Finally a Dutchman again in Attack? What a Trio he would Make with Saka and Gab Jesus!

Now, I try and avoid gossip on the blog as much as possible, but this one is simply too juicy to ignore. Voetbal International is a renowned Dutch football magazine and they have been writing on a number of occasions about the likelihood of Cody Gakpo of PSV joining the mighty Red and White of North London. Only a few days ago they wrote about Arsenal offering the young Dutchman the best possible development opportunities of those clubs that are interested in him.

I believe that football clubs keep certain outlets informed on the proviso that they do not quote them directly. That way they keep good relations going and with that positive exposure of the club by the magazine. VI have been writing about Gakpo likely going to Arsenal with a level of certainty that makes me think that they know what they are talking about.

Gakpo is a Left Winger/CF with a lethal right foot, comparable to Arjen Robben’s left foot precision and power. See also video link below.

His left foot is not bad either, but his ability to score belters from the left and from outside the box with his, right howitzer would be very welcome at Arsenal. I don’t think heading of the ball is his speciality which makes me believe he is better suited as a Left (reversed) Winger than a CF. This would mean competition for Martinelli who’s right footed shooting power and accuracy remains a work in progress.

We know that Gab Jesus also likes to play from the left wing position but I have no doubt that both will be flexible enough to work things out between them during games.

Cody Gakpo is a very ambitious and hard working player and he would strengthen the team significantly. Yet I believe he would need time to settle and get used to the tempo and lack of space of the PL. The good news is that Arsenal are a developing team with a plan, and Gakpo will get time to ease himself in. One of the biggest Dutch talents in recent years, he would be just the Dutchman at Arsenal many of us have been wanting. An attacking line of Saka, Jesus and Gakpo would scare any team.

I think PSV will not let him go until they have qualified for the group stage of the CL, reading between the lines of the VI articles, so a bit of patience is still required. But I think there is a decent to strong chance he will be a Gunner soon.

By TotalArsenal

Rest In Peace Terry Neill 🕊️🕊️🕊️

70 thoughts on “Finally a Dutchman again in Attack? What a Trio he would Make with Saka and Gab Jesus!

  • Everyone was saying the same thing about Nicolas Pepe. He was also tearing up the league he was playing in. Dismantling PSG in one game as well. We coughed up £72 million and the things he was able to do in ligue 1 he is unable to replicate in the premier league.

    The same goes with this guy… he is an amazing player in the Dutch league for sure but he won’t be able to pull off these Impressive feats in the premier league. FACT.

  • Xavier, you make a valid point re Pepe. However, to call your prediction a fact is a bit silly. The club are now much more careful in selecting players they want to sign. They do their homework. Gakpo will also not be anywhere near as expensive as Pepe. A bit more faith in Edu and Arteta would be in place here.

  • I watched a lot of eredivisie last season, mainly because I wanted to keep track of Reiss, whom I like a lot
    That’s how I found myself watching Feyenoord-PSV
    It ended up 2-2, because Slot had brought together a remarkably resilient bunch of players last season, but after 30 minutes it was Gakpo 2 Feyenoord 0 – the boy clearly belonged in a class of his own
    If we have an outside chance to be able lure him to London, and finally don’t, we’ll feel sorry for it sooner than later

  • Although I am impressed with his shooting power, a lot of his goals would not have past most PL goalkeepers

  • Gakpo is an amazing player.
    I think – albeit nobody would agree – that saying he is on level with Saka would be flattering Bukayo.
    He is extremely versatile, can play forward, both wings and even AM is needed. And he would cost about half of his value. He would definitely make his competition (Martinelli, Saka, Nelson, Smith-Rowe) work hard for their spot.

  • Well CJim that may be true (or not) but this guy is only 23 and will get stronger and stronger. It’s about taking the right angles and that is what Gakpo gets right. Sounddsimple but it’s not.

