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Arsenal are Riding on their Survival Instinct, but Where is their Killer Instinct?

(WE MAY STILL WIN THE LEAGUE. SEE HOW). I can just imagine how, going back about two decades ago when the Arsenal Board conveyed a special meeting on ways to position the club to take the greatest advantage of the … Continue reading

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‘Giroud is rubbish!’ Why Wenger will not buy a ‘proper CF’

Every time, good old Giroud misses a few chances and we do not win a game, you can count on supporters demanding Arsenal to buy a ‘proper striker’. Many of these supporters do not want to hear about Ollie’s very … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new bus! Will ‘Disruption’ ruin Arsenal?

This is something I have been thinking on and observing since the Crystal Palace game. A busy lifestyle has prevented it from being brought out until now. Let me start by stating some truths, or “truths” that are well believed: … Continue reading

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Why Arsenal signing El Shaarawy, Reus, Di Maria etc in future could become the new reality

JM tends to look at the broader picture of running a football club and safeguarding its future, and his insights are always refreshing and thought-provoking. In this post, he analyses what is happening with regards to our club – as … Continue reading

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Torture Window: Should Arsenal rethink their Transfer Policy?

Arsenal is one of the, if not the most, frustrating clubs to support when it comes to transfers. This is something that is not at all hinged on our financial position all the time, as is becoming clear during this transfer window. … Continue reading

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Gazidis set out ambitious lines in June, but will he and Arsene deliver?

So June is almost over; without any doubt, the hardest month for those of us  who are addicted to club football. Whilst still suffering from non-action cold turkey, we are straightaway bombarded with transfer gossip, both of players coming to … Continue reading

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Why Wenger has no choice but to buy Super Quality this summer

It’s been a considerable while since I gave my opinion on anything Arsenal (I’ve been incredibly busy), but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been keen on the happenings of the football world. In fact, after watching Barca and Real Madrid … Continue reading

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