Arteta is a Man-Manager alright, Tomi is Class, Ramsdale misses White: 8 Arsenal Observations

Eight Observations from a vital, vital ein:

  1. What to do with Eddie? I don’t think he is what Arteta is after in terms of required team play, passing etc, but the boy can finish alright. It’s been rumoured Arteta wants Jesus. The MC forward is quite different from Eddie, but we also need a Plan B. Eddie would be excellent for this.
  2. Bergkamp, Fabregas, Ozil, Odegaard. Arsenal have an artist in their midst again. And similar to the first two, Martin puts in a shift in each and every game. When hard work and genius come together like this true magic will happen.
  3. Ramsdale is missing Big Ben. I like Aaron, a pure extrovert with an incredible passion and energy levels. But Leno has one thing on him and that is his natural calm. I think that in the fab triangle of White, Gabriel and Ramsdale, the former brings calm and organisation, and young Aaron is missing his calming influence at the moment.
  4. There may be a similar issue with Martinelli. A very fine talent with huge ambition, who is hard to tame into Arteta-ball. At times he looks world class, but he lacks consistency and a calm head when an opportunity needs to be taken. I think this will come, but we suffered from it yesterday as the best chances came his way but he failed to get the all important third goal.
  5. We seemed to struggle to put the game to bed yesterday. Could we have pushed harder? Yes, but it also looked like the players were saving themselves and tried to avoid injuries for a certain game against a skinny chicken on a ball team. This was probably wise. Yet for our nerves it was less beneficial!
  6. Arteta deserves so much credit for motivating and coaching his ‘stand ins’ to such high levels of football. No man-manager?! 🤩 Elneny, Soares, Nketiah, Holding are all doing a great job for the team. It took a while to adjust to the loss of Tierney and Partey (and Auba too), but four out of four wins at this crucial stage says it all. Arteta has everyone firing on all cylinders (well, almost everyone).
  7. We are guaranteed a top five finish and will battle it out with the mashable Spuddies on Thursday, but nobody is talking about the continuing slide of the Chavs. They will play The Peacocks next up-north and if they fail to win that one too Arsenal will have a good chance to overtake them before the end of the season. They have much easier games left than the Gunners but we are the in-form team. Not a big chance but watch this space.
  8. How good is it to have Tomiyasu, the Shinkansen, back in the team?! The man is pure class and power, and boy will we need him again on Thursday. Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners!!! 🤩 🤩

By TotalArsenal

26 thoughts on “Arteta is a Man-Manager alright, Tomi is Class, Ramsdale misses White: 8 Arsenal Observations

  • Next weekends selections:-

    Chelsea v Liverpool – FA Cup Final *
    Tottenham v Burnley
    Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
    West Ham v Manchester City *
    Everton v Brentford
    Newcastle v Arsenal *

  • Responding to post on the previous thread……. Good job, as always, GN5. Stuart looks to have knack for these things too; if only he had started with us, may have made it a tight run in, whom knows.

    Since you don’t have the benefit of your own version of a “VAR”, an update here and there will be okay.

  • I know Arteta doesn’t like changing formation or personnel much, but considering how the scum are under pressure to get more than a draw.. and their typical boring, boring tactics … I’d like to see a defensive set up with White, Holding and Gabs. That will pressure them to come out and play from just seeing our team sheet.

    If they try to play for a change, we can torch them on the counter. Circumstances give us this option, and it’s more perfect for Spuds than any other team we could have in this position.

  • “Since you don’t have the benefit of your own version of a “VAR”, an update here and there will be okay”

    Eris can you be more explicit..

  • Chelsea v Liverpool – FA Cup Final * 2-1
    Tottenham v Burnley H
    Aston Villa v Crystal Palace D
    West Ham v Manchester City * 1-2
    Everton v Brentford H
    Newcastle v Arsenal * 1-2

  • Sorry, GN5. I was only commending your effort; saying it is okay to audit and make corrections/update the records, any time you wish, since you pretty much keep the records and reports working alone. I was reacting to this from you…

    “This morning I did a 100% audit of the season to date totals and discovered and corrected my errors. It turns out that the individual position have not changed but it does put OX10 a lot closer to Eris than previously reported.”

    You do a brilliant job of just keeping up so, an audit and update is not the worst thing. I know I can’t do this as well as you do it….. Salud!

  • Good shout, J. Just don’t give them tons of opportunities to play counter footie, force them to play the passing game. Arsenal is better at this now.

  • The Jams “That’s entertainment” has long been in my top three songs of all time. But this one, so similar in many ways is giving it a nudge…

  • I have no expectation of catching Eris but thanks for putting me closer to him GN5!