  • Ah, Terry Neill, all the memories come flooding back especially of that 1979/80 season and the Double that slipped through our fingers, six semi final matches of which I went to four and the two finals I endured, lads I wouldn’t wish seeing your team lose two major finals in a week on anyone, I don’t think I ever really got it out of my system until Arsenal smashed Valencia in Spain in the 2nd leg of the Europa. God did I enjoy destroying them on their own ground…

  • TA, Gakpo is a name being associated with Arsenal just like Tilemans all summer. Either one or both would be welcome. The only issue with Gakpo is that we need a winger who plays on right so that we can give Saka some breather. Gakpo will not fit that requirement but may be Gabi might shift to right but that would be too much disruption. Let’s wait and watch how this plays. One thing is certain with the dealings of last summer and this we can be confident that Edu will have specific plans and working on executing the same.
    Can’t wait for the season to start though. Life is boring without Arsenal games for sure. 🙂

  • I have avoided watching youtubes of any linked players until I was sure they were done deals like Fabio, Jesus, Zinchenko.

    I watched your video TA, and it confirmed my suspicion. After watching the first 20 or so goals…. I feel like in the premier league, maybe 4 of those would have been goals, if that many.

    The amount of space available to get off clean shots and slow defending is remarkable. I wouldn’t go for him.

    I expect that if we get a wide player, it will be someone who presses and works very hard off the ball. An Arteta style player. The opposite of Pepe. I could see Bowen, Trossard, Neto, Podence, Harvey Barnes.

  • Yes Kev, I remember that dark week in 1980. Looking back I think that run of defeats was one of the factors that turned me to God. Silver medals and silver lining.
    Sounds like a great weekend, LG. Wasn’t that an FA Cup game? Joe Strummer, what a guitarist, when I saw them, he went mental on “Safe European home”, and what a venue to see the Clash.
    Interesting debate about Gakpo. If he offers anything like Marc Overmars did for us on the left, I’d vote for him.

  • J, I think that is a case of projection by you. A team and player make space for shots, then they have to taken. Look at this Jesus video and you could say the same about him getting too much space by the ‘superior’ PL defences.

  • Stuart, Overmars stood for efficiency, what a winner. I am really surprised he turned into such a fat sausage of a man in his post footie career. And a dick too.

  • J, I get your point, and since I don’t follow Eredivisie closely, I cannot refute that with my own experience.
    However the statistics don’t support the claim that it would be easier to score goals in the Netherlands than it is in the EPL or La Liga.
    Just looking at the tables in each these leagues for the last campaign, there were 4 teams in Eredivisie that scored more than 60 goals, and 2 that conceded more than 60. In England the respective numbers are 7 and 6, while in Spain it is 5 and 4. It would even seem that it is harder to score for and against a Dutch team, but if we compensate the data for EPL and La Liga having 20 teams thus 38 games while Eredivisie only 18 teams and 34 games a season, the figures would be in the very same ballpark.
    The major difference among these leagues is that in Spain the proportion of the highest and lowest value teams is about 12-14, in England it is around 7-8, while in the Netherlands it is 35-40 (according to TransferMarkt). It is interesting, yet wouldn’t imply that Gakpo would deliver only a fraction of his goals and assist (per game) in a top 5 league. Or wouldn’t face more difficult or different challenges than Nunez.

  • I’ll watch Gakpo against Monaco tuesday, and tell you all about it, BKers
    It was an FA Cup tie indeed Stu, a replay I think – I liked this “Irish” Arsenal very much; I talked about Brady’s touch, but behind the artistry you could also feel the grit of the boy, what a player he was
    As heartbreaking finals go, my own personal one dates back to THAT goal in the 1995 Parc des Princes CWC final
    I had got myself a ticket in the Parc’s “End” behind David and the instant the Zaragoza guy kicked the ball I remember feeling like laughing because he looked like a rugby player trying to get a line-out for his team
    But the following seconds felt (and still feel) like a horrible dream
    I had convinced a bunch of friends to come along, and they were used to hearing that David was the very best keeper I had ever seen play “live”. The return trip to Rouen (not a long one, fortunately) was very, very long, believe me – my ears are still ringin’.
    It’s a shame so many people remember only this goal and the Ronaldinho one about David – I still think he was an immense GK, his positioning was phenomenal, so good that you felt he could have played in a tux sometimes
    Lastly, Stu, it will sound weird, but although I know Clash’s set in Lewisham is the best I’ve ever been to, I have to admit I can’t remember the songs they played … after the very first chords (that I remember: “Clash City Rockers” it was), the whole place went absolutely berserk and once out of the venue we all looked at one another as though only 5 minutes had gone since we came in!

