Vieira Snookers, Marquinos Makes Instant Statement and Eddie just Delivers: 8 Observations

Zurich 1 – 2 Arsenal

Eight Observations:

  1. Seven changes to the starting eleven is a lot and it showed. The team dominated from the start but we lacked the crisp passing and natural team movement to produce quality chances. Zurich were well organised defensively and they made the pitch look small,and it was often a bit scruffy to watch.
  2. Our first goal came from a smartly worked counter attack, utilising the available space fabulously. Vieira produce a snookerball-pass into the running path of Eddie. The latter looked up and found Marquinos in space and time for him to place the ball high into the net. Boom 1-0.
  3. Marquinos played very well and made us forget Bukayo. He seems to have a similar skill set and with a goal and assist he really delivered. His crossing into the box was of a very high standard and I was impressed with his physical strength too. Early days but it’s looking promising.
  4. Eddie delivered too, aslo with a goal and assist. His header from Marquinos’ fabulous cross was text book excellent. Head it down with a bounce and the keeper will have little chance. Martinelli had a similar chance v the Mancs on Sunday but headed the ball high-diagonally and De Gea was able to make a good safe.
  5. Martinelli really missed his Gabi brother. Plenty of effort as always but he looked lost without Jesus on his side. But then who wouldn’t?! 🤩
  6. The defence lacked its usual calm but did the job well in general. Four individuals who needed time to gel. The pen was poorly conceded as a result of a lack of coordination in defence. But individually all defenders did well.
  7. Xhaka and Lokonga did quietly a very good job and Arteta did well to stick with the duo, both for the sake of continuity and balance. Vieira showed a lot of promise and reminded me of young Jack. It feels like he needs easing in for a while, as we certainly missed Ode’s ability to string it all together for us. Yet that pre-assist for the first goal was a pure Ronnie O’Sullivan snooker placement on the St Gallen grass surface, and one of the passes of the season.
  8. Tomi and Kieran did well and especially Wishaw’s finest had a great game, getting back to his very best. Tomiyasu still looked a bit rusty but playing this game will have done him good.

Altogether a good game and great result, and a brilliant prep for Sunday’s game v the Toffees.

By TotalArsenal

98 thoughts on “Vieira Snookers, Marquinos Makes Instant Statement and Eddie just Delivers: 8 Observations

  • PB wrote in the previous post:

    Maquinhos was really good and should have stayed on the pitch along with Eddie.
    It was great to see Tomiyasu and Tierney, I think they both played flawlessly.
    Lokonga was tidy and reliable, and Xhaka was a real leader with plenty of offensive contributions.
    To be honest I wasn’t that blown away by Vieira. And that’s alright, he is a raw talent and it was his first start, but apart from being technically gifted, he didn’t have the impact of the fellow midfielders or attackers (was involved the second least time behind Eddie based on the number of passes). Martinelli was a bit wasteful this evening, but played OK, only the end result was missing.
    Turner didn’t exude confidence, but didn’t contribute to goal conceded either, so it was a good occasion to gain experience.

    Some minor issues: I wouldn’t have left Martinelli on the pitch for the whole game, not because of injury concerns, but Everton rested for the entire week.
    Maybe a coincidence, maybe the quality of the squad, but after Odegaard, Saka, Zinchenko and Jesus came on, we didn’t become a wee bit more dangerous or effective.

  • Good comment, PB.

    Yes the subs did not have the required impact as Mikel wanted the third goal and did not get it.

    It was a scruffy game till the end.

  • I think the fact that a decision hasn’t been taken on postponements yet shows the difficulty there is due to a bloody winter World Cup leaving no wiggle room for fixtures to be rearranged, still it won’t bother those that have enriched themselves from helping Qatar get the tournament.

    Interesting to compare LeG, I recall being in the Lens stadium when Arsenal had beaten the home side to reach the UEFA Cup Final (the less said about that the better) and at the final whistle the home fans burst into the French national anthem, I thought it was brilliant, defiant and oh so very French, I then swapped my hat with a Frenchman and everyone started doing the same, a nice end I thought.

