Arsenal v Spuds: Preview and Lineup. It’s Time for Eddie.

Tomorrow morning the Spuddies will knuckle-drag themselves to the Home of football. It is the first NLD of the season and also an encounter between league leaders and those in bronze position.

A game after an international break is seldom straightforward. Managers have little time to assess the fitness of their players and to prepare. It really makes a difference then to play home rather than to have to travel and face very loud, obnoxious home fans.

Spurs play a calculated, treacherous kind of Italian football that reminds me of Italian teams in the nineties. Mourinho may not have lasted long at our NL rivals but Conte’s football is a continuation of the Portuguese schemer.

The Spuds are double-hard on the eye. They sit back and absorb pressure and when they win the ball they pump it to half-moon face Kane for a lay-off to his scurrying mates. Other than that they like set pieces. They like other teams to play the attacking and entertaining football and for them to play the lazy, pouncing sort of football. And they are good at it.

I must admit this makes me a bit nervous. We like to play a high line and attack in numbers in the opponents half…. So we have to play with discipline and don’t give the Spuds midfield and attack any space and time on the ball. We should have learnt from our loss in Manchester a few weeks ago.

Las season Arsenal bamboozled the Spuds and took almost every chance that came our way. They didn’t have a chance, especially in the first half. We even managed to do that with an apathetic Auba as our CF. But that was when Spuds had a manager in Santo who wanted to play footie against us and we scored two goals on the break.

I just don’t think Arteta will play a more conservative game. He will want to attack with high pressure and scintillating passing footie. It’s the only way for us and I love it, but boys please put those early chances away. Then they will have to come and we will get the space and we can give them a hiding.


Injury news is still unclear. Are Partey, Tierney and Zinchenko fit to play? How is Granit after two hard fought wins with Switzerland against Spain and Switzerland?

The good news is Mikel had a good bunch of players at his disposal over the last two weeks, especially our attackers and defenders. Saka will fit in easily too. Saliba’s fitness and form may be key tomorrow.

My hoped for lineup is:


Big Ben, Big Will, Big Gab, Big Tier

The Wall of PartAka

Bukayo, the Ode, GJ9


By TotalArsenal

93 thoughts on “Arsenal v Spuds: Preview and Lineup. It’s Time for Eddie.

  • From last thread, Kev, you are correct about the meaning of Nwaneri. I don’t speak the language so I asked my wife who is Igbo. She bears the feminine version of the name,(or something close to it), by the way..

  • TA, fine preview and the usual line up, though you left out Martinelli. That is unlikely since he did spend time with the manager during the international break. Arteta is likely going to pick more from that bunch after working with them for this game. I like your picks, though. It is the kind of selection that will have Martinelli firing, if he is subbed on.

  • There’s quite a number of question marks about who’s fit and who’s not, isn’t there?
    Otherwise, I like the idea of giving a start to Eddie, and a (short) rest to Marti but I’d rather GJ were kept central (he has all it takes to drive Romero-Dier-Davies insane). As for Eddie he’s had brief spells on the left and I always thought he was doing very well there, and his power, his grit, his calf-biting ability when defending, can turn Emerson’s afternoon into a nightmare.
    Anyway, I know I shouldn’t read most of them but those injury rumours have been worrying me.
    Are scarf and beanie ironed and ready, Kev? A sign “Bergkampesque Knows” would be nice, too.

  • Eris,

    I do expect Martinelli to play but I am hoping Eddie gets to start. I like them both but Marti just needs too many chances to score and this is a game where there will not be many chances, at least initially.

  • Le Gall, good stuff. I expect Eddie and GJ9 to interchange a lot. Jesus likes to play on the left, even prefers it I read somewhere, so I don’t think it would make much difference.

  • This weekend is also a good opportunity to safeguard another Invincibles celebration. We need to mash the Spuddies and Manure needs to beat Citeh. The latter is unlikely with Haaland in beastly form but….

