Eight Arsenal v Pool Observations: Martinelli Has Arrived, Outrageous William, Tomi the Tank Engine

I am Starting to Believe in the Title.

No Monday morning blues for me, today. Max, the Dennis Bergkamp of F1 racing, became World Champion and Arsenal made a huge PL statement by finally beating Pool again on Sunday. Driving through Embra this morning, the City was draped in Venetian sunlight, everybody was polite and beautiful, every traffic light was on green and the music on radio three was heavenly (even the occasional stress jazz song)! Yes, an Arsenal win like the one on Sunday makes you walk on sunshine.

Eight short observations before I will watch the game again:

  1. Gabriel Teodoro Martinelli Silva, I salute you. What a game he’s had. A peach of an assist and a very well taken goal. But the hunger and desire were something else all together. There was not a single right full back in the country who slept gently last night. I have had my doubts about Martinelli’s effectiveness, but no more. Gabriel M has arrived.
  2. The shoulder charge of Saliba on Diaz was outrageous! See link in comments. Nobody will bully us anymore is what William was saying! I loved it.
  3. There is not a left full back left in the country who doesn’t have Bukayo nightmares. Saka is less dynamic than Martinelli but equally dangerous and always effective. And what a nerve to take and convert the penalty. Beyond his years!
  4. Tomiyasu as our bully right back was a brilliant move by Mikel. Did Mo Salah turn once effectively inside on to his left foot?! And how many of TAA’s typical diagonal crosses did we see? Indeed, not many. Tomi the Tank Engine, what a move by Arteta!
  5. Gabriel Jesus and Martin Odegaard have so much in common. They will do the dirty work all day long, and yet, when they shine it is with Bergkampesque radiance. These two move mountains for Arsenal, without them we are nothing. Oh, and what a throughball for our first goal by the Ode.
  6. Then there is the So Solid Crew: Saliba, White, Ramsdale, Gabriel, Xhaka and Partey. All are rocks in tumultuous seas. Big Gab is still a bit jittery at times but in general there is a lot of calm solidity in our team.
  7. The home support really were special once again. Thank you from all those who could not be there.
  8. Arsenal are TOTL whilst having played MU away and Spuds and Pool at home in their first nine games. Citeh only played MU at home of last season’s top six. I am starting to believe my friends.

By TotalArsenal

78 thoughts on “Eight Arsenal v Pool Observations: Martinelli Has Arrived, Outrageous William, Tomi the Tank Engine

  • To be Frank, that was a very enjoyable read…as always.

    I’ve just asked to get these posts by email, rather than seeing if I get lucky and spot one on NewsNow

  • It was the biggest statement win we have managed so far this season. Arteta is doing a really good job at keeping most of the players involved this season. His substitutions, game management and tactics have come on leaps and bounds this year and all credit to him and the lads.

    We need to keep this run going till the world cup and hope for some luck with injuries during the competition. A couple of additions in January and we really will push city all the way this year.

  • Superb post, Total. You write like a man in love. I can report that the euphoria affecting the “Venice of the North” has also swept through the South Pacific. Never has the Tui sung so sweetly in the Kowhai.

    I watched the game live at 4.30 am and fell into a deep sleep afterwards dreaming that I was dreaming. I didn’t contribute to the last thread but appreciated all the comments and insights, and loved the dancing dog.

    A little moment of magic that has yet to be mentioned was Ben Whites bit of wing play where he bamboozled the Liverpool defender. With Walker out injured, Ben must be a shoo in for the World Cup squad.
    Martin’s slide rule thru ball, Granit’s standing up to Hendo & company, Jesus and Martinelli’s dynamism, Tomi’s bossing of Mo and Trent, Mikel’s game management, the songs sweeping around the ground…

    “Woke up, fell out of bed
    Dragged a comb across my head
    Found my way downstairs and drank a cup
    And looking up, I noticed I was late
    Found my coat and grabbed my hat
    Made the bus in seconds flat
    Found my way upstairs and had a smoke
    And somebody spoke and I went into a dream…”

  • Thanks GN 5. I trust your feast went well.
    I’m starting to get fixated on the letter “W”…

    Leeds United W
    Southampton W
    Nottingham W
    Chelsea W
    Brighton W
    Wolverhampton W
    West Ham W
    Brighton W
    Newcastle W