    Singing the national anthem isn’t something the British do too often, maybe it’s because of history and the modern mix in the U.K. But I was struck by how the West Ham fans in the Olympic Stadium spontaneously broke into the national anthem yesterday evening during the minutes silence/applause, a stadium full of working class people showing a touch of class I thought.

  • According to the Independent the Queens funeral is set for Monday 19th Sept, so I reckon after this weekends postponements that football will resume.

  • Lens’s fans are probably the greatest in France, Kev – the only decent singers, too
    Their “North London Forever” has been the chorus of Pierre Bachelet’s “Les Corons” (“The Mining Villages”) for quite a few years now. I like that about them too, they’ve never forgotten where they come from – the “polish miners” heritage I said a few words about in answer to Stuart”s question about éric sikora (I think he was lens’s right-back that “hat-swapping” night).
    Actually, I watched a program about one of the most famous WW1 battles lately – the “Battle of Arras”. Arras is only 10 miles from Lens, tunnels played a crucial part in the battle, and I had always thought Polish-French miners (it was a very long time ago, but I guess that’s what my teachers suggested) had done the (titanic) job, when in fact the “diggers” were … new-zealand tunnellers!!
    Well, you’re never too old to learn, I guess.
    We had a pre-season game in Lens 6 years ago, and the chorus was sung:

  • That’s a great song LeG, I’ve been to Lens twice and thoroughly enjoyed myself, proper working class football folk, shame about the police on my second visit, a tad heavy handed.

    I watched a film several years ago, a French or Belgian language film about miners in Northern France or maybe Southern Belgium, during a miners strike, probably early 1900’s, it was a classic, many Welsh and Yorkshire miners would fully understand it.

  • Lille is a nice town as well, our coaches stopped off both times we visited which allowed a stroll around the town centre and a beer or three before continuing the trip to Lens.

  • Lens have had a very good team since they appointed Frank Haise as their headcoach
    Haise was born in Mont-Saint-Aignan (where I live), and made it through the ranks of my dear ol’ (RIP) fc rouen youth teams, all the way to the first team
    Lens have been playing excellent, attacking football under his guidance, so much so they might end up playing European football next season. Another Lens-Arsenal would be great, Rouen-Lens is a 3-hour-car-trip only; I could put up up to 3BKers, and yes, there’d be “one or three” beers for each of them (us!!) in my fridge …

  • LeG, with an offer like that I’ll have to renew my passport.

    Total, I’ve always enjoyed my brief sojourns to France, the people in general, even in Paris, have been fine, my only complaint is they drive to close up behind on the motorway. My taxi was very popular in Dieppe, many locals having a photo taken next to it, Lyon had the best food and a beautiful cathedral, Boulogne some fine cafes.

  • Great stuff, Kev. I have been to all corners of La Douce France and have had no issues with the driving over the years.

    I like it that your cab was so popular.

  • My offer stands for PSG-Arsenal, of course. A 90-minute-car-trip (the Parc des Princes is the first thing you see when you drive from Rouen into Paris). My son, a PSG fan, would be coming along – I’m warning you though, he’d wind up a buddhist monk!

  • Yep, TA
    As you know, I couldn’t watch the game last sunday, because it was his son’s birthday – he knew I hate missing an Arsenal game, and he had to be pretty convincing to make me turn up
    Now, it’s been a week since I started to listen to how devoted, thoughtful, dutiful a son he is since he spared me the pain of watching the first PL loss of the season …
    I’ve known him 37 years now, and I know I’ll never hear the end of it …

  • Ha! Great posts ya’all. After dodging the wee beastie for the past years, I have returned home to be bitten by the covid bug. No footie to distract me due to our beloved Queen heading off to Heaven, but Bergkampesque offers welcome relief.
    Kev, I’d love to see a photo of you and your taxi. Is it a London black cab?
    LG, Arras figures largely in our national memory. I am not aware of the film, unless it is the black and white one filmed back in 1917? Thank you for your kind offer, one, due to the travel involved I shall have to forsake.
    Sarah and I celebrated our 25th anni by travelling through the south of France. The castles in Languedoc Roussillon area linger long in the memory.
    If you visit Jerusalem you will see large signs which declare “Ten measures of beauty were given to the world. Nine were taken by Jerusalem, and one was distributed all over earth.” Surely the South of France received a fair portion of that tenth measure.