  • TA you are right to be fearful about the Spuds preferred approach as this is similar to the tactics Manure adopted against us with great success. I am sure that Arteta will tweak his approach and pick the team with this in mind. COYG!

  • 38 minutes in Munich
    Bayern 3 Bayer 0
    and you know what? Bayer aren’t even poor, they actually have very good players, as this DM Andrich
    I don’t watch Bayern often (three times a year, maybe), but every time I do they just trample their opponents under foot; I wish I could put the same spell on Arsenal
    De Ligt is an impregnable tower, Musiala’s a genius, Kimmich is football incarnate, etc.
    Very impressive, really

  • And Neuer is Neuer, too
    What a player … that he was never awarded a “Ballon d’Or” puts to shame the whole business of it

  • Thanks Total.
    You are so right in highlighting the beauty of our football as compared to the pragmatism of theirs. Both teams contain inherent danger.
    The difference for us will be having Thomas sit and second skin Kane. Kane is a fine finisher but also the fulcrum for much of their attack. With Thomas on him our centre backs should cope with Son and Richarlison running in behind. If one of our CB’s have to step up to Kane, it could leave us exposed.
    Our other point of difference is having Kev in the stands. Represent, Kev. Have a great day, mate.

    Bia gi Gunners. (In honour of Eris’s Mrs).

  • Bayern are not yet firing on all cylinders, Le Gall. I really don’t like the German set up where Bayern are so rich and powerful and are dominating that competition soooo much.

  • Up early tomorrow to get an early train, about one an hour so I better not miss it or it’ll be rush, rush, rush, no signs LeG I’m afraid but I’ll give them an allez les rouges for you ami. Yes Stuart you can be sure that I’ll be doing a Norf London Haka if we stuff the Spuds, so yeah, I’ll be poking my tongue out with gusto mate.

    I think tomorrow is going to be memorable, Victoria Concordia Crescit.

  • Lol. Very good try, Stuart. I will let the wife know.

    I shall be watching the game tomorrow, knowing “agent” Kev is right at the Emirates casting a hex on the Spuddies.

    Just go out there and do the job, boys. We are the better team.

  • A nice statistical analysis. Early days and the quotes of ‘connoisseur` Shearer are laughable, but the stats paint a good and promising picture.

  • Just on the train to Liverpool St Stn with my son. We’ve both got PMT.

    Pre-match tension. 😬

  • Same tension here in Normandy
    The French sport media are full of praise for our young team this morning; my old-grumpy-superstitious-on-match-day-self ‘d rather they hadn’t been
    I demand that your haka be filmed, so as to illustrate your bergkampesque report
    Say Hi to your son, have a great time together

  • Good write up T. More at stake than the usual early NLD. Actually playing for something is pretty exciting. Something we haven’t felt for a while.

    I went back and re watched the United game. From the start, we didn’t play them the same as we usually do. We let them have the ball for a while, and they never really threatened our goal at that stage… and it was working perfectly when we took the ball and countered for the beautiful Martinelli goal. The refs stole it from us, because otherwise that was going to be an emphatic win with an early lead against that team.

    I like what we tried. Whatever Arteta decides, I hope it works, because they’ll be gifted at least 1 goal by refs. So we’ll need to score a couple at least to overcome Levys friends.

  • Total, you overestimated Arteta (as usual) to tailor the line-up and tactics to the form, occasion and opponent. 🙂

    Nevertheless North-London Derbies have the tendency to favor the host team, making the secret preparations a bit superfluous. However today could be different as both teams enter in the strongest form and squad in the last 6-8 years.

    I won’t dare to make any prediction beyond this: I think the difference will be made on the individual level. If it will be about individual brilliance, then we will come out victorious; if it comes to unforced individual errors, then we will change places with the Spurs.

  • Cheers PB, it was my hoped for lineup rather than expected one, but I get what you are saying.

    Let’s take our chances when they come and then we will be fine. A brace by GJ9…?

