Gabriel and a Beast of a CF are on Edu’s Shopping List

Arseblog made an interesting point about the new arrivals to the Premier League and how the domestic game is evolving.

Basically the best two teams in the Premier League, those with the best managers, are going with a more classical centre forward for the forthcoming season. Man City tried to do this a year ago by signing Harry Kane but now they have arguably the most exciting centre forward in world football in Haaland, making them a much more difficult and different animal next season.

Liverpool sensing the change are also attempting to go down the very same avenue with Darwin Nunez, another powerful aerial threat but like Haaland very quick on the ground as well, unlike say the immovable object that is Romelu Lukaku at Chelsea.

That probably explains Arsenal’s interest in a more traditional type centre forward, a player who brings a different dynamic to your attack; and it also explains I think why we tried to get Martinez and then Vlahovic a year ago and then again in January.

Arsenal have Nikolaj Moller and Biereth in the Academy, two tall strikers with some potential but neither have developed to a level that Arteta needs and wants (yet) so that means bringing someone in to do the job.

It also points towards Jesus (if he arrives please God) playing often a role in the wide inside forward areas like we see from Salah at Liverpool or how Wiltord operated for us back in the day?

So yes, two strikers seem to be on the agenda for sure…

By Allezkev

23 thoughts on “Gabriel and a Beast of a CF are on Edu’s Shopping List

  • Let’s jus get one who can do both, so please NO jesus, hes not physically the striker we need.

  • Goedemorgan Total, thanks for the post, it’s being reported among those more trustworthy outlets that Arsenal have signed a new wide attacker in 19 year old Brazilian right winger Marquinos, a Brazilian not called Gabriel, therefore preparing for the departure of the underwhelming Nicolas Pepe I guess?

    Saka has been amazing, he reminds me so much of David Rocastle with the same technical ability but also as powerful as our Rocky, bless him.

    The only fly in the ointment is, will Bukayo be overplayed and will he break, much as Hector Bellerin broke after not being protected by a Unai Emery, it’s a constant worry?

    If Pepe had been a reliable alternative then Bakayo would have had periodic rests, but Arteta didn’t trust Pepe and neither did most Arsenal fans so if Saka was fit, he played. It’s going down the same path with England and Gareth Southgate.

    Therefore Marquinos will hopefully be a better fit for what Arteta wants to do and Bakayo will be able to put his feet up occasionally.

    Good to have you back TA.

  • Thanks Kev. I like the thought of two attackers so we have options. It is remarkable that Pool and Citeh, who are both SO successful in scoring goals, want to change their approach now. It remains to be seen whether this will pay off for them. The fluid attacking style in which anyone can score just seems so powerful.

    With Laca and Auba gone we clearly need strengthening and I like Jezus’ mobility, timing and ball control. The man would be a great addition. An attack of Jezus, Eddie and Saka would be deadly already. Add to that an all powerful and mobile, good with the ball CF and we will be cooking with gas.

  • Good post ….I’m all for Jesus if we can get him.. I have heard that he doesn’t care if he’s played at CF or not, including his own words saying he likes playing on the wings…. Many fans have been assuming he’d demand to be the main man. Anyway, the main man can be playing in any position.

  • I read that post and had a feeling of deja vu, thinking where have I read that from Kev before? 😅

    Kev, I think Darwin Nunez may suit Liverpool better than Haaland will suit City. The kid’s got it all and will take to the EPL well. Where Halaand needs the ball worked towards/for him, Nunez can create his own situations; he is like a Luis Diaz with a focus on scoring.

    Anyway, we should be concerned about our own team. The rest of Europe continue to offer peanuts for our (and EPL) players while demanding a King’s ransom for theirs. I guess it has to do with the quality of those on sale. I agree both Saka and Martinelli could use quality back up or suffer from being over-played at such young ages. Reiss Nelson is returning and could do that job but is a different (less potent) threat than Saka. We have to get players who will push the first teamers.

  • If we can get the Jesus deal over the line, bring in Tielemans, Bissouma, Zinchenko, or Fabian Ruiz, we should be sorted in midfield, with Xhaka potentially leaving us. We would need a left back too.

