Battle 4/17: Lineup and Preview. Arteta to Follow Paddy’s Lead

Hornets can be found all over Europe but those north of the English capital are the most annoying ones. They love stinging us for fun, get under our shirts and causing an upset. Luckily, these days the up to 5.5cm beasties have lost their Deeney-like sting upfront and they need a bit of a miracle this season to stay up.

But with Roy Hodgson they have a wily manager, and as the Red Mancs have found out last week, he knows how to make it hard for a so called top team. This will not be easy.

Vieira showed recently how it should be done, with an impressive 1-4 away win, and I think we will need to be equally ruthless.

Everyone is fit but Tomiyasu remains a doubt, so I reckon we will see a practically unchanged team from our victory v Wolves. We missed ESR in that game and he may get the nod ahead of Martinelli.

Here is the predicted lineup:






Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!!

By TotalArsenal

31 thoughts on “Battle 4/17: Lineup and Preview. Arteta to Follow Paddy’s Lead

  • Thanks Total. Yes, the venom from that loss to Watford and Deeney’s subsequent taunts still hasn’t faded entirely. However, I think both those things contributed to the changes which bring us to where we are today. You do well to honour Roy. What an amazing career, and what determination at his age to keep returning to the pressure cooker that is EPL management.
    Looks like our rivals are contributing to our cause. Wolves and West Ham wobbling.

  • Yes good results, Stuart. The Hammers deserved an equaliser but Anfield makes everyone nervous. But I really just want to focus on our games. Tomorrow will be tough.

  • Yeah, some interesting results today. West ham losing to Liverpool was always a good bet but Wolves’loss gives the impression of a downward slide not unconnected with how we took 6 points off them in such a short space of time. It can cause a team to lose confidence and fold.

    Again, Manchester City ladies shocked Chelsea ladies to win the Cup. 1-3 it ended. Hopefully, that affects them in the league and distracts them from their chase of the WSL with the Arsenal ladies ahead of Chelsea by 5 points, having played two games more than Chelsea.

  • Back on topic, Roy is likely to put a bit more fight into Watford as we come calling, if for nothing else, to build confidence seeing as they are our close neighbours at London Colney.

    Always best to continue with the team that’s been moving us forward and only change for injuries or loss of form. Soares has acquitted himself well, so Tomi has to wait his turn and maybe remind us why he should be the first choice RB, all over again. See Tierney; you can see he isn’t about to lose that shirt again and even avoids playing himself into potential injury situations. That’s the way to build a team.

    We should just play for the win and 3 points. Nothing fancy.

  • I had the same thought about Wolves Eris.. I think we put their confidence to the sword.

    Before we get to the next group of games that are more challenging, it would be nice to get max points again. But I’ll never take any opponent for granted in this league. We have been putting ourselves in a great position psychologically because a lead and games in hand will look insurmountable to spuds and United.

    I heard the funny Man U YouTuber saying that a loss or even a draw with city, with an Arsenal win this weekend could be too much to overcome. He rarely talks that way. I’ll be cheering hard for Pep and Lampard this week.

  • After an early scare, occasioned by an Emmanuel Dennis goal (chalked off for offside), it is 0-1 to the good guys.

    We need to keep the tempo up because the home side will not lie down just yet.

  • Just as I type that, Hernandez has pulled one back. 1-1. A good goal it was too; fine volley which has the commentators sounding rather chuffed.

  • It’s been a very good match to watch, for the neutrals.
    Bukayo Saka gets our second, off a neat back heel from Laca. The goals have been sumptuous, so far.

  • Fans singing the Lacazette song. Lol. Even though he’s not scored, has been amongst the events leading to goal mouth action.

  • Half time. Watford 1-2 Arsenal. Odegaard has been immense and to get our first goal was just deserving of his play, so far.
    It is a fragile lead till we get a couple more. Still, who says we cannot choose to hold on to what we have and just take the 3 points that we need to go 4th?

  • Great comments, Erismus. It was a very good half to watch with some good football and sumptuous goals. Our left flank is not working and I reckon Arteta will be working on this during the break.

  • Very open game, too open for me, I’d like to see Arsenal exert more control, get a third and shut it down.
    But then that’s me, I do love a grinding result – if you catch my drift. 😉

  • Another fine goal, this time by Martinelli, off another Laca lay-off.

  • 3-1 should be a bit more comfortable. The home side will be looking for any kind of call to go for them. We have to keep it tight still, till about the 70th minute.

    Kev, it has to be an open game as the hosts have nothing to lose.

    Ramsdale has had a couple of poor clearances which went unpunished by the Watford players.

  • Lol. Didn’t see Arteta’s ball boy contribution and quick thinking for the 3rd goal. That was quick thinking.
    Now, we have been creating chances but missing the last pass.

    Who esle can see how Xhaka has been keeping from trouble in his new role, while the hosts try to rile him up to tempt him into some rash action. This isn’t the Xhaka the EPL Refs have come to know.

  • That made for a nervous last 7 minutes or so. What was Xhaka thinking playing that crossfield pass with such uncharacteristic inaccuracy.

    3-2 it ends and we get the 3 points in the end.

  • Well played the boys and a big win again. We struggled to focus in the second half and somehow let them back in the game. Thought we were poor on our left side with KT, Xhaka and Martinelli, and at times also Gabriel, not positioning well, especially in defence

    But Bukayo, The Ode and Laca were a joy to watch. Also a great finish by Martinelli.

  • I thought so about Cedric, despite a couple of mis-placed passes in dangerous areas. He’s done well. I daresay we’ve not missed Tomi sorely, though I’d prefer his energy and incisive play.

    United lost 4-1 here so it’s important to put things in perspective as some would focus on the flaws and the fact we let them in twice.

  • So, all we want is for City to get the win against manure and all is good.

  • Ødegaard already the most influential player we’ve had in years. He and Saka getting that level of understanding. Saka looking less timid lately, skill and confidence…even strength…. So much better than he was last season. That’s rapid growth.

  • Eris, I thought we lost some control when Lacazette went off, Pepe and Eddie were really disappointing again, at Wolves they had Laca out there helping them but on their own they seemed too disconnected.

    Tbh although we scored some great goals we should have been cruising after 3-1, just a bit off with the final balls by Odegaard a couple of times but overall he was the stand out for me.

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