Theatre of Screams, Maureen gets humiliated, Arsenal almost second and progress in FA Cup: What a Week!


What a brilliant week for Arsenal! The much desired win against MU at the stadium of screams – dives need sound-effects after all – kicked it all off. The boys were still a little nervous, especially in attack, but as soon as the coolest cowboy in town – of all Gunners! – put the ball past his fellow countryman, they knew they could do it. Nacho, I will never forget that goal: you, senor, have balls! And how sweet was it to see Danny the Gunner put the winner past his old team mates in front of 65000 Mancs and 9000 away-Gooners? Making it to the last four of the FA cup and finally overcoming the non-oil funded Mancs was just brilliant.

And then came Wednesday, when the self-adoring one saw his bridge-babies go out to PSG, despite having the ref in their pocket, playing 60 minutes (excluding extra time) with 11 against 10, and going in the overall lead eight minutes before the end! The much overrated Chavs saw their dark tactics turn on them and they did not just lose their chance to progress in the CL, but also damaged further their brittle reputation. Maureen will almost certainly win the PL this year; but with all those draws against fellow competitors, inability to progress in the CL and a reputation of diving and general bad sportsmanship, his paymaster might soon be wielding the axe again. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

And then, to take all three points from the Champions, came Boyd’s daisy-cutter for Burnley. Arsenal had already put the Hammers to bed with a 3-0 thumping and had come within a point of second spot. A calm and disciplined performance saw us once again produce double figures of shots on target, eventually leading to three of the finest goals of Wengerball quality. The perfect preparation for a little encounter on Tuesday…

We had all expected a response by the Northern Oilers but they went out meekly against a bottom-three club. They now smell the mighty Red and White Arse-breath right behind them, and who would have thought this possible just two months ago? And if we can do it to the Northern Oilers, we might also do it to the Southern ones….

Speaking of which, they were held today by the Saints and dropped a further two points. The gap is still too big, but they need to go to relegation threatened Hull next and big Brucer will fancy given Maureen a bit of a game, don’t you think?

Of course, it is OGAAT for us, and we have a never easy away game against the Barcodes on Saturday. But first we will aim the red and white hot cannon on the tax avoiders of the Cote d’Azur. With Ozil, Alexis, Giroud, Theo, Santi and Ramsey we will be able to field a team which has plenty of goals in them – Wenger will need to leave at least one of these fine attackers out of the starting eleven, as the likes of Welbeck and Rosicky might also still claim a starter spot. It won’t be easy against Monaco, but we can do it: let there be no doubt about it. We can even afford to concede a goal, as we need to score three anyway…. and if we manage to score three, we can also score a fourth.

Some say we should take a planned approach and aim to score a goal in each third of the game, but I reckon we need to play at an insane tempo with tremendous pressure on the Monaco defence: the way we took Milan on a few years ago, when we almost did the impossible. It is all about finding their weakest spot(s) and cracking them open like a ripe walnut: and once we are in we need to pounce again and again. With Alexis’s tenacity and pure quality, Ozil’s genius, Theo’s speed and ability to finish cold-bloodedly, Giroud’s all-round ability, Santi’s wizardry and Ramsey’s engine and finishing ability, we have the weapons to take revenge. On top of that, our confidence is high and we now know how to win tough games.

Arsenal had a great week, but reaching the final eight of the CL would surely top it all. You are taking the urine I hear you say: a glass half full of it, is my response.

Come on you Rip Roaring Gunners – Time to load the Cannon once more! 🙂

By TotalArsenal.

20 thoughts on “Theatre of Screams, Maureen gets humiliated, Arsenal almost second and progress in FA Cup: What a Week!

  • “…the way we took Milan on a few years ago, when we almost did the impossible.”
    And– recalling all of the great chances that didn’t go in that night?

    Arsenal is due from just that one perspective — on a statistical-level.