    Leno may depart with Matt Turner coming and Ben White should have competition from Saliba and Holding.

    We would need to up the quality of back up this term just to remain relevant in the top 4 fight.

  • Eris I agree we need 2 midfielders but I don’t think we’ll get a second unless Xhaka goes to Italy. Owners that are serious about competing in the league would get the 2 regardless. We’ve been short there for years. I hope Patino can impress and step up.

  • Good point, Jync. Roma is said to be interested in Granit Xhaka. I think he’s done his bit at Arsenal and been a leader at the club; a change of scene won’t do him any harm….. so long as we get bodies in.

  • The usual Granit rumours. He is central to Arteta’s plans, simply is his actual captain. But we need back up as especially Thomas is far too injury prone and Granit is slowly but surely getting older.

    Tielemans I don’t see as such back up but xperienced competition for Ode and ESR. But I could be wrong.

  • Arteta is looking to get more goal production from Xhakas position. I think he wants a CM to play the Gudogan role of Man City. Someone more nimble who can get in and around the box to score and assist more. I think that’s why he’d like Tielemans or someone else with a slightly different profile from Xhaka.

    This doesn’t negate the fact that Xhaka quietly had his best season under Artetaball, and I think if he can accept less than 50 starts a season, he can be great to have in the squad I don’t know how he’d feel about any less playing time though. I think he really is the team leader the players look up to, without the armband. We will need strength in depth this coming season to compete for top 4.

  • Interesting theory, J. I think Granit was playing there for a lack of alternative last season. He will play deeper again next season, that’s his strength. But you could be on to something… 👍🏻

  • I do hope so, TA. The rumours always abound, about this time each year; I just feel he deserves to play where he can feel respected by the entire fan base, not the band of online hecklers we have here. He did consider it once, it must be said.

    Notice how Granit is almost undroppable for his country in the UEFA nation’s league. How he stays fit all season and still remain a key player in midfield (whoever he is playing for) is worthy of research.

  • Alexis Sanchez had an incomprehensible stamina. On his prime (late Barcelona and early Arsenal years) he played 55-60 games a season for club and country, usually staying all 90 minutes on the pitch. And still didn’t start the next season with fatigue.
    Yet, changing clubs didn’t help him, and moving (back) to Italy didn’t resurrect his career either.

  • Welcome to the Arsenal, Marquinhos! Hopefully, he fulfills potential.

  • I would feel pained should Spurs get Yves Bissouma after he’s winked at and flirted with us for a couple of windows now. He would improve us significantly and be an able, like for like stand-in for Partey if he gets injured. I wonder what’s not to like about him; I would rather him than Tielemans, if I am being honest.

    Raphinha is also linked with us; so are Sabitzer, Asensio, Nkunku and Osimhen. I guess it is that time of the season again……

  • It is Eris, it’s that time of year when NewNow is full of utter rot.

    I’ve always liked Bissouma but it seems that Arteta does not, could be his propensity to get stuck in and for anyone in an Arsenal shirt that means a yellow card often and very lively, Arsenal get a yellow for the least challenges of anyone in the EPL – basically we can’t tackle…

  • England’s worst home defeat since 1928, are the wheels coming off of the Southgate bandwagon?

  • I’ve been telling people that love Bissouma (and they are all crying today on twitter)..
    He is not the quality required for this Arsenal team that Arteta wants to build. Based on the Pep model.

    He isn’t a good passer, and he’s an old fashioned dm destroyer that does not work for skilled sides that are successful today. Pep and Klopp want technical brilliance and versatility in midfield. Bissouma is not as good as Xhaka advanced or Partey holding MF, he may be slightly more athletic than elneny, without the upside potential of Lokonga.

    We can put 25m towards a player that actually makes us better.

    I also like pointing out that even though he was available at a cut price, no good teams were in for him. Not even to replace McTominay.

    Also, sexual assault charges don’t help, except when Levy spots a bargain.

    Can you tell I don’t like Bissouma, or Levy. lol.

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