Great Start by Arsenal and Next Seven PL Games Will Tell us How Far We Can Go This Season

Seven games in and so far, so good. Getting all points at difficult away grounds such as Palace and Brentford, was especially pleasing. Yet we need to stay ‘humble’, as Mikel would say, and continue to live by the principle of OGAAT -One Game at a Time.

I rewatched our game v the Mancs at Old Toilet and it was really good to see again how well the boys played for most of the game. We were a bit naive in our defending in the second half and we paid an unfair price for it, but the boys will learn from this. It was criminal to leave sooo much space between our back line, and Ramsdale and the MU attackers could not believe their luck to escape our press and score two relatively easy goals.

But this is the price to pay for making progress. Coming to Manchester and playing such daring, controlling football for almost the entire game is something to behold. Playing this sort of football away is naturally not without risk and MU have always craved space and re-bound/counter football. Key is to take more of our chances in these sort of games. It will come.

The next seven PL games are tough ones. Spuds, Pool, Leeds, Southampton, Forest, Chelsea and Wolves. Three home and four away games, and two of those home games are v Spuds and Pool (other one is Forest). This will be big tests and after those seven games we will know how good this team really is.

We need Partey to be fit for these games, especially now that Elneny is out for a long time. We need Granit to stay fit. But our defence is looking good and our attack has much improved, and that goes a long way.

I think we could do with a little boost, and I am hoping that the likes of Eddie, Marquinos, ESR and Vieira will provide it.

Let’s push on on an OGAAT basis. I cannot wait for the restart.

How are you feeling about the next seven games before the World Cup?

By TotalArsenal

38 thoughts on “Great Start by Arsenal and Next Seven PL Games Will Tell us How Far We Can Go This Season

  • 7 games on and 7 games after is an interesting milestone you’ve alluded to there, TA. I recall GN5 did a 10 (?) games Table projection game in pre-season; it will be interesting to see how participants fared with that too.

    I feel pretty confident that we can pass the test for the next seven games with concerns only with likes of Leeds and Wolves, Away; two sides capable of hurting us, on their day. With Chelsea, Liverpool and the spuds, we know what to expect already and should be able to navigate the waters to obtaining 7 points from those three games (yeah, I said it. Why not?).

    Liverpool are getting better, gradually, but if we maintain discipline and are courageous, with the confidence built from having been top of the league for a bit, I think we can nick a win or, a Draw, at the worst. Same goes for Chelsea. A win against he spuds is not even negotiable! Another 10 points from the rest (4) of the games will see us haul 17 points from 21 (7 games). Too ambitious? Don’t think so, the way we are playing.

  • Wow Eris, 17/21 points is some shout by you!

    I don’t really like to do these sort of predictions but if you do get it right I would start believing in the title.

  • Yes it did highlight that, Le Gall, especially in terms of having the calm and confidence to take our chances when they came our way.

    I think a shrewd buy in January could make a big difference in these sort of games.

  • 1 Crystal Palace A-Won
    2 Leicester City H-Won
    3 Bournemouth A-Won
    4 Fulham H-Won
    5 Aston Villa H-Won
    6 Manchester U A-Lost
    7 Brentford A-Won
    First 7 games 18 points
    8 Everton H-Win
    9 Tottenham H-Win
    10 Liverpool H-Loss
    11 Leeds United A-Win
    12 Manchester C H-Loss
    13 Southampton A-Win
    14 Nottingham H-Win
    Second 7 games 13 Points
    Total 31 points out of a possible 42.

    My best guesses – I think we can beat Spurs at home but I feel that Liverpool and Man City are still a bridge too far. Liverpool may be a possibility and Man City with their beast of a striker really do look to be unbeatable.

  • Bukayo changed the tide for England. Now, Southgate has egg on his face. I am certain Ramsdale won’t spill that shot to hand the Germans that Kai Havertz goal.

  • GN5, I did rely on TA’s run of 7 games, or I may have had a different points haul. Indeed, we aren’t playing Everton next and the City game comes after the World Cup.

  • Taylor-Gillett saturday … Taylor might be the most unpredictable among the PGMO guys, as for Gillett I don’t know, he reffed our Fulham home game, should have sent Palinha off imo, but not a few of Riley’s minions would have ruled Gab’s winner out, so …

    Saturday 1 October
    ARS 13:30 TOT

    Referee: Anthony Taylor (pictured). Assistants: Gary Beswick, Lee Betts. Fourth official: Robert Jones. VAR: Jarred Gillett. Assistant VAR: Timothy Wood.

  • Anthony Taylor was the referee when Arsenal beat Aston Villa in the Cup Final a few years back, he doesn’t overly worry me but the awful Gillett on VAR is a concern.

  • GN5, that’s understandable then.

    Kev/TA, “the best a man can get”? Not if he isn’t razor sharp.

    Taylor worries me because some of his interpretations of the rules can be extreme, at times. He tends to get it right with the borderline issues, though but could choose to punish the situations which hurt the most.
    If we take our chances, defend well and play with composure/maturity, it won’t matter what the Refs do.

  • Celebrating my birthday today. All I want is 3 points off the spuds. , roasted, mashed, boiled, fried, steamed, grilled, baked, sliced, diced and sacrificed.

  • Happy birthday, Stuart. The Lord increase you on very side and cause His grace to be multiplied unto you, for greater exploits. Trust you had (are having?) a good one.

  • Thanks Total and Eris. Yep, had a great day. Did a funeral for an old friend this morning. He was 92 and had lived quite a life. This evening I went to training for the first time since Covid hit me. Felt good, great banter and we won the 5 aside 21 to 20. Woohoo! Family feast planned for Friday night.

  • I envy you, Stu – my left knee and my right achilles have prevented me from playing for so long I hardly remember the last time I did
    I ‘ve noticed you’re too humble to have told us the number of goals you scored; a very happy birthday to you, mon ami

  • Happy Birthday Stu, did you take your shirt off and wave it around your head when you scored?

  • Happy birthday Stuart, it’s good to hear that you are still able you play football. Like Le Gall my knees gave up long ago but I still coached junior teams for many years until my business life made it too difficult. Sorry to hear about your friend but it sounds like he had a full life and I trust that you gave him a touching send off.

  • Great result in Amsterdam.
    Not that humble, LG. Only got the five…
    No shirt swinging, Kev. There were no ladies watching.
    Thanks GN5. My knees go on strike for a couple of days after every run out.
    Lamb on the menu, Total. It will be fish when you it down at our table.
    Love the clip, Sander.

  • One for Eris : The boy is living his name right now! Nwaneri literally translates to “one who is living a good life” from Igbo language.
    Happy for him!

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