With Jesus Arsenal’s New Attack is Awesome – Just One Question Left

Arsenal are going for movement, unpredictability and total bamboozlement as our attacking strategy. Pool and Citeh, so successful over the years with this strategy, have opted for the classical CF (but with lots of movement too) instead, it seems. I don’t think that this will lead to more goals per season for our biggest rivals, but they do now have the sort of CF who can make the individual difference in the big games, especially in the CL.

We are building towards an awesome team that will get better and better as the players gain maturity and learn to play the Arteta Way. This is so exciting and we are lucky to support a team with such a strong vision and strategy.

Last night I watched again our first half v Citeh. Oh my how well we played; it was a wonderful glimpse of what is to come. Arsenal were all over Pep’s Oilers and just lacked the maturity and experience to finish them off. Only Bukayo, our biggest asset, had the confidence to take his chance. With Jesus we have added a player with tremendous PL experience and who will take one or two of those chances in the pivotal games.

The hope is that the likes of Martinelli, Odegaard and new man Vieira will also soon reach that stage of scoring in the big games. I also believe that Eddie can score in any game. He has the inner confidence that makes him deadly against any defence, and I am happy Arteta was able to keep him.

Our attacking options are fab now:

LW: Vieira, ESR, Martinelli (Saka)

CF: Jesus, Eddie, Balogun (ESR?)

RW: Saka, Nelson, Vieira, Pepe(?)

I know that Vieira can also play in midfield and is competition for Ode and/or Xhaka, but to me he looks capable of playing in any attacking position.

My one remaining big question is: do we need an established, older CF to both provide a plan B and mentor our young attackers to reach their full potential, for one or two seasons? Someone like Giroud, Suarez or Griezman to name a few……

What do you say fine fellow Gooners?

By TotalArsenal

63 thoughts on “With Jesus Arsenal’s New Attack is Awesome – Just One Question Left

  • Good comments Total, let’s see what bargains are up for sale in the last week or two of the window?
    If the right quality isn’t available at the right price, then don’t buy, but if we can get an older striker as another option then yes, do it as long as it isn’t stupid wages.

    There is still over two months of the transfer window to go Total with so so much business likely to be done by us and our rivals, but I do hope we don’t procrastinate over Martinez, get that one done.

    He looks exactly what we need technically and personality wise, the iron fist in the velvet glove.

    Would I still go for young Hickey at Bologna, well yes I would as he can cover several positions and it would allow Tavares to go out on loan. He’s young with a lot of potential, wouldn’t be mega expensive and could be resold later on if things don’t work out

    Chelsea have done us again it seems Total, Arsenal were trying to get Raphinha for a sensible price but in the classic Abramovitch ‘money no object’ fashion it seems that the Chavs have gone in considerably bigger than Edu was prepared to do and in a way I’m glad that our Director of Football hasn’t got involved in an arms race because the new Chelsea owner wants to make a statement, call it his Nicholas Pepe statement and sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and walk away…

  • Fine comments, Kev.

    Martinez is a versatile player and would fit in very well. Cover for Biscuit Hips and Xhaka/Partey. Would mean departures for Ainsley and possibly Tavares.

  • Maybe everyone has been watching Wimbledon Total, but not me I’ve been watching YouTube and Netflix and now I’m off to bed….

    24 hours ago Raphinha was off to Chelsea and now it transpires that they haven’t even made a bid, but as the media would hate Arsenal to sign him the narrative is Chelsea have outbid Arsenal.
    I should have known better than to give their reports any credibility…

    Anyway night all.

  • Up in York, Total. Thanks for the post. Love to see Raphina join the Samba boys at Arsenal. Yes, that first half v City was fabulous. See you in Durham.

  • Up in York, Total. Thanks for the post. Love to see Raphina join the Samba boys at Arsenal. Yes, that first half v City was fabulous. See you in Durham.

  • Aren’t they just Total, it’s amazing how many wannabe journos there are across the web, many of them are appalling and YouTube is full of them but I ignore 95% of them.

    Total my weekly routine is the Arsenal Vision podcast, the Arsecast & Arsecast Extra podcasts and the Handbrake Off podcast posted by the guys from The Athletic. It fits in with me as I can listen to them as I drive to work or drive home, which is normally 2 hours of my working day. All those podcasts are posted by proper Arsenal fans who don’t do hyperbole, are informative and often have interesting views on all aspects of the club, I downloaded the TuneIn app which allows you to access all of them them from anywhere across the globe.

