Finally Arsenal’s Reserve Beast in Attack Gets his Chance

My NYC gooner buddies along with Total and Kev know, that Reiss is my boy this season… kind of the same way as Nketiah had been last year.. and I’m not an automatic lover of all our academy players… for example I’ve been pretty tough on Emile.  

I have been saying that we should re-sign Nelson on a an inexpensive deal as a spare winger this summer for next few seasons, as cover for 4 competitions.

This is the perfect time to explain why.

The raw talent has always been there and I saw signs early this season that he’s giving exactly what Arteta expects of his players.  Basically like the Nketiah transformation from poacher to all around classic striker who works his tail off.

On talent, he was one of the  highest rated forward prospects of all young English players in the country. He and Eddie were killing it at youth level assisting each other and scoring for fun. Back then I think the hype may have gone to his head and made him a less hard worker, and he’s actually admitted as much in interviews this season. He only started to impress in last years loan from what I hear. Of course there have been many frustrating injuries as well. 

Now, this season coming back to us, from preseason, he’s looked aggressive working off the ball, has kept a great attitude even in small opportunities. He now plays more direct, with force, less cuteness and has clearly bulked up in muscle, as Eddie did. He’s followed the blueprint to impress Arteta. 

I was so sad when he pulled up with the hamstring most recently, because he was about to get a lot more playing chances with Jesus out and before Trossard came. You could see in his face that he was dejected. Nketiah hugged him as he was limping off in that game. They both knew what it was doing to his chances to make a case for himself to stay. 

It’s taken a couple years for me to read Arteta through his small comments. As I knew he’d start Vieira against Bournemouth from recent quotes. 

I sensed Mikel really wants to give opportunities to Nelson to reward his hard work, even early in the season.

To me, even aside from his heroics when he scored 2 replacing injured Saka, and against Bournemouth, I think he’s looked dangerous and very active on and off the ball when he’s had game time.

 I don’t think the manager is paying lip service when he talks about his players, and I think he really is a supporter of Reiss. If we don’t end up keeping him, I know the boss will feel bad about it.

I hope he’ll get a few more chances to play soon, with Jesus needing to be reintroduced gradually, and whatever is the story with Eddie and Trossard’s fitness.

This might make a great academy gunner story.


46 thoughts on “Finally Arsenal’s Reserve Beast in Attack Gets his Chance

  • Brilliant, positive post about Reiss Nelsoni, J. Really enjoyed reading it. I think you are right in that he has been working hard to make it, and it’s now his fitness that will make or break him this season. Fingers crossed he has an injury free few months and rock the place for us as he did so fabulously well yesterday.

  • If we win the league this season not only are we the youngest side to have won but also with multiple academy players contributing to our success. The entire forward line of Saka, Nkethia, Nelson and ESR makes us an unique squad in the Pl and Europe. What a wonderful story for the Hale End. We should build on that and make a rule to test Hale Enders in the squad before we punt on a Ukranian league player for 100 M. Who can argue that Nelson is a better option/value than Mudryk in our squad. Really hope he can remain fit and take his chances.

  • I still have difficulty thinking rationally this morning (“Was it a dream?” keeps popping up in my head), but I’m pretty sure this is as brilliant an assessment as the kid will ever get anyway
    Thanks, J.

  • Great post Johnno, there’s a certain something extra that you feel when one of our ‘own boys’ makes an impact, you always want them to do well because I think it reflects so well on our club and it’s academy. Put simply, if you’re good enough you’ll always get a chance at Arsenal.

    LeG, I was at the game yesterday, in the North Bank and it was pandemonium Ami, we never stopped believing and you can tell that by how many fans stayed behind until the end and never stopped driving us on, it was amazing, our supporters are amazing, I’d love to take in an away game but we’re running out of fixtures.

  • I felt so sorry for Tommy, it wasn’t working for him and I think that Saka missed Ben, Vieira didn’t have a be
    bad game, I actually thought he did well, but just like Tommy it wasn’t happening for him, I didn5 enjoy reading the stick he was getting on-line because he doesn’t deserve it. Granit is still our main man at inside left but Mikel needs option and with Trossard out for 3 or 4 weeks, that’s the lesson of the day.

