen.

    Anyway, I am still hoping that one day you’ll have something positive to say about the team and manager.

  • …..and Nigeria’s run at the AFCON comes to an end, as Tunisia won 1-0. The super Eagles had the greater possession but were out-foxed by the Carthage Eagles. Leicester City would be chuffed to have Ndidi and Iheanacho back.

  • I did not watch the game but did not have much expectation of a win considering our shortage in midfield. Once we have a proper midfield of Partey and Xhaka back and a few good additions, we will explode. The last 4 games weakest link has been the midfield.

  • It’s surprising how quickly a transfer can come together if all sides agree, there’s no mystery to it really, which makes me think of how much a transfer is like a poker game between the clubs and the agents, all of them trying to trick the other into folding and giving way.

    Vlahovic doesn’t seem like that at all and Edu, from where I’m sitting, seems to have wasted most of January chasing a player whose yet to make a single positive comment about Arsenal and an agent who doesn’t want to engage it seems – unless he get several millions paid into his bank account which gives you the impression that he’s more gangster than agent…

    Vlahovic is the player that Arteta seems to want but if you can’t get him in January then I guess we go again in the summer, except that in the summer there could be a lot more competition for his services and from clubs in England with the ability to just pay what the agent wants and blow Arsenal out of the water…

    A lot of the wealthiest clubs in England look set to go for Haarland in the summer, but only one will get him and maybe Vlahovic is the 2nd prize for those who can’t get the Norwegian?

  • Last weeks results.

    For the week:-

    1st Eris & OX10 with 4/6 plus most correct predictions = 6 points
    3rd Kev with 3/6 plus 1 correct score = 5 points
    4th GN5 with 2/6 plus one correct score = 4 points
    5th Madhu with 3/6 = 3 points
    6th Total with 0/6
    Season to date:-
    1st Eris 115.79
    2nd OX10 102.46
    3rd Madhu 91.66
    4th Total 87.46
    5th GN5 87.13
    6th Kev 86.33
    Points behind the leader Eris:-

    OX10 = 13.33
    Madhu = 24.13
    Total = 28.33
    GN5 = 28.66
    Kev = 29.46

  • We have a mixed bag this week, 2 Swiss games, 2 Greek & 2 World Cup Qualifying.

    Sion v Grasshopper Club Zurich *
    Lausanne V St Gallen
    Panathinaikos v Aris
    Olympiakos v PAOK Salonika *
    Canada v U.S.A. *
    Mexico v Costa Rico

  • GN5, that “points behind the leader” section looks a new addition to “motivate” the chasing pack and turn them on the leader. 🚶🚶😉🤣

    Good reporting again, GN5. Thanks for your dedication.

  • Eris you are a worthy leader and you have a gift for making correct predictions. Yes it would be great if we were all closer to you but right now it’s only OX10 who is biting at your tail.

    The competition was Total’s idea and a long as folks enjoy it I will keep it going.

    I’ll reveal the status late in February but right now you also lead in the amount of both correct game results and points predicted in our other competition.

  • A sublime piece of music, Total. Thank you for posting it.

    Burnley deserve a lot of credit, they did to us what we did up at Anfield, defended with concentration and determination.

  • Tough choices for this week have no clue but here u go.

    Sion v Grasshopper Club Zurich 1-2
    Lausanne V St Gallen H
    Panathinaikos v Aris H
    Olympiakos v PAOK Salonika * 2-0
    Canada v U.S.A. * 1-2
    Mexico v Costa Rico H

  • Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal U21’s @ DW Stadium, Wigan.

    Papa Johns Trophy Q/F, ko 19.00

    Wigan Athletic are on form and currently top of League One so it’s going to be a really tough assignment for our youngsters.

