About BK

Bergkampesque is an Arsenal site with a strong focus on the positive & beautiful aspects of our football club, although not afraid to be constructively critical if and when required.

The aim of Bergkampesque is to unite those Gooners who are both passionate fans of the club and lovers of the beautiful game we play: to provide us with another dedicated home – a virtual pub or cafe if you like – in which we are able to share memories, experiences and views about our beloved Arsenal.

Bergkampesque is an inclusive site and welcomes both UK based and international Gooners to take part in our blogging.

Dennis Bergkamp has inspired tens of thousands of Gooners with his passion for football and his breathtaking displays of vision and technical ability. DB10 was a fighter, a winner and always gave everything to our club – a true legend. More than anything, we have learned from Dennis to appreciate the beauty in football as a goal on its own.

The aim of this blog is to continue to look for and appreciate the beauty and positive aspects of Arsenal’s football as much as possible.

Bergkampesque will sometimes reminisce about our golden past, but more often it will look at the beautiful and tactical aspects of our current football.

Bergkampesque aims to always take a long term view regarding good or bad performances, and is unlikely to make knee-jerk reactions to a short period of disappointing results. In a nutshell; it is a glass half-full blog.

Although some bloggers might appear very familiar and informal with each others, please never hesitate to comment if you feel like it. Bergkampesque welcomes any contributions as long as they are made in a sensible and respectful way. See also ‘Blog Guidelines”.

See also page: ‘Posts TotalArsenal’ for, personal profile.



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The image in the header was produced by Batmandela/ invinciblog.com.

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