Arsenal v Brentford Preview and Lineup: Arteta’s Motivational Speech Will Be So Easy

After what seems a small eternity, and before what will feel like an eternity as we face an international break, Arsenal will face the Bees away tomorrow.

Citeh and the silly Spuds won their games today, so we need to win to go TotL again. We all know what happened at the Gtech Community Stadium last season, and the disrespectful tweets that were issued by Brentford players afterwards should motivate the boys to give their all.

We know that the Bees’ supporters and players treat these games as a nothing to lose, carnevalesque occasion. So we need to mean business from the start, show them who is boss and also finish them off when the opportunity comes. I want to see us push very hard and never let them settle.



White, Saliba, Gab, Tierney

Partey/Sambi – Granit

Saka, Ode, Marti


Partey is a fitness doubt but my guess is he will play. I would be tempted to play GJ9 in, Martinelli’s position and Eddie in GJ9’s. Eddie needs a start and he just takes his chances quicker than Martinelli. I also like the extra height that he would bring in. Oth boxes.

Anyway, enough of the talking, we need action on the pitch. I want to see us play at our most focused and hardest yet this season.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!

By TotalArsenal

52 thoughts on “Arsenal v Brentford Preview and Lineup: Arteta’s Motivational Speech Will Be So Easy

  • I agree that Eddie needs/deserves a start. I’m expecting a tough match that we will hopefully earn three points from. Those tweets need to be avenged!

  • I guess we have had enough rest that any of our normal first choices will play if healthy enough.
    I hope we can find that same intensity that had us clearly outplayed every opponent. This was a strange break. Let’s see how our young squad respomds.

  • Cheers OX10, are you still involved in plays? How is life treating you?

    J, thanks for the fab email. Will respond soon. Yes getting back our intensity is key.

  • Hi TA, I’m very involved in plays at the moment. In fact, I’m in a show this week which, frustratingly, means that I will miss the second half of today’s match. I’m also in rehearsal for another production in November. I’ve also been very busy with my Mother who had a stroke a few weeks ago and, although she has recovered well physically, the hospital assessments of her mental capacity have meant that we have had to find 24/7 care for her.

  • Hi OX10, I am sorry to hear about your mum’s health issues and this must be a big shock to you and the rest of the family. Good luck with finding the right care support for her.

    I hope the plays you are involved in bring you some joy. What are they called and what’s your role in these?

  • Don’t pull back, lads, just dive the knife deeper into their wound (if only to wipe that grin off that c..t Mee’s face)
    Please …

  • Partey does make such a difference we really need a quality back up to him, is it Douglas Luiz this January or maybe the other Brazilian from, er, Brazil…

  • Stuff of dreams in the first half. Really controlling the game, just need a bit more smoothness in the last third. Arteta to talk to Vieira, White and Saka to get the right side working better.

    Yes Kev, defence is doing very well.

    Loved that Jesus header. Another assist for Granit.

  • For sure Partey brings a Rolls Royce quality in that midfield and elevates the whole team. What a season Granit is having that sumptuous assist and Jesus’ header was top notch.

  • From Willy to Fabio, what a goal …
    Red Machine purrin’ like a well-oiled straight-six
    24-carat Paartey indeed today, boys
    Now for +5, just to better you-know-who!!

  • I have to agee with the commentator here so unnecessary for Granit to pick up that yellow card

  • Xhaka couldn’t have seen that his teammates are all back in the right possession.
    He took one for the team.

    Kev, we have a really comfortable cushion.
    I think we both agree that these are ideal circumstances to introduce young Ethan Nwaneri, and break the record for the youngest player in the Premier League.
    But will Arteta make that move?

  • “And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
    And the forests will echo with laughter
    and they’re buying a Stairway to Heaven”

  • The international break is coming at a good time with all these injuries. In a way injuries as long as they are not too severe will give these players some rest with such a congested schedule and a mid season world cup. Jesus will be disappointed not getting the Brazil callup but from an Arsenal perspective it is great not having him log all those minutes (not to mention all that flying) and I believe he will still make the final cut for the tournament.