  • Sion v Grasshopper Club Zurich * 2-2
    Lausanne V St Gallen H
    Panathinaikos v Aris H
    Olympiakos v PAOK Salonika * 2-1
    Canada v U.S.A. * 2-1
    Mexico v Costa Rico H

  • We have more red cards than goals in the 5 matches we have played in 2022. We seem to have wasted the whole window on a player who obviously never wanted to join. I really hope that we can come out of Jan with a striker and a Mid who are capable of changing games otherwise I don’t see how we will cope. I know that we will get some players back soon but this month has shown we are woefully short of quality outside of the first 11.

  • Jeorge Bird
    Arsenal U21 v Wigan: Ejeheri; Awe, Kirk, Ogungbo; Swanson, Patino Henry-Francis, Salah-Eddine, Lopez; Hutchinson; Biereth.

    Subs: Graczyk, Walters, Ibrahim, Butler-Oyedeji, Ideho, Cozier-Duberry, Edwards.

  • Jeorge Bird
    Salah-Eddine hits the crossbar with an effort from outside the box. Hutchinson had an effort blocked prior to that.

  • Jeorge Bird
    Jones can’t hold Hutchinson’s effort and then the Wigan goalkeeper denies Swanson from the rebound

  • Jeorge Bird
    Jones can’t hold Hutchinson’s effort and then the Wigan goalkeeper denies Swanson from the rebound

  • Jeorge Bird
    Half time. Wigan 0 Arsenal 0. A good effort from Arsenal so far. There haven’t been too many chances but Salah-Eddine hit the crossbar. Some useful options on the bench including Edwards and Cozier-Duberry

  • Jeorge Bird
    Patino hasn’t emerged for the second half. Betsy often takes players off when they’re on yellow cards, although Patino did receive treatment for that incident near the end of the first half.

  • Jeorge Bird
    Full time. Wigan 1 Arsenal 0. Arsenal’s Papa John’s Trophy dreams are over. A great effort to get to this startle but this does feel like something of a missed opportunity.

    Bringing on Ideho instead of Cozier-Duberry was a big mistake. Edwards should have come on earlier as well.

  • Jeorge Bird
    Feel Hutchinson probably could have had more of an impact on the right than behind the striker.

    Now we’re out of this competition we might as well loan out some of the more experienced players – Lopez, Swanson etc

  • Stuart, glad you liked Hildegard’s song. Her music gives me instant relaxation and I hope it helps others too. She was some lady who through her visions, character and intelligence made a real and lasting impact, and all that in the 12th century! One of the strongest women in history, I reckon.

  • Thanks for the update, GN5. Wow zero points for me, now that is pretty shit hahaha.

    And you have picked some great and obscure games for the next round…. Pfff another zero points I’d on the menu.

  • I think we cannot judge Arsenal’s TW business for until it is over. Vlahovic seems over and I don’t think that’s too bad. Cannot think of too many Serbs making it in the PL and we only want players who would love to come to THOF.

    Player negotiations tend to work better when there is a deadline looming, so let’s watch this space.

  • Sion v Grasshopper Club Zurich 2-1
    Lausanne V St Gallen D
    Panathinaikos v Aris H
    Olympiakos v PAOK Salonika 1-1
    Canada v U.S.A. 0-2
    Mexico v Costa Rico H

  • TA, thanks for introducing me to Hildegard von Bingen. I’m not religious but the music you shared is very soothing. Just what I needed today after testing positive for Covid and having to drop out of the remaining panto performances.

  • Sion v Grasshopper Club Zurich * D (1-1)
    Lausanne V St Gallen H
    Panathinaikos v Aris H
    Olympiakos v PAOK Salonika * D (2-2)
    Canada v U.S.A. * H (2-1)
    Mexico v Costa Rico H

  • OX10 I hope you have an easy time of it with Covid and that you have a speedy recovery with no long lasting effects.

    I agree with everybody about the musical piece – I listened to it with Mrs GN5 and we were both taken aback by the wonderful calmness that it created – I will listen to it many times again – Thank you Total.