  • The visitors have named a defensive looking side, but with the threat of Son, Richarlison and Kane upfront. So, they intend to stay solid hoping to hit on the break. What else is new?

    I think it will be usual Derby standard play on both sides where form and tactics may go out the window. We would steam roll them, in the end.

  • Partey has been threatening to do that for a while now. What a goal. The first of a few for us today.

  • When a team with any pretext to being a big team plays such negative football, what they deserve is a proper trouncing to bring them right back down to earth.

  • Solid point, TA. In case they need offensive reinforcements Tottenham is doomed, while we have quality players for every positions, and then some.

  • That was a chance there for Perisic. He has to be prevented from such freedom.

    Taylor gives a penalty. How did we get ourselves in such a tangle?

  • This is annoying. Out of nothing. Now, they will get strength and some belief.

  • Our post-half-hour drop in intensity was spectacular
    Makes you wonder how many of our lads haven’t been able to train properly lately – but we should definitely be ahead anyway
    I wish Bukayo were allowed to wander about the pitch more

  • Our flair players are being targeted for some rough treatment and they have been caught on the ball a few times, for that reason. That equaliser cost us the early momentum we had and renewed their belief.

    Exciting game but we have the edge if we can keep things shut at the back. We have to return in the second half with fire on the belly to just go for the win. Conte would be telling his side they have started poorly and should have better control so expect some gaps at the back.
    If there’s one thing Conte has brought to the spuds it is an uncharacteristic appearance of patience, no matter what. Such can be dented with a handsome defeat; that’s what we need to do.

  • Great comments, Eris and Le Gall. We will get more space in second half as they will tire. I would put Eddie on, but you knew that already 🙂

  • GJ9’s tribute to Eddie the poacher – you saw it coming TA
    Well done boys, don’t mess up with this old heart of mine from now on, please

  • Dyer has nibbled at the ankle of GJ9 so, how is VAR not reviewing that and calling for a penalty? Wow!

  • I was going to say I have never seen a pair of defenders who commit bad tackles which repeatedly go unpunished as Romero and Emerson.

    Well, Emerson got his justice today. Now, we need to be patient and press our advantage. Can’t afford to let them back in, in any form. Coll heads now they are down to 10 men.

  • I love the fact Richarlison is forced to play defence more often, today. Lol.

  • Let’s give credit where credit due, Arteta made quite a progress from the opening round where he made 2 substitutions in the 84th minute and a 3rd one in the 92nd, today he made 2 in the 73rd and 2 in the 79th minute ‘already’. I hope this is a sign of flexibility, not a one-time exception in a game being a man up and 2 goals to the good.

    The lads played well today. I wasn’t fully satisfied with Odegaard (being to passive, his game lacked his signature creativity) and Gabriel M. (apart from the penalty incident he made some questionable decisions), but a good team can endure 2 of its players doing mediocre, and Arsenal is a good team nowadays.

  • On boy!, I’m so sorry gents but it appears that I forgot to post this weeks selections, I had them chosen but simply forgot to post them – so much else on my mind. It’s too late now so we will just have a blank week – while I give myself a big kick and select next weekend’s games.

  • Having been born and bred in North London. I spent my early early years and youth in the back streets of Highbury and being indoctrinated into all things Arsenal. Spurs were always our most disliked team and games against them were always a must win game.

    Even though I live in Canada games against Spurs have not changed and I’m always so tense watching the games that I fail to enjoy them – when we win my stress is over but it’s more of a feeling of relief than enjoyment.

  • Here are the results for the International weekend:-

    1st Total with 5-6 plus most correct predictions bonus = 9 points
    2nd Kev with 3/6 plus one correct score = 5 points
    3rd Kev with 2/6 plus one correct score & Le Gall with 4/6 = 4 points
    5th Madhu, OX10 & Stuart 3/6 = 3 points
    Last GN5 with 2/6 + 2 points
    Great week for Total with 9 points.