  • Legall, we played great football but just let them get away through holes in our safety net. We are getting closer and closer to a top team and you can tell your Eiffel Oil supporting son that through his poor planning you missed the dawn of a new Arsenal. 🤪😜

  • Oh dear Stuart, so sorry to hear that you have contacted covid, I hope it’s just a mild case and that you will get over it soon.

  • Anyone else see a problem with the absence of the Arsenal Brazilians from Tite’s selections for the upcoming friendliest with Ghana and Tunisia?

    You just know the boys have put in a lot to get a look-in and this omission (unless it is as planned) may dampen morale, or lift the pressure from the likes of Gabriel Magalhaes, who has looked like one under scrutiny, lately. Tite did say Gabriel Jesus is in contention but that he had to see other strikers in order to “get the balance right”.

    If I am being selfish, I would be relieved our boys have been left out, keeping them fresher. But these call-ups mean a lot to these lads. Hope we get two of them, at the least, in the final list for Brazil’s World Cup squad.

  • Here are the selections for the coming weekend:-

    Nottingham Forest v Fulham
    Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth
    Brentford v Arsenal *
    Everton v West Ham United
    Chelsea v Liverpool *
    Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid *

  • The reports suggest some games will still go on; likely to be affected appear to be the games hosted in London. Even then, the rationale for choosing what games get played and those that won’t is hazy.

    How is it that the Chelsea vs Red Bull Salzburg game can go on in London, Wednesday, but our UEL game cannot go on a day after? Then again, our game vs Brentford is at risk while the Chelsea v Liverpool game at Stamford Bridge is being considered a go? What really is going on?

    In honour of the Queen, it would have been understandable if ALL SPORTS is affected but, rather, it seems football bears the brunt of these decisions to call off games; the Cricket, horse racing, the rugby and the Darts can all go on. The football had to be postponed…. don’t get it.

  • Aren’t Salzburg fans coming ? It all seems a little odd if cancelations are not equal for London clubs home games in European or Premier league games.

  • Precisely! It just doesn’t add up. Fixture congestion is a real threat to peak performances by any team so, if it is a general postponement, no problem. These selective rescheduling of games can come back to bite you when games are to be played in situations where a side has injuries, suspensions or even drop in form to deal with.

    Momentum is important if we want to do well this season. No need succumbing to actions that may kill it. Only positive is it gives time for Partey to return to full fitness and the likes of Ramsdale, ESR and Odegaard can get a proper look at their niggling injuries.

  • Looks like the game against Brentford will go on, only at 12 noon, instead of 2pm, as earlier scheduled.

    After the break, our next game is the NLD on October 1st; maybe, there is a good reason Brazil have not called up our boys. 😉

  • I just had to laugh when I saw this: Chelsea have already lined up Sporting Lisbon head coach Ruben Amorim as a potential replacement for Graham Potter if the Englishman’s appointment as Blues boss does not work out. (Daily St

    I get that it is a bit of a revolving door at Chelsea but this is over the top. I was kind of hoping Chelsea persisted with Tuchel as it was getting progressively worse and I actually believe Potter can be success given time.

  • Don’t take any notice of what is written in the Daily Star as it is a totally low-brow fantasy comic.

    How on earth does the Daily Star imagine that anyone would believe that it has the inside track on Chelsea’s managerial policy, it’s laughable really…


    Nottingham Forest v Fulham
    Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth *
    Brentford v Arsenal *
    Everton v West Ham United
    Liverpool Women v Chelsea Women
    Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid *

  • Nottingham Forest v Fulham H
    Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth * H (2-1)
    Brentford v Arsenal * A (1-3)
    Everton v West Ham United A
    Liverpool Women v Chelsea Women A
    Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid * H (2-1)

  • Nottingham Forest v Fulham A
    Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth * 3-0
    Brentford v Arsenal * 1-1
    Everton v West Ham United D
    Liverpool Women v Chelsea Women A
    Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid * 1-1

  • Forest Fulham A
    Newcastle 4 Bournemouth 0
    Brentford 0 Arsenal 2
    Everton WHam D
    Liverpool W Chelsea W A
    Atletico 2 Real 1

    Frank Haise on Brighton shortlist … now that’d be interesting (Racing Club de Lens might disagree with this, though …)
    The program about Arras was coloured, Stu, it was on one of the French National TV channels. I didn’t see the beginning of it, I suspect it was about the North of France, more than about WW1 per se

  • Liverpool nick it in the end, though. With Thiago back in midfield, they looked in control for large parts of the game. Maybe, they are back, at last? Or, waiting for another proper team to knock them right back to earth?

