Jorginho and Trossard Are Pulling Arsenal Through

I don’t know about you but I really feel, for the first time, that Arsenal may win the title this season. It’s still a long way to go and hard away games across the North are still to come, but these last five games have told us so much of our young team. They have cojones with bouncebackability.

The away loss against Everton was painful but this will happen once or twice in a season. It was a psychological thing. Then we played our socks off and had poor VARing going against us v a very strong Brentford, followed by an overall deserved loss v Citeh. Just one point from nine was painful and worrying. Would we collapse?

I must say I was worried. The next two games were away v Villa and Foxes. If we would drop points in the first game, we may drop more in the second one. We had to overcome the Villains. The second half in Birmingham tells you all you need to know about the desire, backbone and togetherness of our team. If we are to win the league, this half will be seen as the big turnaround.

We played v well v Leicester too. Arsenal were unlucky not to score more, but this time it was our midfield and defence that made the difference.

Trossard and Jorginho are making a huge difference, adding experience and efficiency to our game at a crucial period. Partey will be back soon but Jorginho offers something that seems to really be what Arteta has been looking for for a long time. We will find out who of the two will start in the next few games.

Leandro has really impressed me with the way he has fitted right into the team. His movement is excellent and so is his first touch and passing. But what has most impressed me is his fearlessness and directness. His assist was a beauty and he clearly was robbed of a goal by a revengeful VAR official. How many of these ‘fouls’ are committed in each game and go unpunished? We took it on the chin and still went on to win the game. Very impressive.

Next up are the Toffees and we have a few scores to settle with them. Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners!

By TotalArsenal

47 thoughts on “Jorginho and Trossard Are Pulling Arsenal Through

  • The arrival of Jorginho has certainly settled everyone’s nerves regarding Partey, it could be the most cost effective transfer of the last few years?

    Trossard has given Arteta options, experienced options and with so many crucial games coming up that’s like the cavalry coming over the hill to the rescue. Great, great business by the club at such a vital time, we are really so strong across every level of the club.

  • Completely agree with you TA. I was convinced about Trossard as he had age on his side and as well he had played vital role for Brighton. He could provide cover to us as False nine and wings. But the real surprise is Jorgi. Yes he has abundance of exp but somehow I was skepticle of him playing a single pivot role in palce of Partey. I was worried about his physicality , but he he filled Parteys role in a different way altogether. With both signings Arteta seems to have faith and that makes our squad strong.
    Just hoping for Jesus and ESR return to give us more depth and options. I would love to see Reiss getting more minutes till the end of the season.

  • “the cavalry coming over the hill to the rescue.” That is a fine analogy, Kev. At this stage of the season and what is at stake, it would have been too much to ask this from our youngsters. The reinforcements have had the calvary effect indeed.

  • Madhu, I think Reiss will get minutes to replace Bukayo but I think he continues to struggle with fitness.

    With White and Zinchenko pushing up and into the midfield, Jorginho has good support and he can support The Ode with the creative stuff. A fine replacement for Partey indeed.

  • I was concerned about his mentality after his fallout with de Zerbi but, Trossard was an excellent purchase and much better value than Mudryk. Like others, I was concerned about buying another older player from Chelsea who was surplus to requirements. His presence has made us stronger and given us more steel in midfield. I’m still not confident about the title, we will have plenty to contend with now that European adventure is about to restart. Still, each hard-fought victory brings the prospect of the title tantalisingly closer. I’m still following the mantra of OGAAT though!

  • Here are last weekends results:-

    1st OX10 with 6/6 plus most correct scores = 10 points
    2nd Stuart with 5/6 plus one correct score = 7 points
    3rd OX10 with 4/6 plus one correct score = 6 points
    4th Total with 4/6 = 4 points
    5th Eris and Madhu with 3/6 = 3points
    7th LeGall & GN5 with 2/6 = 2 points
    Season to date:-

    1st OX10 with 91.13
    2nd Kev with 90.80
    3rd Madhu with 86.80
    4th Stuart with 86.33
    5th Eris with 78.13
    6th Total with 67.66
    7th LeGall with 64.80
    8th GN5 with 57.33

  • Next weekends choices.

