Arsenal v PSV Lineup and Preview

I remember speaking to some unfamiliar Manure supporters in a pub in Stockport a few decades ago about the merits of Ruud van Nistelrooy. At the time Arsenal were also interested but the shaving equipment dodger chose for Red Nose and the rest is history. They asked me whether he would be a good signing. I said he would fit the Manchester team but that I am not sad at all he would not become a Gunner.

PSV and MU are as similar in terms of playing style as Ajax and Arsenal have been since the arrival of Wenger at the North-London team.

The first lot love to play on the rebound and counter (and love space to run into above anything else) and the teams of the national capitals love to play high intensity pressing and passing football (they love to have the ball above anything else). RvN was a perfect match for Fergie-ball and the MU fans still love him as much as we love Thierry.

PSV are a good team but lack belief in themselves when it comes to Europe. Losing out to an inferior team like Rangers for CL football demonstrated this recently. The draw at home against Bodo/Glimt was further proof of this. Yet RvN seems to be making progress with PSV and they will relish a proper Europa League test against us tomorrow and next week Thursday.

PSV have always had technically gifted footballers and in Gakpo and Xavi Simons they have currently two very fine attackers indeed. The rest of the team is OK, with players who can shine one game and wilt away the next one.



White, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney

Lokonga, Xhaka

Saka, Ode, GJ9


If Zinch is fit then Xhaka should be rested, but it doesn’t sound like he is. Martinelli seems to miss out too, so why not play both Eddie and Jesus?!

Anyway, I expect a very strong starting eleven as a win will see us through and most likely win the group too.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners.

By TotalArsenal

103 thoughts on “Arsenal v PSV Lineup and Preview

  • TA, I feel we would start Reiss Nelson, seeing as he spent last season in the Eredivisie. His recovery from injury was timely, for this occasion.

    For the midweek/UEL games, Lokonga is indeed a dead cert to start; it is Saka I am not so sure about. Why not Marquinhos or Vieira, at least from the start?

  • Tricky guess, this lineup
    Last sunday’s second half was evidence that not a few of our usual starters have started running on empty. Moreover our last EL game is a home game against Zurich, so we might as well say we have 12 points already. As for PSV , they’re 3 points behind, they’ll end up with 16 points at best (provided they beat us twice), and they’ll soon be in for a very bumpy Norwegian ride against a team they couldn’t beat in Eindhoven.
    That’s why I’d rather many changes were on the menu, something like:
    Thomas- Sambi
    If PSV prove too strong for these lads (they just might, as Kev’s “Grove” thread suggests), well the 5-change-rule might be put to good use sooner than usual, and if that’s not enough, even to get a draw, there’s still the possibility of picking our strongest lineup from the start in Eindhoven.
    There’ll be 66 hours only between tomorrow’s final whistle and kick-off time at the Dell, and to me the game against the “Saints” is by far the most important …
    Anyway, COYG (and last but not least I, for one, think the lads above have all it takes to do us proud)

  • Hi Eris, this is a must win game and we need to field a very strong team. I don’t think Nelson or Marquinos will start but I could be wrong.

  • Nice theory, Le Gall, but I don’t think that’s the way Mikel should and will be thinking. Winning the group is key and for this we need to beat PSV at home. Let’s not underestimate the task at hand.

  • TA, you do have a good point as Arteta may be looking to make qualification certain as early as possible. However, if we can stay composed, PSV shouldn’t give us too much trouble at home, no?

    It is important to sustain momentum we have in the league, to further befuddle our detractors. I notice most sides playing midweek look short of full energy. Southampton is a side that plays at full throttle. We need to match that energy.

  • Well Eris, if we play against PSV like we did v Bodo we will lose, so in my opinion we need to take this one seriously by playing a v strong team.

    I get your point about the Saints game, and we should have a fresh Saliba, Partey and Martinelli for that game. Jesus had a rest last Thursday and Saka should only play 60 minutes or so.

    If we win tomorrow, Arsenal can field weaker teams v PSV away and Zurich at home, I reckon.

  • It’s 1:5 at the 88th minute for Arsenal Women already.

    Regarding the line-up, I share LeGall’s hope to see Cedric, Nelson and Vieira, but similarly share TA’s view on Arteta not known to be a keen risk taker. I wouldn’t go as far as saying Arsenal shouldn’t start B players (like Fabi, Marqui, Reiss and Soares), but for a coach that disregards academy players in competitive games maybe even the rotation of Turner, Holding, Lokonga, Nketiah and Tierney is half-progress already.

