Battle 5/17: Preview and Lineup. Emile and Pepe to Steal It Late.

The Foxes are in town, and although the rattiest of Foxes, Mr Vardy, will not be available, we need to be at our best to beat them tomorrow.

They won their last three games so are on a bit of a roll. The pressure and expectations are on us and no doubt the boys will be up for it. They have to be on their guard for quick counter attacks and I wonder whether Mikel will once again push Xhaka up or whether he will play the Swiss clockwork deeper and next to Partey.

I Thought our left side was poor against the Hornets, leaving far too much space and having very little cooperation between Tierney, Martinelli, Xhaka and Gabriel. I think this was due to Xhaka playing higher up the pitch and Kieran and Marti not being on the same page much of the time. So for me this is the key area for Arteta to address.

It looks like Soares is keeping Tomiyasu out of the team, and the only real question is whether ESR is ready to start or not. I have a feeling that Martinelli will start and Emile will come on in the second half.

We are on a seventeen battles mission and won the first four. Getting the double over the Foxes would be sweet, so bring it on.

Predicted Lineup:

Mr Motivator


The Wall of ParKa


Mr Duracel

The Space making Duracel Bunny

I expect a tight battle with Emile and Pepe to come on after 65 minutes to steal the three points from the tightly knit Foxes’ defence.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!!!

By TotalArsenal

Something beautiful is growing again at Arsenal.

38 thoughts on “Battle 5/17: Preview and Lineup. Emile and Pepe to Steal It Late.

  • TA Thanks for sharing the Shostakovich, especially as YouTube followed it up with a live performance by Sona Jobarteh & Band which is fantastic ( I was unfamiliar with them but I do like the Kora.

  • I prefer Mussorgsky but I love your chosen photo.

    You’re exactly right on the lineup and ESR coming on later.
    There’s a chance of change the following match against Liverpool, but I’m still thinking with your OGAAT.

  • I only know Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky, and that is pretty good. Love his first name ‘Modest’, the perfect antidote to male hubris.

    Yes J, definitely OGAAT today. The Pool game is a bonus one and nobody needs motivating for that one. The wily Foxes need to be sorted first. Let’s send them back to Leicester with their tales tickling their chins. 😊

  • I just looked up “The Queens View” Total the images are spectacular, I love the simplicity of your picture.

    We have been on a great run of late and like all of us I hope it continues and allows us to secure a spot in the top four – but I think we should be prepared for some “bumps’ along the way. We have a young team and to expect them to continue at such a high level and be asking too much – just saying?

  • Perhaps, the obvious line-up there, TA. We have trimmed the squad so making the 1st 11 easy to pick, except where returnees from injuries/illness are involved.

    I say continue as we are till we have enough cushion to a scoreline and give the returnees a run out, to make for some sharpness. I also think the game to focus on is the one today, which is shaping up to be a cagey one, seeing as the pressure would be on us. But, we could also make it easy by taking our chances as they come.

    Good luck, boys.

  • So far so good, but we almost let them back in it despite the penalty appeal that would almost certainly have been given against us, but that’s how it goes in the era of Riley.

    Big 45 coming up.

  • The Foxes chins were certainly tickled, Total. A performance of serene, almost nonchalant at times, excellence. All made possible by commitment, concentration and discipline. Your good mate, Granite is showing none of that impulsivity which has given cause for frustration in the past. MO10 is reaching peak Ozil territory. He is a different player to DB10 but if he can add goals to his game we may all be meeting one day on a platform named, “Odegaardesque”.

  • GN5, a great review indeed GN5 but, I don’t think that a top 4 finish is a formality, we have some much tougher fixtures than Leicester coming up. As TA keeps saying we need to go one game at a time. Loved the comment from RavenBlackHair, “Arteta is surely manager of the season. Nobody comes close to his brilliance and youth. And those thighs – dreamy.”

    An excellent performance from our Women’s team tonight to cap a good day for Arsenal.

  • I can get used to this, you know. Arsenal wins and 3 points each game; a state where dropped points is an aberration.

    Our fans now take it for granted, it would seem. Had we dropped points, there would be bedlam. We won, so it’s all good and we can be smug as we stroll into the league of the big boys. Good Times……

  • The beauty about playing Liverpool on Wednesday is we don’t even have to win to stay 4th. Expect a humdinger of a game then.

    Pep will be calling us to repay the favour he did us two game weeks ago. I feel we would oblige.

  • Fine comments today. I saw the game late as we had a get together of Basil and his mum, brothers and sisters in a field near Berwick Upon Tweed today. Total canine mayhem.

    Thought the boys were very composed and I loved the way they varied the tempo and intensity during the game.

    Yes Stuart, Odegaard-esque or Odesque will become this decades term for the highest quality. Martin was gliding on ice today. I was purring.

  • Thomas was also awesome and what a safe by Aaron.

    In the end Leicester and we held back. The former for the Rennes game and the latter for Battle 6/17 against the mighty Scousers.

  • I have always said that I thought Cesc was the most influential player I’ve seen in the premier league since I’ve been watching..(since Cescs later days with us)…

    No debruyne, or anybody else touched his level for running a game and making plays…

    With Øde, we may have the next one.

  • Jync, that’s such a huge compliment to Cesc Fabregas’ influence on games. Debruyne in the mix…. Plus, so may other greats of the EPL.

