Arsenal and Emery at a Crossroads: Two Main Choices

Where are we going? What should happen this summer?

The last post on BK covered where I think we are as a club under Emery:

Arsenal players wave to fans from the bus

Today’s post will cover the two questions at the top.

Where are we going (under Emery)?

Many fellow Gooners believe that Unai should be given time and that a club like Arsenal should not sack managers willy-nilly, and especially not after one season. So let’s assume Emery will stay and ask ourselves the questions where we are going under him the coming season.

Will it be more of the same or something totally different?

I am going to hope for the latter, so let’s go with that. But it all depends on whether the BoD will give Emery actually the time to build something up and do not just require him to finish in the top four next season. If they tell him to do the latter then I am afraid we will see more of what we saw last season but with the hope that we will make it this time round. The short term obsession/business necessity(?) with finishing in the top four is probably one of the biggest threats to our club: it may keep us back from (re)building the team around a vision and our values and therefore erode what Wenger had tried to build up during his tenure.

But maybe the club realise that they need to take a strategic view and ask Emery to tell them what he needs to make us structurally competitive, so we can win the title in say 2-4 years. I have my doubt about Emery having such a vision and being able to bring it to fruition at Arsenal, but I could be wrong of course (and would love to be wrong… of course).

What should happen this summer?

I would like Arsenal/Emery to make a decision on what our style of play/formation will be next season. There are two main options if you ask me:

  1. Play compact at the back and aim for quick turnarounds and counter-attacks.
  2. Push opponents back into their own half and pass and press them into submission.

Last season we did a bit of both; more of option one at the start of the season and more of option two in latter part. But we never played it with conviction and Emery kept changing things, even within games. It made our players look crap at times and we seldom looked like a focussed, energetic team that rose above itself.

For option one  we need Bellerin and Holding to come back strong at the start of the season. We also need to allow Xhaka and Torreira (and AMN/Elneny) to stay deep and in a horizontal line as much as possible. To make it really work we need better options on the wing, both in defence and attack. We need to buy a quality, ready to rock LB and a quality winger on the right (or left). Another CB would complete my wish list for option one.

Option two is what I believe Emery would really like to do. For this option he needs a beast of an all-round DM: dynamic, fast, strong and big. AMN has potential to become such a player but he is too young right now. We would need to buy such a player whilst AMN gets better over the seasons. Emery can then play two attacking midfielders in front of that DM beast, which could be two out of Ozil, Iwobi, Mkhi, Torreira, Guendouzi and Smith-Rowe. He would also need very dynamic CBs of which we do not have many. He would also need to buy quality mid-winger(s) as to give the AMs better opportunities to make things happen.

I reckon option two suits Arsenal better LONG TERM but will take a few seasons to get really right. It would also mean that Xhaka would need to leave as this system does not suit him (he needs to play deep, supported by Torreira or AMN). It also means buying quite a few players and working hard with our young talents to come good.

Option one should be much easier to implement given the squad we have in terms of style and qualities of key players, but it is un-Arsenal and un-Emery like and that’s why we struggled so much last season imo.

Of course these options can be nuanced and there will be variants, but I reckon the main decision the club have to make is whether we absorb and pounce or push forward and pass and press our opponents into submission. Whatever it is I will support, as long as a clear choice will be made and structural player investments will be made to make it a success, especially long-term.

By TotalArsenal. 

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Emery’s First Season: On the Road to Nowhere with an Identity Crisis

Arsene and Emery

So Arsene left us a year ago and Unai took over. The season is over and these are the big questions:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. What should happen this summer?

This post will cover the first question only.

Where are we now?

You tell me. We finished fifth and reached the Europa League final. We fought till the end for CL football and some very rare European silverware to be added to the trophy cabinet. We did not succeed but nobody can say we did not compete till the end.

So we are relatively in a good place then?

Well no, I don’t think we can say that. The gap between the top-two and us is frightening and there are no signs that we will overcome this any time soon. Emery played with a pragmatic approach, heavily leaning on our two top-quality attackers to somehow get us back into the champions league. But I struggled to see any lines in our style of play and tactical approach on which we can build further in the coming seasons, and very few players have actually grown under the wings of Emery.

