Arsenal outhungered Wolves: The First Pay Back from the Dubai Break

After a refreshing break during which team building took place and everybody was able to refocus on the remaining quest of the seventeen battles, this was a hell of a difficult game to perform a positive restart.

Wolves were up for this and knew that with the home advantage it was a great six pointer of a game that would do us a lof of damage if they could beat us. It was certainly a must not lose game for us, and I thought the boys simply outgunned those hungry Wolves.

The start was ours. From a solid structure and organisation we attacked with more flair and menace than our opponent. Wolves, like almost any team ever managed by a Portuguese coach, were set up to sit back, absorb pressure and play on the counter.

Our centeral midfielders had their work cut out and it came at the cost of early yellow cards. But luckily by then we had our precious lead in the game, and these days we know how to defend as well as, anybody.

The goal was ‘bundled’ but who cares. It was the result of the greater hunger, which was started in Dubai and put that of the seemingly always ravenous Wolves to shame. White jumped and headed with energy, Laca pounced and Big Gab finished it off. Who were the real pack of Wolves here, hey? 😅

The game was even after that until the controversial sending off. Wolves pummelled our defence with high balls but with the addition of Rocking Rob we jumped the highest and kept a fabulous clean sheet to take all three points.

This was nothing for those who support Arsenal solely for the renowned ‘beautiful’ football, even though there were a few gems to be enjoyed. No, this was about grit and focus, about our mission and promises made to each other, about playing as eleven and becoming unbeatable through attitude and workrate; this was about values.

I am proud of our boys and bring on those foes from Brentford: we outhungered the wolves and now we will outsting the Bees.

Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners.

By TotalArsenal

104 thoughts on “Arsenal outhungered Wolves: The First Pay Back from the Dubai Break

  • TA – This was nothing for those who support Arsenal solely for the renowned ‘beautiful’ football, even though there were a few gems to be enjoyed. No, this was about grit and focus, about our mission and promises made to each other, about playing as eleven and becoming unbeatable through attitude and workrate; this was about values.

    Above excerpt from your post sums it all up, for me. I have been doing a job of explaining it to other gooners that last night was not about flair or great passing but about focus, grit, unity and the 3 points. I suffered with the lads as I watched; what they did was Herculean, given where we are and where we are coming from and the fact Wolves are no easy team to beat for anyone (just look at their records against the top sides; they never concede bagfuls and would have their own moments). They deserve their position on the table and may end up higher.

    Some forget they needed the win to go above Spurs and us, with 2 points behind United. They wanted the win so bad they are sneering at our celebrations after that win; we celebrated the win over their 11 men and the subtle referees’ bias. I am still scratching my head as to how a ref can give a second yellow after playing an advantage. There’s just no way that makes sense to me.

  • I saw it TA. The Wolves manager said something similar. It is soured grapes. What they envy is the unity of purpose. We could have played another 90 minutes and won’t concede. Somehow, I saw the game panning out exactly the way it went; we score first and hold on to what we’ve got.

    Wolves would be over within fortnight so, we can make it a double and this time, score a couple of goals to send a message.

  • I see TA referred to that red card decision as “technically correct” while Kev also chipped in that the ref was within his rights in the laws. Oh, well.

    For me, something is off there; he looked like he just wanted to give us a red, ‘as instructed’, perhaps. That is a never seen before moment and I still feel if he gave an advantage, he should only go back to the original offence to issue a yellow, seeing as advantage was lost, or the passage of play was over. Again, Martinelli has not hacked the player down in a dangerous tackle or something like that; he has shoved him in to disrupt his run. Seen many of those go unpunished.

  • Arsenal cheated and with a competent ref would have had three players sent off, sour bet, Arsenal are a very average team and definitely not a top ten team let alone a top four.
    They are well below the other London teams in the premiership, Neves was 100% right in what he says and the arsenal fan’s know it.

  • Goodness you are a loyal supporter and know so much about football, your player was yellow carded twice the second resulting in a red, he charged Podence over the line that could have resulted in a serious injury, these actions are on the instructions your manager, the same instruction when you put Jiminez out of the game, an action that could have killed him, you are cheating thugs and an embarrassment to the premiership and football.

  • Eris, I guess if a ref could not give a second yellow card in these situations then a player would have a license to commit another foul for free. But of course it was very harsh on Martinelli, especially when we think about the number of fouls Saiss got away with yesterday.