    Leeds United v Arsenal A 0-2
    Manchester United v Newcastle United D 1-1
    Southampton v West Ham United A
    Liverpool v Manchester City H 2-1
    Tottenham v Liverpool Women H
    Real Madrid v Barcelona H

  • Leeds United v Arsenal * 1-3
    Manchester United v Newcastle United * 2-2
    Southampton v West Ham United A
    Liverpool v Manchester City * 2-2
    Tottenham v Liverpool Women H
    Real Madrid v Barcelona H

  • Nice one TA. I wore my Arsenal jacket to work and one of customer who is a spurs fan saw that and he said iam not his friend anymore 😂.
    Talking about title is a bit premature I think. This is because of two reasons. We still need couple of signings that will make us strong. We need a Partey sub and similar one for Saka. Then there is a robot called Haaland. Take Haaland out of the ManC squad and we are sure the favourites. Out invincible season is under threat this season. We surely are the second best team in the league. We just need a bit more tighter at the back.

  • Leeds United v Arsenal A 1-3
    Manchester United v Newcastle United D 2-2
    Southampton v West Ham United D
    Liverpool v Manchester City D 3-3
    Tottenham v Liverpool Women H
    Real Madrid v Barcelona D

  • “Drunk with beauty. There is lovely.”

    Stu, above is a quote from the book you recommended to me by Richard Llewellyn.

    I love it that Kerikeri is also even more beautiful today.

  • Some good points re our title challenge. I have never met a fan who didn’t say they need at least two more players to really progress.

    Five league games and then we should have Mo back as cover for Partey.

    Lokonga is improving.

    Nelson could still come good and Marquinos looks very promising in Saka’s position.

    Haaland is amazing and so are Citeh, and also without Dr Frankensteins invention. But they are not without weakness and it could go all the way.

    I am Starting to Believe.

  • As always, the caveats and banna peels we face on the way to remaining TOTL will be as follows:

    1) The officiating….so far actually quite fair but wait until the FA decides it is time we were taught a lesson or three,
    2) Injuries …. we appear to have squad depth and with players coming back we will be more serious contenders but the EPL is a brutal, violent league where tough guys are protected by the aforementioned officials and the discipline for serious foul play causing injury is at best laughable,
    3) Mental fortitude and team chemistry are all excellent so far and even in our only loss we played very well, however this is the Arsenal and we have been known to shoot ourselves in the foot on occasion,
    4) Lack of playing time for many reserve players-this will be an issue as the season progresses but Arteta seems to know exactly when to substitute and who to throw in the melee,he is developing into a Guardiola-like twin.

  • I read the news today oh boy, 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

    Great post Total, everybody is buzzing, isn’t it great, I can’t wait for Thursday to see how Arteta is going to set up to beat Bodo on their own plastic.

  • If the crowd continue with their amazing support then I think it’s quite possible that Arsenal could win every home game this season, the psychological effect on officials is thereto see, even they are getting caught up with this hypnotic wave of emotion that washes over the Emirates, the crowd is truly a 12th man.

  • As for the size of Arsenal’s squad, I believe that Man City’s squad is smaller!

  • All good factors, OMG.

    There is also the factor luck, as in the bounce of the ball, fixture list suiting us (imagine how much harder this week would have been with three away gsmes rather than hoem gsmes for example), fitness of players after international games, etc

  • Matt Smith with his low centre of gravity and his quick one-two passing style could be perfect Total for AstroTurf, as for resting players tbh I doubt that any of them want a rest, they probably want to play every game, but yeah I’m sure that the medical staff are keeping an eye on the red zone.

  • Cedric Soares who was on the bench vs Liverpool will also I’d imagine get a start in Norway

  • They “love to turn us on”, Kev.

    All week I looked forward to the game, anticipation and expectation building. Then after the first minute all I wanted was for the ref to blow the whistle for full time! We’ve scored, we are ahead, we have the points, we are top of the league… finish the game now!
    Repeat after 45+5 minutes.
    Repeat after 76 minutes.

    “This ol’ heart of mine has been broke a thousand times…”

    But what a heart mending treat the whole match was. Good to be on the happy end of some contentious refereeing, too.

    Gakpo on fire in the Eredivisie, Total. Still fancy him for us?

