Title Battle 1/19: Everton v Arsenal Lineup and Preview

An early kickoff today at cosy Goodison Park and a big test for the boys. There will be a Dyche of Toffees in front of the Everton goal and the combination of a new manager, a raucous crowd and a nothing to lose attitude could turn this into a huge scrap.

I still remember travelling from Norwich to Liverpool for the early Saturday kick off and losing by an ugly 1-0, best part of twenty years ago. Back then we were also the big favourites. I also remember last season’s encounter at Goodison Park, one of the worst games under Arteta.

Early away kick offs can be bruised babana skins, and I hope the boys will be 100% focused and hungry for today’s first out of 19 battles for the title.

Emile is out and I hope he will be back soon. Same goes for Mo. Partey has a rib issue but will probably play, although Mikel remains circumspect about this. Will we see Jorginho in the famous shirt for the first time?

Furthermore, will Trossard get a start ahead of Martinelli? I doubt it but love to see more of him today.



Ben, Sal, Gab, Zinch


Buk, Ode, Mar/Lean

Edie, Eddie, Edie

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!!!!

By TotalArsenal

38 thoughts on “Title Battle 1/19: Everton v Arsenal Lineup and Preview

  • Same solid 11 and good bench strength. Missing ESR though the kid cannot seem to get a break. He looks to be cursed like Wilshere. Hope he gets back on. Really feel sorry for him, love him as a player.

  • Arsenal starting lineup: Ramsdale; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Xhaka, Partey; Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli; Nketiah

    Subs: Turner, Tomiyasu, Holding, Kiwior, Tierney, Jorginho, Vieira, Trossard, Cozier-Duberry

    Everton starting lineup: Pickford; Coleman, Coady, Tarkowski, Mykolenko; Onana, Gueye, Doucoure; Iwobi, Calvert-Lewin, McNeil

    Subs: Begovic, Holgate, Mina, Godfrey, Vinagre, Davies, Gray, Maupay, Simms

  • Expect the hosts to get cocky initially, owing to the new manager bounce Dyche would give the fans and players. After we knuckle down, it would be normal service restored.


  • This is a slog, but that isn’t a surprise, old Arsenal would be losing but Arteta’s Arsenal in made of sterner stuff

  • Well that was not impressive by Arsenal. Luckily, we did not concede but clearly we need to step it up. All our players look rusty. Passing is off and the combination passes are too slow and ponderous.

    It was also a good half to see what we are missing without Jesus on the pitch. We need his drive through the middle to crack open the toffee dyches.

  • Poor performance till date for sure. Need more from everyone. This one looks tough from here on.

  • I don’t know for me they are so packed up top there is hardly space Jesus likes to come deeper for the ball so it would be interesting to see him paired with Eddie at times but sure at times he is up top. LIke you touched on the passing has been a let down need to be crisper and quicker to unlock this defense.

  • Interesting decision to take Partey off and immediately punished from one of those corners as I type

  • Taking Partey off (unless he is injured) for a new buy was aways going to give a small problem of re-organization (mental and tactical, given the difference in stye of both players), at such a ground where the home team and fans look up for it.

    Having said that, we expected this energetic Sean Dyche play and on another day and another Arsenal side, we may have gone in 2 goals down…easily.

    It will be a huge achievement to get a draw from here on.

  • On the bright side, this is our game in hand so, we still have a 5 points advantage, technically.

    Everton have defended well even as they all look out on their feet. Must score now, for any chance of redemption.

  • Got to say Everton deserve their points for all the possession not enough chances created we also had less corners than they have had.

  • As per my short post today, this is what I feared. The Everton players were more energetic and won the individual duals. Poor prep on our side today. But our away record is second to none, so let’s take it on the chin and move on speedy Gonzales.

  • Usual stuff on-line elsewhere, it’s Jorginho’s fault or it’s Xhaka’s fault or it’s Arteta’s fault or it’s Edu’s fault or it’s Putin’s fault or it’s Trump’s fault or it’s Brexit’s fault or it’s Wenger’s fault blah blah blah blah blah.

  • All round poor performance from the team. Probably the worst of the season yet. Only disappointing part is that everyone knew that we could get an everton team like this but the team didn’t come up with any solutions.

  • I salute the quality of the Premier league there would be more hiccups for Bayern, Real Madrid or PSG in this league than they face in their own leagues. I always felt we would have to do the business against City ourselves but they might not run the the table with the rest of the league either. Arsenal is not immune to a bad day at the office just have to limit them or win some with luck and fortitude. Good thing that so far we have been more consistent than the competition and have been very good at bouncing back but this is the first time losing back to back games in a remarkable season however we will be back.