    I would love to see the average cards per season for British and non-British players; I bet there is tons of bias. The FA should consider hiring some foreign refs going forward.

  • I love Martinelli and he was probably riled because he had filed and the ref had given us nothing but that doesn’t excuse his actions. You would expect both fouls to get a yellow card and they couldn’t have been more blatant. The frustrating thing is that the refs are so inconsistent and that is the part of Neves statement that I can agree with.

    We are getting too many cards and a number of them are avoidable. Xhaka should have learned by now that he has a reputation with the refs and will get bookings where others don’t. There was no need for the shirt pull that got him a card and Wolves a free kick in a dangerous position just outside our box. We had other players in place to take care of Trincao. He is too valuable to the team to risk getting sent off again. Apart from the booking, he had a good game and his defending was so important at times.

    I think that we should be looking to have some female refs in the PL. Afcon had female officials for the first time recently and Salima Mukansanga gained praise for the way she handled the Zimbabwe v Guinea tie. The refs in WSL seem to be more consistent than their male counterparts from what I’ve seen although the pace is different

    TA, I’m fine now and almost fully recovered from Covid. I just have an irritating cough at times.

  • Okay, TA. What I have read on the subject of that red card is that while the ref is backed by the laws of the game to issue a double yellow card, another Ref may have handled the situation differently. Hackett and Clattenburg both had their say and it would seem they think Oliver was unfair to Arsenal. See what Clattenburg had to say:

    One yellow would have been fairer,” said the headline.

    Clattenburg then explained, “The argument Arsenal will have against Gabriel Martinelli’s red card is that if he had been told he was going to be shown a yellow card for the first foul (1), he probably wouldn’t have committed the second one (2). We saw something very similar to this in 2015, when Northern Ireland’s Chris Baird was shown two yellow cards for two fouls in the same passage of play against Hungary.

    “If you look at the two incidents in isolation, referee Michael Oliver got the calls right, but if he’d taken the spirit of the law into account, he could have given him one yellow for the same passage of play. I don’t think many referees would have issued two yellow cards but, by the law, Oliver was right to do so.”

  • And this, on Keith Hackett:

    But former PGMOL boss Hackett believes the referee’s decision lacked common sense.

    “I think this is a very poor piece of officiating,” Hackett told talkSPORT.

    “The law does support him. The law does allow you to issue to separate yellow cards for two separate incidents, which he’s done. “But that doesn’t exonerate him of any responsibility.

    “He should get a caution for the first one. Then stop it – because the throw-in, which restarted the play, has not been carried out correctly.

    “He’s taken the throw-in, as he’s taking it, he’s pushed. Just come in, order a re-throw, and probably just have a quiet word with Martinelli.”

    Hackett added: “I used to stand in front of the referees, when I was boss of the PGMOL, and say to them, ‘No surprises!’

    “This was a surprise. That’s why we’re talking about it. Oliver should’ve come in on the first one and stopped it.

    “If he thinks that’s a yellow card offence, you’ve got to be very, very careful. In this situation, looking at the play, looking at where it is, where are you going to apply the advantage.
    “Possession is not always advantage. In this case, I don’t think possession was advantage, he should’ve stopped it.

    “Or, he should’ve said, ‘I’m giving you the yellow, forget about the first one’.

    “Let’s have a bit of common sense in our officiating!”

  • TA, I enjoyed your free spirited analysis of our boys outhungered wolves with some flair (first half) and then grit and unity (especially after Martinelli’s illegal sending off because the Advantage rule only cautions obvious goal-scoring opportuinities) aided by the training in Dubai. Now looking forward to the outstinging of the bees to avenge the earlier defeat where we had weakened team. Hope no more wild officiating decisions!

  • Good to hear it, OX10. Hopefully you’ll fully recover soon.

