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Wolfgang Amadeus Mesut: Arsenal’s nr1 Conductor Ozil holds the key to Silverware

Mesut Ozil would always be one of the first players on my team sheet if I was the Arsenal manager. I have never seen him play a bad game but in some games he is more effective than others. In order … Continue reading

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Alexis, Mesut, Jack and Aaron the new Thierry, Dennis, Freddie and Robert?

Alexis CF, Mesut nr.10… with Jack and Aaron ‘Mid-wings’: Discuss! 🙂 Regular readers know that I am a great believer in Giroud and that I do not see a need to buy a CF anytime soon. Giroud allows others to … Continue reading

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Does Arsene finally, finally have his new Bergkamp?

Sanchez and the 4-4-2 With a whole week off before the next game, I thought a fluff piece may be in order just to get the discussions and debating back in full swing. Watching Sanchez playing at Sunderland, everything about … Continue reading

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Arguably the Greatest nr.10 Ever: Master of Balance.

Being a person who started watching football because of Dennis Bergkamp, I had been trying to get my hands on a copy of the new book by David Winner on Dennis Bergkamp, “Stillness and Speed”. My fiancé finally got it … Continue reading

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Bergkamp’s Benediction Complete? Surely Not Yet!

Finally, Dennis Bergkamp was given the recognition by the club he thoroughly deserves. On Saturday 22 February, the non-Flying Dutchman’s ‘in-flight’ statue was revealed outside the stadium among many fans. Truly great people accompany their phenomenal successfulness and lightness of … Continue reading

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How DB10 re-inspired me: ‘Stillness and Speed’

‘Stillness and Speed’, by Dennis Bergkamp – A Review. In terms of footballing autobiographies I am not very widely read; I think the extent of my involvement is Perry Groves’s (which was ridiculously funny in places, but amounted to essentially … Continue reading

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The Return of the King, DB10’s Testimonial, Beating Barca: 10 Unforgettable Moments at The Emirates

Over the past month and a half, us Gooners have been waiting for the signal of intent which was put out there by Ivan Gazidis. As we all know nothing has happened since then. I, for one, am sick and … Continue reading

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Thierry Henry: Player-Coach?

Yesterday’s announcement that the 39 year old Ryan Giggs will become a player-coach for  MU with immediate effect, made me thinks once again about our need to have and retain experienced winners, who also embody the core values and traditions … Continue reading

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All ingredients for success are here, just a certain Dutchman is missing

The 25th of June 1988 – exactly 25 years ago – was a very special day for Dutch football. On that day, Holland won the European Championship in Germany by beating Russia by two goals to nil. Gullit had scored … Continue reading

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August 2013: Bergkamp new coach, 4-4-2, Capoue new DM, Isco new Winger

Well, that would be my wish-list for the new season. As it is very quiet with us having to endure another mini-interlull, I thought it would be fun to blog today about what changes all of us would like to … Continue reading

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