Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Arsenal-Silverware-Lining 2023!

Dear Bergkampesquers,

Thank you for visiting and commenting on our webblog this year. A year in which the blog had its 10th anniversary and we have been witnessing Mikel’s transformation, making us the happiest club-supporters on these shores and beyond.

The Arsenal unite us but its the human warmth and support for each other that makes it extra special on Bergkampesque. Thank you for all the football and non-footie support this year. You have been amazing. I raise my Arsenal mug to you all!

Here is to a Blythe Yule an’ a Guid Hogmanay, as they say here in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Frank aka TotalArsenal

75 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Arsenal-Silverware-Lining 2023!

  • Frank, your administration and the basic goodness of the bloggers makes Bergkampesque a very special place to blog.

    In the past year I have really felt the support of everyone and I’ve been lifted up from near and far (mostly far) due to our geographical separation – and that makes me a very grateful GN5.

    I could never have imagined that I would have had a prayer group from New Zealand praying for my good health – it really moved me in a special way. I was given a shoulder to lean on – and I felt that shoulder holding me up. Thank you Stuart your words and videos meant a lot to me.

    I would be amiss if I did not, once again, thank every other BKer for both your comments and support.

    We have a group of Arsenal supporters who show a varied and deep knowledge of both our teams and the game itself. I never thought that after following Arsenal for 76+ years that I had much to learn – but learn I have. We are allowed to express our own opinions, and that’s good – as we have a lot of strong minded characters.

    I thank you for all your fine work, you my friend are the glue that makes Bergkampesque what it is – and long may it last.

  • Wolves vs Man United…….. Away (0-3)
    B’mouth vs C.Palace……… Draw
    Fulham vs Southampton. Home
    Newcastle vs Leeds………. Home (3-1)
    Brighton vs Arsenal………. Away
    Villarreal vs Valencia…….. Home (2-0)

  • Thanks for all your hard work Frank, particularly during times of loss, we all appreciate the vehicle you’ve provided for us to converse.

    Merry Christmas to one and all and here’s to a memorable celebration in May 2023.

  • Total, thanks for all you do on and with this platform, not the least of which is the positivity you provide after a bad result or performance. BK is a great site to come express views freely, about all things Arsenal and more; you make it possible and easy for all of us.

    A merry Christmas to you and to everyone on here; best wishes for the new year too.

  • Happy birthday, LeGall. The Lord bless and keep you, always; and may the lines continue to fall for you in pleasant places. I trust you had (are having) a good one. Not too many people have the luxury of celebrating one birthday over two days.😜

  • Greetings, GN5 and happy to see you are back in fine form. I wish you, specially, a very merry Christmas.

    Wolves vs Man United…….. A (1-3)
    B’mouth vs C.Palace……… A
    Fulham vs Southampton. H
    Newcastle vs Leeds………. H (3-1)
    Brighton vs Arsenal………. A
    Villarreal vs Valencia…….. D (2-2)

  • Merry Christmas to you Frank. I hope all goes well with you and the family. I’ve not been as close to football of late, the money and politics spoil the pleasure for me sadly. It has been great to see our team surpass all expectations however, based on young talent rather than simply vast amounts of cash.

    I was delighted to read that you were boycotting the world Cup too – I didn’t watch a moment of any game, and switched channels whenever it came up on the news etc. The whole Quatar matter has been nauseating and not one I wish to feel any association with.

    Anyway, thanks for continuing all that you do on the website and my best wishes to you for the year ahead.


  • Merry Christmas to all my friends and Amen to headline of this post

    Wolves vs Man United…….. 0-3
    B’mouth vs C.Palace……… A
    Fulham vs Southampton. H
    Newcastle vs Leeds………. 3-1
    Brighton vs Arsenal………. A
    Villarreal vs Valencia…….. 2-1

  • Merry Christmas to all my friends and Amen to headline of this post

    Wolves vs Man United…….. 0-3
    B’mouth vs C.Palace……… A
    Fulham vs Southampton. H
    Newcastle vs Leeds………. 3-1
    Brighton vs Arsenal………. A
    Villarreal vs Valencia…….. 2-1

  • A good article, Eris. Interesting bit at the end re Saka or Martinelli leading the line rather than Eddie… Possibly. I think they have a point.

  • Eris , yes wordpress is playing some games or i may have messed it. Hence the duplicate messages. Apologies folks

  • I have changed my ne to reflect my proper name and out a pic. Testing to see if it reflects here when I post

  • You look good in red and white, Madhu.
    Thanks for the expression of gratitude, GN5. I’ll share your words with the team. They would all undoubtedly say, “All praise to Him on high”.

    Total, got your e mail. Spotted “Jerusalem” in your library. Cert’s the greatest biography of a city that I have ever read.

    Snow in London. All together now… There’s only one Dennis Bergkamp, one Dennis Bergkamp, walking along singing a song, walking in a Bergkamp wonderland…

  • TA, I even read some speciation that Vieira may be used centrally (that won’t be hapening; not even as fase 9). It is all speculation for now. I feel Martinelli and Nketiah can be used interchangeably, on occasion. Hopefully, Nketiah steps up and delivers goals.

    Madhu, that’s not a bad upgrade to your profile/Avatar.

  • …hapening, False 9, etc.***

    My device keyboard is having a touch problem with some alphabets. Needs fixing…

  • Newcastle are giving Leicester a good sorting out, yeah, great pic Madhu, every inch a Gooner,, I wonder how long it’ll be before Arsenal visit The Jewel considering the support we have in the sub- continent, a great new market that’s only going to grow in importance.

