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The Magic of Mertesacker and Potential of an All-British XI

This is going to be a long, but not particularly serious post. Besides thought-provoking on the title topic, the aim is to invoke some nice nostalgic feelings. Be warned: serious lineup-p*rn ahead! I probably have already spoiled the fun with the title, … Continue reading

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Eddie More Than Poacher, Elneny is an Arteta System Player, Enigma Pepe: Arsenal v Foxes Player Reviews

We have managed to get another victory – two funny goals of Arsenal B against Leicester B. It wasn’t an easy game but we have prolonged our winning streak for a while. Now, I may sound a bit picky in … Continue reading

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Return of the Feisty Frenchman, Nelson and Pepe to Boss the Wings, GLS at the Back: Match Preview and Line-up

We are playing the Foxes ‘away’ tonight and your guess is as good as mine regarding the starting-11. It all depends on how Arteta will approach the game: A good test for the wider squad A great opportunity to prepare … Continue reading

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Best Super Talent Since Cesc, The Laca/Eddie Swap-Deal, What Leno Needs: Eight Observations Arsenal v Hammers

We have had Alezkev’s precise player ratings already, now let’s focus on a bit of post-game analysis. Eight observations from a game that brought us down to earth – just what we needed: I am loving the CF ’60/30 swap … Continue reading

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Classic Laca, Effective Saka But a Few Gunners Below Par: Arsenal Player Ratings

This was a very difficult game for Arsenal who seemed a bit off beam with their passing, we missed Tierney big time and despite Saka playing well I think we missed Maitland Niles as well. Not a great performance but … Continue reading

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Arsenal v Hammers Preview and Line-up: Xhakelneny or Xhakeballos, Start for Luiz, Willian or Pepster?

Saturday night prime time, Arsenal v West Ham for the world to watch. My partner is not keen on that at all but it is the new way, and I may just about get away with it. The Hammers are … Continue reading

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Farewell Emi Martinez And Thanks for the Unforgettable Post-Lockdown Joy

Imagine young Emiliano, after a day at the beach of his home town Mar del Plata in North-East Argentinia, encountering a divine visit at the darkest hour of the night. Emi hears the sweetest voice telling him “to work hard … Continue reading

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Auba Signs: Hopefully Third Time Lucky! Line-Up v Leicester: Big Game for ESR, Nelson and Macey

Well it has finally been confirmed: Auba has signed and will be donning the red and white shirt for at least three more years. If you have not watched it yet, go to and click on the Ian Wright … Continue reading

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Elneny The Water-Carrier: Now That is a Compliment!

Water, is taught by thirst.Land—by the Oceans passed.Transport—by throe—Peace—by its battles told—Love, by Memorial Mold—Birds, by the Snow. By Emily Dickenson Carrying water and not spilling it is a skill. Quite a few fans have been calling our Egyptian midfield … Continue reading

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Holdingho, Two Superb Debuts and a Player Reborn: Arsenal Player Ratings.

Carnage at Craven Cottage! Fulham 0 – 3 Arsenal: a dream-start for the hungry Gunners! What a fabulous start by Arsenal: three goals – one by a newcomer, one for Auba and one for our centre forward – a clean … Continue reading

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