Chelsea 2 – 4 Arsenal: a shot of natural doping in the Gunners legs, hearts and souls.

Eight oobservations from a pulsating, wonderful win at the Bridge:

  1. The first minute: we kick off and then put relentless pressure on the Chavs with six players in their half. They are like possessed wolves chasing down pray. The tone is set. We are going to attack you, we are going to make you sweat, we are going to force you into mistakes, we are going for the win.
  2. The next five minutes we are under pressure after some poor passing by nervous players. Two corners are defended with pure determination. Xhaka blocks, Big Gab comes to the rescue after Ramsdale misjudged the flight of the ball. We hang in there but don’t sit back. We want to attack, take the game to them. No fear, just a bit nervy.
  3. Six minutes later. We continue to pass badly from the back leading to dangerous situations, but our central mids are focused and calm now. Then Xhaka and ESR take the ball from Loftus the Cheek and Tavares kicks the ball hopefully towards Eddie. Christensen has it covered but the ball has some curve and spin on it and he mistimes his kick back to the goalie. Eddie is on to it and in a one on one with the keeper, who is making himself big near the penalty spot, he slots home like a seasoned professional. Cool as a Siberian cucumber. Have that and please call me! 😁
  4. Four minutes after that moment of much needed luck and skill, we are pecked back again. A deflection from a Werner shot and a Xhaka block sees Ramsdale, whose vision was probably blocked and who was expecting a shot to his left corner, misjudging the flight of the ball. Painfully, we need to do it all again.
  5. After that we hold out for a bit as Chelsea get in their groove. Then from deep in our defence comes the second goal. Our defence is jittery but Xhaka takes on three Chavs from our own box to get the ball to eager bunny, Ode; the man with the perfect hair passes quickly to Bukayo, Eddie makes a run and Emile has to make up ground; Saka passes to the Norwegian conductor who has three quick touches and passes the ball to Emile who has timed his run to perfection and billiards the ball in as cool as a deep frozen cucumber. A truly brilliant goal, one from the training ground. 2-1 to the Gunners.
  6. Then we let it slip again. The Chavs were constantly targeting our right side and also this time they found a way through by overloading their players there. White may have been fouled in the process but it was still a good goal by the home side. Another set back but yet it felt like that would be it from Chelsea. We could win this in the second half if we avoided any more mistakes. And ESR got very close just before the end of the half to finish it in front.
  7. The second half was ours. Gradually we started to dominate and the home side went through the motions. We had more energy and purpose in our play. We played with belief and after Eddie’s brilliant pounce in the box never looked back, except for a couple of hairy moments in the box. Saka’s pen was so sweet too.
  8. Well played the manager and team. What a timely win. What a shot of natural doping in the legs, hearts and souls. CoyrrGs!

By TotalArsenal

17 thoughts on “Chelsea 2 – 4 Arsenal: a shot of natural doping in the Gunners legs, hearts and souls.

  • Wow what a result. I didn’t see it coming but iam so happy for the players and managers. Credit where it’s due. This one is on players and manager. This result doesn’t change anything of what we have discussed this past week but that’s for another day. As a lifelong Arsenal fan this is a top draw result. Can we use this as a launchpad for hiring the next 6 games unbeaten? Do that we have top 4. But this is a young team and they will be inconsistent. But let’s hope something changes after this game and we can remain unbeaten till the end. Thanks Arteta and the team makes life so much better. Massive massive result. COYG

  • Good stuff TA.

    I liked Arteta’s decision to just go for it. And why not…3 losses on the trot. Nothing really to lose but throw in some chaos. Elneny was an inspired choice away from home. Holding was a bit shakey in the first half but understandable after not playing for so long. He really grew into the game like a number of others.

    Great game from nketiah. He provides something more than laca at the moment and that’s a willingness to harass and he has some speed. Was great to see. After listening to him on the podcast the other day you can really tell how much he loves arsenal and he really just wants to play. Emery cancelling his loan deal with wolfsburg did frustrate him. I hope he gets the rest of the season to show his worth…even if he doesn’t stick around. He deserves it.