In fact, a lot of players have played worse under the new supremo, most likely caused by forcing them to play a different way without it being clear how this would strengthen the team, and subbing players often during the break, leading to confusion, ineffectiveness, and drops in confidence and motivation. We scored 73 goals, almost two goals per PL game, but also conceded 51 times, which is much more than Pool and Citeh combined!

Arsenal are a club famed for, and strongly reliant on, competing on the basis of its great vision and values, style of football, and nous to get the best out of the squad and do some clever shopping when opportunities arise. But currently we are being outmanoeuvred by the likes of Pool, the Chavs and the team that shall not be named, and the BoD needs to act now to get us back on track.

Furthermore, we have entered the era of Millennials wearing The Shirt and to get the best out of them they need to be respected and communicated with, trusted and persuaded. As McGregor would put it: Y-managers and not X-managers are required these days. This may not be to the liking of many (older) Gooners, but it’s the way it is. Citeh and Pool have understood this and have recruited managers who are loved and trusted and for whom the players will give everything. Both Klopp and Guardiola know how to work and connect with the talented Millennials; it does not look like Unai has won many of our Arsenal ones over.

But the biggest worry is the lack of a clear vision/style of play under Emery. We still cannot defend and we still do not have the right balance in midfield, despite the Spaniard trying a variation of formations/midfield combinations. 17HT believes we hardly had a midfield last season and I tend to agree with him. Emery got caught between not wanting to sit too deep and play two more defence minded players in midfield, and desperately trying to stretch the two midfielders ‘vertically’ so one of them can support the three or four ‘pure’ attackers up-front, thus avoiding that Ozil in the hole became too isolated. It did not work and we paid for it during the latter part of the season with some very poor away performances: our defence was left exposed and our attackers were left too isolated.

It is fair to say that Iwobi (work in progress), Mkhi (limited on the wing) and Auba (limited on the wing) were not the ideal mid-wing players to have enough creative strength in attack, so Emery did not have a lot of choice. But he is there to work out the balance and get the best out of the players and he failed in doing so this season.

It was the Europa League final, the final game of the season, which showed us all that is wrong right now: we started under clear instructions but lacked the real conviction and bite to get in front (other than through a bit of luck), we then conceded and never looked like we had the strength, tactical adjustment and belief to get back into the game. Emery made a few changes but they had no effect, and it all ended up like a bad dream and total deception. 

The attentive reader will have noticed that I have not touched much on (the quality of) the players until now. I have no doubt that two or three players are required to further strengthen the team, but in general I believe in this group of players.

It would be wrong in my view to let a lot of our players go and give Emery a big budget to make changes as he sees fit. For this, he has shown us far too little from a football philosophy, system of football and tactical point of view; he has also not convinced in terms making our team a TEAM on the pitch and get the best out of our players.

If Klopp can win the CL with for example the likes of Wijnaldum, Milner and Henderson  in the team – players who looked pretty average in Portugal when playing for their national team this week – then I want to see more of this from Unai with our players. We have a nice mixture of talents, experienced players, and those in their prime at the club and, other than one or two players, I believe they are all intrinsically motivated and have pride for the shirt. Yes a few on the fringes need to leave and be replaced (mostly by youth) but it would be wrong to let any of our prime players go this summer, and that includes Xhaka, Ozil and Auba.

If Emery cannot get the best out of them – and I have seen nothing to believe he can – he needs to leave right now. The one scenario we need to avoid at all costs is having to sack Emery in December or later because of  a total lack of confidence in the team, woeful results and performancesm and having let go of our established stars before then. But now I am starting to answer my ‘second season question’, and that is for another post!

By TotalArsenal. 

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Arsenal need £90m: Which Five Players Should Be Sold?


It is widely being circulated that Arsenal have budgeted about £40m net spend for this summer transfer dealings (average net spend over the past 6 years is approximately £42m @ Transferleague). If it is true some fancy footwork is needed to get us to where we want to be.

It was embarrassing at Baku, but if truth be told we played at our true level. 70 pts in the premiership and 5th position, one point from Champions league qualification is so flattering of our season’s performance. We are mystified about our poor away form. The truth is that it is our excellent home form that is the aberration. What with Newcastle about to be taken over by an Abu Dhabi Prince, Leicester and Everton surging with their top 6 ambition, our situation at this moment looks dire.