  • Yes, she is some lady, Total. A real polymath. I love and am amused by the very old image of her receiving a vision which appears above her head as something resembling octopus tentacles.
    It reminds me of an hilarious occasion when I was attending a gathering of several thousand believers at a festival in the south of England. During a quiet and reflective moment in the worship, a voice was raised at the back of the meeting proclaiming, “I see The Lord high and lifted up. He loves us and cares for us. He is as an Octopus reaching down to us with his testicles to embrace us”. The dear fellow who made the utterance did not at first realize that he had misspoken. A titter started which soon turned into laughter and then an outbreak of joyous amusement as we all saw the funny side of the mistake. I’m sure The Lord too would have had a a smile on His face.

    Ox10, I hope the story takes your mind off your illness. God bless you in your recovery, mate.

  • Sorry to hear that, OX10. Hopefully you will recover well and soon. Hildegard was known for her healing qualities too and many people came to see her about all kinds of medical issues. Glad the music is helping a bit.

  • Haha 😂 that’s a fabulous story, Stuart. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hope you are enjoying the very height of Summer. How is your son getting on with his new venture?

  • To be fair, I didn’t quite listen to the song; but with the reactions here, I guess I’d have to do so tonight. Thanks for trying to soothe our concerned spirits, as we failed to take the chance to be 4th at the inter-lull. It will also be useful for me (and other Nigerians) as we come to terms with the fact we didn’t go further than the second round at the AFCON, even with perhaps, the most entertaining sides in the group stages.

    Lesson learnt : tournaments are a marathon, of sorts.

  • Thanks for the “genius” compliment, TA. I do get lucky sometimes, to be honest. Still have to get better at “correct score” predictions.

    With the weekend’s picks by GN5, it’s clearly going to be a Lotto of some kind because these aren’t going to be very definitive predictions, by any stretch. 😀. What I’d like to know is how Greece and Switzerland are still playing league games during a FIFA (WC qualifiers) break!

  • I am in Nigeria. When I see the pictures of the snow pile up, I am glad I am not facing that this time. 😅

  • My predictions (guesses, more like) follow:

    Sion v Grasshopper Club Zurich * D (2-2)
    Lausanne V St Gallen A
    Panathinaikos v Aris H
    Olympiakos v PAOK Salonika *. H (3- 2)
    Canada v U.S.A. * D (1-1)
    Mexico v Costa Rico H

  • Eris, our forecast for today is -17c, blowing snow and 30km icy cold winds. But we know what to expect and dress accordingly, lots of down clothing.

  • I keep tabs on the goings on, GN5. That will be freezing cold. All I can say is I don’t envy you, but I know you all are ready for these things, in any case.
    I pick my “long johns” from the UK because I find them more protective than what I see in the Canadian stores, as inner clothing.

    Please stay safe and warm.

  • Total, my sons yurt will be erected next week. Production of components slowed over the past three weeks due to our Covid circumstances. I have found other things to fill my time. I enjoyed a great snapper fish off the rocks last night. Friday fish and chips this evening. Woohoo.

  • Great stuff, Stuart. Good, luck with the yurt and enjoy the fish. May it remind you of having the British favourite seaside dish on a wet and windy January evening. 😉🙂

  • Chambers joining villa was a bit out of the blue. Always liked him but he just didn’t seem to fit.

  • We have sold/loaned/free transfered Kolasinac, Mari, AMN and Chambers this month. Hope we have a plan as this makes our squad pretty thin. I know none of these were starters but in this season we may have needed them

  • Sion v Grasshopper……….. Away (1-3)
    Lausanne V St Gallen…….. Away
    Panathinaikos v Aris………..Home
    Olympiakos v PAOK………..Home (3-1)
    Canada v U.S.A…………….. Away (1-2)
    Mexico v Costa Rico………. Home

    The transfer to Aston Villa, an improving Aston Villa at that, of a valuable squad player in Calum Chambers seems an odd one to me.

    Our squad is shrinking fast and although we may have only one competition to aim for now we still have only 19 senior players left if you exclude Nketiah and Aubameyang, so 21 if you include them, and that does seems a bit light to me…

  • If the intention of selling and loaning out so many of out players is to fund the buying of new players then we have certainly left it late.

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