Revealed: Arsene’s next Wengerball Plans are a Total Revolution!

Email message from Steve this morning:

Total Arsenal! Amazing news!

I just finished a once in a lifetime private one to one phone call with Arsene himself and let me just say he has put my mind at rest concerning all our midfield questions and debates and our worries about lack of numbers in defense.
I tell you mate there I am spouting all these silly diamond formations and trying to make uninformed selections of players for order of first choice when the boss man had the plan to sort it all out all along. He guaranteed me that the lack of cover in the CB position was done on purpose as a part of a plan and that we could see even more players in the defensive line leave without any replacement also.  He told me that both Szczesny in goal and Welbeck up top would have huge individual roles to play in the near future and that he’s expecting a lot from both of them.  He then went on to explain why he’s been buying up so many attacking midfielders of the same type over the last few years – i’m telling you mate he’s a clever bugger!  I never saw this one coming!
I wasn’t supposed to divulge any of the information he shared with me but I had to tell someone and I knew you would appreciate it, so after he dictated the new line-up to me that would sort all our problems out, explain the logic behind what he’s been doing all these years and reveal his master plan, I quickly made a note of it and made a copy for you.
This is the future line-up, but PLEASE keep it to yourself mate, we don’t want any of the enemy sc*m getting their hands on such a revolutionary tactical concept.
1-9-1 Death by Tiki-Taka! :)
1-9-1 Death by Tiki-Taka! 🙂
Emoji Hope that brightened up the Monday morning for you mate lol, just felt like a giggle.
Cheers, Steve! Sorry, I could not keep it a secret! 😉
On a more serious note, let us know how you want Arsenal  to line-up versus the Northern Oilers this Saturday: what is your ideal starting eleven? I will collate the formations and present our joint preferred line-up by end of the week.
Cheers, TA.