    Manchester City v Newcastle United
    Brighton & Hove Albion v West Ham United
    Chelsea v Leeds United *
    Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur *
    Liverpool v Manchester United *
    Monza v Empoli

  • OX10, the title is still a huge challenge indeed, and it remains OGAAT of course… but I just think those wins in the Midlands are huge for us.

  • Manchester City Newcastle United H
    Brighton & Hove Albion West Ham United H
    Chelsea 2 Leeds United 0
    Wolverhampton 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1
    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1
    Monza Empoli H

  • Manchester City v Newcastle United H
    Brighton & Hove Albion v West Ham United H
    Chelsea v Leeds United * 1-2
    Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur * 1-0
    Liverpool v Manchester United * 3-2
    Monza v Empoli H

  • Don’t know if you watched it, Stu, but it was a great game yesterday – we should thank Haouas for his foolish behavior, after all his recklessness re-established balance, and preserved suspense, and beauty.
    About November, well I like joking about it, and I might try to wind you up once or twice again about the September 8th game, but the truth is I don’t really believe Les Bleus can make it all the way to a final, long-awaited triumph.
    They’re good, they’re – by far – the best bunch we’ve had in ages, they’ll be tough nuts to crack, because Galthié/Ibanez’s drills have improved our defense considerably.
    But … maybe this is because I’m old enough to have known the Blanco/Charvet/Bonneval/Sella/Lafond/Lagisquet/Codorniou/Camberabero/Dominici, etc. years, but their attacks look a little bit too predictable for my taste, and the Paddys – what a great team they have – didn’t fail to punish them for it. Unless there is a way for them to steal and harness the fire that drove these past legends of French rugby, I’m afraid not only Ireland, but any of the three Southern armadas will be ready to catch them on the break. One thing I know for sure though, is the little I’ve seen of all major teams seems to point to 6-7 weeks of memorable rugby.
    I’d spare a melancholy thought for the Welsh, though. I grew up during the 1970s golden age of Welsh rugby, so I find it hard watching them deliver so little, to lack passion so much. Also my mom was born in Brittany, whose anthem is the “Bro Gozh ma Zadoù”, i.e. “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” in Welsh. Just as my grandpa used to sell onions throughout London, her godfather (my grandpa’s cousin) did the same in Swansea. Anyway, she gave birth to a football player, but she loved rugby and wouldn’t have missed a Wales game, come hell or high water – if only to shed a few tears while singing along the anthem in front of her TV screen. I can’t help thinking of her when the Welsh have such a miserable start in the 6 Nations, she’d have hated it…

  • Two excellent signings indeed, Total. Mudryk may well come right in the long run but these two lads have hit the ground running. News emerging of Stirling to Arsenal in the summer. Would you have him?
    I think that cheeky little sonata reminds me more of Santi.

    I saw the highlights, LG. Scotland were a tad unlucky, I thought.
    My wife has Welsh heritage, her grandfather was a Morgan from Llanidloes, rugby mad he was. He was very excited when he heard his grand daughter was being courted by a Kiwi and assumed I was a rugger player (he had been an Oxford blue). He asked me what position I played and got somewhat confused and then disappointed when I replied, “Holding midfielder”. The relationship was quickly healed when I told him I thought Gareth Edwards try against the All Blacks was the greatest I had ever seen.
    I imagine Grandpa Morgan has met your mum and they are filling Heavens courts with their voices and especially the magnificent “Land of my fathers”. Nothing gets near it.

  • Thanks GN5.
    Well done Kevski. What’s the prize this season, GN5?

    Manchester City Newcastle United H
    Brighton & Hove Albion West Ham United H
    Chelsea 0 Leeds United 0
    Wolverhampton 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1
    Liverpool 2 Manchester United 2
    Monza Empoli D

  • Man City vs Newcastle……Home
    Brighton & Hove Albion West Ham United H
    Chelsea 2 Leeds United 0
    Wolverhampton 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1
    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1
    Monza Empoli H

  • Man City vs Newcastle….Home
    Brighton vs West Ham….Home
    Chelsea vs Leeds Utd…..Home (3-0)
    Wolves vs Tottenham…….Away (1-2)
    Liverpool vs Man Utd…….Home (2-1)
    Monza vs Empoli…………….Home

  • That’s it GN5, my iPad is getting past it now, usual Apple deliberate built-in obsolescence kicking in and making it difficult to post on my iPad mini.