  • Credit where credit is due Peter, as I always say, when you make the game safe then you can then blood the youngsters.

    Now Ethan will go back to the academy and all his contemporaries will see from his debut, that if you have the talent and you work hard you’ll get a chance.

    And let’s not forget that Marquinhos also made his EPL debut

  • Yes Total I wanted our players taking more pops at goal, Gabriel had a go as did Tierney, Cancelo does it all the time for City, if you are calm and have a sound technique then go for it.

  • Madhu one should never underestimate all the hard work our players put in the nullify Brentford, not many teams will go to their stadium and dominate them as we did, it might have looked comfortable but believe me ami, it was not.

    So many great things to discuss from today’s victory, so I’m looking forward to TA’s next post.

    I still think that Ivan Toney is a really good player who would look superb in our team. Loved his free kick.

  • ??

    Ivan Toney
    Nice kick about with the boys. ⚽️ @BrentfordFC
    1:15 AM · 14 août 2021
    ·Twitter for iPhone

    [video src="" /]

  • Kev agreed what I meant by comfortable is for fans. No drama no nervous moments and actually great times of the game to get those goals. Stuffed all chances of bees entertaining a come back. Definetly impressive with how much control we had and our defence looked quite strong. Saliba has added much need steel and calm. His first goal calmed the nerves. Gabi had a great chance to score in the first minute and when he missed was worried. But Saliba’s goal silenced the home crowd and settled the nerves.

  • TA, next week’s play is ‘Mary Blandy: The Retrial’. I’m reprising the roles I played back in March when we performed it before. Mary Blandy was hanged at Oxford in 1752 for killing her father. The play presents evidence from the original trial in a modern court setting and the audience are the jury. I play two roles. Dr Anthony Addington was the first person to present forensic evidence in a trial, he was also physician to King George III. The other character is a traveller who was in the inn to which Mary Blandy fled when Dr Addington was doing the post-mortem on her father. The play in November is ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’, a comedy whodunit set in a village fete. I play a (very) amateur reenactment performer.

  • T A you will know I have never been a fan of you best buddy Xhaka. When he was in front of the defence, he was a huge liability IMHO. I don’t know what happened to him, but a bloke looking very much like him has been playing. Nearer the front this season. This new guy can really play aw well. What a difference.

    Le Gall have you ever heard the Heart version of Stairway to Heaven, if you Google it on you tube, it’s well worth a listen. The original Zeppelin are in the audience and the drummers son is on stage was it Dunham? Well worth a listen. Sorry am useless at cutting and pasting from an iPad.

  • I hadn’t, retsub … just looked it up
    Thanks a lot for the moment – as spine-tingling as our performance today

    All these 1960’s-1970’s bands/songwriters did “change my life with the stories they told”, to quote from Elliott Murphy, but I’ve also always been in awe of … their drummers. Mason, Watts, Moon, B.J. Wilson, Crazy Horse’s Ralph Molina too (a favourite of mine) … – it was not a matter of technique only, all of them just had the style it took to give their bands a clear-cut, unmissable identity (just listen again to Charlie’s drumming on “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out”)
    Anyway, I find it very moving to watch John Bonham’s son tracing his father’s footsteps, as a fruit bearing witness to how great the tree was. Very hard not to get emotional – just as when Arsenal promotes yet another Hale End wonderkid!!

  • Thanks for the info on your roles, OX10. Mary Blandy sounds like a character and I guess the play is about having the audience decide whether she really believed she was using a love potion or not?!

    It sounds like you spend a lot of time on these plays, so you must love doing them.

  • Our boys got their “ya ya’s” out today. (my first ever Stones album, LG). Their ballsy professionalism made Brentford look bang average.

  • What a great feeling to shut out all the temptation to check the results, only to arrive the airport to see it was a good win. Also, gleaned the very fine comments and it just heart warming. Nice going, lads.

    Have to get some sleep as I get right back into work tomorrow. Have to fight jet lag.

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