    For the season to date:-

    1st Kev with 38.0
    2nd OX10 with 36.0
    3rd Total & Eris with 28.33
    5th Madhu with 24.0
    6th Stuart with 23.0
    7th GN5 with 21.33
    8th Le Gall with 15.0

  • Here we go – these are next weekend selections.

    AFC Bournemouth v Leicester City
    Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Brighton & Hove Albion v Tottenham Hotspur *
    Crystal Palace v Leeds United *
    Arsenal v Liverpool *
    Real Sociedad v Villarreal

  • 3rd Kev with 2/6 plus one correct score & Le Gall with 4/6 = 4 points

    Above should read:-

    3rd Le Gall with 2/6 plus one correct score & Eris with 4/6 = 4 points

    Far to many senior moments of late.

  • Cheers GN, too much stress on NLD days …
    I feel the same way, more relieved than happy – A spud win at the Emirates is the stuff my nightmares are made on
    These international fixtures have inspired you, TA … the WC games might be the opportunity for you to overthrow our 2 impressive leaders (one of whom owes us a NL haka btw)

  • Here are the next 9 games as currently scheduled for our points prediction. I will post the results of the first nine games after the game against Liverpool. Things could change as both Everton (H) & the Manchester City (H) games are still to be rescheduled.

    Leeds United A
    Southampton A
    Nottingham H
    Chelsea A
    Brighton H
    Wolverhampton A
    West Ham H
    Brighton A
    Newcastle H

  • AFC Bournemouth Leicester City H
    Chelsea Wolverhampton Wanderers H
    Brighton & Hove Albion 2 Them 0
    Crystal Palace 3 Leeds United 2
    Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1
    Real Sociedad Villarreal D

    Watching PSG Nice
    Ramsey, Lemina, Barkley, Schmeichel on for Nice – weird feeling of PL old people’s home; Pépé warming the bench though
    PSG yawning their way to victory … 1-0 so far, fabulous Messi FK

  • Thanks Le Gall. It’s nice to win a round.

    Cannot believe Pool have dropped points again. They seemed to have lost their way. Let’s hope they remain lost a while longer.

  • Here is my prediction. Needs some points pronto

    AFC Bournemouth v Leicester City A
    Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers H
    Brighton & Hove Albion v Tottenham Hotspur * 2-2
    Crystal Palace v Leeds United * 2-1
    Arsenal v Liverpool * 3-1
    Real Sociedad v Villarreal H

  • Leeds United A 3
    Southampton A 3
    Nottingham H 3
    Chelsea A 1
    Brighton H 3
    Wolverhampton A 3
    West Ham H 3
    Brighton A 1
    Newcastle H 3

  • While the NLD games are tense encounters, I must say I am able to enjoy the clashes we win. Is that abnormal?😜

    You do a great job of these games, just keeping up with it is commendable . Skipping one week won’t take away from the thrill.

  • Last bit of my above message was to GN5, by the way…. Forrgot to indicate that.

  • Truly sad. May the souls of the departed rest in peace. The place of crowd control at games cannot be over-emphasised for this purpose.

  • Morning friends, guess who’s got a sore throat? The atmosphere was amazing, easily the best I’ve seen at the Emirates, the new crowd we’ve got is so so good, you know when you’ve been to a music event, probably a rock band and the noise is so loud it makes your ears buzz, well that’s how loud it was and it was constant.

  • Just catching up Total, yesterday was a bit of a whirl. Yes I can write a few bits for you if it’s not too late.

  • Just seen the incidents in Indonesia TA, looks as if it was chaos there at the end of the game, so terrible that so many people leave their homes to watch a game of football and over 150 don’t return…

    Time for an Indonesian Taylor Report methinks?

  • Man City look relentless, which means Arsenal will have to beat Liverpool next weekend to keep the pressure on. Nobody gives us a chance so we’ve got nothing to lose, just go for it…

  • Kev, they can only win three points per game, and now and again they show frailties. We will focus on us – OGAAT. Pool will be hard to beat because they love to be the slight underdog. But we can do it.

    New Post New Post 🙂

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