Arsenal Have 19 OGAAT Fences to Overcome: Yee-Haw!

Outside my kitchen window I can see, in the distance, two huge tower cranes operating over a large building project. After another successful transfer window I cannot help thinking of Mikel and Edu being the tower crane operators of our beloved Arsenal. They certainly operate with a great overview whilst having their feet firmly on the ground. They could see the (potential) gaps in our team and knew how to deal with them. I applaud them for the sensibility.

We needed cover for Big Gab and they found a left-footed CB in Kiwior. We needed extra, proven (ideally PL) goal scoring power and Trossard, who can play in a number of attacking roles, can just hit the ground running. An injury to either Ode or Partey would hurt our title chase significantly, so signing Jorginho, who is versatile, experienced and will feel at home among all our Brazilians, is a fine insurance policy by Mikel and Edu. Yes, they were after younger versions initially but their targets were hard to get in the mid-season transfer window. With a much coveted league title at stake Arsenal simply had to act, and we certainly have strengthened defence, midfield and attack with these three signings.

The Boehly boy of the Chavs reminds me of an old neighbour when I was still a boy. They were better off than my family but had no taste. Every time I got a new outside toy or an item of clothing, they would not waste any time before they got it as well, but better, more expensive and of course more showy. The Chavs have been splashing the money with huge desperation to stop the slippery slide into mediocrity. Boehly’s new toy is not giving him any joy so out comes to wallet and splash goes the cash. I wonder how much Potter was involved in all these purchases and how much of a plan there is… other then let’s buy what Arsenal want to buy; let’s snatch it away from them.

So now we have 19 PL battles to go and the next one up is against the Toffees. We are going to count down from now on with OGAAT in mind, and every victory will be celebrated like a cup final. This is a special season. Nobody, absolutely nobody, saw this coming. Every footie pundit had us outside the top-three, many outside the top-four. Let’s get back in the saddle BKers: 19 fences in front of us. Yee-Haw!!

And let’s finish this season as the wonderful Antonin Dvorak does in his Carnival Overture Op.92!

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!


39 thoughts on “Arsenal Have 19 OGAAT Fences to Overcome: Yee-Haw!

  • Allezkev wrote at the end of the last post:

    It has Total, all the ingredients of a feck fest at Stamford Bridge if it goes tits up, no doubt the manager will pay the price but let’s see how the second half of the season looks after the largesse of Fatboy Boehly, I couldn’t stand Abramovitch forcthe way he perverted the transfer market but at least he seemed to have a plan despite his disgusting behaviour and the disgusting friends he had and still has, but Boehly is just a complete wanker…

    For all the perceived wisdom going around and the criticism of Edu, Arteta and Arsenal, our club is still behaving like a proper football club, albeit one with class, something clearly missing in Fulham Broadway.

  • Definitely missing in ‘Fulham Broadway’, Kev. Let’s give them a spanking when they come to THOF.

    Potter will not last long and it will probably be the third coming of the Special One before the end of the season. Ah well….

  • Good post Total, a mature overview of where we are and what is possible, whilst people were losing their minds over Caieido I was already focusing on Goodson Park, we need to overcome a Shaun Dyche inspired team fighting for its life supported by a group of fans every bit as passionate as their neighbours across Stanley Park, it’s going to be a battle taking all the points and we need experienced fighters, players that are Premier League ready, not academy kids or players who need 6 months to settle. As you say 19 cup finals and we win 16 of them we’re home and hosed.

  • Jeorge Bird
    Arsenal won’t have to leave any first-team players out of their Premier League and Europa League squads

  • Dear friends thanks a lot for the good news that iam currently top of the table like my beloved Arsenal. Past few days ia have been very sick. This surely brightens my day.

    Aston Villa v Leicester City. H
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool * 1-2
    Newcastle United v West Ham United. H
    Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City *. 1-3
    St Mirren v Hibernian *. 2-1
    Real Sociedad v Real Valladolid. H