  • I also liked Seaman a lot, such presence and enjoyment in what he did.

    It reminds of a Graham Norton joke. “When England beat Germany by four goals, Swen-Goran Eriksson was so excited he left seamon on the bench”, or something like that. 🙂

  • I might seem a bit crazy but there are elements of Gakpo’s game that remind me of TH14, he doesn’t head the ball, he starts out wide on the left and drifts infield, his finishing is often economical and the goals look easy but that’s due to his movement and anticipation, he has the potential of being a central lone striker supported by attacking inside forwards – shades of TH14, Bob and Fred, but, I can understand Johnno’s reticence about him as Pepe also looked a world beater playing for Lille, maybe Pepe joined the wrong club?

  • Maybe we got Pepe’s twin brother, Kev. I noticed Gakpo is very keen to impress and that can make him nervous and with that underperform in the big international games. And yes there is a bit of TH there and he also got better and better gradually. I am pretty sure Wenger would have wanted to sign him if he were still in charge.

  • Hi TA, I am great, just busy.

    It looks like this season the scouts have changed, and we are buying quality players.

    If Pepe were a few years older, he would have joined another club as Wenger would not have fancied him. Wenger likes team players, ala Mikel. But Pepe is diligent and willing to play for the club, so I guess he would try to win over Mikel.

    Can’t say anything about Gakpo until we see him playing for Arsenal

  • You’re on form, Total. “Fat sausage” and “Dick” in the same sentence. “Seamen on the seat”. Is your Mrs out? 😁.

    Finals LG? For me it was Alan Clarkes diving header in the ’72 cup final. Deep sigh. Coupled with Lehmann’s sending off in 2006. Deeper sigh…
    And gigs? For me it was a Magazine gig in my home city of Auckland, tight venue and John McGeoch was on fire, Howard Devoto plain scary. When “Shot from both sides” started up it was almost as good an experience as standing in the North Bank when the Arsenal scored.

    I hear you, Kev. I tried a few things before I got to the Big G.

  • Yes Total, I noticed that Gakpo didn’t score against the big Eredivisie teams until the closing stages of last season with one goal against Ajax and two against Feyenoord, but he got a few in Europe so that’s positive.

    I reckon we got Pepe’s sister…

    Stuart, I’m sure that Big G understands

  • I’m with you, Kev. He’s gracious and compassionate. Are you attending Fulham at home or Bournemouth away by any chance?
    Intriguing game this arvo. Two new strikers may lead to a change in style for City and ‘pool. So looking forward to England v Germany on Sunday. Our Beth v Popp for Golden Boot. Come on Queen Beth.

  • Meet Auston Trusty, the Arsenal defender on loan with Birmingham City.

    The Arsenal centre-back joined Birmingham City on a season-long loan and is hoping to ‘turn a lot of heads’ during his time in the West Midlands.

    West Philadelphia, born and raised, playing football in the back garden is where Auston Trusty spent most of his days.

    The young centre-back, currently on loan with Birmingham City from Premier League side Arsenal, was always destined to become an elite athlete.

    He’s the youngest of six and all of those siblings before him have become, in his words, a ‘superstar’ in their sports.

    His family is made up of basketball players, track and field athletes, lacrosse players – and whilst they are some of the more traditional sports over in the USA, none of them were for Trusty. He was more interested in football – the European kind.

    It’s taken a lot of work to get where he is today and that’s made even more impressive considering he put a lot of that work in on his own.

    His friends only ever wanted to play basketball or American football and getting them to play football/soccer with him was ‘impossible,’ he recalls.

    He’d often bargain with his brother, the one closest to his age who played lacrosse, to get in the garden and kick a ball around with him.

    “I’d play that with him if he played my sport with me,” he says. “That’s how I trained when I was younger.”

    And whilst he’ll forever be thankful for that – it may be his big sister, Onnie Nicholson, that he holds most of the thanks to – as it was her that proved vital in him initially falling in love with the beautiful game. Well, her and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

    “So my sister, I grew up watching her,” Trusty explains.