    Re Martinelli, I really like the way he didn’t give up. If we are fighting for every ball it will go wrong sometimes, and it was the same spirit that saw us come through. All for one, One for All. ⚔ ⚔ ⚔

  • I don’t mind Reuben’s words at all. His tone would have carried his intentions, and I cannot find any film of his statements which would help to discern this, tho’ his managers comments did carry some angst. They could well have been words of admiration; our boys are treating each game as a potential top four place decider and so to celebrate in the fashion they did is entirely acceptable. Couple that with the huge stress they endured once down to ten men and one can fully appreciate the outpouring of relief, emotion and vindication upon hearing the final whistle. Anyone who has played competitive sport should understand this.
    As for the ref, although they should be impervious to getting wound up, he did look like our boys time wasting tactics were frustrating him, and that frustration may well have contributed to his lack of grace towards Martinelli. I agree with the above that the double yellow was within the laws of the game but not the spirit of the game, and the previous which asked would it happen to Kane or Salah if they were the offenders.
    Our boys are, as some have called them to do, learning and practicing some of the “dark arts”. I never find it attractive but when we are 1-0 up, down to ten men with a few minutes left on the clock, and I am on the edge of my sofa, stomach clenched and heart in mouth, I do will for them to ditch idealism for pragmatism.
    I agree, Total, it wasn’t pretty but, as you noted there were “gems”. My favourites were the Bukuyu/MO10 interchange which led to Laca’s chance, the (I think it was Xhaka’s) through ball for another Laca opportunity, and the big hand of the Ram putting that volley over the bar. The final whistle was a gem of the first order, too.
    Thanks for the post. Big game for our ladies this morning.

  • Fine comment, Stuart, and all agreed. It was immensely tense and this was a reflection of the clarity of the mission to boys are working on. We all felt the seriousness. They meant business.

  • Eris, as far as the laws are concerned, one thing I can guarantee you is that you’ll never ever see a double yellow card and red brandished again in this league for a similar offence.

  • You’re right T, dividends from the class trip! the teamwork and spirit lately is as good I’ve seen from any club.

    I do respect Wolves a lot ! I don’t care what Neves said because I’ve wanted him at Arsenal for at least 2 years.

    I would never want Bissouma. Give me Neves. He’d be perfect for us.

  • Phew that one was nerve wracking. All is forgotten now upwards and on. Neves who? Who cares we are at liberty to celebrate what we want. Heck we will celebrate xhakas next red card for all you know. That’s our right and that too at the away fans end.
    On Martinelli, it was naive and can out down to exuberance. More worrying is his attacking output is getting less and less. From player of the month for dec throughout Jan he didn’t do anything of note. The less said about referring is better. The ref was naive too and inconsistent. Inconsistency is where it hurts. How many times we have seen in a single phase of play we have multiple fouls and ref points the areas of fouls and awards a yellow to the player. If the intention of the first yellow is not to let the player know that he is warned and the next one he is off then two yellows without a warning is bizarre. If that’s the case what’s the point of Yellow, start dishing out Reds directly. Let the ref in his mind calculate a players misdemeanor and then straightaway give Red. I would think that the law might get a tweak after this incident.
    Iam still sticking to my point have an English player preferably Ramsdale or a Ben white be the captain. With a white male dominated PGMOL it makes sense for an English oakyer in the ear of ref all the time. Also the other English players Saka, ESR etc should make the case for ref always. I don’t eve know if the Ref understands a french sounding English from the present captain. We got be to smart and change the attitude of Refs towards our team

  • Hahaha Madhu, celebrating a red card for Granit. I bet somebody at the Arse-End of the world would certainly have a little celebration… 😁😁

  • We should not need an English captain Madhu, but unfortunately I think you are right. I think Ben White is ideal. Not a man of many words but he has gravitas and a look that can kill.

  • S’pton have held Manure to a draw, at the Toilet. Now, let’s see how Spurs and West Ham fair against the Wolves and the Foxes tomorrow. May turn out we retain the advantage even without playing a game.

    The rescheduled game against the Spuds will be crucial.

  • Yes, GN5. That was leaked about a week ago. While Arsenal have not announced it, his MLS club (New England Revolution) have.

    Is that a sure sign Leno is leaving us? Turner is the USMT No.1 so he won’t come here to be 3rd choice, you know. He will start as our cup keeper, methinks and gradually be readied for EPL action, … next season.

  • You mean Rudyard Kipling, Stuart? No not familiar with much of his work.

    Currently reading Burke on the Sublime and Beautiful. A tour de force and intellectual challenge, but I am getting new insights.

    Are you reading a book at the moment?

  • Last, loneliest, loveliest, exquisite, apart–
    On us, on us the unswerving season smiles,
    Who wonder ‘mid our fern why men depart
    To seek the Happy Isles!
    Rudyard visited our “Arse end of the world” back in 1891 and penned “The song of the cities”. These lines were about Auckland, the city of my birth.
    And, yes Kev, he did indeed make very fine cakes.

