Arsenal v Wolves: All Guns Blazing for a Five Point Gap

Oh how nice it is to start the game tonight knowing we will remain TotL whatever the result. Man City unexpectedly got stung by the Bees and we can call ourselves Autumn’s Masters, or as the Germans call it Herbst Meister. It just shows us how important focus and respect for every opponent is in the PL. There are no easy games and it’s OGAAT all the way.

We are lucky to have a fit squad and can play our top Gunnners once more. The Seagulls’ Cup defeat was a damp squib, and Arteta will have noticed that not all is well with our second-11, if we can call them that; and the January TW will see some additions, I reckon.

But our first eleven mean business in every game and will relish the opportunity to put a massive five points between us and the light blue Oilers.

Wolves have been playing some beautiful football over the last few years, especially under Nuno Espirito Santo. But they are in flux now and we have a great opportunity to take all three points at Molineux.

I am hoping for a grant finale tonight and before the folly in the sandpit will take place. Many Gunners have been selected for the WC and they should all be happy as Larry. The only risk I can see is that they will be desperate not to get injured, and therefore not give their all. Well, Arteta will surely not allow any lack of attitude from anyone. Three points and a football show on Saturday is the demand, no doubt!

Bring it on boys!!


Same as v Chavs.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!!

By TotalArsenal

35 thoughts on “Arsenal v Wolves: All Guns Blazing for a Five Point Gap

  • “Folly in the sandpit”. A quandary in Qatar for most fans. The heart being pulled in two directions.

    This late kick off coincides with our Sunday worship, so I shall put The Lord first and watch the game this arvo. COYG.

    Our Wahine Toa did us proud last night v the English pack. What a final.

  • “Folly in the sandpit”. A quandary in Qatar for most fans. The heart being pulled in two directions.

    This late kick off coincides with our Sunday worship, so I shall put The Lord first and watch the game this arvo. COYG.

    Our Wahine Toa did us proud last night v the English pack. What a final.

  • Joe Willock gets the goal that consigns Chelsea to yet another defeat. The boy is coming into his own, you know.

  • TA already hinted at hit but here’s the line up for both sides:

    Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Odegaard, Partey, Xhaka, Saka, Jesus, Martinelli.
    Subs: Turner, Cedric, Holding, Tierney, Vieira, Elneny, Nelson, Marquinhos, Nketiah

    Sa, Semedo, Collins, Kilman, Toti, Bueno, Neves, B. Traore, Moutinho, A. Traore, Guedes.
    Subs: Sarkic, Lembikisa, Mosquera, Nunes, Ronan, Hodge, Ait Nouri, Podence, Campbell

  • how long has it been since the last time our passing was that poor?
    just can’t remember
    can’t say i feel ecstatic about vieira coming on for granit
    kieran LB and zinch playing granit’s part is what i expected
    but come on fabio prove me wrong …

  • Agree with you there, Le Gall. I also thought KT for Xhaka and Zinchenko to go central (Lord knows he spends much time there anyway). Vieira may feel he can play amongst his kinsmen from Portugal, as a few of the Wolves players are Portuguese. Semedo has made things difficult for Martinelli while Saka is only just finding room on the right.

  • Jeez was offside anyway, but it’s high time the Lord brought down a tap-in onto him, so the boy might start restoring his confidence

  • Martinelli has been making some uncharacteristic decisions, thus befuddling even his own team mates. GJ 9 didn’t expect that cross from him and didn’t come back from an offside position. We could have been 1 up.
    We have dominated the ball, trying to pull them apart in their low bock but they are a stubborn side Wolves. They are set up to hit us on the counter while we set up to pass them off the pack, hoping there is a chink. Looking like one of those games when one goal will do it, unless things open up.

  • They have been dangerous, the hosts and have forced our defenders into some errors, to be fair. But we have been lucky.

  • I hadn’t put any stock in players not working too hard before the world cup, but everyone who’s going looks off the pace today.
    Saka bad, White bad, Partey nothing like last week. Couple that with Wolves trying to show their stuff for a new manager, and that’s how it’s this way. I hope Arteta rips into them at the half.

    Nobody’s running, showing for the ball or passing up to standard..

    We need to come out like a different team in the second half.

  • Great comments, guys. Looks like players are holding back a bit to not get injured. Injury to Granit is a setback.

    CoyrrGs ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽

  • fabio’s first touch gave me a scare, but the boy did oh so well after that
    what a move what a goal, that’s more like you lads

  • Granit looks more like illness, from the way he looked. The medics did more talking to him than feeling him for an injury. He then took a swig from some liquid and that was it.
    He should be okay.