  • Need a new one buthave other more important things to spend my excess funds on, you know like food and energy etc, Apple can wait.

  • Thank Stu, I think this seasons prize is either a pair of clogs from Friesland or a kilt from Jockoland 😄

  • LeG, I saw a few very brief minutes of highlights from this evenings U21 game vs Chelsea, we lost 1-0 3 minutes from time to a deflected shot, very Frank Lampard.

    Anyway Kiwior and Smudge Rowe played the first half and the vid I saw on You Tube showed Kiwior showing some very impressive calm and composed playing out from the back in classic Artetaball stylie, he looks a good ‘un…

  • Yes, Kev, Kiwior looks like a natural-born ball-launderer indeed.
    Can he do the same at higher pace and under much more intense pressure is of course the question – Pablo Mari’s left-foot is delightful too after all … Well, we’ll know soon enough I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the callup against Sporting.
    I can’t wait for Emil to be back with the big boys, were it not for the VAR antics, he’d probably have got a few minutes under his belt sunday. He got off at HT yesterday, which might mean MA intends to give him a runout wednesday, provided the Dyche wall is brought down soon enough.

  • The price is eternal honour and a personalised haiku, Stu. 🙂

    Depending on funds I may add an Arsenal related gift, however spurious it may be. 😍

  • I’ll battle you for those clogs, Kev. I have a kilt in my wardrobe. Tho’ “eternal honour” has a certain ring to it, Total.
    I always saw you as a slice of give and take, Kev.

    “natural-born ball-launderer” 👍LG’s on form.

  • Manchester City v Newcastle United. H
    Brighton & Hove Albion v West Ham United H
    Chelsea v Leeds United * 0-1
    Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur * 0-2
    Liverpool v Manchester United * 0-1
    Monza v Empoli. D

  • Fine article, TA. Who needs Calceido mid-season, when you can get Jorginho bedding in straight away, seamlessly, in the absence of Thomas Partey? It was such that very few missed Thomas, and now he is back fit, the hope is for the boss to manage the games workload for Partey till he is over this recurring injury. Lest we forget, Arteta did make a move for Jorginho last summer; a move most fans found an underwhelming target.
    It was a great bit of business getting in both Trossard and Jorginho, to cover the two positions we needed cover at; I bet we would have sought a striker too but these aren’t easy to find in January (United settled for Werghost, no offence). Turns out Trossard can play a false 9 role to good effect. Bliss. Trossard has helped reduce the workload of both Martinelli and then, Nketiah, which can only be a good thing as games start to come more frequently. I am sure he can also operate from the right to rest Saka (I’d prefer Nelson, though), where this is necessary.

    We got two fantastic additions who have improved us. To be fair, it is easier to fit right in when you join a top team that’s playing well, which is what we are, at the moment.

  • Thanks for the report, GN5. Looks like someone is in fine form. Top performance, Kev! Well done.

  • My predictions for next weekend’s choices:

    Manchester City v Newcastle United H
    Brighton & Hove Albion v West Ham United H
    Chelsea v Leeds United * H (2-1)
    Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur * H (1-0)
    Liverpool v Manchester United * D (1-1)
    Monza v Empoli H

  • Kev, my ancestors came from Montrose, Angus, just up the frog from Dundee. Our jam and shortbread is worth a taxi ride up north for.

  • Great footie comment, Erismus. I think also their maturity and experience will help a lot in the dressing room. Partey back is indeed great news.

  • Lol Kev, I bet you despise White cabbage! 😁

    Red cabbage is great. Both my mum and dad cooked it so well. Top veg are sprouts, though. Little planets of goodness. 🙂

  • Manchester City v Newcastle United A
    Brighton & Hove Albion v West Ham United D
    Chelsea v Leeds United 4-1
    Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur 1-2
    Liverpool v Manchester United H 2-1
    Monza v EMPOLI D

  • Thank you Eris, OGAAT… 😉

    Yes, I do love brussels but brussels tops are even tastier Total.
    I quite like a bit of Savoy cabbage with my roasties though.

  • Stu, I am very partial to shortbread, it’s a winner with a large mug of chai, as are most things, the elixirof the Gods

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