First of all we are losing the services of those whose contracts are expiring this summer: Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck, Litchtsteiner and Jenkinson. There is need to replace them.

Secondly, Koscielny at 34 years this September and Monreal at 34 the coming February are both overdue to begin to serve as back-ups. They need new players ahead of them.

Thirdly, Emery has come with a philosophy that has no place in it for Ozil. At £350k/wk (or £36.4m in the two remaining years of his contract) Ozil is too fat a salary and too big an ego to be carried along as a part player. He has to go even at the cost of leaving for free or thereabout (Transfermarkt values him @ £31.5m). There would be the need to replaced him.

With respect to these eight players mentioned above, the minimum that should be expected of our summer activity is four signings who should be 1st team players: two players to take over the starter roles from Koscielny (CD) and Monreal (LB) and another two players to replace Ramsey (CM) and Ozil (AM). The four signings should be such as to add quality and balance to the team.

As a model for examining how our budgeting can hold I have selected four such players that we’ve been linked to for these four positions. The amounts against their names are the valuations of the players which are reasonable estimates to work with:

CD ~~ Kostas Manolas, 27yrs, £40.5m, AS Roma until 22, (WhoScored rating 6.89).
LB ~~ Nicolas Tagliafico, 26 yrs, £22.5m, Ajax until 22, (WhoScored rating 7.47).
CM ~~ Adrien Rabiot: 24 yrs, £31.5m, PSG until 19, (WhoScored rating 7.31).
AM ~~ Nicolas Pepe: 23 yrs, £36m, Lille until 22, (WhoScored rating 7.65).

The combined cost of these 4 players is £130.5m (an average of about £32.6m per signing which should be expected of a club of our stature). This combined cost of £130.5m would have exceeded our estimated net spend of about £40m by £90.5m. The deficit can only be accounted for by the sale of players.

Any imbalance in numbers between the outgoing players and the incoming has to be offset from an internal source (on-loan and academy players). So far we have identified 6 outgoing and likely outgoing players (Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck, Lichtsteiner, Jenkinson and Ozil) to four incoming leaving a 2-player deficit. A 5-player maximum deficit looks a number that can be filled from within. This means that apart from Ozil, we have to sell not more than four players whose combined value should offset the cash deficit of £90.5m. Definitely one or two big names should be involved.

Here is the Transfermarkt valuation of our players excluding the 6 already earmarked as outgoing.
1). Leno (£22.4m).
2). Ospina (£4.5m).
3). Bellerin (£36.0m).
4). M-Niles (£6.3m).
5). Mustafi (£27.0m).
6). Sokratis (£18.0m).
7). Koscielny (£9.0m).
8). Mavropanos (£2.7m).
9). Holden (£10.8m)
10). Chambers (£12.6m).
11). Monreal (£9.0m). It is believed that his 1yr extension deal has been activated.
12). Kolasinac (£18.0m). High wage of £119.5k/wk to performance level should reduce sell value to about £10m. (All wages from Mirror UK).
13). Torreira (£49.5m).
14). Elneny (£9.0m).
15). Guendouzi (£27.0m).
16). Xhaka (£45.0m).
17). Mkhitaryan (£27.0m). High wage of £180k/wk to performance level should reduce sell value to about £12m.
18). Iwobi (£22.5m).
19). Lacazette (£58.5m).
20). Aubamayang (£67.5m).
The academy players are not listed as their market values make little difference.

Decision on who to sell does not depend only on unsatisfactory performance. Other considerations could include the balance of the team as well as attractive sell values of players.

Apart from Ozil who is already gone by this post, to meet the different requirements, the others to be sold wouldn’t be far away from: Lacazette or Aubamayang and the three of Kolasinac, Mkhitaryan, Elneny. Don’t forget that if for example Laca (£58.5m) is sold, the fund realized would fetch us, in this model used, a certain Nicolas Pepe (£36m) with 22 goals and 11 assists in Ligue1 competition alone (nothing lost offensively) plus Nicolas Tagliafico (£22.5m) an Argentine international left back who is reputed for his boundless energy.

In case you are wondering, Mustafi has not escaped my thoughts. Maitland-Niles would return to his preferred midfield role and Mustafi becomes the back-up to Bellerin. The sales or non sales of players are not necessarily according to likes and dislikes.