  • Nottingham Forest v Fulham H
    Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth * H (3-0)
    Brentford v Arsenal * A (1-2)
    Everton v West Ham United D
    Liverpool Women v Chelsea Women A
    Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid * A (2-3)

  • Nottm Forest v Fulham….. H
    Newcastle v Bournemth… H (3-0)
    Brentford v Arsenal…………. A (0-2)
    Everton v West Ham………….H
    Liverpool W v Chelsea W…. A
    Atl Madrid v Real Madrid….A (1-2)

  • I might be recalling some memories wrong, but isn’t the blog turning 10 years nowadays?
    If so, than a big felicitation is due.

  • What do you guys think about the suggestion of an EPL North v South All star match up? Interesting but maybe, something for the future. I just can’t see it happening this season, for one, with the already congested season’s fixture list.

    Not sure how this post will come out as there is a distortion already evident in the posting box.

  • Came out well enough. Chelsea owner Todd Boehly came up with the suggestion and this would really cause a stir, being a common event in American sports. Imagine Arsenal and Spurs players sharing one changing room. Path! When it is not a national team setting, it will sure feel different.

  • Pay! I meant to type, but cannot even see what I have typed, TA. Some fixing may be required.

  • I think “Pah!” is a good response to Boehly’s idea. In Australia, the biggest sporting event of the year is the State of Origin series which works well but is based upon place of birth rather than place of employment. We already have a place of birth competition (they are called Internationals). Rugby League has a limited number of nations who compete in the sport, hence the success of State of Origin. American Baseball and Gridiron similarly have a small pyramid base, hence the need for their “world series”.
    British clubs players and attendant staff need less , not more. So do we football followers. Learn from the nights sky. We need gaps between the stars in order to appreciate them.

    Is it ten years, Total?

  • “gaps between the stars” … Thanks for this, Stu
    When I was a young teacher (a long, long time ago …), there was this staff meeting and we discussed the progress of this particular kid, who was very smart, obviously, but most teachers blamed him for keeping his clever thoughts to himself much too often (typical situation when you know the kid’ll do just fine, he’s just shy, or hates showing off – but people talk so the principal might hear how “committed” they are).
    Anyway, we were about to discuss the next student when the music teacher, in the softest of voice,had this elegant defense of the lad: “He’s the only one who has understood that the silences are what matters in music, …”
    About our schedule, does anyone know why playing tonight’s game in Eindhoven doesn’t seem to have even been considered??

  • Thank you, PB. I was not going to mention it this year but well remembered.

    Yes Eris and Stuart, a rediculous idea. We may as well have a blondes v brunettes play off, or a left foot v right footed one

  • Actually a left foot vs right foot game would sound interesting, solely for entertainment purposes.
    Similarly I would be excited to see a game between the England’s Women WC winning team playing the England U18 team (featuring Walters, Ibrahim and Sousa).
    But neither of them is likely to happen, so this is only fantasy.

  • Congratulations on a decade of service to the BK community, Total. Any chance of putting up the link for your first ever post?
    An “elegant defence” indeed, LeG. Unanswerable.

  • It took a few months before was accepted by NewsNow, after that it went crazy with 1.3m views in the first year alone. That’s when blogging was at its most popular, before twitter etc.

  • Can somebody tell me how on Earth Conor Coady and Eric Dier get into the England squad and Ben White doesn’t?

  • I would say that’s not the final list so White has a few more weeks to show what he is made of…. Well, that’s my own glass half full way of seeing it.