    I’m glad tavares is getting an opportunity too.

    Embrace the chaos! If this doesn’t breath a new sense of spirit in the team and supporters i don’t know what will. Onwards to doing the same to united.

  • Great write up Total, Xhaka showed what he is made of last night and “led’ the team gloriously. Nick’y double also showed that he should be given the assurances he needs to sign a new contract – it would be a huge mistake to lose such a loyal player who is Arsenal through and through.

  • Yeah Madhu, six big games and a bruised United will put up a fight on Saturday. Luckily, we are playing at home and the crowd can fire us on. 🙂

  • Embrace the chaos, Oz! Well it was good to go for it whilst Elneny and Xhaka gave us structure. They were impressive and immense.

    Rob grew indeed into the game and Eddie made the difference. So happ for him.

  • Arsenal v Manchester United H
    Brentford v Tottenham * H (1-0)
    Brighton v Southampton D
    Chelsea v West Ham * A (1-2)
    Liverpool v Everton H
    Inter Milan v Roma * H (2-0)

  • Word on Mo Elneny, he is not the most liked player in the squad for fans, but i love him to bits. He is no nonsense professional , no frills, no ego just a complete team player. You watch every match he is always on the side line warming up and encouraging his team mates. He doesn’t sulk or complain just goes about his task as a consummate professional. He is gone this summer, but you wouldn’t know by his attitude. He can play further up and has got good long range goals last season. He screens the backline and keep moving the ball. Thorough professional.

  • Thanks Total. Uber “oobservations”, mate. 😜 As is Madhu’s appreciation of Mo. Good article from GN5. The writer compared Granit’s moment of wizardry to Iniesta. I thought at the time that he looked pure Santi Carzola. I am preparing that international transfer to your bank account, Total. Our Swiss lad has exhibited excellent composure over the past months. Tho’ Nuno was guilty of some lapses, it will be good for his confidence to have remained on the pitch for the 90.

    Arsenal v Manchester United H
    Brentford v Tottenham * D 1-1
    Brighton v Southampton H
    Chelsea v West Ham * A (1-2)
    Liverpool v Everton H
    Inter Milan v Roma * H (1-0)

  • TA, you are on the money with the observations of how the game panned out. Don’t wish to brag but I did include Holding and Elneny in my predicted 11; 😜🤷🏽‍♂️. Arteta may have read Tuchel’s mind and started Holding to snuff out Lukaku’s threat. We played with a fluid back 3 as White seemed to play as full back, bombing forward at intervals too, during moments of the game, while Saka as wing back also tucked in a lot to create an overload in the midfield.

    It was a measured tactical performance and Arteta took the plaudits for the night. Nketiah has to be allowed to start against United; we may have to tweak with the defensive formation to go back to a back 4 but Elneny has to play across from Xhaka; he is just a safe pair of feet and would put himself about for the team. United will not come to lie down at the Emirates and have had a day longer to rest up. Hopefully Ronaldo isn’t back by Saturday and Pogba’s injury still keeps him out. United would have received a boost from the announcement of a new manager, even though he doesn’t start until the summer; the players would be putting up a show for him so no complacency. Humility is important now.

  • GN5, loved to see that Xhaka nutmeg again. That was uncharacteristically quick feet from the big man. 👌🏽

  • Yes Eris, tomorrow we will have a tough game. Manure are hurt and rested and the announcement of the new manager will give them focus again. Like Spurs they cannot play football other than play on the rebound and counter. We need to be wary and prepared for this.

  • Would be great to follow that up with another 3 points against against the Manchester minnows. I think same starting 11 as they all deserve to play again and the subs worked well, especially Martinelli who was very dangerous the whole time he was on.

  • I don’t usually credit rumours, but I believe the Gab Jesus one, and I like it. He’s very versatile and can play Arteta ball. Right in his prime too.

  • I like it too, J. With Eddie or Balogun as back up. Three Gabriel’s! One thing I latterly noticed was that all three goal scorers at the Bridge were our Academy graduates. I cannot remember the last time that happened.

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