This post is premised on a £40m net spend. I’d rather that Kroenke splash-the-cash, say in the neighbourhood of £150m so we don’t begin to sell our tested and trusted.

BK needs your opinion on the five players you want sold to net us about £90m courtesy valuation. The King is dead, long live the King!

By PE.

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The Great British Baku Off: Arsenal Line-Up/Preview

bang by Laca

Emery has seen it all before. He knows as well as anybody else that he has to set up his team as if this Baku final is simply another regular competitive match against Chelsea. The point of difference though, is that a promise has been made to Cech. Or has it?

Chelsea is a possession based team, behind only City in the Premiership. One thing we have to be wary of is gifting them the ball. They would make us sweat to win it back. All judgements say play Leno but sentiment says play Cech whose kick out style would more often than not hand the possession back to Chelsea. Can Cech be brave enough to confide to Emery that he should feel free to select the keeper that better suits his game plan? I think Emery’s starting line up would have Cech’s name in it. Or was there not a promise? “Hey Cech, why don’t you stay on the bench to come in as a late substitution if victory is in sight? You would lift up the cup, not from the bench but from the field. The whole stadium, the whole world would applaud you all the way. What a legacy on and off the field”. That would be an event that would live long in the memory of kids. Still the question lingers. Was there a promise made? A promise is a promise.

No promise, however, has been made to Kolasinac whose pass success rate is rather poor. I don’t expect Emery to have Cech and Kolasinac in the same team against Chelsea, at least not in the starting line up, meaning that, as at this moment, I am still battling with the Cech/Leno conundrum.

Talk about Chelsea and it’s a talk about the metronomic passing of Jorginho and the brilliance of Hazard. These are the two high points that must be facing Emery as he formulates his plans. If Emery can get one of his players to pin Hazard to the canvas for all of the 90 minutes, in effect turning the encounter into 10-a-side game that would be genius of him. The debate isn’t the 10-a-side but who between Maitland-Niles and Mustafi should be assigned the job. Perchance, Emery might opt instead to ‘Wenger it’, focusing on his strength and damning whatever is standing between him and his goal.

Rambo will be missed. He was used effectively against Jorginho the last time the two teams met. Our next best bet Mkhi is 2,500 miles away from it all, a victim of something not of his making. Should Ozil be given that task of shutting Jorginho out? Ozil’s game is drifting into spaces away from people for purposes of offense. He wouldn’t fit. Laca on the other hand likes to tangle and him it could be him. He is a striker that is always dropping deep and you can bet that Emery would whispers a certain instruction into his ears. Part of that instruction would be that he should be attentive to Ozil’s movements as he hunts the spaces. We should expect a lot of lateral swapping of positions between him and Ozil.

The central areas are likely going to be manned by Xhaka and Torreira. While the former spreads out the passes long and short, the latter would be busy correcting the gaps.

Rudiger is out of the game for Chelsea and would be replaced by Christensen at central defense. Christensen is not the quickest and Auba as our frontman (5 goals in the last 2 matches) would very much fancy his chances against him. Remember that Mkhi’s spirit is there in each of our players urging them to do it for him.

Expected line up:

submit football lineup

Bench: Leno, Jenkinson, Litchtsteiner, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Elneny, Guendouzi, Willock, Saka, Amechi, Nketiah, Welbeck.

We have to salute the about 3,000 Arsenal fans from the UK who braved it to Baku. We also have to recognize the other Arsenal fans from other countries whose travel details we don’t know about. Also cheers to the Azerbaijan Arsenal supporters who hopefully should be in their tens of thousand. We hope they all can make it feel a home fixture for Kos and co.

There is so much at stake for us in this match that nerves can become an issue. No better way to settle those nerves than to take off with our wheels screeching. Prediction 2-1 to the good guys.



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The Two Men at Arsenal Who Can Really Make a Difference

In the brave new world of Raul Sanllehi, no Arsenal player will be allowed to do an ‘Aaron Ramsey’ and leave for free after running down his contract, not unless he’s surplus to requirements or in the veteran stage of his career with no sell on value.
Sanllehi has already stated that contracts and players’ futures will be urgently dealt with when any player has only 2 years left on his deal, which basically means get them to sign or move them on depending on their value and age.
Therefore we should assume that the club is now seriously looking at the status of the guys whose contracts expire in 2021.


