Oh What a Day! Bournemouth 0 – 3 Arsenal

There’s a kind of hush all over the world tonight. All over the world you can hear the sound of Gooners in love…

Bournemouth is a beautiful town with a magnificent beach and some very friendly folk. Driving down from Taunton early gave me the opportunity for a visit to the towns best kept secret: the hidden gem of the Russell-Cotes Museum and Gallery, a walk on the pier and a swim in the sea, before making my way to the edge of town where stands the Vitality Stadium, the smallest in the Premier League hosting just 11,500 on a match day.

I had won a ballot for a seat in the Ted MacDougall (the original Supermac) stand, unfortunately amongst the Cherries fans, but close enough to the away section to appreciate and join with our red and white army who were in vociferous and feisty form. Songs new and old cascaded lovingly down the terrace flooding the ground with renditions of “O Rocky, Rocky”, The Viera song with “Senegal” changed to “Portugal” in honour of new boy Fabio, “Your only here to see The Arsenal” and, best of all, the new Saliba song, all winning the game off the pitch. GN5, I joined the chants on your behalf, mate, channelling my inner Cyril.

As for our boys on the pitch, a really dominant performance with some hugely impressive moments; Our captains two fine finishes. Jesus’ mesmerising Messiesque control and dribble leading to the first goal and drawing gasps of appreciation from even the Bournemouth fans. Saliba’s goal, so expertly laid on by Xhaka. The interesting positional interplay between Granite and Zinchenko, how are KT and Tomi going to earn their starting roles back with the form of our Ukrainian and Ben White? Nine points from our first three games. The last time we did that was in 2004. Dum, dum, dum. Hush now my beating heart.

By Stuart

48 thoughts on “Oh What a Day! Bournemouth 0 – 3 Arsenal

  • Thanks Stuart for a fine matchday review. What a game for you to have been present at! I will check out the museum.

    The Jesus move was splendid and I love the description of the collective gasping breaths.

    Martin was clinical and that is exactly what we have been asking for.

    I was happy with us involving the right side much more last night. There was more balance to tge team. Agreed with Kev in the last post that we should have scored a couple more… But I am sure Arteta will be on to this.

    How did Thomas perform in general?

  • Read the first sentence and just had to laugh, I was singing away as I read it, Football is a wonderful thing, off to read the rest.

  • I’ve never been to Dean Court so you’ve got one up on me Stuart, I’m so glad you had such a great day, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer and we’ve been here before many times since 2004 thinking we’ve cracked it only to fall away – but this time it’s different, you can taste it, this team is growing before our eyes.

  • Nice one Stuart.
    TA when you don’t notice your DM means that we played our football in opposition half. Partey was functional and tidy with nothing spectacular. Tahts what we what with a DM. Other players around him did their job and all the team were great. It looked a functional, cohesive and well drilled team.
    It’s obvious that we will be compared to ManC which is a slightly concern but if you look deeper we are slightly different. Our foot ball is a bit more faster and the difference is all because of Jesus. He makes our team a whole different gravy.

  • Thanks, Stu, I was looking forward to reading your review, and man you sure didn’t disappoint
    How time must have flown, a 90-minute-match-time’s too short when football’s played like this
    7 days left to convince Kev about the Fulham game …

  • That’s a good observation, Madhu.

    I am asking Stuart because when you are at the game you get a more complete look at all the players.

  • Yes Kev, let’s just go game by game and see how we deal with major setbacks, if and when they arrive. Early days but signs are promising.

  • True TA game looks different in the ground. I haven’t had the privilege of watching Arsenal till now live but went to my local football team in Indian league. It’s a different experience all together and off the ball movement is something that you tend to observe more.