    Kev, your link from earlier today was quite a nice read. I agree with it and TA’s fine post that unlike Zürich and Bode, PSV is well equipped with fine attackers, hence I foresee an entertaining game with several goals. Maybe a 4:2 scoreline. And I’ll be watching the game from an angle whether Gakpo, Sangare and Veerman could be good enough for Arsenal next season, as I honestly think Cody is the best winger available, and Sangare could be the perfect successor of Thomas Partey.

  • The Arsenal women result is stunning. Just watched the highlights all the goals were too class each one beautiful. The girls play an attractive brand of football. I try to watch them whenever I can it’s really good.
    Similar result expected from men against PSV pls.

  • I’m going to carry a “Beth Mead, marry my son” sign next time I am at the Arsenal. What a player, what a result.

    Thanks for the post, Total. Southampton will have their tails up after their win this morning (NZ time) and with the short turn around I would go with resting some of our main men. Three points off the Saints is essential to maintaining our lead. Good to see the other results going our way.

    A ‘9’, Eris! Glad you like the song. Something smoother in store for next week.

  • Everton v C Palace…………. Home (2-1)
    Man City v Brighton…….,,, Home
    Chelsea v Man Utd…….……. Draw (2-2)
    Soton v Arsenal……….………. Away
    Tottenham v Newcastle… Draw
    R Betis v Atlético M………… Away (1-2)

  • I think it’s a case of…… OGAAT, so let’s get the PSV job done, but I’d have Jesus on the bench as we’ll need him firing at St Mary’s on Sunday.

  • The home crowd will drive the boys home so maybe I’d start with a few changes up front and in midfield but I’d have a strong back four, who Arteta could then rotate when the game is safe.

    Xhaka must start…

  • I’d start Saka and Nelson either side of Eddie, take Saka off after an hour or so.
    Save Martinelli for Soton.

  • We will have to wait until tomorrow, guys.

    Imagine we don’t beat PSV tomorrow and we will be drawn into must win games in the EL while the team gets more and more tired…
    Arteta will not risk that. OGAAT and a win tomorrow first. The Saints can wait.

    Stuart, that shirt would be a hit no doubt!

  • TA, and PB,
    About Sakas goal on Sunday..

    Just wanted to point out something interesting I saw on Twitter…

    A video of Arteta on the training ground, up close teaching some forwards what to do if they’re at an angle like the one Saka was at…
    He suggests 1 of 2 options.. hit low and hard across the face of the goal, so maybe the keeper will parry it into an oncoming attacker … the other he suggests and teaches is to hit it high aiming for the roof of the net.

    I assumed that was instinct from Saka.
    It shows what a teacher we have as manager… but I’ve had that feeling for a while now. If I hadn’t seen the video, I wouldn’t believe that was specifically taught.

    Now we know why Man City players give Arteta special credit, and Pep and Pochettino rave about his football intelligence.

  • Great comment, J. I didn’t know that. What still amazes me is that he did that with his weaker foot!!! If Arteta can teach that too then he is a genius. Just imagine scoring a goal like that with your weaker peg?!?!

  • The team will feel rested after their away trips to the Arctic Circle and Leeds. They play nicely at home tonight and they only have to travel by bus to the south coast. Two games we need to win and this doable, but v PSV we have to field a strong team.

  • Good morning all,

    OX10 – I’m just waiting for your predictions for this weekend, you are the current leader so I don’t want you to miss out.

  • I watched the ladies game yesterday and I was very impressed, I watch them as often as I can. They show the same attitude and determination as the EPL team.

  • Arsenal: Turner, Tomiyasu, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney, Sambi, Xhaka, Vieira, Saka, Jesus, Nketiah

    Subs: Ramsdale, Hein, White, Partey, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saliba, Cedric, Nelson, Marquinhos, Cirjan, Edwards

  • Apparently TA’s prayers have been answered and we finally get to see Jesus and Nketiah starting together.
    Odegaard is not starting though, otherwise it’s a 10/11 result.
    All the big guns are on the bench (Ode, Partey, Martinelli, Saliba, Ramsdale), along with Soares, Reiss and Marquinhos, as well as Hein, Cirjan and Edwards representing the academy in a symbolic gesture.

    PSV is also putting their best attackers on the starting line-up, so let’s have some serious fun.

  • Super attack with a great opportunity for Vieira to provide the silver service. Tomi instead of White makes sense and is a like for like.

    CoyrrGs ⚽ ⚽ ⚽

  • PSV
    Benitez; Mwene, Ramalho, Obispo, Max; Sangaré, Gutiérrez; Simons, Veerman, Gakpo; Til

    Other than Gakpo, keep an eye out for Simons. Veerman can also play footie. The Dutch defence may struggle against our firepower.