  • Thanks Total. I must admit, I have no recollection of Remy Cabella. You must have had fairly intimate knowledge of him judging by your description: “Cabella is 171 cm long, so quite small.” 😁.
    Enjoyed your first post for AA, showing your colours early with literary and musical references. I have an interesting Mary Shelly story to relate sometime.

    Kev, Ben White has been superb, but I wonder if his role since Saliba joined is not one England is looking for? Southgate does have a plethora of right backs to choose from.

  • Indeed, Stu. We need gaps between the stars to appreciate them. Profound words.

    Congratulations, TA. Ten years just flown by.

  • Thanks GN5.

    Notts Forest v Fulham….. D
    Newcastle v Bournemouth… H (3-0)
    Brentford v Arsenal…………. A (1-2)
    Everton v West Ham………….D
    Liverpool W v Chelsea W…. A
    Atl Madrid v Real Madrid….D (1-1)

  • Congrats TA on 10 yrs anniversary of blogging. Thanks for providing us a platform to discuss our beloved Arsenal

  • Thanks for the Wizard of the Quantocks story, Stuart. Yes funny and sad at the same time.

    Mary lost her mum soon after she was born as a result of post birth giving complications, and she had a strong interest in the subject of bringing the dead back to life. So this would not surprise me.

    The real strength of the book imo is the warning against pushing curiosity too far, especially when combined with dangerous levels of vanity and male hubris. The book Frankenstein is over 200 years old, older than Dickens and Hardy books, and yet it is so modern and relevant today.

  • Nottingham Forest v Fulham H
    Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth * 2-0
    Brentford v Arsenal * 1-2
    Everton v West Ham United A
    Liverpool Women v Chelsea Women A
    Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid * 1-2

  • Just read this:
    Ben White is suffering with an ongoing hip & knee injury, hence his omission from the England squad, however, it is not that serious. [@CharlieWyett]
    Tomi very likely to be on deck Sunday, though
    And since I turned up too late at the birthday party:

  • Catching up a tad late here Total but congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Bergkampesque.
    You managed to restore my faith in blogging with your straight forward, informative and sensible posts. Your first post on AA was a fine piece of writing, which is not surprising, it also got a lot of great comments from a fine group of bloggers. I must have been away at the time as I did not make a comment myself.

    Over the years I posted several hundred posts on AA but by the end my love for blogging had soured – until I found BK, for which I thank you.

    I’m been somewhat of an absentee blogger of late but hopefully my contributions will increase in the future.

  • BK’s bird of ill-omen strikes again:

    2021-2022 fullbacks on deck, actually:
    Oleksandr Zinchenko will miss Sunday’s Premier League game against Brentford after picking up a calf injury in training.
    He’s expected to be out for 2 weeks.

  • Stuart, I’d imagine that a defender who is equally comfortable in a three, a back-four or as a right -back would an absolute boon to an international manager, but I get your point mate…

  • T,

    I just read your first post on AA. Amazing to see all the old familiar names replying.

    I went through the comments and saw a reference to Judas Priest farewell tour ! In my school days my friends called me Judas because I loved them so much ! The nuns didn’t like to hear that yelled in the hallways…

    Thanks for putting that up. You were a great writer even back then.. Do you write professionally? I should know this by now, maybe I’ve forgotten or just take it for granted.

  • Kev, just a though on White. Or rather a sincere question…

    When we had Tite in the stadium checking his pool of players and eventually decided that he will call up none of the 3 Gabis for Brazil’s upcoming 2 games the overall reaction was ‘thank God, they’ll have less chance for injuries and more chance to reserve fitness before the October rush’. Now, when Southgate disregards White he is biased and incompetent. Why not vice versa?

  • I agree with you, Kev. Ben should be in on the basis of form, positional options, and he would undoubtedly improve the team photo…

  • TA, yes enjoying the sunshine with nice runs in the park and generally walking a lot. Pleasantly surprised by the weather and lapping it up. Work is hectic and keeping me occupied. Now trying to figure out how to catch Arsenal match tomorrow. Will have to figure out a pub or borrow my mates sky subscription to watch my beloved Arsenal.

  • Realised that none of my Indian subscriptions will work here due to geo based locking of apps and subscriptions.