  • Folarin on target – again
    That’s 3 in 3 for the lad. This one’s against Strasbourg, one of the decent French teams, and it’s worth one point (the first) for his club
    Attaboy, indeed

  • A poacher’s goal it was, a close call too – without the goal-line technology, and with the pressure of the home crowd, there’s no way it would have stood
    Our boy had another one disallowed for off-side. It was the first time Fo had Reims’s new Japanese boy Ito for partner in attack, and the two lads got along just fine
    Lastly, I just read on “L’Équipe” site that Fo’s the first Reims player in 47 years to have scored 3 in the first 3 games of the Ligue 1 season
    How’s that for making a mark? After Big Bill’s last season’s spell in Marseille, the Ligue 1 clubs are gonna fight one another off so the winner might be loaned one of our kids …

  • Good TA, will be in Uk in September. In the process of booking tickets. Will be in Birmingham area.

  • 2-1
    Don’t wanna look at the table
    Not yet
    Clinical finish by Wilson, but Saint-Maximin’ sassist was just perfect, he’s Man of the Half by a mile – why Deschamps has never even considered calling him up is one of the deepest mysteries of national-team-football

  • Great to read from your on-site report, Stuart. It was beautifully rendered. All I can say is long may the fusion between team and fans continue. It gave one goose bumps to hear all that singing…..and by the away fans. It was all one could hear on TV. Proud of the fans, really.

    The even better thing is that we promptly knocked the Cockerel from off the “top of the league” table (or off its basket ball).

  • I see that the Pensioners lost at Leeds, what a season this is turning out, a changing of the guard perhaps?

    I’ve not heard about any spare tickets for the Fulham game mon ami, they’re like gold dust this season, but if I do I’ll get onto my old Dutch and get a message to Stu.

  • Newcastle are giving City a game today. At some point, the possession stats put City at just 6% in a particular five minutes period. Insane to think this. Newcastle seem to be targeting Kyle Walker who has looked poor, as if determined to keep his beloved Spurs in 2nd spot (kidding). The thing is all the home side’s goals have come from his side and he’s looked lethargic and terrified of Saint Maximin. At one point, Joe Willock took him on and beat him for pace and I had to double check to confirm that was Walker.

    Joe Willock has looked so mature in this team and earned his starting berth. Happy for him.

  • Joe W. off
    He was at fault on City’s first, but Gündogan’s runs into the box are so perfectly timed it’d be a full-time job to prevent them all
    An outstanding run of his was his team’s rallying call for revolt though, I don’t think I ever saw Walker outpowered like this before
    You love to see the mature player the kid’s become; hats off to Howe, if only for this

  • It’s come to the 90th and still 3-3. Five minutes added for City to join Arsenal as the teams with 100% results, after 3 games.

  • Hadn’t read your comment yet, Eris – didn’t know I was doublin’ up on you about Joe …
    In French we say “les grands esprits se rencontrent”!

  • I thought Stu had a spare one, Kev …
    3 games only, I don’t care … can’t keep my eyes off the table
    Indeed, who knows:

  • Total, such was Arsenals dominance on the pitch that our midfield was rarely tested. Hence Thomas was never under much pressure. His game was chiefly one of what used to be said of Didier Deschamps, that of “le porteur d’eau”, a “water carrier”. Winning possession through intelligent positional play and interceptions, then feeding the ball to a team mate. The adjectives Madhu used to describe the team sum up Thomas’ contribution. I might add that he is an awesome physical specimen, as are all the lads, each in the physical prime of their lives. God bless ’em for the sacrifices they have to make to keep themselves in such shape.
    I took great interest in viewing the warm up session, an intensive 30 minutes with some shooting to finish. Interestingly Martin missed or had saved everyone of his practice shots but then hit the net twice in the opening dozen minutes of the match itself. Bukayu appeared the most lethal in practice, his left foot will inspire bards and poets.

  • An underappreciated album, Street Legal, LG. Loved that era of Dylan. Sandwiched in between my three faves, “Blood on the tracks”, “Desire” and “Slow train coming”, it was a period when his voice was at its plaintive finest…

    Those tickets were snapped up, mate. I have two for the Fulham game just above the dug out. Taking an old mate from my St Albans days.