    Just finished two sublimely beautiful Paulette Jiles novels, Total. “News of the world” and “Simon the fiddler”. The Tom Hanks film was very good but the book, Oh the book, is a Jacobs ladder of rungs above the film.
    Good luck with that 1757 tome.

  • T, I never thought about Neves name! Should name his kid Seven. How cool would that look written anywhere?

    2 games I’m watching today obviously, Leicester is really due for a win, but that squad seems to be getting away from Brenda. I was interested in the Tielemans rumors, but he’s been well below average this season. I know he may be checked out of his club mentally, but that’s a bad sign for his future club.

    Spurs are clearly now inferior to Wolves in every aspect save the clinical talent of Son.

  • Paulette Jiles sounds good. Will check her books out. Edmund Burke made it a big point that the written word works on the imagination much stronger than any painting can do. I guess the same goes for film.

  • Wolves 2-0 at Spurs. Loved this bit of reporting from the BBC: Tottenham really lift the spirits of the home fans by playing a free-kick in the Wolves half short and then gifting the ball to the away side before committing a foul.

  • The table is looking increasingly healthy, but we need to win our games and Brentford are a Jonah team to Arsenal, we even lost a friendly to them last season, so let’s just win our games – but enjoy the others making a hash of it… 😀

  • Ben Neves 🤣. You’ll have to explain the “Mirror” middle name, Total. Bit arcane for me.
    I agree with your Edmund, words give more room for imagination which is why Our Lord spoke in parables rather than painted pictures or made movies. Tho’ He has inspired many a good one.
    There is always a place at our table and a bed in the bunkroom for you and the Mrs, Total. We cannot have dogs as we are in a kiwi habitat zone.
    Good results for us this morning, shame about Bowen’s late equalizer. Tho’ Wolves were not as fierce against us, we can put that down to our lads and Mikel’s tactics.

  • I guess some demanding fans can now put that gritty performance by our lads, at the Molineux, into perspective. The results of our rivals’ games this weekend have been good to us. Now, we only have to win our games in hand. I think we will win the games we should …

  • It’s kind of you to offer hospitality, Stuart. I definitely would like to visit you if and when we visit your fab country (which appeals much more to me than Australia).

  • What a perfect weekend. The next fun day is Tuesday because there’s always a chance United will screw up. Then next weekend Man City at home for Spurs.

    Pep needs to motivate his players properly as a favor to Mikel, as they like him already, but he needs to remind them that Nuno’s spurs beat them early this season.

  • I actually prefer it when Arsenal are chasing down teams above us, 1988/89 springs to mind as does 1970/71 and 1997/98, but then there was lasagna-gate when we pipped the Middlesex Ramblers to a top four spot, it kinda focuses the mind of our players.

    When you are in front you maybe play it safe, try to protect your position – and then it blows up in your mush.

    When you’re chasing you know what you have to do and maybe you take a few more risks knowing that it’s all or nothing – and success favours the brave in those scenarios.

    So I’ll happily take those games in hand, sit on them and go for it when we have to. Yep OGAAT

  • Ah, yes, I got the Neves/seven bit but, in my obtuseness missed your Mirror middle name. The penny has dropped.
    Australia is beautiful too, Total. A truly stunning country, however it does happen to be full of Aussies…

  • Excellent point, Kev. Chasing offers much better focus than being chased. For a start, we have no eyes in the back of our heads 😊😊

    That is why I like to aim for third spot, but only by OGAAT.

  • Haha, I’ve worked with Ausies and Kiwis and they were both OK. The former are just obsessed with eating red meat! 😁

    The Kiwi colleagues were just very close to Western Europeans: similar education, great professionals and similar values. Lovely people.

    Stuart, Oz Gunner is the exception BTW. 😉🙂

  • Any friend of The Arsenal is a friend of mine, Total.

    How about a little exercise to wile away the time before our next match? Can anyone improve upon my all time best Arsenal X1 selecting only players who are Welsh, Scottish or Irish. Any system you like. You can have three subs.

    Pat Jennings
    Pat Rice Frank McLintock David O’Leary Kieran Tierney
    Aaron Ramsey George Graham Liam Brady
    Alex James
    Niall Quinn Frank Stapleton

    Subs: Jimmy Logie, Charlie Nicholas, Sammy Nelson.

