Now is the time to show faith in Arteta’s Arsenal – We need just one thing.

Well it’s all not going to plan at the moment for Arsenal and Arteta: should we worry?!

Palace, Brighton and Southampton should have returned at least four to five points but we have got none in the bag. This is certainly worrying and with Chavs away and Ron United at home coming up next, we may well face five losses on the trot.

The good news is that Arsenal had gained a lot of table fat in recent months and as a result we are still hanging in there, with a game in hand as well.

I remember my parents building a house for us, with no experience at all. My mum became the finance and logistics wizard and my dad created the right atmosphere for the mainly evening building activities, and their friend let on the technical aspects. There was a good plan, energy and leadership. All went well after a slow start but then the friend/builder went awol and the whole thing came to a grinding halt. What to do next? This was a huge setback.

Well a friend of a friend came to the rescue unexpectedly and the project was finished within budget and time. It turned out that the ‘best friend’ was the weakest link and once he was replaced things started to improve again, albeit slowly.

The friend who let Arteta down is the ship-jumper, former captain Aubameyang. He had to go as his heart wasn’t in it and he really couldn’t care less. We are suffering from it now, only now, and Arteta needs just one thing: a lucky break, like my parents did.

The goals have to come again and who will stand up and deliver?! Where will this break come from?

If your values are good and work hard, luck will always come. Arteta will have his hopefully soon.

Every major project seems to suffer this mid-term period of the ‘grinding halt’, of despair and lack of trust in a positive outcome. It seems inevitable with the daring ‘leaps of faith’ projects, and let there be no doubt that Arteta is working on a Sagrada Familia sort of project for our team and club.

His captain had to go because he went awol and wanted away. We lack leadership and delivery up front, but the long term vision and plan are great and will get a new injection of quality this summer. The lucky break will soon come as well, maybe even this Wednesday, and Arsenal will roar on after that.

By TotalArsenal

41 thoughts on “Now is the time to show faith in Arteta’s Arsenal – We need just one thing.

  • Total I admire your uplifting posts – in many ways they reflect my thoughts and feelings. I have not lost faith in Arteta or the team but it’s obvious to all comers that we are lacking. Frankly if we did make the the top I don’t think that, even with the much needed additions to our squad, we would be in a position to make any impact in the CL – we are still a few years away from that – unfortunately.

    I’m off out to have our Easter dinner with our son – the morning greeted us with a new layer of snow – so much for spring?

  • I agree, GN5. The CL is for the future and we would be better off in the other Euro leagues next year. The money would be great but it would kill us at this stage.

    Still snow at the home of Mr and Mrs GN5?! Oh that’s tough!

  • Off topic. I checked out the Ladies semi-final game for size.
    The Chelsea Ladies are a good side, really. They’ve just knocked our ladies out of the FA Cup to reach the final. 2-0 was the scoreline.

    They did look the better side to be frank, picking their passes and timing their forays well, and were very aggressive. It will be hard to prevent them getting the league and Cup double, unless they lose their game in hand. Very unlikely.

  • TA, you do well coming up with these positive posts when every indicator points to a “Wheels coming off” scenario; but that’s the reality of Sport. You win or lose then go again.

    You seem to be addressing the sentiment that Arteta has somehow, due to poor man management, clocked things up when he let Auba leave; I see the same sentiments on most media, or hear same in discussions. Well, for me, be it Auba, Guendouzi, Ozil, Torreira and even Unai Emery,…the club is better without them. I am not one for throwing envying glances at persons over whom I made a decision to be without, just because they look to be doing well now, or if I am having a rough patch. It is what it is and if we are being honest, there was good reason to make the decisions made.
    Torreira and Mari needed to play and wouldn’t be getting much playing time with us. The position of the likes of Unai Emery, Ozil, Guendouzi and Auba was untenable and most fans applauded the decision(s) taken, at the time.

    We cannot look back now. It is full steam ahead. I don’t know about the game in midweek, but I agree we just need a lucky break and things would be back on stream. With 7 games to go, we should target gaining 16 points, of 21, to reach a 70 point mark. Surely, with the season we’ve had, that should get us top 4!

  • GN5, saw the forecasts and had apprehensions as I was to drive by your neck of the woods Saturday. Good thing I made the drive on Friday instead; had to go help my daughter unpack for the holidays from the hall of residence at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo.

    Forecasts also suggests snow down southern Ontario on Monday; I shall be midway to Nigeria by that time.