  • TA the reason that I say two players are needed is because Arteta has shown that the subs for Partey and Saka are not trusted enough to even provide a 10min breather. Yes Against Spurs and Liverpool it’s understandable but against other teams we still see that lack of belief. He does have more belief in Fabio and he could play more but the other two areas is where the reluctance to subs exist. I suspect even when Mo comes back, he won’t be trusted to start PL games unless Partey is injured.

  • Gakpo would fit very well, Stu. The boy is so keen and a total professional. It remains to be seen whether he could thrive in the PL’s intensity, and Martinelli and Eddie will provide very stiff competition for him, but I would like him to join us in January indeed.

  • Good point, Madhu. Let’s give it a bit more time, though. Partey is hard to replace in a game, and Saka is world class. I think Nelson is ready to step it up now, so let’s see how it goes over the next few games.

  • “Life supporting waves of bliss
    Mother Divine’s precious kiss
    Brings with love the light of wisdom
    And the gift of eternal freedom”

    What a time to be a gooner, indeed
    (but yep, BigGab’s been slightly out of tune lately, hasn’t he? The way he teed up Diaz was embarrassing). I just don’t know, of course, but he might be tense because his chance to make it to the Oil Cup with the Seleçao is very likely to have slipped through his fingers. If it so he should take a good look at young Gab on his left flank: the lad doesn’t seem to give a farting f..k about it, and just run, and run again, and create, and create again, and track back, and track back again, etc. … what an unbelievable nuclear-plant-made-flesh this boy is.

    Thursday, I’d bet on this starting XI:
    Matt S. starting, instead of Ben?? I’d love it but I’ve started to wonder whether there might be a clause in his contract allowing him to pocket a significant bonus, or even a contract extension, were he to get a start for the first-team … I don’t want Partey’s knees to get anywhere that pitch, anyway. It’d be an excellent runout for our backup guys, and if things turned sour, 5 subs should be enough to turn them around.

    Leeds United 0 Arsenal 3
    Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1
    Southampton West Ham United D
    Liverpool 1 Manchester City 4
    Tottenham Liverpool Women D
    Real Madrid Barcelona D

    The song, now …
    After all these years listening to the Boys, funnily enough my favourite song may well be one which Brian didn’t pen:

  • That’s true Stu, at the end of the game I was singing ‘I still love you, yes I do, yes I do’
    to the club that’s broke my heart more times than I care to recall.

  • Leeds United vs Arsenal…… Away (0-3)
    Man United vs Newcastle… Home (3-1)
    Soton vs West Ham Utd…… Away
    Liverpool vs Man City……….. Draw (2-2)
    Tottenum W vs L’pool W……. Home Real Madrid vs Barcelona… Home

  • Le Gall, I hope it is nerves with Big Gab, because this can be overcome.

    It may be his reading of the game which is in need of improving. He seems a bit late to react at the moment and then panic. This would be much harder to get right.

  • Mon Dieu, you don’t like the Beach Boys, that is a black mark I’m afraid Mr Total.

    Maybe having William Saliba alongside is not as easy as it appears for Gabriel, because he doesn’t have an English speaker alongside him talkinghim through games as was the case with Holding and then White, personally I’m not too concerned about Big Gab, because he tends to do the blood and guts work why Big Bill does the sweeping up.

  • I will not hold it against you, Kev. If the Beach Boys get your cab rocking and rolling then I am all for it.

    Hood shout re comms with Tequila. It must be a work in progress.

  • Never sang “Only with You” to Mrs T.?
    I’ll pretend I believe you … but thanks a lot for the Italian-American crooning moment anyway.
    About number 4, picking right-footed Tomi to annihilate Salah was a stroke of brilliance indeed. Our boy-of-the-rising-sun is a relentless defender, there’s something of The Kos’s focus about the way he locks onto the attacker like a raptor does onto its prey (not to mention how good he is in the air too). And now we know he can fill the 4 positions at the back: how can we say anything but “All Hail our scouting department” on that one?

  • I trust you gave it the James Brown treatment, Kev.
    I saw the Beach Boys at Auckland’s Western Springs back in ’78. They encored with Billy Preston’s “You are so beautiful” which made me fall in love with every girl in the 30,000 + crowd.

    Tomi was superb, likely picked over KT for his height to counter VVD and Matip at set pieces. I hope KT gets a full run out up on the Arctic Circle. Good call on the language issue for Big Gab, Kev. And his willingness to do the B & G work. If anyone is going to put the brakes on Haaland, it will be him and Big Will.