  • Pb,

    It has been suggested that 2 of the Gabi’s places are secure for the world cup, only Martinelli has a big problem with competition in his position. That the manager wanted to get to see some more players on the bubble this break. Not sure why Martinelli hasn’t been included on the bubble, maybe the managers mind is made up, unfortunately?

    On Ben White, Arteta has said that there’s nothing to the injury rumours, and that he just wasn’t picked for England.

    This can only mean Southgate doesn’t want to fill a CB spot with a guy who isn’t currently playing in that position. England is loaded with fullbacks… more stocked there than any other position.

    I feel bad for Ben, who’s helping the team. I feel better now because Arteta has stated that White “loves” playing RB.

    I guess he really fancies getting forward more. Good for him. His defensive stats at RB have been excellent too.

  • Good point Peter, the major difference is all three of our Brazilians have been in their international squad in recent times whereas White has pretty much been ignored since he signed for Arsenal and getting international recognition after joining Arsenal is obviously good for our reputation and thd opposite isn’t.

    Where I have an issue is international managers overplaying our players when if isn’t necessary ie Saka, Tierney, Tomiyasu. These guys don’t need to play every single friendly.


  • Hmmmm. Bournemouth do look like they have turned a bend. They are giving Newcastle a game and have only just been pegged back after going ahead, against the run of play.

    Loving the grit on their left back, Zemura, who has defended well, stopping many Trippier, Almiron and Willock crosses, then getting the assist for his side.

    Gary O’neal has done a good job to this team, no matter the result today.

  • Willock is a linchpin in the Newcastle side too. Noteworthy that his older brother, Chris Willock, is also doing very well with QPR in the championship. That’s one kid I really wanted to remain with us and play for the first team but these kids have to make a decision for their careers.

  • J, you went to school with nuns?! Where was that?

    I write sections for large commercial bids but that’s it.

    I am amazed you know and like Judas Priest. It’s a long time since I listened to them. Where you into metal in your younger years?

  • Guys, I wish I could share your optimism about the 3 Gabis.

    Magalhães, our left footed CB has NEVER played for the Brazilian senior squad. If the manager would indeed have strong plans with him, he would definitely take him to these friendlies to build cohesion with his fellow defenders. At least I would, and I don’t see the the justification why leaving the only left footed CB home, if he is a clear starter. I’m afraid Tite will go with Marquinhos (PSG), Militao (Real Madrid) and Bremer (Juventus) with Ibanez (Roma) and the veteran T. Silva (Chelsea) as backups, irrespective that they are all right footed defenders, and our Gabi is also taller than them all.

    Regarding Jesus, he indeed used to be playing regularly, but mostly as substitute. With Vinicius Junior playing really well at LW Neymar is the first choice striker, and even Richarlison and Mattheus Cunha played more than our savior. With Firmino still in the team and Pedro (Guilherme Abreu dos Santos) representing Flamengo and Brazilian championship I don’t see whom would Jesus obviously squeeze out. He might join the squad in Qatar, but I wouldn’t expect minutes of 3 digits, as the last time he played the whole game was in 2020, and in the RW position, and the last time he played 90 minutes as a CF was in June, 2019, against Qatar.

    Martinelli is in the least envying position as he competes with Neymar, Vicinius Junior – the first choice LW for Tite), Philippe Coutinho and occasionally with Rodrygo, too. And even though Neymar and Coutinho are 30+, the rest of the bunch are similarly in their early 20s, so he has has to improve a lot to be their understudy, not to mention replacing them.

    Don’t confuse my cynicism with ill intentions. I hope our guys will travel to Qatar and play as much as possible, but I don’t expect them to do so. Maybe after Tite a new manager will introduce a new generation…

  • Just back from injury, Charlie Patino scored his first goal for Blackpool today
    Very cool finish; knee-sliding hasn’t improved since his Carabao goal though, might be a good idea to think of another celebration
    Proud of the kid – hope Folarin will be a big pebble in Monaco’s shoes tomorrow, too

  • Jync the VPN may be an option will need to check.
    TA 12 o clock kick off I will check in a pub nearby my hotel. If they are open and playing the game will you watch there else will borrow my mates sky subscription and watch it online on my phone. Not a good viewing though but wouldn’t want to miss.

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