We’ve Got Arteta: The Beginning of a Great New Cycle

We all go through periods in life where everything feels like a downer. There are weeks and months where we’re so busy that we don’t have time to enjoy ourselves as much as we’d like. Just trying to get work done and pay bills is the focus for most like me. 

When things are normal for Arsenal, as in a average times for the past 10-12 seasons, the better times have been nice highlights, and I find the team has made me smile and feel some joy or satisfaction. Basically a nice distraction competing to get into Champions league. Also to go far in, and win some FA cups. 

I understand that we need to appreciate what we have, and that we could easily be cheering for a team that’s mid to lower table, with relegation fears, so in that way we have been slightly spoiled compared to the majority of English football fans, so I need to remind myself to not take things for granted. 

It seems to me now that we’ve been given a gift in the form of Mikel Arteta, along with owners and executives who recognize some errors of the not too distant past. They seem to be on the same page with how they want the club to look, Artetas vision. The way the players comport themselves in all ways, on the pitch and life in general.

 Arteta doesn’t want any bad apples in the bunch.

I really have no doubt that this is the beginning of a great new cycle. Not just because of the fine start so far. I know there will be ups and downs as always in life and football. I’ve felt this coming since the home game against Spurs last season, where we first began to display the kind of football that we’re playing currently. That’s when I bought in to Arteta’s vision completely. This included the stadium atmosphere and home dominance. TA was the one who had faith from the earliest time, and that faith is being rewarded in a big way.

I didn’t know how fast we’d get to this level of play consistently, but it looks to like we’re moving ahead of schedule. 

Let’s all appreciate every moment of what we’re getting from our club at this exciting time, because I’m pretty sure we’re at the beginning of a very special period that will be remembered a long time from now.


44 thoughts on “We’ve Got Arteta: The Beginning of a Great New Cycle

  • Fine post, J.

    Thank you for the mention. 🙂

    Arteta has been given time and this is invaluable. He is building the club bottom upwards based on a vision and values and non-negotionables. He lives football and gives his all. As Descartes would have called it: he does his epistemic best. It’s starting to pay off but I don’t think this is the end stage of his Grand Plan.

  • Bravo.
    This is our season of new cycle. SEASON OF TESTIMONY AND THANKSGIVING.
    Up AFC

  • Thanks, J.
    Spoiled we are indeed, and this is such a young squad that you’re right about ‘the beginnining of a great new cycle” too.
    There’s a post on “arsenal.com” which reads: “With the game not being broadcast anywhere in the world …”
    Well, I don’t think it’s true … the game is scheduled for live broadcasting on “beinsports2” (France) – so some of you might get a stream somewhere if you try hard enough
    I’m a subscriber (“bein” have the rights for the Carabao, but for the FACup as well, and for the Championship too, so I get to see Charlie P. play sometimes), so (if “bein”‘s schedule’s to be trusted – which is not always the case) I’ll watch, anyway, and might write a thing or two about it right here.

    T., my thoughts go out to you and your family.

  • I got convinced on the project after watching our home games against Liverpool and Man City last season. The boys lost both matches, but won my heart with their display.

  • Bournemouth v Everton….. Home
    Tottenham v Leeds Utd……. Home
    Nottm Forest v C.Palace….. Draw (2-2)
    Wolves W v Arsenal……………. Away (0-2)
    Fulham v Manchester Utd.. Home
    Bayer 04 v VfB Stuttgart…. Draw (2-2)

  • Nice work Johnno.

    I think the last time I bought into an Arsenal team as much as I am right now was 1997/98 when early-Wenger was at his peak, I loved that team and even though we drew our first game 2-2 at a really competitive Leeds I recall saying to my son James as we walked away from Elland Road that I felt we could win the League, it’s just a feeling I’ve to down the years and it’s around now, at the back of my mind whispering ‘calm down Kevin, let it play out’…

    Football is my escape from the daily grind, my week is planned around games, my routine and part of that routine is sharing my passion with you guys, from North America to SE Asia and back to North London.

  • No game on “bein” tonight either
    City-Chavs and … ‘Pool-Derby instead
    And their showrunner (Darren Tulett) is supposed to be an Arsenal fan!
    Gutted …
    Have a “great escape from the daily grind tonight”, Kev – hope you’ll get to see the youngsters you’ve been expecting
    btw, “Kevin” is my “soon-to-be-38-y-o” son’s first name
    He was born january 7th, 1985, and at the time I played and scored a few goals at a reasonably decent regional level, so much so that the local sunday paper (“Liberté-Dimanche”) thought they were playing nice by printing a few words about it, only to say that he might have been named (it was not a common first name in France at the time) after … Kevin Keegan!! … the bloody ignoramuses

  • last minute
    game supposed to be available on:
    ESPN+ America
    Voot Select/Sports18 network India (is this true, Madhu? if yes, do you recommend a particular server for my VPN?)
    I’ll give it a try around 8.40 (“Paris” time) anyway

  • Hey LeG, the name Kevin is Irish in origin, I believe, certainly Celtic, my eldest son is also a Kevin and he was born on the 7th July ‘81 and I shall be enjoying his company in a couple of hours.