  • Thanks TA and Kev. If iam not mistaken Arsenal are tying up with Indian league clubs. I just wish it’s Bangalore Football Club and i hope someday we can get an academy kid on loan to play a season with us.

  • Eris,
    Right now I could see Vieira as a false 9 (I heard he played there in the past) more than I see him as #8 as was being talked about.

    I think Arteta will persist with Eddie for a good long while.. but also that Eddie will play well enough. He’s become a very different player in the past 12 months. All down to hard work and Arteta’s influence.

  • At long last:

    Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah.

    Subs: Turner, Cedric, Zinchenko, Holding, Elneny, Lokonga, Vieira, Marquinhos, Cozier-Duberry.


  • Happy holidays everyone glad to have the prem back. Looks like Liverpool just got a big three points but my word did Villa have a lot of opportunities and possibly better chances than all of Liverpool’s. Emery has made them very dangerous in a short space of time and that will be a tough away fixture for everyone. Also I did not catch the Newcastle game but Eddie Howie must be commended for the job he is doing they are firmly in the title chase and are more than just dark horses right now. It is incredible to think they are doing this without Isak and Saint-Maximin for a long time and before they unleash more big spending.

  • I was half expecting Saliba to be spared for this one but, hey, if he feels up to it, why not?

    Jync, you are usually correct about these things so I join you in hoping Eddie does the business, like he did for the academy sides, alongside Saka and ESR. We cannot afford to show any weakness or City will pounce.


  • And now this … How to make you hate PL football in less than 25′

    “Oliver’s army is here to stay
    Oliver’s army are on their way
    And I would rather be anywhere else
    But here today”

  • Only thing with Granit and Ode both turned down opportunities to shoot I feel we need more attempts on goal but now down unfortunately but we have dominated.

  • Marti has taken a couple of tough challenges glad he is okay. Eddie has done well so far but I am sure the naysayers will keep bashing him. Need a bit of more ruthlessness and turning possession into shots at goal.

  • One of those nights, I’m afraid …
    But a pen it wasn’t tbf
    Eery feeling of watching that Juve friendly all over again

  • Hope we pull out with the win with Arsene in the building is this his first time at the Emirates?

  • That offside for our goal couldn’t be overturned because nobody understood what it was about.

    Eddie playing very well. He’s a danger when he can get the ball, and he’s doing some Jesus work in midfield and even around our own box.

    I was nervous as soon as I saw Saliba sliding. Ødegaard keeps willing us forward but its been tight. He’s a perfect captain.

  • I thought other than Ode everyone looks a bit flat. We need better performance in second half to get something from this game. Let’s hope

  • Some credit to West Ham is due. They have really defended well and denied us space on the wings and through the centre. We will crack them though. 3-2 to the Arsenal.

  • Left-footed magic
    “I’ll blacken your Christmas and piss on your door
    You’ll cry out for mercy, but still there’ll be more”

  • Well what a weird assist from Ode but just like I had been calling for sometimes you just have to shoot and anything can happen

  • So happy for Eddie some idiots who call themselves fans online are saying terrible things about him. I do not know if he will be the answer but he has a chance and why would one not just get behind a player instead of slating him; a homegrown player at that.

  • “A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
    For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn”
    Bring on those seagulls
    Just wish Mick had given Cozier-D. a short runout
    On the other hand, Eddie might be on his way to saving us quite a few million pounds, isn’t he?

  • Great win and so happy for Eddie. This was a tough one but the team made it look easy in the end. Will get some sleep now. Good night folks

  • The one thing Ode is missing is a goal but he was outstanding my man of the match long may it continue Cap.

  • I can’t underestimate this home win, guys. We answered the mentality question on a day that we conceded first (a very unfamiliar position for us) and a day no Home team won in the EPL.

    Wenger’s first visit to his old stomping ground too and the boys did him proud.

    Well done, lads.

  • Ahh just heard this was Mikel’s 3 year anniversary what a job he has done together with Edu. I am excited to see how Mikel progresses as a coach he is of a high standard already, yet like this team so young.

  • Lovely to see Arsene in the building. The cherry on the cake.
    Benny White needs a song. Solid with moments of the spectacular.

    LeG going all Procol Harem and Adolphe Adam on us. Very fitting, mon ami.

  • Wow looks like Liverpool have agreed a deal for Gakpo it seemed he was heading to Utd the way the rumors were going good signing for them.

  • Liverpool is stacking up their front line. They lost Mane and within 6 months have got Nunez and Gakpo. It may also indicate that they are prepared to let go one of Salah or Forminio. Let’s see. Hope we get Mudryk over the line soon.

  • Yeah Madhu, I’m hearing £37m for Gakpo which is a heck of a lot less than I read quoted when Arsenal were linked to him, I reckon he’ll do well at Liverpool with Klopp fully engaged on a rebuild of his EPL winning squad.

    Man Utd are thefavourites for Felix I reckon as Arsenal are fully focused on Mudryk.

  • As for the win over West Ham it was vital to get back on that winning run, we’ll go to Brighton full of confidence and with all our key players in top form.

  • You guys follow the youth team more than I do, but I saw enough of Nketiah to know that even though he was a top scorer in all youth ranks for Arsenal and England…. he’s a totally different player now. No longer a fox in the box poacher…It’s all happened in the past 2 years under Arteta. The power, pace,strength, explosiveness. Has picked up some habits from Jesus too.

    If he hadn’t scored today, I would have been praising his gameplay anyway. He worked for his teammates.

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