  • Great stuff, Erismus. I also think Mikel had no other choice then letting his misfiring and want away captain go. Aubameyang should have helped us to finish the season on a high, but he could not wait to go the Catalans. Very disappointing but there you go.

  • Eris, I agree we can’t look back. With our recent results though, each of our remaining games is going to be like a cup final as it is clear that all the players as well as the fans had their sights on a top 4 finish. It’s important that Arteta picks the team up. Nobody expects any points from our game with the Chav$ but a good performance will put is in a good place for our games with ManUre and Taxpayers Utd. Yes, the former won this weekend (but who doesn’t against Norwich) and the latter may be distracted by Europe so, at this distance we have the chance to get wins in both games.

  • Talking weather, we have had a rain bomb drop on us in the far north of NZ. Monsoonal in its rampage across our isthmus.
    Thanks for the post, Total, so good and well intentioned I read it twice. And the photo. The contrast between Auba and Simon of Cyrene is worthy of reflection. Both Africans, one super rich and famous, one whom of which we know nothing other than that he risked his life in an act of selfless love.
    While I am not overly fond of the style of Gaudi’s basilica, and I certainly hope Project Arsenal doesn’t take quite as long in its process, I do respect the parable, and its intended call to the faithful.
    God bless you, mate.

  • Happy Easter everyone! I saw the match against Southhampton and were it not for excellent goalkeeping from Fraser and Arsenal’s shooting sights being slightly off, the match would have ended 5-1 or more for AFC. They attacked relentlessly and forced Foster into countless saves, as the S’hampton defenders were more spectators than participants. If we can maintain the same effort and attacking force against Chelsea, we could coime away with at least a point and maybe all three.

  • Call me what you will Ta, but Artetas ego and his man management has just us badly. Nobody is good enough for him and treatment of squad palyers has left lot to be desired. if we really want him to be successful he needs help. He needs an experienced hand who can guide him, sadly we don’t have that. Remember in his short career his best days and claim to fame is working under the guidance of Pep.
    Just saying that thin squad and inability to add anyone during Jan window is negligence. Please let’s not say that nobody was available or good enough. Bruno G scored 2 yesterday and out center mid of Partey and Xhaka has scored 2 entire season. It’s the attitude that nobody is good enough when we haven’t achieved anything is unacceptable. I know nobody will agree with me, but the manager needs help and he is out of his depth.

  • While I don’t think we should have kept auba I do think we should have replaced him. We needed goals before he left and should have had something lined up. We may have paid a bit more in January but if we had 10 extra goals we would probably finish in top 4 which would have covered the extra outlay.

    The premier league, living in London and arsenal are all pretty big deals to players still and I don’t think our recruitment team did enough. Players are always available at the right price and greedy agents will always prioritise a move to line the pockets of both of them.

    I also agree with madhu that we could all see that we were light in midfield and again did nothing. The above point is also valid for this.

    We are probably the worst club I can think of in the transfer market. We are very bad at selling, very bad at renewing contracts and waste far too much time negotiating and end up missing out in players. Ever since Dein left we have been negligent with contracts and player sales. I can’t think of a single club who has released so many players from contracts and lost so many good players for free.

    I am not sure the January problems can be blamed on arteta and it is a deep rooted problem that stretches back many, many years. What can be blamed on him is the poor squad management, the non integration of our fringe players, the poor in game substitutions and the inability to have a plan B.

    I think he is to stubborn to accept help and would rather be wrong his way than right someone else’s way. This is an admiral quality but one that may cost him.

  • Wedge we saw Wenger die of that do called admirable quality. We yearned for someone who challenged him. He had Pat Rice and Steve Bould. Wenger was stubborn after he won things and his ego got the better of him. In sport more so you learn from everyone and ots the learning process that improves you. The game changes all the time and is influenced by multiple things like helath care, sports medicine, analytics, tactics, newer tools of mgmt, newer ideas etc. For any manager and one so inexp to refuse help to get better is suicidal.
    Arteta needs help and he should understand that.

  • Last weekends results:-
    For the week:-

    1st OX10 & GN5 with 2/6 plus share of most correct predictions = 4 points
    3rd Total with 1/6 plus 1 correct score = 3 points
    4th Eris & Madhu with 1/6 = 1 point
    6th Stuart with 0/0 = 0 points.
    Season to date:-

    1st Eris with 168.19
    2nd OX10 with 149.19
    3rd Total with 136.36
    4th Madhu with 135.46
    5th GN5 with 125.83
    6th Kev with 123.73
    OX10 is making great strides and is now only 18.33 points behind Eris.