  • Interesting debate between PB and TA. My take on the Jan Window is based on the prevailing situation and also looking at the previous Jan Window.
    We needed few cover in positions to sustain our title challenge till the end. We had to get someone in the final third knowing that Jesus will come back soon. We tried with a long term prospect Mudryk but failed. Mudryk would have been a gamble but represented a continuation of our strategy. We turn quickly moved to a tactical now option of Trossard. He can cover all 3 front positions PL ready works well in tight spaces and can score goals. Keeping in mind that we will have Balogun to join the front 3 next season Trossard as a tactical solution makes great sense.
    Left sided Central defender was a gaping hole with just Gaby gallantly carrying through. So we go get Kiwior who by all looks is a long term prospect in line with our recruitment strategy. Regarding Trusty we cannot rule him out yet. By all accounts and I spoke to a city fan on my recent visit to Birgimham they do hold him in high regards. He is thier best player this season. He may come back or atleast bring us some money. Kiwior can provide good back up in other positions too as he is versatile.
    Midfield especially Partey position is been a conundrum we are struggling with only because Partey plays in such a unique style it’s difficult to find someone ready made. Mind u he took two seasons to understand Mikels need. We wanted Caciedo by all accounts but couldnt get him. So we moved on to Arteta next option which he always wanted as we know from press. Jorgi is again Pl ready and plays Parteys role albeit in a completely different style and pace. Team will have to get adjusted to that but it is so well drilled that they can pick up the slack between Jorgi and Partey when needed. Where Jorgi makes me nervous is his lack of pace and Physicality. This is a tactical buy as a cover for Elneny not Partey. Powder is dry to find that big purchase for partey role. That by all accounts looks like Declan Rice in the summer.
    So all in all I belive this window was a good one taking cue from last Jan when we didn’t get anyone and couldn’t get top 4. Atleast this gives us a fair chance to sustain our title challenge yet give enough room to keep track ok our strategic ambitions.

  • With Butler-Odeyeji out to Acrrington Stanley, we’re officially left with ESR as Eddie’s backup, something like (in the absence of PharaMo and GJ9, and provided Reiss’s and Emil’s injuries are indeed short-term):
    Turner (Hein)
    Nelson (Cozier-Duberry)-Vieira-Smith (Nelson)-Trossard
    Hard to say this lacks coherence, and I’m relieved the club didn’t splash close to €100m on the Brighton guy. £12m Jorginho will start the EL games imo, he and Tom are completely different kinds of players, so it’ll be worth watching. I like the short-term contract too, looks like we’ve learned from our past mistakes when doing business with West London’s loony bin.
    Our winter business looks like a positive message sent to Folarin and Charlie P., Fo in particular since obviously our deciders would rather walk on the thin ice of Emil’s fitness in the CB back-up position, than bring in a new guy who’d have to make way for our wonderkid once he’s back.
    I read what P. wrote about Szczęsny’s buddy – the fee seems a lot to me too, but then I don’t think bringing back Trusty was even considered at any point. The whole market could see we were in need of a left-footed CB, everybody’s well aware of the money we’re sittin’ on … so that’s not what we might call having the high ground when negociations get underway.
    Lastly, what a great story it’d be if Matt Smith eventually got (at least) a few minutes in the PL or the EL …
    You take 19 games into account, TA, but I have a confession to make: our EL run matters a lot to me, too. I don’t like the look of our European trophy cabinet at all, and this young team has all it takes to catch any team in its whirlwind, at the Grove in particular, so I’d be disappointed if we didn’t make it all the way to a victorious final in Pb’s hometown.
    26 OGAAT fences it is, then

  • Le Gall, I think that both Trossard and Martinelli can provide backup to Eddie if needed. On paper, we still look a bit light in midfield as we have lost two (Mo and Sambi) and only brought in Jorginho. However, as Madhu has said, Kiwior is versatile and has played in midfield as has Ben and our Ukrainian maestro so we should be OK there too.
    I think that it has been a good window for us. I’m pleased that we have walked away from two over-priced acquisitions, even if Mudryk has started well for the Chavs. It allows for more reasoned recruitment in the summer.
    Looking forward to us hurdling those 26 OGAAT fences! I agree with Kev that the first one could be a tricky one. Everton fans will be hoping for a ‘new manager bounce’ and the gravelly-voiced one is a wily and experienced operator.

  • Good stuff, Madhu. I am not worried about pace and physicallity. The former is over-valued and the latter is not an issue. Jorginho knows how handle himself.

  • The midfield cover is Xhaka, Zinch, Partey, Jorginho. I would like to see one or two youngsters making some minutes in Europe or maybe even PL.

  • Indeed, Flo is on the top of the scorers’ chart.
    If you have an ad-blocker, this is an alternative link.
    Also, he should be there for a few weeks, as Mbappé was injured a few minutes ago, Neymar is out, J. David and Moffi have finished their game already, and Lacazette is behind Balogun by 2 goals. Maybe we will be able to sell him for 45M after all…

    Have you seen the article on the club website: 20 things you didn’t know about Jorginho?
    Look it up and read (site engine doesn’t like comments with more than one link).
    It made my perception of him a lot better. He seems like a decent guy despite his Chelsea history. And a capable one nevertheless.

  • Et un, et deux, et trois …

    Yep, TA, even has Mbappé in his rearview mirror, now …
    Tavares is doing very well down in Marseilles, too; Kev-Stu might just be right about garlic and Gooners, you know

  • Balogun is, indeed, on fire and Arteta must be pleased. Our loanee has done well toppling Mbappe to become Ligue 1 top scorer with that hat-trick for Reims. It will do his confidence some real good. Expect offers for him across Europe, if he continues this way. Hopefully, we turn them down and keep him for the number of games we shall have to navigate next season.