  • “There is a boy in North London
    Tomi of the Rising Sun
    And he’s been the ruin of many a winger
    Just ask Salah, he’s one”

  • What is there not to agree with in the 8 Observations? If anything, the great comments and jibes which followed have made up for it.

    Pep Guardiola must be seriously considering reducing the number of dinner dates he has with Arteta, his good friend. No one will see that performance vs Liverpool and not consider Arsenal a threat and contender for the title. Too early to say we would win it, but things can change quickly; same factors listed by OMG could affect direct rivals.

    On Gabriel’s nerves, I put it down to the uncertain circumstances of his place in the Brazil national team to the World cup. He needs someone to speak to his emotions and let him know to just keep working for his club and soon enough, he would be impossible to ignore. Besides, when you have been at the club longer and the newbie CB gets a song before you do, that can be unnerving. He would be conscious of the fact the fans have taken to Saliba so quickly.

  • Brilliant composition, LeGall. Only thing left is to what tune will that be sung.

    The attending fans need to pick up on that song and render it at the grounds for Tomiyasu. 😁

  • I currently waiting for the ‘last knockings’ at City Airport, sitting in my cab humming Joe Le Taxi.

  • Eris, there must have been a wee gap in your growing up years, mate. Have a listen to “House of the rising sun” by The Animals. Le Gall was channelling his inner Eric Burdon.

  • Every working day Total, come off of the A13 past the shopping centres on Royal Docks Road and then straight on past the roundabout to the back entrance of City Airport, when did you move from there Total?

  • Nah, Stu. Just never been one for the songs of the 60s. Looked it up, however, and find Eric Burdon some character; the song does have an eerie mysterious feel to it.

  • Kev, I was working at the wonderful DLR and had an appartement in Gallions Reach for during the week (family lived in Norwich). Did that for almost two years before we all moved to Greenwich. That was a nicer area to live but I have good memories GR too.

    Now I can picture you working much better. 🙂

  • Yeh, good description, Eris. I always found it spooky and sad. I was a teenager in the ’70’s but I love the sounds of the ’60’s. What’s your fave decade for music?

  • That area will have changed a lot from your time there Total but there is still huge scope for development in that locality, yes Greenwich is one of my most favourite parts of London and Blackheath, it’s very historical and has a village feel about it, fortunately development has been minimal and they’ve retained the essence of the area.

  • Kev, Blackheath is indeed a fine place. Unaffordable to most but great to hang around in.

    Are the sewage works still stinking the place out in Gallions Reach?

    I also liked the vibrancy of Lewisham on a Saturday.

  • Joe le taxi – Joe the Cabbie
    Y va pas partout – Doesn’t go everywhere
    Y marche pas au soda – He’s not on soft drinks
    Son saxo jaune – His yellow cab
    Connaît toutes les rues par cœur – Knows all streets through and through
    Tous les p’tits bars – All the small joints
    Tous les coins noirs – All the dark corners
    Et la Seine – And the Seine
    Et ses ponts qui brillent – With its shining bridges
    Dans sa caisse – In his ride
    La musique à Joe, – Joe’s music
    C’est la rumba – Is rumba
    Le vieux rock au mambo – Good ol’ mambo rock

    Joe, le taxi – Joe, this cab
    C’est sa vie – That’s his life
    Le rhum au mambo – Mambo rum
    Embouteillages – Traffic jams
    Il est comme ça – That’s the way he is
    Rhum et mambo – Rum and mambo
    Joe Joe Joe
    Joe …

    Dans sa caisse, – Inside his ride
    La musique à Joe résonne. – Joe’s music bounces off
    C’est la rumba – It’s Cuban rumba
    Le vieux rock au mambo bidon. – Good ol’ fake-mambo tock
    Vas-y Joe, Vas-y Joe, – Come on Joe
    Vas-y fonce, – Come on, get a move on
    Dans la nuit, vers l’Amazone – Through the night, all the way to Amazon

    Joe le taxi, – Joe the Cabbie
    Et Xavier Cugat, – Along with Xavier Cugat
    Joe le taxi, – Joe the Cabbie
    Et Yma Sumac, – Along with Yma Sumac
    Joe …

    Joe, le taxi – Joe, this cab
    C’est sa vie – That’s his life
    Le rhum au mambo – Mambo rum
    Embouteillages – Traffic jams

    Et les Mariachis, – Along with mariachis
    Joe le taxi, – Joe the Cabbie
    Et le cha-cha-chi, – Along with cha-cha-chá

    Vas-y fonce, – Get a move on
    Dans la nuit, vers l’Amazone. – Through the night, all the way to Amazon

  • T,

    I like # 8 very much.. I hadn’t noticed that….
    It may also be contributing to their goal differential which may come in a little as the opponents get tougher.