  • Kev, I suspected it was Odegaard and White being particularly poor today, but I can be persuaded that Putin should share some of the responsibility. 🙂

    On a more serious note, with Trossard and Jorginho we don’t seem any stronger at all. It’s nice to have covers for Martinelli and Partey, but they are nowhere near the required quality. Obviously they don’t have to be after a few weeks or days only, but these are big shoes to fill, and also I wonder why Arteta brought them on if knew that they will struggle. On Mikel’s defense, he took Martin and Ben off when realized how poor they were playing, but the other substitutions didn’t work out at all. So it’s half Arteta, half Putin after all. 🙂

  • Yes Kev, humans have a terrible tendency to ‘unsupport’ their team as soon as they don’t get what they want, to look for negatives and to blame. Oh and all their hobby horses are brought out again.

  • Ah, that cleared the vestiges of last nights bad dream. Love that, the gospel “accordion” to LG. We ain’t brown bread yet, me ol china’s.
    Dare I say it, “come on you spuds”…

  • Everton were a transformed team and well worthy of the victory.

    They swarmed us every time we had the ball and moved us away from our normal game.

    It’s far too early to be critical of the newcomers as Arteta has not yet had the time to indoctrinate them into Arsenal type football.

  • Not our finest hour but, Everton deserved that one. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call. We have to expect other teams to try to replicate Everton’s tactics against us from now on an do have some better answers! COYGS!

  • Love that song LeG, I can imagine you playing it on the old Joanna to your trouble and strife…

  • “I want the team to know how much I love them,” Arteta said. “I love them much more now than three hours ago, a week ago, a month ago, three months ago. It’s very easy to be next to the players when they’re winning and performing. These are the moments when I love my players more and my staff more and we’re going to stay together. This journey is going to be difficult and challenging and there’s going to be big stones in the middle and we have to overcome that.”

  • If anything, I feel like this defeat was more of a lesson for Arteta than the players.

    We didn’t get it wrong. Everton and Sean Dyche got it right. They nullified us with (basically) a 442. Wingers + Full backs doubling up on Martinelli/Leandro/Saka. 3 big athletic men in midfield to counter the positioning of Xhaka and Ode in between the lines. Making White and Oleks irrelevant in their inverted roles without adding much value offensively.

    The problem was, Arteta didn’t adapt to it. (The following is just my opinion) This was an easy switch to the old 4231. Let Ode play a traditional 10 where he can occupy at least 2 players alone. Bringing Xhaka back alongside Partey/Jorginho to help recycle possession in the part of the midfield where there isn’t heavy pressure, letting the fullbacks overlap the wingers when they (Gabi/Saka/Leandro) draw in the opposing fullbacks and wingers.

    The spaces were there for the fullbacks to take, to overlap. No matter, let this defeat be the lesson that will guide us (and our gaffer) to the PL title. Opposing teams have had 19 games to adapt to and counter our tactics, it’s now on us to adapt in-game to boss our opponents further. COYG!

  • Fine comment, Shrillex. The sort of comments we like on this blog.

    I have to watch the game again to see whether you are right. I thought it was more down to us playing under par in our passing and final balls, but I also thought that we did not use White and Zinchenko as effectively as we normally do.

  • Shrillex, I share your opinion! And you have articulated what I alluded to when I said that we have to find answers to the type of tactics that Sean Dyche employed so effectively against us.

  • We would learn from this (players, staff and fans). I am certain Arteta prepared the team for the atmosphere but the layers couldn’t respond as if taken by surprise.

    I saw some academy kids watching on from behind our substitute rows. Looks like Arteta took along young players from the male and female sides, for the experience of the Goodison atmosphere with a new manager; not sure a defeat was on the script for them.

  • I quite like him as a manager, Total. The Father heart of God can be revealed in any calling.
    Good thoughts from Shrillex, tactical flexibility as he suggested could well have made a difference, tho’ I fully understand Mikel sticking with what has been a winning formula.
    Spuds hanging in there…

  • Well what do you know the Spurs delivered this time they do have a really good record against City

  • It’s been a crazy weekend of unlikely results. Everton, Wolves, Leicester, Forest, Mallorca and even Valladolid all winning their games in the most extraordinary circumstances. Amazing.

  • And now, to top it all, the Tiny Totts win and it makes me feel relieved
    I don’t know about you, mates, but just so you know, I’m gonna try to will this football week-end into oblivion, hoping it’ll be enough to wash the guilt …

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