  • Surprised to hear that there aren’t more Kevin’s in your part of France given its Celtic connections.

  • Its “ceticness” is the (only) reason why his mother and I picked it
    I said it was not common to do so back then, but then things changed radically (because of some “Kevin” TV “stars” I think), and at some point at the turn of the century it had become one of the most-picked first names in France …

    On the “youth” front, the latest news aren’t that great:
    🚨 @Teamnewsandtix
    on Instagram: “Strong Arsenal squad tonight. No youth players [involved].” #afc
    but enjoy this “father-and-son” game night anyway!!

  • Stuart, it’s most unusual I’ve never before been unable to watch an Arsenal game and I have many different choices but none are showing the game today. I guess I will play scrabble with my wife and keep an eye on the Man C game.

  • I have one device called chrome cast where I can get feeds from most countries in the world – it will be my last/best chance of watching.

  • Yes, GN5. It is the first time I have been unable to watch a game live for many a year. The commentary on Arsenal.com. Eddie just scored!! Woohoo!

  • Strange. In Nigeria, I am able to watch every EPL and Carabao game. For the first time, I can see all the other games listed but not ours.

    I guess I shall be trying the link I offered, above – bit.Lt/3TnRtpo
    Or…. bit.ly/3EhDeOQ. It works.

  • Well that was underwhelming, no Stu I haven’t forgotten you Down Under.

    No one really came out of that enhancing their reputation.

    I did feel sorry for Hein, I don’t think he got a log of help from the guys in front of him.

  • Did you win that scrabble game, GN5? I was hit by a car three weeks before my marriage in 1991, broke 6 ribs and punctured a lung. We spent our entire honeymoon playing scrabble. 😒.

    Thanks for the post, J. I loved that cycle under Bertie Mee culminating with our first double in ’71. It wasn’t pretty but they were a team of tough hombre’s. ’68 -’72 were my adolescent years so, the team is as memorable to me as my first kiss.
    Our present team is fab, but for sheer beauty (fruitless tho’ it was) the 2008 – 2012 teams played some incredible football. And the Bergkamp cycle should be mentioned in the same breath as the five cycles of nature, Wagner’s epic Ring cycle and the Raleigh Chopper.

  • Hi Stuart. I’ve been playing far longer than my wife and I usually win, but the more we play the better she gets. Yesterday was very unusual, I was leading at the end but the game ended up as a tie on the tile countdown 297 points each.

  • Barely had time to drop this…..

    Bournemouth v Everton D
    Tottenham v Leeds H
    Nottm Forest v Palace. H (2-1)
    Wolves W v Arsenal A (1-2)
    Fulham v Manchester Utd H
    Bayer 04 v VfB Stuttgart H (3-1)

  • Saw some highlights. Reiss Nelson looked good again. I’m keeping an eye on him. I have a feeling he could be a surprise plus for the squad this year.

  • Thanks Eris – here are my predictions:-

    AFC Bournemouth v Everton D
    Tottenham Hotspur v Leeds United H
    Nottingham Forest v Crystal Palace * A (1-3)
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Arsenal * A (1-3)
    Fulham v Manchester United D
    Bayer 04 Leverkusen v VfB Stuttgart * D (2-2)

  • Interesting article Stuart, thanks for sharing. I’ve only covered both triple words once in over 50 years of playing scrabble.

  • Those of you that have Netflix should look up FIFA Uncovered, a litany of corruption over 4 episodes, depressing but worth watching as the corruption is still alive.

  • Looks like we shall stay top of the table at Christmas. Incredible scoreline at the Etihad.
    Arsenal don’t even have to win today to stay top….. But, we should and would.

  • Just as I put on the Spurs game Leeds scored at that exact moment and a very nice finish to take a 3-2 lead. Leeds showed against us that they are very dangerous hopefully they hang onto the three points

  • Now Spurs take the lead what a crazy game Spurs lead now oh well hopefully we do the business later on but the Premier league shows just how tough every game is and Brentford beating City may inspire Wolves .

  • West Ham and Everton are really struggling they are in the relegation battle for now and Forest to their credit after the thumping at Arsenal are on the verge of another victory just to confirm it is the toughest league in the world. I am glad we are out of the League Cup but would also have been happy to stay in it but the league is the priority and we need to stay injury free with our lack of squad depth. Hopefully we can add in January but it would be better if Viera and Lokonga can step up their performances. I too am hoping Reiss continues his ascendency he looked good in the first half of the Brighton game that I watched yesterday. Emile can also be like a new signing after the World Cup, fingers crossed he stays healthy.

  • We’d better make the most of this season Stu because the rain clouds are gathering up in the North East and once Saudi get into their stride we might be washed away by a Newcastle tsunami.

  • Arsenal are routinely linkedto this player and that player but we’d better be smart about our moves because the Geordies can blow us out of the water.

    A bit like Abramovitch used to do to Wenger back in the day…

  • I can see Newcastle spending a small fortune next summer if they make the Champions League, £200m/£250m/£300m, just loose change to the Saudis.

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