BK Rules

Bergkampesque encourages open debate in which all points of view can be expressed as long as bloggers remain open-minded and constructive, and do not use derogatory terms towards other bloggers.

We encourage you to try and understand other bloggers’ point of view and to accept that sometimes your way of looking at all things Arsenal can be fundamentally different from them. When you reach this stage it is often best to agree to disagree.  In the end, what really matters is we all support the same team and are incredibly passionate about our club.

A good discussion does not need to lead to mutual agreement – far more important is that bloggers share their passion for Arsenal and learn from each other in a respectable/constructive way.

If you are not a Gooner but would like to comment on Bergkampesque, you are welcome to do so. Please make sure you tell us at the start which team you support, and of course we expect you to stick to the blogging guidelines above.


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2 thoughts on “BK Rules

  • The search for beauty was started by Alex James, taken up by George Eastham, followed by Liam Brady…and inherited by Dennis. Cesc took up the baton and Zelalelam is the future…not Suarez!

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