  • From what I saw when they played against Monaco and Rangers, De Jong on the bench is surprising – but RvN must know what he’s doing when he picks his CF
    Even without him, there’s firepower upfront on both sides, we might be in for some fun indeed, P.

  • Like TA says winning this game is very important and have to agree with a strong lineup and reserves. It is all nice to say we gave lets say 3 academy players a start or significant minutes but if you lose you will be questioned no end. When sitting in that hot seat as Mikel is, it is a different story. At the end of the day Eddie and Nelson are academy products and count too if only they get many minutes. The 3 on the bench might have been in with a greater chance of playing if they were more experienced as Patino and Norton-Cuffy will be when they get back from their loans. ESR would surely be playing today as well hopefully his recovery is going well.

    Again there is no guarantee this lineup will win but I like our chances and better to be safe. Hopefully the result will be secured early enough to allow non starters to come in or else they can be brought in for the remaining fixtures if we secure top spot.

  • Good morning boys. Even tho’ he is older I’d rather have Zaha than Gakpo, a dyed in the wool Gooner from his youth, Premier league proven, but let’s see how the young Dutchman does today.
    With those line ups we should expect goals.

  • Good day, Le Gall, Makaya and Stuart.

    I am still in the hills and mountains near Ullapool, so radio only for me.

    Glad to see Arteta is taking this one very seriously.

  • Would take Zaha at his age for 10 million but its not going to happen so hope we get some other winger but hopefully one not too young to block our young talents coming out of the academy. So an experienced but hungry veteran would be ideal but I actually think a defensive midfielder is more of a priority.

  • Vieira has been in among the early action, TA. Good call on GJ9; fingers crossed, he goes through unscathed. PSV are a good side, for sure, defensively and look like they can spring something offensively, where required.

    Almost half time so I expect a more exuberant second half from us if it remains goalless.

  • Jync, I did see that video of Arteta coaching some kids how to beat the keeper from an awkward angle, as Saka was.

    Intriguing detail.

  • Xhaka doesn’t tackle too well, does he? Lol. He’s avoided yellow cards by holding back in “sticky” situations. Probably, couldn’t resist that because he lost possession there.

    He has to walk on egg shells now.

  • Let’s not break the bank for a left footed CB.
    Arsenal’s been frequently rumored with Evan Ndicka, Eintracht Frankfurt’s EL-winning contract rebel. We – or any other club for that matter – could snatch him for free in the summer, so a moderate fee is possible for him in the winter. He is young, he is tall, not particularly card-prone, and had 4-4 goals and assist in the Bundesliga last season, which is pretty remarkable.

    Out other option is Auston Trusty, who is already on Arsenal books and currently play for Birmingham City on loan. He is similarly young and tall, and is Birmingham’s best player according to WhoScored. Unlike Ndicka he has 2 goals and a MotM under his belt already this season, but the Championship and the Bundesliga are two vastly different leagues.

  • Disappointing half of football. Players like Sambo, Viera, Tierney and Nketia is just not showing up. They don’t seem to be pushing for being part of first team. Arsenal women play a better brand of football than this team. Bitterly disappointed .

  • I was an early supporter of Edu maybe because he was one of my fave players back in the day but what a job he has done I remember Tony Adams criticizing him and saying he did not know the Euro market well enough. Now there are rumors 2 clubs are after him. I thought some of the criticism was premature and borne out of frustration after some rough years. Every signing will not work out but we are not doing bad so far and I would like to see Trusty in action had read a good report about him. I think the value of most signings that he and Mikel have done have gone up considerably I am sure the Ode is worth over 50 mil easily and so on.

  • By the way its one of the few times where I have no feed today and will not bother with streams too frustrating for me so totally reliant on your updates

  • The boys are getting nervous, and GJ9 looks like a star-crossed striker
    I have a hard time figurin’ out why Reiss isn’t ahead of Fabio in the peckin’ order

  • Well, the big guns have been brought on now. Odegaard and Partey on for Sambi and Vieira (I still do feel they held their own in this game. Typically, they were on when the visitors’ energy were still high.

    Turner has been called upon twice and he’s passed with full marks.


  • I did feel they were going to crack soon, as they made changes and started to get adventurous.. It was with his weaker right foot too.

    Brilliant volley.

  • And Bukayo tries to take on the entire PSV defense on his own, but we’ll saved by their keeper.

  • I would like to see Reiss too, having played in the Dutch league last season. He would probably feature away.

    We must not be tempted to sit back as they come forward.

