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Liverpool v Arsenal: Eight Observations From a Big Learning Moment

Well that was a thrilling football game and one that Arteta needed in terms of evolving his team to his ideal way of playing. We are on a journey and setbacks, however painful when we encounter them, are evolution-gold in … Continue reading

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Arsenal Player Ratings

We will analyse the game soon, but for now, here are the player ratings: Leno: 7, brave and quick of his line. Tierney: 6, tough night but often left isolated. Amazing drive, though. Luiz: 7, great leadership as per leading … Continue reading

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Arsenal v Liverpool Preview/ Lineup: Arteta Faces Four Selection Challenges

Arsenal v Liverpool – September 28th, 2020 Early Liverpool The origins of the city of Liverpool date back to 1207, when King John issued letters patent advertising the establishment of a new borough – ‘Livpul’. Soon after, in 1235, the … Continue reading

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The Magic of Mertesacker and Potential of an All-British XI

This is going to be a long, but not particularly serious post. Besides thought-provoking on the title topic, the aim is to invoke some nice nostalgic feelings. Be warned: serious lineup-p*rn ahead! I probably have already spoiled the fun with the title, … Continue reading

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Eddie More Than Poacher, Elneny is an Arteta System Player, Enigma Pepe: Arsenal v Foxes Player Reviews

We have managed to get another victory – two funny goals of Arsenal B against Leicester B. It wasn’t an easy game but we have prolonged our winning streak for a while. Now, I may sound a bit picky in … Continue reading

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Return of the Feisty Frenchman, Nelson and Pepe to Boss the Wings, GLS at the Back: Match Preview and Line-up

We are playing the Foxes ‘away’ tonight and your guess is as good as mine regarding the starting-11. It all depends on how Arteta will approach the game: A good test for the wider squad A great opportunity to prepare … Continue reading

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Best Super Talent Since Cesc, The Laca/Eddie Swap-Deal, What Leno Needs: Eight Observations Arsenal v Hammers

We have had Alezkev’s precise player ratings already, now let’s focus on a bit of post-game analysis. Eight observations from a game that brought us down to earth – just what we needed: I am loving the CF ’60/30 swap … Continue reading

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Classic Laca, Effective Saka But a Few Gunners Below Par: Arsenal Player Ratings

This was a very difficult game for Arsenal who seemed a bit off beam with their passing, we missed Tierney big time and despite Saka playing well I think we missed Maitland Niles as well. Not a great performance but … Continue reading

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Arsenal v Hammers Preview and Line-up: Xhakelneny or Xhakeballos, Start for Luiz, Willian or Pepster?

Saturday night prime time, Arsenal v West Ham for the world to watch. My partner is not keen on that at all but it is the new way, and I may just about get away with it. The Hammers are … Continue reading

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Farewell Emi Martinez And Thanks for the Unforgettable Post-Lockdown Joy

Imagine young Emiliano, after a day at the beach of his home town Mar del Plata in North-East Argentinia, encountering a divine visit at the darkest hour of the night. Emi hears the sweetest voice telling him “to work hard … Continue reading

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