  • Nice one TA…It has been an enjoyable week indeed. I’ve been a bit too busy, driving back and forth across California for just a two day trip, but I did get to see our match yesterday morning and I was impressed with the movement and the general pace of our play. We also seem to be getting more comfortable defending. Of course, if they had gotten the first goal (with their one good chance of the match, that pull back and volley from our right side) it might’ve been different. It was a dominant performance, but additionally, we weren’t burnt by bad luck as sometimes happens.

    A few players really impressed. Koscielny at the back, Ramsey with both passing and running and popping up in the scoring positions and Ozil giving another lesson on technique and spacing. Theo, of course, was out of sorts, but Alexis also had a poor day (by his standards) and maybe needed that little word in his ear that an assist is as good as a goal. I think we’re gonna need Santi in there from the get-go at Monaco and all of the attackers are going to have to be moving well and at their technical best for us to have a chance. Get into that mode, get an early goal and you never know, although Monaco don’t seem the sort of team to panic…

    Anyhow, my plan is to get up early tomorrow (Monday) and send off a quick preview…

  • Okay, enough of this wallowing in the demise of Chelsea in the CL … well almost.
    I watched that game and I was willing PSG to do what seemed impossible. But like yourself I was busy elsewhere so I missed the ‘Mo-love’ man we have in our ranks, and all those wonderful opportunities to make him squirm. Indeed, the Arsecast captured the mood brilliantly. I swear the ‘Angriest fan’ is based on TCM. 😀
    But that was last week ….

    I was so confident about our game I did not bother to listen on the ‘Player. Picked up the half time score, and followed it as the results came in. Wearing the LBH throughout I might add. Watched it next morning, and confirmed all that I thought about the Man U game. That will be the turning point when we reflect back on the season. Prior to that there has been an expectation that we can still throw in a duff one. But against United I thought the lads but in a great effort in and got rewarded. They took that on against WHA, and the outcome was really never in doubt, even at 1-nil. That is the difference.
    Even tweaking the personnel did not alter the balance, well not completely. Against a tougher opponent, the Ramsey Coquelin axis with both getting forward at times, will get punished. I did say if they really have found the cause of AR’s hamstring problem he may come back in confident mood, and that is another plus.

    The only downside is Alexis. Because of the defending, his sharp eye for goal has disappeared, and now he has lost his confidence. Which is why. in efforts to recaptured that, he is snatching at shots he would have put away in the first half of the season. I also think if Ozil scored with the shot which was saved, basically aimed in the middle of the goal, which is another sign of lack of confidence, but if that had gone in I think he would have taken on the other open goal one, instead of passing wide to Theo.

    But based on the confidence of the team as a unit, and the balance being kept, I don’t think many league games will cause us much difficulty. Keeping the balance is one thing. The thought of us continuing to play midweek games is another. So I am somewhat amazed at the turnaround of fans thinking we can turnover the loss to Monaco?
    Be serious folks. I know we did not play well that night, but they kept us out quite comfortably. Scoring the away goals was a bonus for them. They know they only have to keep it tight at the back, and not risk too much on the counter and they are through. Now whilst that will make our possession game a great deal easier, and will give us confidence to push on, it also opens us up to the quick counter. If it is 0-0 at half time, we will risk even more just the get that third period of half an hour?

    Now I am not saying that AW will necessarily see it my way, that is a nil-1 away win will give us an honourable exit, so we can concentrate on getting to the Cup final (we will know our opponents later tonight), and being only 7 points behind a faltering Chelsea and one behind an imploding Man City, and that looks a lot more attractive than all the travelling to continue pursuing a CL dream.
    We are simply not equipped to do that this season. Two players short of ideal. Too fragile on the injury front that it could cost us dearly on the domestic front.

    That is my view. Others will no doubt differ. What AW does …. ?

  • Not faithless, just practical. Just remember, we were ‘very fatigued’ after 4 physical battles. AW words, not mine. One easier game is not going to change that?

    Mind, AW will know the next round might give him a bit more TW spending money?

    I will offer my team selection on announcement of 17’s preview.