  • Partey – Odegaard on, and 1-0 to the Arsenal
    Our Yank has been brilliant so far – again. The way he dives down to the ground in the blink of an eye, but in control of his technique all the while, reminds me of Lloris, no less

  • Yes Le Gall, LdJ is a fine header of the ball.

    Glad Xhaka scored again. We need these from our midfielders, especially now that ESR is out.

  • Sorry, guy, I must have jinxed the entertaining game and the many goals.
    So far none of the PSV players seemed attractive enough to snatch (apart from Benitez and Ramalho, the 2 oldest players on the pitch), but probably the same applies the other way around.

    We are through the elimination stage, 99% likely to finish first of the group. I hope we grab a point next week from Eindhoven, as it will make our last group game a formality, and will provide some minutes for Soares, Marquinhos, hell even maybe a couple of academy players.

  • Job done, we’ll be first and skip the tricky round against one of the CL leftovers, which is good, but we’re skating on thin ice at the moment
    Let’s hope the Saints’ tyres left shreds of rubber on Bournemouth ground, too

  • These 1-0 aren’t such a bad sign as it racks up the clean sheet stat, telling a story of its own in team character.

    Yeah, LeGall. For a man who had little or nothing to do for most parts, his saves show he has focus and sharp reflexes. Does go to the ground sharpish; seen that thrice now, at the least.

    Well, on to the weekend it is.

  • A lot did not see this coming but is Xhaka the player of the season so far? Kudos to you TA for appreciating him more than others but I know he took it up a notch even for you with this new positions (and for me long may he continue with these red card free games which was my biggest gripe).

  • PB, I’d add Noni Madueke to that short list. 20years, England youth International of Nigerian descent. Gave Tierney and Gabriel some concerns when he came on.

  • Makayah, Xhaka will be up there at the end of the season. The thing is, for those who have always rated him, this form hasn’t come as a surprise because that’s about the role he plays when away with the Swiss national team, in a less effusive manner, to be fair. No doubt, Arteta has given him the confidence to roam, with not so much defensive responsibility, which has brought out this side of him.

    Nice to see him having a lively chat with his old Munchengladbach team mate, Luuk De Jong, at the final whistle.

  • Jesus tries so so hard but nothing is coming off for him, he keeps snatching at his shots, kind of scuffing them instead of a clean hit, otherwise I think he would have had at least two goals, a bit of a drought for him and maybe playing on his mind, but he’ll make someone suffer very soon.

  • Granit has such stones we could use 4 more of him he is also a big game player does not play well in all of them but never hides. I also watched how he played with the Swiss and wondered how he would do for us in the same positions.

    I would also like to see Lukonga play further forward I dont feel he is comfortable in this position at least not yet. Sigh Mikel does not seem inclined to play White there but he has midfield experience. Tierney and Zinchenko might do a job there as well but what do I know just an arm chair dreamer lol in Mikel and Edu we trust. So Turner might just turn out to be yet another masterstroke after all the doubts people had about him in the summer. I wonder if he is better at saving penalties than Rams who to me has not really been close to saving one yet.

  • Yes Johnno, Xhaka was superb and in truth he was our only functioning midfielder until Odegaard and Partey came on. Vieira has a lot of talent but maybe he just needs more minutes, alternatively play him out wide. Lokonga is not any better than Elneny from what I’ve been seeing from him, his passing is safe and lacks any ambition, probably a confidence issue again but I’m more worried about him than I am about Fabio.

  • Happy with the defence, Tierney had a good game and Gabriel was peerless whilst Sir Robert just came in and did a solid job, Tomiyasu needs to check his trousers before he goes home to see if Cody Gakpo is still in his pocket.

  • Love me some Tomi what a player looks like he bagged another victim cant wait to watch the highlights. He is up there with Sagna as one of the best full backs we have ever had and for me is the best pure defender in the squad right now.

  • Job done but God they made it hard. Jesus is beginning to worry with his end product. Viera, Eddie and Sambi was so ineffective didn’t even try hard to make a mark. Sambi and Viera looked like strolling in the park. No energy no burst of pace or a desire to push forward. Really poor attitude and hunger. Need a kick on the backside. Turner did well and did his job. We really lack depth and miss ESR.

  • Great comments, guys.

    Granit slides back and forwards like the best and is both a good partner to Ode and Partey. But yes I am pleasantly surprised about his bread and butter attacking contributions.

    His most important role remains that he is the personification of Mikel’s strategic instructions on the pitch and protector of the team’s shape. This is vital of course.