  • Stuart, I’m so glad that you had a great day out watching our resurgent gunners and that they played so well. I’ve seen more live game than anyone that I know in Canada and my mates called me Guv for my knowledge – they always saved a good seat for me in our local. In the early 90’s I suggested to the pub ( The Mad Hatter) owner that he should install several TV’s to help increase his customer base (my son did all of the installation work) – on the first weekend he had to lock the doors as so many people showed up. I watched Saturday’s game with my son in his home theater – it has a 120″ screen and surround sound which makes us feel we are in the ground.

    Bless you for channeling me during the game it makes me feel that a part of me was with you watching. I have some very stressful weeks ahead but I’m determined to stay positive.

  • Good stuff, Stu. I like it that the Ode missed during the warm up and then bagged a brace. His positioning for both chances/goals was excellent.

    It’s great we are getting goals from different players, especially since ESR and Saka, our two top scorers from last season, have yet to score.

  • After Ødegaard meekly had the ball taken away right in front of goal recently, I said I wanted Arteta to make him watch it over and over on a loop, (and I love the player).

    I’m pretty sure it was a topic they discussed, most likely watched the video. It worked. I could be a manager!

    You know the football is special when you dread waiting a whole to see us play again.

  • Hi GN5. (Guv) Sounds like you and your son have a little of heaven on earth.
    Here is a verse from the Old Book which I shall be praying for you, mate. “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of trial or oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. For I am with you, and will hold you in the crook of my arm”.
    And tell us, of all the Arsenal games you ever saw, which was your favourite? And why?

  • Madhu, good to hear you are coming to the UK. Keep us posted. I may have to go down south in September and could try to meet up with you.

  • Don’t worry Johnno, the draw for the Europa is on the 26th and the League Cup around that time as well, so plenty of mid-weeks pending.

    Stay strong GN5, I find that being a stubborn old git helps a lot…

  • GN5, do stay strong; it is well with you. Powerful verse there, Stuart. Isaiah 43, verse 2.

    TA, the Netherlands are up by two goals (both against the run of play, it must be said) against Nigeria, at the U-20 women’s World Cup. It is half time now. Have to go to bed now and shall check the final score when I awake. 😓

  • Game ended that way, so Nigeria loses out on the semi-final places. Congratulations to the Oranje ladies!

  • What a day indeed! My only slight disappointment is that, as Kev has already said, we didn’t pop a few more goals in, especially in the first half when we were so dominant. It’s a great start to the season and the challenge now is to keep everyone fit, especially Jesus who seems to be the catalyst for a step change in our play so far this season.

  • Here are this weekends selections, I’ll post last weekend’s results after today’s game between Man U and Liverpool.
    Southampton v Manchester United *
    Brentford v Everton
    Arsenal v Fulham *
    Wolverhampton v Newcastle
    Nottingham Forest v Tottenham *
    Werder Bremen v Eintracht Frankfurt

  • The latest on the wires:

    Pepe to Leicester, Tielemans to Arsenal, a swap makes a lot of sense to me as loaning Pepe to Nice just kicks the can down the road.

    Maitland Niles to West Ham, they’re looking for a full-back/midfielder and we need to move him on, makes eminent sense to me.

    Pedro Neto is the hot tip, but I can’t see Arsenal paying £50m due to FFP, so some negotiation is needed or we move on…

  • Southampton v Manchester United * 1-2
    Brentford v Everton H
    Arsenal v Fulham * 3-1
    Wolverhampton v Newcastle D
    Nottingham Forest v Tottenham * 1-2
    Werder Bremen v Eintracht Frankfurt A

  • Sure TA, will keep you posted. It would be great if we can meet up. I will keep you posted.

  • Not sure what to feel about United rising from the dumps to beat Liverpool, especially because they picked things up a good notch and may have deserved the win on their first half showing. I enjoyed all the banter and memes about their woes, I’d be honest. 😜

    Liverpool look like a shadow of themselves, at the moment, making uncharacteristic errors and wrong decisions as they chased the game. United may just get stronger after this, unless Southampton can knock them right back to the previous state, next match day. We benefit from the distraction of the pundits.

  • It was, in hindsight, a game the Mancs were always going to win, given the circumstances. It really does not mean too much and they will face a tough test against Southampton next.

    New Post 🙂

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