  • My apologies OX10’s score is 149.86.- hence he is only 18.33 points behind.

  • Next weekends selections:-

    Arsenal v Manchester United
    Brentford v Tottenham *
    Brighton v Southampton
    Chelsea v West Ham *
    Liverpool v Everton
    Inter Milan v Roma *

  • Arsenal v Manchester United D
    Brentford v Tottenham * 2-1
    Brighton v Southampton H
    Chelsea v West Ham * 2-1
    Liverpool v Everton H
    Inter Milan v Roma * 1-0

  • Well, my performance last weekend was a nice surprise but I think that Eris’ position is unassailable. Still, OWAAT as TA might say. Here are my predictions from my head. My heart is hoping for very different results!

    Arsenal v Manchester United D
    Brentford v Tottenham * 1-3
    Brighton v Southampton H
    Chelsea v West Ham * 1-0
    Liverpool v Everton H
    Inter Milan v Roma * 2-0

  • Simon of Cyrene’s act of selfless love is such a giver of hope in mankind, Stuart. I love that image and he seems to have been the only man on his path who showed such kindness, all others were women it seems?

    I used to love the Sagrada Familia but also have gone off Gaudi in recent years. Yet I like the thought of it being a long work in progress, as long as there is progress and beauty on the way.

  • Madhu, his man management skills are unbeknown to us, unless you have had access to the training ground. I like the idea of a (older) mentor though.

    Buying players is a very risky business. Arteta wants to get it right and haste is a bad business companion. If you look at this as a long term project, say a five year plan, you will be much happier with Mikel style and choices.

  • Arsenal v Manchester United H
    Brentford v Tottenham * 2-1
    Brighton v Southampton H
    Chelsea v West Ham * 1-1
    Liverpool v Everton H
    Inter Milan v Roma * 1-1

  • Total I would love to be proved wrong and hope we finish in top 6. If we can build on this squad with a few key players and at least keep up with our rivals then we could be in good shape. Arteta will get better at the things in my list and will be a great manager I think.

    I am not sure top 4 is going to be realistic for some time as city, Liverpool, Chelsea, Utd, Spurs, us and probably West ham, Leicester and Newcastle will all be gunning for it in the next few years. I will be happy to play on Thursday and our best way into champions league may even be winning Europa.

    The last 7 games I just want us to get a win against Chelsea, utd or spurs to prove we can beat a big club. If we do that and get into top 6 then I think I will be happy.

    We are still only a top centre mid, a top striker, a back up striker, a bit of luck and Mike Dean retiring away from 3rd/4th.

  • 🤣 Yeh, good call, Wedge. MD has not given us too much joy over the years.

    Total, it is only tradition which states that Jesus fell on HIs way to Golgotha, a tradition which grew with the development of the Stations of the Cross. The Gospels do not record any stumble or fall. It seems Simon was pressed into carrying the cross (or the cross beam) perhaps for the entire route, likely because Jesus was too exhausted to do so (after his scourging and beating). It may well be that Jesus did indeed carry it some distance, fell, and the Roman soldiers, out of either pity or impatience ordered Simon to help.
    Simon had two sons who are mentioned by name, Rufus and Alexander. The fact that their names are remembered suggests that the three of them became members of the early church, and their testimony may have given rise to the tradition of the fall(s) of Jesus.
    Personally, I draw comfort from the tradition. Many is the time I stumble in my own faith journey and am grateful for the human agencies God sends to help me up and onwards. Simons actions also challenge me to be aware of the needs of others and be willing to share their burden.
    I guess that, in a sense this is one role we fans play in the life of our beloved Arsenal. When they are struggling, we support them. It goes without saying that this is something you excel in.

  • Fine comments, all round, Gentlemen. The one about Arteta’s management is one of those grey areas in which an Arsenal manager can never win. I recall how most fans bought into the pundits’ narrative that Wenger was soft and doesn’t go ballistics on his players when they don’t deliver and how he had pets and no leaders in the dressing room.