    The Saliba message in our box to Diaz was great. Ben White did the exact same to Half moon face Kane last week, most of the cameras missed it, but I didn’t.

    Diaz may not be so cocky after this experience with the new Arsenal. Darwin will hopefully learn something in our next match.

    We are setting the tone with the manner in which we play now.

  • Kev,

    I did hear that podcast about the way we keep our players match fit. Very interesting to hear it explained, even though I had surmised as much the way Arteta has been doing it.

    I’ve noticed Pep does similar over the years, including cup matches.

    Le gall also took it further.., about how players would rather have a short game than a non competitive exercise session.

  • I do not listen to The Proclaimers, perish the thought Mr Total… 😉

    Hobnobs are very nice but my biscuit of choice are fig rolls.

    Busy at City Airport this evening, finished with a job the Leyton, straight home from there. 🙂

  • Johnno I answered your comment regarding contract length etc on LG, before realising that the debate had moved on.

    Basically I pay zero attention to the sh*t-stirrers who try to freak us out by stating the obvious about contracts. Remember the close season after winning the FACup when they tried to upset the applecart about Saka – he signed. Then it was Balogun – he signed, before both of those it was Reiss Nelson – he signed, they’ve even tried to stir the pot over Patino- he will sign and stay, they have nothing of any value to add to anything, I mean they’ve even hinted that Edu might leave – hopeless, the lot of them!

  • I am not sure that I can place my music love into a decade, because I cut across eras and genres. I’d say the 80s, 90s and a a bit of the early 2000s.
    I have varied interests too; mid tempo reggae to calypso and R & B…. The lot. I even took in some Dire Straits, Chris de Burgh and Sting, along the way.

    You can see I am diverse in my interests and just love music in general.

  • Good man, Eris. Don’t give up on the ’60’s tho’. The decade is a veritable gold mine, the deeper you go the more treasures you find. Motown, Original Britpop, maximum R&B, the godfathers of punk, the dawn of psychedelia …

    Tell you what, mate. With Totals permission, I’ll post a favourite sixties song each week and you can score it out of ten (ten being perfection). Wanna give it a go?

    Let’s lure you in with a bit of Nancy…

  • Yeh, Total. Best song from first half of the ’80’s is shared by Joy Divisions “Love will tear us apart again” and the Jams “That’s entertainment”.
    How’s the book going?
    Another early morning for me… 5.45 am ko.

  • Great songs, Stu. There are so many good bands and solo musicians from that era. From Metallica to Michael Jackson, from Prince to the Human League, Ultravox, Visage and, OMD.

    Almost finished the book. What about you?

  • Great video Stuart, very much of its time, also somefantastic legs on display.

    I’ll give the song a 7
    And the video a 6.5

    It’s the kind of song, for me, that I wouldn’t listen to by choice but if I’d heard it would be humming it all day and certainly an upgrade on The Proclaimers… 🙄

  • Great start to your series, Stu. Wasn’t she (weren’t they) lovely?
    If the Shangri-Las, the Ronettes, and/or the Supremes, the Ikettes are on your list, I wouldn’t mind, either … Just sayin’

  • Leeds United v Arsenal * A (1-3)
    Manchester United v Newcastle United * A (0-2)
    Southampton v West Ham United A
    Liverpool v Manchester City * A (0-3)
    Tottenham v Liverpool Women H
    Real Madrid v Barcelona H

  • Hi Guy’s I’m missing some predictions for both this weekend and the points predictions for the next nine games. If I’ve missed them along the way then kindly repeat them and I’ll use the current predictions you send.

    OX 10 I’m missing both this weekend’s and the next 9 games predictions.
    Eris & Le Gall I’m missing this weekend predictions.

  • Leeds United 0 Arsenal 3
    Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 1
    Southampton West Ham United D
    Liverpool 1 Manchester City 4
    Tottenham Liverpool Women D
    Real Madrid Barcelona D

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