  • Daughter and daughter’s chatterbox of a boyfriend are due here in 30 minutes.
    Never know how to make him keep his gob shut; but on a day like this, I think I’ll just kiss him on it

  • Befitting post about the player that is Reiss Nelson, JYNC.

    Like you, I have always loved the player having followed his progress at the U-21 to U-23 levels of the Arsenal academy, alongside the likes of Tyreece John-Jules, Folarin Balogun, James Olayinka, Joe and Chris Willock, Saka, Nketiah, Emile and even Ballard, who all seemed to have taken heart from the progress of Alex Iwobi, who was just a few years ahead of them. Alas, not all of them would go on to make it at the Arsenal.

    Last season, I developed interest in the Dutch Eredivisie watching mainly Feyenoord games to see how he was doing; I wanted him back, you see, so was pleased he was retained in the team for this season showing that Arteta sees something in him (don’t forget Mikel Arteta often had to train with the U-23s when recovering from one of his injury lay-offs and must have picked up on the buzz around the much younger Reiss). Unfortunately, when he opted to stay, he needed to be patient seeing as the young Turks on the scene were doing well and he needed to bid his time.

    When he got his opportunities, you could see him trying hard to do as the manager wants, curbing his natural instincts to dribble with the ball and be always forward looking. He looked mature and professional and did score two goals when we needed them, against Forest, at the start of the season. So, he is looking like the man for the big occasion and could play the impact, super-sub role to the end of the season so as to stake a claim in pre-season. I have no doubt he will come good if he can get a consistent, injury-free run in the side, at Arsenal, or at some other club, if he cannot stay here. I’d prefer that he stays and be a part of all the games we would have to play next season.

  • Lol, LeGall. Typical Father in-law sentiments when a daughter is involved. Poor guy. 🤣

  • Yes GN5 after trailing to an early Chelsea goal without Meidema and Beth Mead. Really creditable victory our first trophy since 2019. Great result , WSL seems not this season but we should go for champions league.

  • I rarely wish I was in another persons skin, but, Kev I wish I were you for those 98 minutes yesterday on the North Bank. Or, at least the last 30, I’d even settle for the last minute. I could feel the euphoria from 11,659 miles away while sitting on my sofa.
    Thanks for the write up on Reiss, J. I hope he reads it himself, the sort of encouraging words every young person needs. He, like many of those who come through the academy seems a really grounded and fine young man.

    Finally our ladies have outsmarted the Chelsea girls. Jonas is doing so very well, a great acquisition for the club.
    Manure getting their comeuppance at Anfield, Spuds peeled at Molineux. Apart from City winning, another one of those lovely weekends…

    I hope that kiss is the breakthru moment for you and your daughters fella, LG. Give it your best shot, mate. 😁

  • It is a right drubbing at Anfield for Man United. The Liverpool players are starting to enjoy themselves. The 3 front men have shared the goals 2 each. 6-0.

    Liverpool finding form as our visit approaches.

  • When Liverpool are in this form Anfield is the toughest away fixture I never bought into those writing off Klopp. I would be more confident of beating City away than winning over there as strange as that seems after City just beat us at home. Mikel is due to get one over Pep at some point and we have generally played well in all those head to heads; I guess he did beat him in the FA Cup, but still waiting for one in the league. How crazy is this league Man U dispatched Barca, Liverpool got trounced by Madrid at home and then this annihilation happens wow.

  • I am also a big Reiss Nelson fan and it is vital that him and Smith-Rowe stay fit. If Reiss stays fit I bet he earns that new contract. If we gave Mo a contract I would hope we can find a way to keep Reiss around but we have no control over the decision making so fingers crossed. I knew about his dribbling and pace which to me makes him our best natural winger but the goal scoring has been a nice bonus long may it continue.

  • Reiss was a stunning substitute and gave us all an opportunity to bask in the glory of an incredible win. I just hope it does not put too much pressure on the young man – as performances of a lifetime are difficult to repeat.

  • Lets all take moment, inhale a few deep deep breaths,


    Have a laugh at Man Utd

  • Gary O’Neill, a very classy fellow, so gracious despite what must have been a devastating defeat after such a great start for his team. I have a big soft spot for Bournemouth after my visit down there for our 3-0 win earlier in the season. A real family club. I am glad of our three points but I do hope the Cherries stay up.