    My predictions for this week:

    Chelsea v Liverpool – FA Cup Final * 1-2
    Tottenham v Burnley H
    Aston Villa v Crystal Palace D
    West Ham v Manchester City * 0-3
    Everton v Brentford A
    Newcastle v Arsenal * 0-2

  • Stuart, thank you for posting that song -it’s all around the neck of the woods that I grew up in. The accents also made me tingle and feel at “ome”

    The only thing is I could never stand pie and mash – but I was one of the few as my family and friends just loved it.

  • Eris/Total, thank you for your comment.

    The spreadsheet I created for the competition is quite complex and the slightest error can cause havoc – the only way to find and correct the error’s is to do a 100% audit of each formula used. I only noticed it this week when your season to date number didn’t change – so i knew that there was a problem. It took multiple hours to conduct the audit and having a dose of the flu never made it any easier. Once I was was satisfied that the formula’s for your entries were correct I then copied them to everybody else’s entries – hence the changes..

  • You are amazing and we are very lucky to have you on the blog. Your competitions make the site a cozy and friendly place and I really appreciate all the hours you are putting into this.

  • That was mystical, Stuart.

    TA, indeed Eddie sure can finish. All it required was a run of games and his confidence soared, plus it was a chance to let us see what we are (could be?) missing when/if he departs. Arteta kept going on about how unstoppable he was in training. We, the fans, now get the idea. If he will accept it, we should keep him as back up to the WC striker we shall be getting in the summer.

    I am still not sure White brings much calm to the defence. For me, he is able to disguise a lack of assurance in his decision making with slowing the game down, waiting for movement to release the pass. When pressed, he just hoofs the ball in hope. For Thursday, against that triumvirate of Son, Kane and Kulusevski, we would need Holding in the frame. I still feel the jury is still out on Ben White.

  • Martinelli seems to do everything at top speed and I agree, he needs to learn calmness when it matters. I trust Arteta to get him there, slowly but surely.

    “Skinny chicken on a ball team”. Lol. Love it. May I add it looks more like a Basketball. 😝

    Arteta has been amazing and has done his credentials much good with the way he has got our back up players firing us to (at least) a top 5 finish. You can tell he put in a lot of work to reassure the players of his trust in them. Cedric looks the one who isn’t still sure but plays a safe approach almost always, (playing backwards instead of losing possession).

    Yeah, happy that Tomiyasu is back at such a critical time. I noticed how Arteta chose to play him at LB against Rafinha of Leeds, who would have run Cedric ragged. Tomiyasu caged him and his frustration showed. I bet they will switch positions on Thursday. Son Heung min would need some Asian cup type attention. Holding would keep Kane quiet and not sure I’d worry too much about Kulusevski.

  • Eris, great comments and thank for responding to the post.. Makes it worthwhile.

    I agree with all of it but we judge Ben differently. White will challenge Aaron when he goes over the top and there is a calm there that we will need v Spuds. But I am also really happy with Robbo.

  • GN5, I never took to pie and mash either. And as for jellied eel…
    Great vid, and hearing the song at the home of football sends shivers. Could become an anthem for years to come.
    With the Oilers signing the second best Norwegian footballer, we could be in for Jesus and/or Raheem. I’d have ’em both in a flash.

  • Stuart, I just watched the video again with my Liverpudlian wife – and she loved it as much as I did.
    I’ve save it for posterity.

  • GN5, your wife is Liverpudian? How do you handle match days vs Liverpool? Better still, you should have converted to the good side, by now, surely….. 😀

  • Ahead of the huge meeting with Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday, Mikel Arteta spoke about the state of his squad in the pre-match press conference.

    He was asked about Ben White, who has missed the past two games, and Bukayo Saka who was taken off during our win over Leeds United.

    Here’s what he said…

    on team news ahead of the game…
    Thomas (Partey) is still out, Kieran (Tierney) is still out and with Ben he is still a doubt, we have to assess him and see how he is feeling, which is much better. With Bukayo it’s the same.

    on how he rates White’s and Saka’s chances…
    It’s very difficult to rate with injuries, it’s just how they feel today, that’s the last day that we can assess them and try to get the feeling, basically.

    Copyright 2022 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source.

  • Eris, I stayed firmly on the “good side”. I was born less than half a mile from the Highbury stadium and used to listen to the Oohs, Aahs, and roars from the ground every week. Then in November 1942 my maternal grandfather took me to my first game. So you might say that I was hooked from birth….So many stories to tell or write but so little time left.

  • selections:-

    Chelsea v Liverpool – FA Cup Final * 2-1
    Tottenham v Burnley draw
    Aston Villa v Crystal Palace Home
    West Ham v Manchester City *1-3
    Everton v Brentford home
    Newcastle v Arsenal * 0-8

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