  • GJ9 is making such a difference. He makes the dough; he and the team produce the toppings. Don’t judge him only on the toppings he adds. A good pizza is all about the dough. 🙂

    Madhu, you sound a bit down my compadre. The team is on efficiency mode and it’s just what we need right now.

    A few should maybe step it up but what if they are trying but cannot do it yet?

  • Im with you on that TA the team is so young think of De Bruyne at 22 he was being shipped off to Germany after Chelsea let him go. Someone like Vieira is not only young but adapting to a new country, much tougher league and also adjusting to not always starting. Lukonga I had hoped would get a loan this summer to improve his confidence but we just did not have enough cover after failing to get the Villa midfielder at the end of the window. Interestingly enough I have seen a couple of rumors with teams interested in him so there is quality there not to mention he is trying to adapt to a new position.

  • Kev you are so right..
    Sambi has beautiful long ball passing especially to out wide, but incredibly non- incisive as he moves up the pitch.. very safe, and not good enough for our fast progressive style.

    So his passing is pretty correct for a deeper midfielder, and everyone is saying that he’d be better in Granits position, but he has shown no quality of passing inside or in tighter spaces from higher up. Not aggressive or incisive enough.

    I’m just not sure he’s going to work out for us. But there is talent, I believe.

  • TA mate, iam always worried :). I just want our guys to be the best that they can be. Iam particularly upset at Sambi and Viera. Sambi in particular complains about not playing, but when we gets a chance and at home doesn’t look to be trying hard. He seems to have more gears but doesn’t show them. This is in sharp contrast to Xhaka who looks more energetic than Sambi.
    Same with Viera, all game he looked to be in second gear and never tried harder. He is technically so good and can influence the game so much, but doesn’t show himself enough. I think we would have been far better with ESR. Hopefully he should be available after the WC break.

  • Ah, now you are talking, GN5. “Someone told me long ago…” Fogerty will go down as one of histories greatest wordsmiths.
    Good news about Gabriel. Let’s hope for a domino effect…
    Interesting games for us and our competitors over the next two weekends, if we can maintain our form and concentration levels v Saints and Forest we can move even further ahead in the table.

  • Yes, the Big Gabriel news is exactly what we all need to hear and it’ll devastate the naysayers who are doing their best to spoil our party, well they can jog on and we’ll just party on.

  • John Fogerty is one of the greatest, GN (and Stu)
    I loved the purely “swamp” stuff too (“Born on the Bayou”!!).
    If you haven’t already, try and lend an ear to his post-CCR “Blue Moon Swamp” and “Revival”, I have a feeling you’ll get blown away …
    Might be able to watch Charlie P. against Preston, I’ll let you all know …

  • Nope – was supposed to be available on Bein, but just can’t get a stream
    Charlie in the starting XI, and 0-0 after 20 minutes is all I know …

  • Liverpool losing 1-0 to struggling Forest is probably the most unexpected result of the day. And there I thought that it was a resurgent team I saw playing against City.

    Taiwo Awoniyi, once an academy player for them, did the damage.

  • Just realised I hadn’t submitted any predictions this week so, belatedly here’s mine excluding games that are already in progress.

    Chelsea v Man Utd…….……. Draw (1-1)
    Soton v Arsenal……….………. Away
    Tottenham v Newcastle… Away (I hope!)
    R Betis v Atlético M………… Draw (1-1)

  • Yeah, Jync. I read that Arsenal only have Patino under contract until the summer of 2023, but the club do possess the option to trigger a two-year extension, rather than negotiate a new deal.

    My guess is that option will be triggered soon as clubs start to show interest.

  • ….. So, we can get something from his sale. The club may feel we are well stocked in his department and won’t stand in his way as he deserves a great career.

  • You are correct Total but in the end it turned out to be favourable game and day for Arsenal with Liverpool , Chelsea and Man Who all dropping two points. Now we have to beat Southampton tomorrow to take full advantage.

  • Graham Porter started with an 11 that showed United some respect. He changed midway and the second half saw Chelsea show a bit more. After Chelsea got a late penalty to go ahead, Manure got a late equaliser, determined by the goal line technology.
    It was a dour game, to be honest, but a tense one for fans of both teams. A draw seemed fair but I did hope for a lucky win for the chavs.

  • Yes guys, finished a draw with two scrappy goals late on. They both lost the ball constantly and struggled to put a decent attacking move together.

    Agreed draw is fine result for us.

    Tomorrow is all about OGAAT. Will be tough one no doubt.

  • A year ago an Arsenal visit to St Mary’s would hav3 had me and I daresay many other expecting the worst, not now, I expect Arsenal to win every game, nobody worries me unduly, it’s just Victory Through Harmony all the way to May.


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