    Now, Arteta chooses to make rules and applies the agreed sanctions, if a player is caught in infraction; or, having heard the yearnings of the fans, Arteta decides to do away with the deadwood, even if it means sometimes taking an initial financial hit (free transfer or termination of contracts), just so we have room for better quality in the transfer window; or when he decides that for the fee paid, a player needs to go out on loan and be more ready to hit the ground running in the EPL …… I could go on with some of the decisions taken for which Arteta is being accused of poor man management. I think for a young coach, it was important that he laid a marker and draw the lines early seeing as some of the players he is now managing were his team mates. If you ask me, it worked until these last poor run of results, owing to injuries to key players.

    One thing that cannot be faulted though, is that Arteta gambled badly when he didn’t push the boat out for a top striker and CM.

  • Congratulations, OX10 and GN5. Good job with the updates, as always, GN5. I have to step it up soon enough; all it takes is a poor run of form and it may be squeaky-bum time towards the run-in. You never know, OX10. 😀

    Here are my predictions for the weekend’s selection:

    Arsenal v Manchester United H
    Brentford v Tottenham * D 2- 2
    Brighton v Southampton H
    Chelsea v West Ham * H. 3-1
    Liverpool v Everton H
    Inter Milan v Roma * H 2-0

  • Re, being able to moonlight between two, largely, contrasting weather conditions; well, TA, it may look great on the surface but it is really hard work making these trips now. Plus, it is for work and sustenance. But, I do not miss the winter and avoid it whenever I can. Not always lucky as I have to be with the family at Christmas, you see; even when they come over to Nigeria for it, I must return with them, one way or the other.

    Still feeling jet lagged as I type. Will sleep some tonight/tomorrow.

  • TA, fair enough you look at this as a 5 yr project and offcourse I don’t have any additional details about Artetas mgmt than you all do. There are two things that I base my arguments on. The eye test which you get in every match and on non match days the bytes from pres. The second is the body of facts that lies in front of us. In this league with multi billion dollar states and owners the challenge is to be relevant. If you are there and there abouts you get access to top players and there is hope to grow further. I have been consistent in saying that leaving the squad thin and not integrating payers outside of core 12 doesn’t instill any belief in players wanting to come to our club that they will get a fair chance. Without visible improvements in man management style over the last 3 yrs doesn’t fill me with hope that he will mend these rough edges.
    Having said all this I will stand by my words that anything close to 70 points is an improvement and with that we will be close to top 6. But in a season where our opponents are in shambles we had a chance to go for the jugular. Jan TW is where we faltered. Iam not even talking about the famed striker but our threadbare midfield. If only we had strengthened mid field and not so heavily dependent on Partey we would have been in better position.
    Someone very intelligent once said in the Long Run we are all dead.

  • Stuart, you write with such clarity and energy. Love the insights and personal reflections. The work of art is one in a series of 15 and can be seen at the perifery of my dad’s village, in a small wooded area. I love to go there and look at the art works. Three of the fifteen works depict Jesus’ falls and so I wondered about the significance of these. A friend said that she can remember three such falls in her life and it’s not too hard for me to also see my falls on my road. The falls give us solace.

  • “One thing that cannot be faulted though, is that Arteta gambled badly when he didn’t push the boat out for a top striker and CM.”

    Well Eris, maybe he did indeed not push the boat out, as you put it. But haven’t we learned how easy it is to get it wrong when buying players. Arteta had targets but they were not available or went somewhere else. We must not buy for the sake of it or with hope they will work out. I rather wait till the right player is available. I don’t think the plan was to get top four this season. If we do then that’s a bonus, but unlikely given the depth of the squad.

  • Madhu, good points. It’s a hell of a job to turn this ship round, and we all would approach this differently. I have faith in Mikel, you clearly do less so. Let’s see what the future holds 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Fair assessment of our situation, that article, GN5.

    It would have been the ideal game to play 3 at the back – Holding, White and Gabriel – , 5 in midfield/wing back – Cedric/Tomi, Elneny, Xhaka, Lokonga, Tavares – and 2 upfront (Martinelli, Saka/Pepe, but we won’t have any CB on the bench…..a less than ideal team sheet. So, we may stick with a back 4 and solid midfield trio and our usual 3 upfront.

    All we should do is play not to lose that game; anything better is a bonus.

  • So do we think we have some of pre international break performances in us for the rest of the season? Feels like we lost momentum badly with one disappointment. Not too surprised with such a young team.

    I guess we underestimated how important Partey was to us. Will need a really good midfielder or 2 for next season because he’s only getting older.

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