    And to place Odegaard in that bracket already…. Wow!

  • Every player has been playing their role. Arguably, Odegaard plays the most important role being the glue that makes every one play better. He does not hide nor complains when given difficult passes in half spaces but rather asks for them. He may not have high assists and goals because he unselfishly plays for the team. As I said before, we are very fortunate to have such a “world class” player who is not appreciated and under-rated by RM and almost every pundit. His vision, first touch, close control and passes are up there with the best!

  • I feel that Emile Smith Rowe will have a big big say on where we finish this season, underused due to a string of niggly injuries he is our secret weapon.

    There is something that I love about the simplicity of his game, no step overs, no dropping the shoulder jinking runs, it’s all about reading the game, making intelligent moves to receive, always being available, he’s quick without being electric pace wise his real speed is in his head and his finishing I think is better than anyone in our current squad, he doesn’t go in for an artistic flamboyant flourish, he just passes it into the net with the minimum of fuss and in some regards we miss that despite our run of positive results and we’re going to need it in our forthcoming matches.

  • Here are the results from last weekend:-
    1st – Stuart with 5/6 plus most correct predictions = 9 points
    2nd – Kev with 4/6 plus one correct score = 6 points
    3rd – GN5, Total, Eris & Madhu with 4/6 = 4 points
    7th – OX10 with 2/6 = 2 points
    Season to date:-

    1st Eris – 155.39
    2nd OX10 – 135.06
    3rd Kev – 115.93
    4th Madhu – 113.66
    5th Total – 112.06
    6th GN5 – 111.73
    Well done Stuart in only your second week in the competition you came first – based on your score to date you would be giving Eris a real challenge for first place – possibly even leading.

  • Here are the coming weekends selections:-

    Aston Villa v Arsenal *
    Leicester v Brentford
    Tottenham v West Ham *
    Real Madrid v Barcelona *
    Roma v Lazio
    Marseille v Nice

  • Well done, Stuart. That’s some run rate you have garnered.

    GN5, I would just raise my game in accordance with the competition; I can only beat what is placed in front of me. 🤓

  • Aston Villa v Arsenal * 1-2
    Leicester v Brentford H
    Tottenham v West Ham * 1-2
    Real Madrid v Barcelona * 3-1
    Roma v Lazio A
    Marseille v Nice H

  • Aston Villa v Arsenal * – 1-3
    Leicester v Brentford – 2-0
    Tottenham v West Ham * – 2-2
    Real Madrid v Barcelona * – 2-3
    Roma v Lazio – A
    Marseille v Nice – H

  • T,
    Martin is not there yet, but his ceiling is ridiculously high. If what he’s doing is already reminding me of Cesc, with excellent pressing and defending too, he could even surpass with an ideal squad being built around him to orchestrate.

    Remember, extreme levels of raw talent is why he was being watched by lots of big clubs at age 14-15.

  • Kev,
    I like your subtle observations about ESR. I also like his simple finishing, hitting balls low and hard, not aiming for the top corner like Martinelli does so often, only to miss.
    I only wish he had a little more pace for when he goes on one of his power runs, but he picks his spots pretty well.

    Right now I think Arteta is liking Martinelli for being a fast outlet for when Saka is triple teamed on the other side. Plus Martinelli is putting in great defensive work and is slick in tackling too. That’s a sure way to please this manager.

  • Thanks GN5 and Eris…. beginners luck at the crease. Some cracking games you have picked for us, GN5. The derbies in Rome and the south of France will be worth the watch. I fancy us hitting Villa for a six, but with Coutinho trying to impress, Callum (did you see his goal last week?) and Emi seeking to prove a point, I think it will be a tighter affair.

    Aston Villa v Arsenal * 1-2
    Leicester v Brentford H
    Tottenham v West Ham * 1-1
    Real Madrid v Barcelona * 1-0
    Roma v Lazio D
    Marseille v Nice D

  • There were two cracking games in the CL tonight with both home sides getting knocked out. TA, it must still be a shock for the Ajax fans seeing as all the predictions were for a good home win and celebrations thereafter.

    I was caught in between a Atletico and Manure win tonight. On the one hand, great for the banter and, on the other, keeps them distracted from a top 4 assault as we head towards the business end of the season. I guess we have to keep our destiny in our own hands and keep winning many games.

  • Here are my predictions for the weekend’s selections:

    Aston Villa v Arsenal * A 1-3
    Leicester v Brentford D
    Tottenham v West Ham * D 1-1
    Real Madrid v Barcelona * H 3-2
    Roma v Lazio D
    Marseille v Nice D

  • J,

    The Norwegian poster boy is now, only now, showing what the fuss was all about. Martin and Laca move and shake around a solid structure around them and they are untouchable right now. But The Ode is the true creative artist.

  • Eris, it’s a devastating loss for Ajax fans. Unfortunately, I saw it coming. They can defend and frustrate and that’s what they did.

  • Do we need more proof that Stuart has a direct line to the Almighty?! 🤩

    Well done, Stuart.

    Aston Villa v Arsenal * 0-8
    Leicester v Brentford Home
    Tottenham v West Ham 3-1
    Real Madrid v Barcelona 2-1
    Roma v Lazio Draw
    Marseille v Nice Home

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