  • Madhu, sorry to hear that you’ve been a tad Tom & Dick, hopefully the worst is behind you.

  • With Balogun back in the fold next season I suspect that the point of attack is not a dept we need to concern ourselves about too much, leaving the Mudryk/Caicido funds available to speculate on other areas of the squad next summer.

  • 19 league games and a few more in Europe to go and I agree with OGAAT for the rest of the season; Arteta does this well too as he avoids falling for questions which distract from the next game. It is the ideal disposition to have when you know journalists are only up to mischief seeking to know how you would handle a big clash that is 2 games away.
    So, the next important/big game is the one against Everton (A) and we have to find the way to beat them, Sean Dyche or not.

  • Thanks for the vid LeG, it’s given us a bonne bouche of what we can expect from Foloran next season…

  • Some of us saw it coming, Total. I know hope springs eternal in the heart of every Gooner, especially if we have a lot of garlic with our food, but I have only got three results wrong for The Arsenal this season (the 2 draws and 1 loss). Those who denigrate us by saying “we are doing a Leicester” need a sharp slap. Leicester went from relegation candidates to champions, a wondrous achievement. The Arsenal, while off the pace of the top two in recent seasons and in our longest period without being champions, have always only been two or three players away from where we are now. Historically Arsenal’s consistency is astonishing and unsurpassed: only club to have played every season in the top flight since WW1. In that time we have the highest average league position, second highest during the EPL era.
    In the early 2,000’s I thought Arsenal were poised to rule English football for years to come, not foreseeing the arrival of Russian mafia and Middle Eastern oil money. Without it we have maintained a very respectable league position each season, but now, but now…
    Well, I won’t get ahead of myself with 16 OGAAT hurdles in front of us. But I am placing a capital W beside each of those fixtures, because I believe and have believed since I was 10 years old that we are by far the greatest football team the world has ever seen.

    An excellent transfer window btw.

  • Fine article Total.

    Thanks for the vid. LG. His third was a volley Van Persie would have been proud of.

    Get well soon, Madhu. Praying for you, mate.

  • T,

    Reading someone about Jorginho and the term regista was used. I knew what they meant only because of an article you wrote many years ago.

    Something along the lines of Arsene has found his regista.
    You explained the whole concept and I never forgot it.

    Funny thing is, you might have been writing about Arteta!

    Do you remember your thoughts from that time? I’m curious if it was Mikel.

    Was it pre- Bergkampesque or early ?

    You see the influence you’ve had on my football upbringing!?
    I don’t think I’d enjoy or understand it half as much if it weren’t for you.

  • Ruby Murray, saucepan lid, Tom & Dick … too bad I’m retired that’s a lesson I’d have loved giving.
    I have some streetwise kids in mind who’d have got the knack of it in no time – faster than myself, probably.
    I found this to help me out (this is where I came across “Andy McNab”); what does our cockney-rhyming-slang-master think of it?:
    Get well soon, Madhu, we need our leader … was it a COVID-related bug that got you down?

  • Thanks LeG I shall have a good study of that over the weekend, there are many variations of London slang, some are modernised versions of old meanings, Andy McNab for example, I drive a sherbert, short for sherbert dab = cab, but you don’t really get sherbert dabs in sweet shops anymore so the meaning has evolved and changed, like all languages it’s constantly changing, but I shall enjoy studying it and as you are a l’homme who loves language, I’ll dig out some old iterations of my working class tongue. 😎

  • Look forward to it, Kev. Never knew I was transported in a sherbert dab many a time. They definitely had me dab deep into my pockets! 😁

  • LG, I fully agree with you on the importance of the EL, too.
    We are out of the FA Cup and the League (Carabao) Cup; there is just no good reason to depreciate the Europa League, especially as we are still a few years away from successfully compete with Bayern, PSG and Real Madrid for the CL trophy, this is our last real chance for European silverware for a while.
    And yes, the final will take place in my home town, so I’ll be happy to see Arsenal live, and gladly invite any of you if interested. 🙂

  • Well, I think you will be surprised how strong Mikel’s Arsenal will be in next year’s CL competition. This Arsenal is now much more savvy than Wenger’s Arsenal ever was after the cup final.

    As for the importance of the EL, I reckon Arteta will treat it with respect but his eye is on finishing in the top-four this season. The rest is a bonus at this stage of the big plan. Of course, we are ahead of schedule by leading the table with a healthy gap already this season, so going for the title really has to be our priority. The squad is now big enough to do just that, and it would be a tremendous achievement by Mikel and the team. But with a bit of luck with the draw and injuries, we may also see Arsenal go far in the EL Cup. We are cup fighters after all.

  • Aston Villa v Leicester City H
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool * D (1-1)
    Newcastle United v West Ham United H
    Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City * A (1-3)
    St Mirren v Hibernian * D (1-1)
    Real Sociedad v Real Valladolid D
    Eris & Stuart – I appear to be missing your predictions.

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