  • Hi All.. Great post TA..
    Yes.. It’s a very beatiful week.. hehehe.. If only MU also lost points.. It will be more complete packed.. hahahaha.. Hope Liverpool lost points also.. hehehehe..

    Gerry.. I don’t think Sanchez lost his confidence.. He played almost the same good as usuall..
    Adrian just did a very brilliant games.. He saved 5 times (Sanchez 2, Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott).. all were goal to be.. He did as good as De gea.. If not for Giroud special kick.. we maybe must lost 2 points.. heheheehe.. And I love Ospina did a great saved also.. I wonder if Szczesney were there.. hahahaha..

    I really hope Gabriele fit for Monaco.. We need him in our defence.. Our right back is less solid than our left back.. We have Monreal and Koscielny there..
    I don’t know who must play Bellerin or Chambers.. I don’t think both can do great to handle a speedy winger.. I still think Chambers is better.. but he give very less effort in defence last saturday.. altough very good in attack..
    Bellerin.. look what he did last game against Monaco..
    Mertesacker as usuall can’t deal with speed.. he was good with his tall.. but not in speed..
    So I choose Monreal – Koscielny – Gabriele – Chambers as our back four..

    The problem will be “whom to choose” in attack..??
    Ramsey is back to great.. Cazorla is already the best..
    Coquelin..?? Absolutely played when fit..
    Giroud after what he did last game, hardly to think he will be on bench.. Altough I still believed that he just not the man for CL.. hehehehe..
    Sanchez and Ozil.. it hard to believe one of them rest.. hahahaha..
    So there’s no room for Walcott and Welbeck there..??

  • One great thing is Kondogbia will be absent.. and also Yannick-Carassco.. his speed had made us suffer more.. If only we lost by 1-2.. Than I am sure 100% we will trough.. hahahaha..
    But Miracle do come true.. isn’t it..??

  • Good to have you back TA! 🙂 is your assignment complete? Would love to see a comeback against all odds (to borrow a cliche) tomorrow. There is a part of me that agrees with what Gerry says about Monaco not having to stress too much. But, I am also reminded that we had several good chances against Monaco – Giroud just had an atrocious night. A win tomorrow would just cap a spectacular week! 🙂

    An unrelated observation that I was interested in BKers thoughts on – Do you think that Jose is scared of Wenger? He never seems to lose an opportunity to belittle Wenger, which I have never seen him do with any other fellow manager. And I think Wenger hit him too close to where it hurts last year when he said “some managers are afraid to lose”. He certainly set his team up not to lose against PSG and I almost said “je suis PSG” for 2 hours! 🙂

  • Total, you have mail…

    You might be right…Giroud definitely deserves high praise for working so hard and getting the goals (and assists)… Alexis, to me, just seems a little bent on getting the work done on his own. If he can get on a real wavelength with a teammate or two, look out, I think… And talk about sexy… Cameras (and not ones operated from behind a closet door) will need every angle to show a real highlight package, one that could be well above “just average”… 😀

  • This perfectly sums up what Arsenal have achieved this week perfectly. You have outdone yourself yet again TA! Watched the match against The Devils on TV but I loved how I could hear the Arsenal support throughout the whole game. Still hope our home crowd would be like that and make more noise though.

    And I truly loved the 3 goals we scored against the hammers. Perfectly done! I love Ollie’s performance against them, what a world class striker he is turning out to be.

    I’m so tempted to write a post for this game if not for my assignments.Urgh! So I’m gonna compile what I want to write into this post.

    At the bottom of the article, you mentioned Theo,Ozil,Rambo etc etc. (I dont like how you forgot abt Le Coq though) 😛 so I imagine your lineup would be something like:


    This would probably be quite a decent lineup ( well minus Coq) but for the game against Monaco I would go for something like this:


    Note how I dropped Per for Nacho. That for me is gonna benefit us if it does happen. We’ll be chasing the game for 2 goals, which would leave us suspicable to counterattacks. As we saw a few times against West Ham and the first leg against Monaco, Koz was left as the last man while Per was in no mans land. Nacho would bring more pace to prevent these 1v1 from happening while Gibbs would be basically playing as a left winger. Even Calum would be a better option for this match.