Using information from the excellent website we see that Arsenal have six players whose deals expire in 2021, namely Aubameyang, Nwakali, Sokratis, Ozil, Mkhitarayan and Mustafi. So if Sanllehi is as good as his word it’s logical that we should expect to see some movement on their contracts and decisions on their Arsenal futures this coming summer. Everybody has a view on these and our other players plus their value to our club but I’ll swerve that subject on this post and leave that for others to debate.

The job of negotiating contracts is the remit of Arsenal’s ‘contract supremo’ namely Hussain ‘Huss’ Fahmy.

Fahmy had previously been the Commercial and Business Affairs Director of Team Sky, so he has a wealth of experience at the top level to help him in this exacting role of dealing with agents and agreeing contract negotiations in the mad world of football.
Ivan Gazidis recruited Fahmy to take on this role as football contracts became more and more like a minefield, it’s a job for a specialist and hopefully Huss is one of those.

So far Huss has made a positive start in an area where previously Arsenal were lax, securing the futures of Nelson (2022), Amaechi (2022?), Chambers (2022), Holding (2023) and Xhaka (2023), not only securing their futures for the club, but also their value should the club decide to move them on?

This summer it’s too late for Aaron Ramsey, his future should have been addressed in the summer of 2017, why it wasn’t is for others to discuss and maybe justify.
But it wasn’t just the previous regime that failed in this area of football management, it’s happened to our club before namely the departures of Liam Brady in 1980 and Frank Stapleton in 1981, two players at the peak of their powers who left a gaping chasm in the Arsenal squad of its day.

When David Dein joined the Arsenal Board he referred to both Stapleton and Brady and the mismanagement that allowed them to leave so cheaply and that he wouldn’t let it happen again. He was as good as his word as Anelka to Real Madrid for a then enormous £23m proved, that money financed the arrival of Thierry Henry among others. Selling Overmars and Petit to Barcelona likewise financed other new additions to the club.
Being able to sell well is as important as buying well, especially if you are self sufficient, but all that ended when Dein was forced out by Fiszman and Hill Wood and from then on the contracts arena became less efficient until it reached a stage where we had Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil entering the last year of their deals, all that on the back of Walcott previously doing the same a few years beforehand.

What the Board, the CEO and the manager at the time were thinking is anybody’s guess, but that scenario really has to end and hopefully under Sanllehi and Fahmy it will..?!

Notwithstanding the guys whose deals expire in 2021, Fahmy also has to deal with those players whose deals end in 2020 (5 players) and 2019 (11 players)  – that is 16 players in total and a lot of work.

Besides Ramsey the others seeing their contracts expire this summer are: Suarez, Welbeck, Macey, Lichtsteiner, Jenkinson, Iliev, Bramall, Pleguezuelo, Cech and Monreal (I think that Arsenal can trigger another year on Monreal’s contract).

In 2020 it’s Bielik, Ospina, Asano, Koscielny and Emile Smith Rowe, Smith Rowe’s new deal must be a priority for Fahmy.

Just in case you’re wondering these are the deals that expire in 2022: Kolasinac, Elneny, Guendouzi, Iwobi, Lacazette, Martinez, Chambers, Nelson and Amaechi (?).

And in 2023 it’s: Leno, Holding, Mavropanos, Bellerin, Torrieira, Xhaka and Maitland-Niles..

By Allezkev

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Two London Teams Playing an UEFA Final in Baku: ‘I Want You to Panic!’


We finished fifth in the PL and I don’t think many can say they enjoyed the last two months of this season’s Arsenal campaign. As this is regarded by most of us as a transitional year, we are glad to see the back of it. As poor as we played in the PL, as good we played in the UEFA league; good as in winning performances, even though the quality of the overall football was still below Weng-era par. But fair is fair to Unai, he got us to the final in Baku and we have a fantastic chance to bring home some rare European silverware.

I know that winning the final in Baku will also allow us to play in the CL next year, but I, for one, care less about this. Having grown up with the romance of European football in three different competitions, I find it very disappointing that the only cup that really matters nowadays is the one with the ‘big ears’. The EL has been moved to Spursday nights and the biggest ‘price’ is a ticket to the multi-millions of the CL, rather than the honour and joy of winning the competition itself.