    “She was a part of the national team. I was a ball boy at some of her games and I loved it. I remember her travelling all around the world going to all of these places and I thought ‘wow, I really want to do that.’

    “Also the South Africa World Cup. Watching that cemented the love of the game for me. The song, ‘give me freedom,’ the songs and everything. The environment for me just looked amazing.”

    And once he’d put his mind to it there was no stopping him.

    Trusty joined two soccer schools in high school following this period, one in his junior year before heading to IMG academy in Florida.

    He then returned to his hometown to link up with Philadelphia Union, where he turned professional at 17-years-old.

    “I started pro at 17,” he says. “The day before school started, I called my coach and told him that I wasn’t going.”“He still hasn’t talked to me to this day.”

    His coach may still be harbouring some bitterness about the fact he chose a career away from school but all Trusty has done since is prove that it was the right decision.

    After impressing in the MLS with his hometown club Philadelphia Union and more recently Colorado Rapids, the now 23-year-old was rewarded with a permanent move to Arsenal in January 2022.

    Although he returned instantly to Colorado on loan and then this summer linked up with Blues, he knows that this year in particular, in England’s second tier, is a chance for him to prove he can cut it at the very highest level with the Gunners.

    The centre-back also has one eye on this summer’s World Cup. He’s been capped at all youth levels with the USA but is yet to receive a call up to the men’s first team – something he’s hoping to change over the next few months.

    “Of course, if I come here and do my job and do my thing, that can prove a lot,” he notes in regards to his international ambitions.

    “Playing MLS, and doing well there, you get some respect and get noticed a little bit more but if I come here and play my game like I can, I think I could turn a lot of heads, open a lot of eyes.

    “There is obviously history between the US and England. If you look at English football, it’s the gold standard.”

    If it isn’t already obvious, one thing Birmingham fans will love about their new man is his attitude.

    Due to the crossover in calendars between the UK and USA, Trusty has already played 15 games this season but he isn’t crying out for a break, he’s crying out for more football.

    “Like coming here, I had three days off,” he says.

    “So last year we [MLS] ended on Thanksgiving, then I went with the national team. I had about a week and half off. That’s in the last year and a half.

    “My mindset is go until I drop man! They know how much I have played recently and my body, too, and Arsenal are in contact too, talking to them all the time about management. This pre-season has been more tapered down to pre-season games. But the staff here have been looking after my body.”

    Trusty is in line to make his English football debut when Birmingham City take on Luton Town at Kenilworth Road toady.

    “Im so excited to be here,” he adds.

    “Leaving my country, it’s a transition for me, but it’s also good for the growth of my game and personal life. I’m just looking forward all around.”

    (From Birmingham Mail)

  • Not sure Stuart, my eldest boy sorts out tickets for me and he’s not said anything yet, I kinda like midweek games as I can do some work before the match. I also enjoy the League Cup and Europa so I’ll be hoping for home draws in the former and some kind opposition in the latter. The armchair is the modus operandi for me these days, no parking issues, no queues for the ablutions and a cup of tea as and when, although I might do a couple of away games this season just to savour the atmosphere of positivity that surrounds Arsenal on the road with all the youngsters taking the lead, but not Bournemouth as tickets are gold dust.

    Ok, London City Airport is calling…

  • Talking about Dutchmen, a great article in the Guardian:
    Most football journalists set my teeth on edge, but Barney Ronay is an exception, not only has he style, knowledge, but you can always feel how deep his love of the beautiful game is.
    And also: Utd’s Board and so-called legends are depicted here as a bunch of puy cowards, which is quite … yummy.
    Guess MA’ll pick his strongest lineup this afternoon

  • Starting:
    Turner (Runarsson)
    Pépé (Marquinhos)-Lokonga-Nelson
    Limbo (4 recovering from injury/one on his way out, actually)
    Balogun about to be loaned out again, probably … a bit of a shame, that

  • Apart from the apparent injuries this is quite a serious starting line-up, maybe the strongest possible.
    If the players stay fit – and there will be no miracle happening with Tierney and Tomiyasu – I expect the same XI starting against Crystal Palace.