  • Arsene Wenger – Manager
    David Seaman – Goalkeeper
    Tony Adams – Defence
    Martin Keown – Defence
    Peter Storey – Defence
    Lee Dixon – Defence
    George Graham – Midfield
    Frank McLintock – Midfield
    Liam Brady – Midfield
    Joe Mercer – Midfield
    Ted Drake – Striker.
    Cliff Bastin – Striker

    Bob Wilson – Goalkeeper
    David O’Leary – Defence
    Alex James – Striker.

  • Here are the results of a series I ran to which I received close to 3,500 votes broken down between 6 Managers, 12 Goalkeepers, 20 Defensemen, 20 Mid-fielders and 20 Strikers. Those with the most votes within the 5 categories have been selected to form our “Greatest all time Squad”. The 25 man squad is based on those receiving the most votes in the 4 general player categories and not by their specific position.

    The squad is broken out as follows –

    I First team Manager, I assistant, and 1 back up assistant.
    1 First team Goalkeeper, 1 substitute, and 1 back up.
    4 First team Defenders, 2 substitute’s, and 2 back ups.
    4 First team Mid-fielders, 2 substitute’s, and 2 back ups.
    2 First team Strikers, 2 substitute’s, and 2 back ups.

    The Greatest All time Arsenal Squad:

    1st team:
    Arsene Wenger – Manager
    David Seaman – Goalkeeper
    Tony Adams – Defence
    Martin Keown – Defence
    Peter Storey – Defence
    Lee Dixon – Defence
    Patrick Vieria – Midfield
    Cesc Fabregas – Midfield
    Robert Pires – Midfield
    Liam Brady – Midfield
    Thierry Henry – Striker
    Denis Bergkamp – Striker

    Herbert Chapman – Director of Football
    Bob Wilson – Goalkeeper
    David O’Leary – Defence
    Eddie Hapgood – Defence
    George Graham – Midfield
    Frank McLintock – Midfield
    Ian Wright – Striker
    Cliff Bastin – Striker

    Back Up’s:
    George Graham – Coach
    Pat Jennings – Goalkeeper
    Kenny Sansom – Defence
    Steve Bould – Defence
    Pat Rice – Defence
    Joe Mercer – Midfield
    George Eastham – Midfield
    Ted Drake – Striker
    Alex James – Striker.

    Oh dear; I managed to break the FA rules as I have a 26 man squad, the fact is that Steve Bould and Pat Rice were tied on votes and I could not see my way clear to leave either player off of our team. I hope you all agree?

  • Here are last weekend’s results:-
    For the week:-
    1. Eris (our runaway leader) 6/6 one correct score and most correct predictions = 12 points
    2. OX10 5/6 one correct score = 7 points
    3. Total 4/6 ones correct score = 6 points
    4. Kev 5/6 = 5points
    5. GN5 3/6 = 3 points
    6. Madhu 2/6 = 2 points

    For the season:-

    1. Eris – 138.39
    2. OX10 – 114.06
    3. Total – 98.06
    4. Kev – 95.93
    5. GN5 – 94.73
    6. Madhu – 94.66

    Points behind the leader:-

    OX10 – 24.33
    Total – 40.33
    Kev – 42.46
    GN5 – 43.66
    Madhu – 43.73

    A HUGE week for Eris – well done you are demonstrating the traits of a leader.

  • Stuart I think it’s a great idea to post our best Arsenal team, it’s difficult not to add our overseas players – hence I showed the results of a previous series I ran close to a decade ago. The same series run today would likely end up with different results.

  • Blimey Eris, you were on fire last week! I don’t think that rest of us stand a chance but, as Total might say, we’ll take things OWAAT!

  • David Ornstein writing in The Athletic today reports that, “at a shareholders’ meeting last week, the Premier League announced the creation of an “Elite Referee Development Plan” — which has the lofty aim of establishing a new global standard in match officiating performance and development.

    It is hoped the long-term scheme will also provide an answer to some of the Premier League’s critics by driving up refereeing standards and helping officials from underrepresented backgrounds break into the game’s highest levels.”

    Personally, I would like them to drive up refeering standards sooner rather than later but at least it is a step in the right direction.