But what irritates me more than anything is this final is played at the very other end of Europe by two London based clubs who have only been given 6000 tickets each, a mere 10% of the total capacity of the stadium.

As of yesterday, the only way to get there by plane on the day is with two stops or you can fly directly to Baku on 25 May, four days before the final takes place. By car it is a non-stop 59 hours drive apparently. So the investment by supporters, both in terms of money and time, is enormous and the impact on the environment in terms of CO2 production is ridiculous.

Our sons and daughters are becoming disillusioned about their ability to live safely and healthily in the mid to late 21st century and quite rightly so. I am also worried for them. Yet UEFA did not think twice about awarding the UEFA Cup final to Baku. They made the decision a few years ago and it was no doubt based on money, and ‘impact on environment’ was probably not even one of the criteria. This is not good enough anymore.

So only 20% of the tickets are sold to the fans of the clubs in the final and they then have to make huge investments to actually get to the final. The clubs and their fans matter less and less… we are actually taken for granted. Where do the other 80% of the tickets go?!


Finally, UEFA has a big responsibility regarding the environment and should think much more carefully regarding where finals should take place. Instead of awarding cities these finals years in advance they should wait and see who in April of each year is still in the competition. Based on the location of the semi-final clubs UEFA can decide where finals could potentially take place based on capacity, transport options AND environmental impact. Clearly, the final between Arsenal and the Chavs should be held at Wembley (or if necessary in Paris or Brussels if we believe it should be in another country). That would have been a responsible choice rather than asking the clubs’ supporters to spend enormous amounts of cash whilst pumping huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere to get there and back. Common sense is required ffs.

By TotalArsenal.

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Emery Guns for a Win by Making Six Changes: Burnley v Arsenal Preview


Miracles have long ceased to happen. Even if the Spuds are to lose to Everton while we beat Burnley to finish level on points with them, we are never going to upset the 8 goals difference advantage the Spuds have over us. That is why so many are calling on Emery to send out a team of kids in this end of season game against Burnley. I doubt that he would. Why?

1) There is £1,500,000 prize money difference between finishing 5th or 6th on the table. Man U are 1 pt below us and playing at home against Cardiff. They are eager to lay their paws on that extra tidy sum that might be enough for us to pay ESR’s wages for the whole of the following season. It would be thoughtless of us to oblige them that. Am pretty certain the BoD would have made clear to our head coach that it is a must win game. Kronke, believe you me, is a lot more interested in our on-field success than meets the eye.

2). All footballers like being on the field. Amongst other things they like stacking up all sorts of stat, be it the number of starts or the total minutes played over the season. This is even more so for strikers whose value are referenced by the number of goals they have scored. Smart managers know that players chasing targets tend to give more so they not only want to play them but they also find it more difficult to deny opportunity to their hunger. I expect Emery to give Auba a chance to win the golden boot being only two goals behind the front man. Even Laca would be desperately wanting to increase his 13 goal tally. It’s difficult saying no to such hunger.

3). On a personal note, Emery would prefer to finish the season on 70 pts instead of on 67 pts. He knows that memory can be so short. Sooner than later the world would forget that he ended up at lowly 67 pts because he was protecting his players for a Europa Cup final. Dare he stumble afterwards and that stat becomes a stick to beat him with. Nobody remembers anymore that Wenger’s 63 pts earnings was in a season he had to prioritized Europa over the Premiership with many games still to go. That “evil” that he did now dogs his name

4). The rational mind seems to have very little to do with the emotions of football. Lose a match and morale everywhere drops, the fans and all the players alike, irrespective of whether an under strength team or not was fielded. Emery would not want that as we prepare for Baku. He’d want a result against the Clarets that would aid our mental state for the journey to Baku. He’d wants a win and so would field a team he believes can give him that.

5). Emery is the unrelenting tinker man. There must be something to try out, like Iwobi at left wing back. He’s already scratching his head looking for a way past Chelsea.

On the other hand Emery would be worrying about red zones and impact injuries, so it is a near impossible task predicting correctly the team we would see today. There are too many contradictory things to balance but for sure it won’t be a team full of kids. Here’s my guess:-


Bench: Cech, Jenkinson, M-Niles, Guendouzi, Willock, Ozil, Nketiah.

Every away win helps our away complex. Baku is a half-away match. We need a win at Turf Moor.


By PE.

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