  • You is a man of the 21st century, Kev. 😁

    No wonder you are so well informed and thank you for sharing your insights on the blog.

  • Last days before vacation often gets busy. But now, beachmode! Always appreciate your updates Total, and also the insightful comments.
    I had my doubts bout Jesus earlier and wanted us to go for more of an aerial threat but now, seeing the transfers we made with Viera and Jesus and the links to a Raphinha-type I think we should go all in with our young, technically gifted, fast attackers. Think we in some games might play even without natural strikers with ESR/Viera as false9 with 3-4 other youngsters behind. Very much like when city play the likes of kdb foden grealish, b silva as front four.
    So my answer would be No, although the name griezman always would be an amazing addition

  • Kev you’ve got me listening to podcasts.

    If only TA would do a podcast…. I imagine he has quite the silky, calming voice.

    I love audio books too. T? You can read to me…

    I like Raphinha a lot. Tough powerful player with moves, but looks unlikely for us now.
    The premier league players I like instead include Harvey Barnes, Podence, Neto, Joao Pedro, Trossard.

    We need Tielemans or I hear Fabio Ruiz is a good midfielder, which we need to play where Xhaka had been playing for us. Xhaka then could be cover at both positions. Partey needs a lot of cover to keep healthy.

    Unless Arteta plans on Øde, Vieira, ESR playing deeper.

    On Lisandro, I assume he wants to play for ten Hag the same way Jesus wants to play for Arteta.

    I think Zinchenko fits our style of play more anyway. Man City Pepteta ball.

  • Cheers Total, the level of commenting on here is varied and high, thanks to your stewardship and the friendly environment you’ve created I thoroughly enjoy it.

    21st century eh? My sons would laugh at that, I’m forever talking about the ‘old days’ to them as they roll their eyes. 😄

  • Johnno, happy listening mate. Arsecast occasionally have Ian Wright on as a guest and I listen to him with a smile on my face, his enthusiasm is infectious, the Pods are also available on YouTube where you can put faces to the voices.

    You know what J, I reckon we’ve still got an interest in Zinchenko and I’d love him at Arsenal, if Man U pip us for Martinez then to me Zinchenko is a great alternative option as another multi-faceted player.

  • Thanks HcM 🙂

    Yes a false nr 9 is a good option. Goals should come from everywhere. Too many of our midfielders did not score enough last season, and this will need to change.

  • Lol J, I would bore you to death with the virtues of Granit!! 😁

    I looks indeed that we will get another winger. Auba needs replacing in the end and I don’t think Martinelli is ready to do so. I would like to know where Mikel will play Vieira coming season.

  • Like Kev, I would love to see Zinchenko in our lineup. I would like us to have a plan B but, I’m not sure that we would want to run the risk of another Willian-type situation so would prefer a younger player in that role.

  • Ox, Kev,

    Great minds thinking alike on Zinchenko. Already well versed in Arteta or Pepteta ball.

  • Kev, it is the patience to listen to podcasts to the end that keeps me off them. Maybe, I can take encouragement from the option of listening in on long drives, but that works better if one is alone (which I am hardly ever). I am more of a YouTube/video person, usually as long as it doesn’t go beyond 20minutes. 😀

    I’ve been under the weather for a few days now; just returning to normal with a lot to catch up on.

  • I see Zinchenko play for Ukraine and he is a different player in midfield, to be honest. I wouldn’t mind him at Arsenal, knowing he would have a point to prove, working with Arteta. I only hope he does want to come to us, not just because of Arteta but for the motivation to restore us back to the trophy laden club we are.

    Most fans now see Partey as an “injury-prone” type but that’s never been the case with him, historically. Could be he has come to Arsenal at a time he is experiencing changes with his physiological make up or just a case of bad luck (I hope it is the latter). He can go a season without injuries, from his history at Atletico (just 6 games & 29 days off, owing to injuries throughout his career). That’s not to say we shouldn’t get him a quality backup because everyone could use a rest from time to time.

    Since Fábio Vieira is not a defensive midfielder and neither are ESR and Ode, cover will still be required for Partey at DM. Arteta may also be looking to vary our style and formation to go without emphasis on the DM role, but have all midfielders working to defend the midfield. The transfer window is still a long way to the close; teams have started pre-season games too. Congratulations to Nketiah, who popped up with a hat trick in the 5-1 win over Ipswich town, yesterday (?), in a friendly.