  • Excellent Legall.

    Garth Crooks:

    “The Crooks of the Matter
    Anyone who supports a London team, as well as countless others, who saw the video footage of Ian Wright hysterically celebrating Arsenal’s last-minute victory over Bournemouth, must have felt the pain we are all feeling.

    Wrighty’s celebration in the Match of the Day green room epitomised just how much the prospect of winning the Premier League title means to him and every single Arsenal fan on the planet.

    I had Arsenal fans from as far as Nigeria and Dubai sending me copies of the footage in the middle of the night – punishing me, largely due to my association with Spurs, as they know how deep the rivalry goes between the two clubs.

    My issue is: do the current group of Tottenham players or the manager have any idea what Spurs fans are going through right now?

    With every goal and victory celebration Arsenal are inching their way towards an elusive Premier League title. Meanwhile the prospect of them winning this thing is becoming unbearable. Is there no one who can save us from this perpetual agony?”

  • From the letters page of the Metro today:

    ‘A forlorn fan posted on social media that he wants Tottenham players and officials to be pallbearers at his funeral so they can let him down one last time’

  • LeG, I usually get them on YouTube, gotta see Mikel hi-fiving that small boy, a precious moment

  • Last weekends results:-
    For the weekend:-

    1st GN5, Madhu & Eris with 5/6 plus1 correct score and share of most correct predictions = 8.0
    4th Kev with 5/6 plus share of most correct scores = 6.0
    5th Le Gall with 4/6 = 4.0
    6th Total, OX10 & Stuart with 2/6 = 2.0
    Season to date:-

    1st Kev with 96.8
    2nd Madhu with 94.8
    3rd OX10 with 93.13
    4th Stuart with 88.33
    5th Eris with 86.13
    6th Total with 69.66
    7th Le Gall with 68.88
    8th GN5 with 65.33

  • Next weekends selections:-

    Everton v Brentford *
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion
    Leicester City v Chelsea
    Fulham v Arsenal
    Newcastle v Wolverhampton *
    Viborg FF v FC Nordsjælland *

  • Everton v Brentford * 1-0
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion D
    Leicester City v Chelsea H
    Fulham v Arsenal D
    Newcastle v Wolverhampton * 2-1
    Viborg FF v FC Nordsjælland * 1-3

  • Everton 1 Brentford 0
    Leeds United Brighton & Hove Albion A
    Leicester City Chelsea A
    Fulham Arsenal A
    Newcastle 0 Wolverhampton 0
    Viborg FF 1 FC Nordsjælland 0

    Enjoyed his home team’s crucial play-off victory
    Shared in Arsenal’s Bacchanalia
    Won the week’s stage in the highly competitive universe of BK’s predictions
    Madhu was on fire!!

  • Thanks for the update, GN5. As we get into the business end of the season, expect more re-alignments and displacements ……. Nice going, Madhu and GN5.

  • My predictions for next weekend’s selections:

    Everton v Brentford * D (2-2)
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion A
    Leicester City v Chelsea A
    Fulham v Arsenal. A
    Newcastle v Wolverhampton * H. 2-1)
    Viborg FF v FC Nordsjælland * D (1-1)

  • Everton vs Brentford….Home (2-1)
    Leeds vs Brighton…Draw
    Leicester vs Chelsea…Home
    Fulham vs Arsenal…..Away
    Newcastle vs Wolves…Home(3-0)
    Viborg vs Nordsjaelland…Away(1-2)
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion A

  • GN5, ignore the last two lines on my predictions, comment box issues as usual.

  • Wow one more week of topping the charts. Chuffed iam

    Everton v Brentford * 1-2
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion A
    Leicester City v Chelsea H
    Fulham v Arsenal A
    Newcastle v Wolverhampton * 1-0
    Viborg FF v FC Nordsjælland * 2-1

  • Everton v Brentford * H (2-0)
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion D
    Leicester City v Chelsea A
    Fulham v Arsenal A
    Newcastle v Wolverhampton * H (2-0)
    Viborg FF v FC Nordsjælland * A (1-2)

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