  • It’s been that sort of game with players distracted and just looking to get done with the game as their minds switch to the national teams and the WC.

  • Le Gall summed up our first half well with ‘engine coughing so far when it should be purring’. Very frustrating as that was exactly how England played at the Emirates for most of this afternoon. We got some much-needed excitement at the end with the scores level at 80 minutes but Samoa deserved to win. So pleased that the boys stepped it up in the second half and came away with a win and a brace for Ode. Five points clear too, I didn’t see that coming! #COYG!

  • Nice result was really nervous about this one special mention to Big Gab who for once bailed out Saliba a couple of times but outside of the mistakes he had before he is having a great season and still so young so hopefully he will be in future Brazil squads. It was also great to see Fabio involved in the goal and it should do his confidence a world of good going into the break. Too bad Reiss could not get more minutes but the smile on his face when he was coming on and at the final whistle says it all; he is so glad to just be a part of his boyhood club and is a true gooner.

  • 44 Arsenal-less days ahead
    But what a table to keep an eye on
    Job well done, eventually; they crumbled after the first goal which wasn’t exactly deserved, but was gorgeous – and I certainly won’t feel sorry for that Mendes bunch, good players though most of them are (why Semedo was taken off is beyond me)
    Very happy for our skipper, his second was really well taken, not as easy to score as it looks ( a bit like Reiss’s first against Forest)
    I think Benjamin Le Blanc was immense again, can’t wait to see him in the Champions’ League, that’s the level he needs to be tested at now
    couldn’t watch the final yesterday, must’ve been a great game indeed, will watch the replay asap

  • What a day and what a win. Well done to the team and Arteta. It’s now over to Josh and Edu to strengthen the team and push for the dream.
    Dream surely we can. Proud of the boys. It’s 3:30 AM here and I can’t sleep due to excitement

  • Well that was a clear example of the maturity and calmness of this squad, not at their best but the only real quality came from the league leaders, doesn’t that sound nice guys, let me run it past you again, league leaders…

    I never felt that we wouldn’t win tha5 game, this young team with old heads on its shoulders are just growing and blossoming before our mince pies.

    Now it that doesn’t do it fo4you then you should visit Stu for a stern talking to…

  • It bears reminding, so I shall remind you fine fellows:

    Arsenal lead:
    Man City by 5 points.
    Newcastle by 7 points, with a game in hand.
    Totteringham by 8 points and one game in hand.
    Man Utd 14 points with one game more played
    Liverpool with 15 points and
    Chelsea with 16 points….

  • Run it past us again, Kev… And again and again for the next 44 days. Woohoo!
    Even Mike Dean performed well.

    LeG. The Rugby final was brilliant. Contrasting styles of England’s dominant pack and our running game. But just like last week against the French, we benefitted from a technical fail by the opposition right at the end of the game. The cruelly narrow margins of sport.

  • Great win yesterday, who would have guessed the current standings at the beginning of the season – nobody I know of, not even the most ardent Arsenal supporters.

    To welcome the win we are faced with our first snow storm of the season, it’s quite fierce right now so GN5 will stay tucked up warm at home and watch it through the window.

  • That bit of information sure gives one a warm/smug feeling indeed. I won’t mind being reminded often, Kev.

    GN5, when you can, maybe you go through the Points prediction game you put up some weeks back to know if anyone thought we would be top. I know I predicted we would not be below top 2, for one. 😜
    My folks told me about the snow storm. A white Christmas is certain then.

  • Eris , I don’t have time to do all of the calculations, however the game was never about deciding our position in the league – it was about predicting whether we would win, lose or draw. As is stands here are the results of those predictions.

    1st Stuart 12/14 game predictions
    2nd Eris 10/14
    3rd Madhu, Kev, OX10 & GN5 9/14
    Late starter Le Gall 3/5

  • Woke up, got out of bed
    dragged a comb across my head
    Went downstairs and had a cup
    Looking up I noticed we were top of the league…

    Oo yeh. Snoopy dance across the kitchen floor.

  • I read the news today oh boy
    About a lucky man who made the grade
    His name was Mikel Arteta.
    And he is top of of the league for Christmas

  • Found my ticket and grabbed my scarf
    Entered the ground with a joyous laugh
    Found my way to my seat
    The game kicked off and I went into a dream…

    I read the news today, O boy
    The mighty Arsenal are top of the league.

    Sing it again, Kev. Wind down your sherbets windows and sing to the whole of London.

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