  • Here are next weekends selections:-

    Arsenal v Brentford
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea *
    Southampton v Everton
    Manchester City v Tottenham *
    Leeds v Manchester United
    Fiorentina v Atalanta *

  • GN5, you chose eight Englishmen in a team that was to be drawn from only Welsh, Irish or Scottish players who have played for Arsenal. Back to the drawing board, mate…

  • And, no Total, our Denis has no Celtic blood even if he was named after a Scotsman. 😉

  • And, no Total, our Denis has no Celtic blood, even if he was named after a Scotsman.

  • Oops obviously I read your post too quickly Stuart, I’ll give it another shot tomorrow, but frankly it will get nowhere near representing out best team – but at least I understand now.

  • GN5, once again thanks for running the competition which is adding so much fun to the blog!

    Arsenal v Brentford H
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea * 1-1
    Southampton v Everton H
    Manchester City v Tottenham 2-2
    Leeds v Manchester United A
    Fiorentina v Atalanta * 1-2

  • Cheers Stuart, I don’t know enough of those sort of Gunners to come to 11 players. But there are a few on here who can join your competition. 🙂

  • Stuart, …. that’s a good looking line up. No way can I come up with names of a good team, guided by your terms of competition, so I’ll pass on this one. However, I notice neither of you (Stuart and GN5) has included David Rocastle in your line ups. I’m sure Rocky was better than Nail Quinn; or, what do you think?

  • GN5, that was surely a huge week for me. A 6 in 6 score must be a first for me, I think. To be fair, I surprised myself too.

    OX10, you never know so keep hope alive, like Liverpool are doing in the chase for City’s title. Besides, there could be a slump in form…

    TA, thanks. Speaking of super, Kroenke’s LA Rams did win the Super bowl. Hopefully, he would turn attention to Arsenal now he’s achieved such a feat with the Rams. One can hope. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Arsenal v Brentford H
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea * A 1-2
    Southampton v Everton H
    Manchester City v Tottenham * H 3-1
    Leeds v Manchester United A
    Fiorentina v Atalanta * A 1-2

  • Congrats on your rampaging form, Eris. You seem to be doing a Man City. Race for the other top four spots is all on.
    Rocky was an English lad and so doesn’t qualify for an Arsenal team drawn from the Brythonic and Celtic fringe. But, yes he would be regarded as better than Niall, perhaps not in the air tho’.

  • Ah! Welsh, Irish, Scottish…. I did not quite see that strict requirement, Stuart. Now, that makes it even harder for me to contemplate. 🚶🚶🚶

  • Wow, the table has turned. I have been pushed to the last. Its Roy Hodgson time for me :).
    Arsenal v Brentford H
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea * 0-1
    Southampton v Everton H
    Manchester City v Tottenham * 3-0
    Leeds v Manchester United D
    Fiorentina v Atalanta * 1-2

  • Arsenal v Brentford H
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea * 1-1
    Southampton v Everton H
    Manchester City v Tottenham * 3-0
    Leeds v Manchester United D
    Fiorentina v Atalanta * 2-2

  • Arsenal v Brentford H
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea * D (1-1)
    Southampton v Everton A
    Manchester City v Tottenham * H (3-0)
    Leeds v Manchester United D
    Fiorentina v Atalanta * A (1-3)

  • Eris is certainly leaving us all behind and teaching us a lesson in the prediction game – but all is not lost – there are 16 weeks left with a maximum of 16 points available each week – so 256 points still remain to be won. We need to box him in from all sides – LOL.

  • No chance guys. Eris has access to the magic globe and can see the future. Our only hope is for Pony Eye, a former Bergkampesquerer, to go and steel that globe and obscure it.

  • Arsenal v Brentford…… Home
    C Palace v Chelsea….. Away (1-2)
    Soton v Everton……….. Home
    Man City v Tottenham.. Home (4-0)
    Leeds v Man United….. Away
    Fiorentina v Atalanta…. Away (0-1)

  • Whilst on the Eris theme I think he should have to undergo a drugs test, but personally I put it down to his diet and I reckon he’s been consuming too much moi moi and pounded yam… 😉

  • You guys had me in stitches. Way to go, GN5 as you gee up the rest of the players. Anything can happen with 16 games to go.

  • Lol, Stuart. The fable of Lasagna-gate; when St. Totteringham’s day went right to the last day of the season 2005/2006. Remind me to change my chef. 😀

    Kev, that’s a very good knowledge of some Nigerian delicacies there. 👍🏽👌🏽

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