  • 1-0 to the Arsenal
    Bukayo scores the penalty he’d just got
    Ol-d-timer stuff from our wonderkid, the way he positioned his body, the defender had no choice but shoving him down, and then the ref had no choice but awarding the pen (Martin O.’s through pass to BS7 was delightful)
    Very enjoyable start
    … And now GJ9 – 2-0 to the Arsenal already, after 13 minutes

  • And it is already 3-0 after Jesus scoring his second of the game, after Martinelli’s perfect cross.
    Please note, that it is only the 15th minute…

  • Arsenal is getting sloppy, as it took 4 minutes to score the next goal.
    Joke aside, it was Sevilla’s goalkeeper being sloppy, as his pass was imprecise and Saka could capitalize on that. Bukayo’s shot wasn’t the best – he could pick any spot in the empty net – but eventually (and most likely unintentionally) nutmegged the goalkeeper to score his second and our 4th of the game.

  • We have been making some delightful combination plays but have since sat back a bit since scoring the 4th.
    It is not so much our incisive play than it is that Sevilla appear shell- shocked to be so far behind in the first half. Not to take anything away from our high energy play, though.

  • Eric Lamela is getting the treatment for his spud affiliations, and rightly so.

    Martinelli is so bright and direct.

  • I think we are going to get kicked a lot this season. Partey heads from a set piece by Odegaard, but straight at the Sevilla keeper, Bono.

  • HT
    Arsebal 4 – Sevilla 0 (BS7 2 – GJ9 2)
    We tore teams apart before, during former “Emirates Cup”, so it might be sensible not to make too much of this, but … this a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping pre-season if ever there was one.
    Saliba, Zinchenko, Jesus have raised the technical level of the team up to world-class-highs, everything is now done at full speed but kept under control; our high-press is relentless, Partey/White/Saliba/Gabriel look like Game of Thrones’s “Wall”, and with Jeez we’ve made the right buy at exactly the right time.
    Our expectations will be so high come Friday, that any other result but a convincing victory will come down as a disappointment: that’s the kind of stupid worry we’re left with, now

  • We played really well in the first half, with 7 shots on goals (4 finding the back of the net) and 1 of target, while we managed to restrict Sevilla to 1-1 on and off target shots.
    Besides the front 4 Saliba also look very composed. It would be a shame to let him go.

  • It’s half time. We have had chances to add to the scoreline but, first Martinelli, then Partey have allowed good opportunities go unpunished.

    We still have potential for some hesitant defending but nothing proper competition won’t help shake off. Sevilla don’t look like a team ready to start the La Liga in a week and what’s pleasng is this looks all down to our aggressive start and dominant play.

  • Sevilla have come into the game more, as Arsenal took their foot of the gas. But Sevilla have been only been allowed scraps, including a number of consecutive corner kicks and a raft of shots off target.

    Both Jesus and Saka have had opportunities to score again; but perhaps, the clearest chance we have had will be the one which fell to Odegaard after a Zinchenko lay off was blasted over the cross bar.

  • The subs will get their time, it would seem as quite a number are warming up.

  • El-Nesry appears to be hurt from a head incident.
    Wow! Xhaka barely missed the top left corner of their keeper off a lofted pass by Partey. Fancy Xhaka being the furthest man forward; White did find himself in a similarly advanced area not too long ago….

  • Gabriel Jesus is just so sharp to the ball. That’s another aspect of his game he will bring to the team. 5-0!

  • A raft of changes take place with Saka, Gab Jesus, Partey, Zinchenko off for Elneny, Cedric, Pepe and Nketiah (not in that order).

  • Eddie will be remembered for the 6th goal, but his contribution was a tap-in.
    Martinelli was positioning himself just behind the halfway line (to avoid offside on a quick counterattack), but it was Xhaka who made the break happen by nutmegging the opponent – which is becoming his signature.

    Full time
    Arsenal: 6
    Sevilla: 0

  • 6-0, Nketiah off an selfless lay off by Martinelli after a cheeky nutmeg and quick release by Granit Xhaka.

    More subs. Xhaka and Martinelli off for Reiss Nelson and Sam I, who are not going to get a touch before the ref blows his final whistle.