  • Eris, you need to chillax amigo, run a nice warm bath and escape with a podcast, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruit and drink green tea once a day, it works for my inner zen – and it keeps me regular. 😄

    Take care now.

  • Yes Eris, it was nice to see Arsenal doing an effective ‘job’ on Ipswich Town, it’s a game that we should win comfortably but it’s always welcome when we do.

    Nice pass by Matt Smith for the Balogun goal, Johnny or should I say ‘Eddie on the spot’ for an efficient hat trick and good to see Bert getting a tap in. Amazed but not surprised by the furore over who didn’t play, whoever they were as I forget, the hype at times is nauseating, you know ‘Player X misses pre-season friendly, does that mean he’s on the transfer list? Does Arteta hate him? Blah blah blah…
    Give me a break ffs….

  • Kev I see those negative haters all over Twitter and elsewhere online.. I release my inner demon on them and I’m good at that. I’ve taught a few good lessons and made fools of some. Then I come here and talk to good fans with civility, who just want the best for our club.

    There is a shrill negativity that is encouraged by keyboard anonymity, and it deserves to be put down in its place.

  • Happy Independence Day Johnno, I’ve gotta say that you’ve done quite well for yourselves since we let you go… 😀

  • Yes Johnno, more power to your elbow mio amigo, social media has so many positive aspects about it but with it has also come with a voice to to all the idiots who in days of yore we never heard from, now we do, just look at TikTok, it’s full of crazies….

    Yeah Total great news, Edu has done some great work this summer.

  • Yesterday I met up with Stuart and his lovely wife in Durham. It’s always special to meet with fellow BKers but when they come all the way from New Zealand it is really good. Stu was just the way as I expected and his knowledge of the club and its history is close to that of our goeroe of Arsenal history, GN5. We finished our afternoon in Durham and its cathedral off with a beer and meal at an Indian restaurant. A really good day. 🙂 🔆

  • You were easy to spot, Total. The only fella at the cathedral entrance waving a red and white scarf. Great to have enjoyed the walk, the meal and the convo. I neglected to slip you the tenner for our bet over Granit. You’ll have to come to Kerikeri to collect it!
    Woo-hoo re the Jesus signing. At the peak of his powers, and now I can tell my Mrs that I am spending time with Jesus whenever I am watching the Arsenal…

  • Ah Stu, your generosity more than made up for tenner and I prefer honey over money any day! 🙂

    So it looks like Jesus was not bought as our Nr1 CF but more as an Auba replacement, meaning that we still must be after a CF this summer.

  • Thanks Guys, for the best wishes and tips. I’d certainly give the green tea bit a try. I feel a lot better now, albeit somewhat groggy after walking more than 1 minute. Like I said, better than yesterday.

    Nice to know you guys were able to hook up, TA and Stuart. Nice touch. My daughters are in London and I was hoping to surprise them with a short visit but it would not come to be as something compelling came up. I had looked forward to a visit to the Armoury. Now, I have to do things online.

  • Great picture of Gabriel Jesus. Something tells me it was done after the huge “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Rio.
    All I can say is I hope he “delivers” us lots of trophies.

  • Zak Swanson joins Portsmouth for an undisclosed fee, following closely on the heels of Daniel Ballard’s move to Sunderland and the loaning out of Biereth, Rekik, Clarke, Miller and John Jules – seems that room is being made for the next generation of Hale Enders?

    Decisions still to be made regarding Azeez, Matt Smith, Cottrell, Hein, Lewis, Olayinka and Alebiosu, do we stick or twist with them? Henry Francis and Taylor Hart are both being lined up for loans it seems so BFG is twisting with them.

    Hutchinson, Flores, Patino, Kirk, Salah Eddine, Norton Cuffy should be involved in the senior squad, early doors, so BFG is sticking with them, probably, until the mid-season break?

    Nuremberg this Friday, mein Gott, der season is upon us big style, brilliant isn’t it?

  • Well it’s quite difficult as some youngsters reach a good level but for some reason can’t push on and stay at that level, then there’s others who are slow burners and gradually get there and keep on improving year on year, but if I was to put any money of who will make it Total I reckon Charlie Patino, the new bulked up muscle bound Charlie Patino, Omari Hutchinson who is probably the most naturally gifted player to come out of Hale End since Jack Wilshere, then Brooke Norton Cuffy who has shown he can progress even when under stress and who was the only Arsenal player in the England U19’s who won their Euros and finally Marcelo Flores the Canadian born Mexican full international who has the potential to be the best of the bunch, that’s four and if they all come through it’ll be amazing.