  • Jesus gets the match ball and the Antonio Reyes man of the match award (to be handed over by Jose Antonio Reyes’ Dad) while Arsenal get another pre-season trophy.

    Nice touch by both clubs using this occasion to honour a deceased team mate; plus having the thought to invite the parent for the award. Brilliant!

  • 5 pre-season games
    20 goals scored
    7 goals to our marquee signing’s name
    6 against La Liga’s last eason’s defense
    It’d take a frighteningly cold-blooded, cool-headed fan no to get (at least, a little bit) dizzy

  • It happens, LE GALL, it happens…. especially in a fan’s giddy state. 🤷

  • Okay, just realised La Liga begins a week after the start of the EPL. Still, we ran Sevilla ragged when they should be hitting peak form.

  • In the meanwhile the Championship and Leagues 1 & 2 are underway.
    Trusty got a starting spot at Birmingham, Okonkwo at Crewe Alexandra. John-Jules is on the bench for Ipswich, but Clarke is not in the match squad for Stoke.

  • Can’t wait to find some highlights or replays, could not ask for a better preseason to take us into Palace after last year against them.

    I’m going to watch the second video you put up….

    Kev said it perfectly though…. maybe Gapko just makes it look easy…
    That would address my concern nicely.
    Also the fact that he’s still available, when he looks that good makes me wonder…..

    If we get him I’ll be his biggest supporter… no doubt about that.

  • Kev, I don’t know Austin Trusty that well, other than that he left us on loan to the championship; but after seeing that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air thing you did there, trust me to start watching out for him. 😜

  • Kev, I have some of that gold dust, won a ballot for international supporters to get a ticket to Bournemouth v Arsenal. In the home end unfortunately but I’ll give as good as I get. Also have a ticket for the home game against Fulham on the day before I fly home to NZ. If you are there give me a shout and I’ll meet you for a beer.
    Stunning stuff v Seville. MO8 has all the makings of a fine captain, and our club is so classy with its honouring of Reyes Dad, and of Terry Neill.

    “Wed’sday just won’t go
    Thursday goes too slow
    I’ve got Friday on my mind”…

  • Laca on the scoresheet against Inter
    (half)-diving header, but – as so (too?) often – his contribution in the buildup was what really caught the eye
    Ah, Stuart, the Easybeats … I like Bowie’s cover a lot ((“Pin Ups” and Lennon’s “Rock and Roll” are probably my two favourite “cover” albums)

  • To be relevant to the post Netherlands had the Super Cup tonight – the equivalent of the Community Shield.
    In a crazy game PSV won away (in Ajax’s Johan Cruijff ArenA) by 3:5.
    Cody Gakpo assisted the first 2 goals (hit the post in between) and scored PSV’s third by smashing a rebound into the roof of the net, but Guus Til stole the show as he scored a hattrick less than 4 weeks after signed from Spartak Moscow. Gakpo was substituted in the 73rd minute and the player taking his place set up the final result in the 91st minute.
    To make the long story short, Cody did seem like a player capable of making Arsenal even stronger.

  • Stuart, a good place to have a drink is in the University of North London bar in Holloway Road, on match days it’s rammo with Gooners, there’s TV’s on the wall, the atmosphere is bubbly and the beer is reasonably priced. My son goes in there with his mates and if he gets a ticket for me (nothing from him as of yet) then that’s where I shall be. Even if I don’t make it it’s still a good spot for you to grab a pint or three before the game.

  • Well, with Total and PB on the same page re: Gakpo I can only suspect there is more than smoke to this rumour. I imagine it would depend upon Pepe finding pastures elsewhere.
    LG, Bowie is second to Dylan in my musical pantheon, but Pin Ups never quite cut the mustard for me, tho’ I did like his take on Floyds “See Emily play” and The Kinks “Where have all the good times gone”. White Light white heat missed the cut for the album. I would have loved to hear that. He used to do it live when Ronson was his gunslinger.
    Kev, thanks for the tip. Tho’ if I drank more than a pint before a match I would miss most of the game traipsing back and forwards to the loo. Let me know if you get a ticket.

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