    But there’s slow burners who can come up on the rails and surprise us like centre half Kirk, one of the lads that Arteta took on the mid-season break to the Middle East last season and Salah Eddine who Arteta has had in several senior squad already so you can only think that Mikel has noticed him in training. We have a whole bunch of talented youngsters and at Arsenal you’ll get a chance if you’re good enough and work hard…

  • Gabriel Jesus will bring with him from Man City a work ethic and professionalism that should rub off on our young players, he could be the example and show what you need to do and work on to succeed.
    Guardiola didn’t want to sell him but with add ons City should get around £50m eventually from Arsenal and that pays the transfer fee for Haarland,

  • When Dennis Bergkamp came to England he joined a group of experienced international players at Arsenal but they realised when they saw the work that Dennis put in that even with their years in the game that they needed to step it up to stay with our Dutch master, his influence permeated the entire playing staff and club, it certainly benefitted Wenger when he arrived and definitely played a part in that era and the success we enjoyed so I wonder if Jesus can and will have a similar effect on the present day squad?

  • If Jesus could have a Bergkamp kind of impact on the team then that would be bliss. Work ethic and talent goes such a long way and Gabriel just brings that. It will rub off on Saka, Emile, Martinelli and The Ode.

  • Kev,
    I’ve been meaning to ask you about Hutchinson. I’ve heard he would be in consideration for the squad and is talented. Now everybody wants to see Marquinos who I assumed would go on loan because he’s so young and only has Brazil experience.
    What do you think?

    Also Reiss Nelson had an improved loan, and we might need to get forward depth from internal source in case we need to spend more on midfield ..
    We needed a CM already, now it may be more serious with Partey situation…. Do you think Mikel just doesn’t like Nelson? Any chance he’ll get looked at? I think it’s the last year of his contract.

  • Total, it’s looking like Azeri will go out on loan again, Girona have been mentioned, they’re a Spanish club in the Catalonia region and I believe that they’re in La Liga.

    Seems like a good opportunity for Miguel.

  • That’s Azeez of course!

    It would be brilliant for all the young players Total and that’s pretty much the entire squad. 😄

  • That’s Jesus would be brilliant, I’m not functioning atm 🙄

    Johnno, I think that Arsenal want to sell Nelson, the word is the club isn’t interested in loaning him out again.

    As for Marquinhos I’d keep him and play him in the Europa and League Cups, I’d also keep Hutchinson and play him in the same competitions, 5 subs remember, plenty of mix n match.

    Also we don’t know what state our players will be in after the World Cup so I think we’ll need to retain a big, strong squad. Of course if they all return unscathed then loaning the youngsters out in January is an option, but hopefully we won’t need to because they will have done the business and Arteta will want to keep them and we’ll hopefully have 3 finals to aim for post the WC. 🤞

  • Haha so true Kev.

    Girona is a very beautiful place. Azeez will like it no doubt.

    Looking forward to our first proper friendly on Friday.

  • Yes Total, it’ll be two teams again I’d expect, it’s a pity it’s not on TV anywhere?

  • After watching Marquinhos videos yesterday, I have to agree with Kev. I’d love to see him play for us sooner than later. Seems a physically strong kid with raw talent. Would be fun to watch.

  • With 5 subs Johnno he’d be quite a weapon off of the bench.

    A bit surprised that we’re being linked with other wide attackers when we already have that sorted.

  • Linked with some right winger from Lille, but after the last couple of wingers we signed from France (Gervinho and Pepe) I’m not sure that that’s a wise move and as Saka, Marquinos and Jesus can play right wing is that the best use of our available funds?

  • It’s pretty good thanks Total, although Wednesday was a nightmare driving around Knightsbridge/Hyde Park Corner, the goons who run TfL really are completely out of their depth, so many road closures and no contingency plans just gridlock. Of course the Lycra crowd would say just get on a bike, that’s the answer, which in turn shows how lacking in self awareness they are because the majority are unable to do so, but I guess it’s a case of dumb and dumber when you are an activist in Lycra.

    How’s things in Jockoland?

  • Haha Kev, how anyone dares to cycle in London staggers me. The lycra brigade must be a challenge for you, though. Especially those with the cameras on their helmets!! 😁

  • Going well in the world’s most beautiful country. Could be sunnier but all good.

    16.30 kick-off. Will we able to follow this game at all?!

  • Arsenal.Com are showing the game but you have to pay for it £5.99 Total.

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