    Coq will hopefully be tasked in his holding role where he has flourished rather than a much flatter role he was asked to play in the first leg. Rambo played well in the last game and will add more energy and goal-scoring prowess though I wouldnt be surprised if he was dropped for a more direct Theo.

    Also note that I dropped Ozil for Rosicky. The logic in that is that Ozil wont find space in a compact game like this. I would rather have direct running and drive than Mesut’s creativeness, and Rosicky’s tendency to have a shot at goal just gives him a few more bonus marks for this game. The rest of the team speaks for itself.

    For me, to play against Monaco, we need to be quick with our passing. Just look back at the game against the Hammers. We were moving the ball around slowly for 45 mins and the first time we decided to pass with more speed and intention led to our first goal. Hopefully we can bring this game back and win it. Well,even if we don’t, I’ll still be proud of the boys. COYG!!!

  • Just for the heck of it, I’m gonna predict that Arsenal wins by 4-1.
    Scorers:Koscielny,Santi(set piece) , Giroud, Rambo

  • Are Debuchi and. Gabriele back in training..??
    If it’s so.. Debuchi-Gabriele-Koscielny and Monreal will be perfect..
    With Coquelin as our DM.. and Ospina as GK.. than our backyard will be Ultra solid..

    So.. Wenger just need to pick five players who can score as much as they can..
    I say Ramsey and Cazorla must play as our double AM..
    Walcott Giroud and Sanchez as our strikers..

  • But if Giroud can’t score in firsthalf then replace him with Welbeck..
    and if Ramsey don’t shine also.. Rosicky is my choice.. rather than Ozil.. hehehe..

  • Lots and lots of pictures of Gabriel in training Henry. No Debuchy for a while yet. He was mentioned in the same sentence as Isaac Hayden and Abou Diaby, to put it in context. 😀
    Gnabry is also looking for game time to bring his fitness along, probably with the under 21’s.

    Re your reply on Alexis. I am not particularly having a dig at him, just saying that now his goal scoring strike rate has dried up this side of the New Year, I think he is not being as clever as he was when he was on form. Part of that is, I think, is dropping deep and starting his runs from there. The other is a confidence thing. I watched the highlights and saw the two shots he had saved. One was from a tight angle and he went for the nearside, where he has scored from in the past. But ‘ Keepers generally cover that small area pretty well, as happened here. The other one was similar to the Ozil early effort, middle of the goal straight where the keeper was standing. In fact the keeper did not so much save Alexis’s shot,as it hit him full force in the chest and bounce off him. On both occasions had had a little more time than just control and fire. A bender for the far post with the first, and give the ‘keeper ‘the eyes’, and pop it in the other side with the second.
    That is what he was doing. Not blast away.

  • Hello Mr. Bond, I heard you were looking for me? 😉 I’ve been away far too long, but only have a short time now to talk. Perhaps I’ll be here and chat during the Monaco game tomorrow. For now I’ll just say a few things I’ve been thinking lately:
    1. We are back in the title race due to Chelsea and Manchester City capitulating.
    2. We will beat Monaco 4-0 and move on in the CL due to the confidence we are taking from these big game wins.
    3. We will win the FA Cup once again!

    Now off to watch Reading beat Bradford and do some homework.

  • welcome back Dylan – you were missed !

    in between school, college, homework, girls and other things – do try to pop here as much as you can .

    I have to disagree with that 4-0 prediction – it’s gunner be a 7-0 👿

    if , we can’t beat Monaco then we don’t really deserve to be the champions in the CL this year – however, if we win then I can see us going all the bloody way .

    Reading 2 and Bradford 0.

  • It is great to see Dylan around, one of my favorite posters…
    JB, agreed with your comments yesterday about chambers. Don’t think he’s good enough at rb. He can’t handle tricky or pacey attackers.. debuchy is great and bellerin is future world class IMO I Like chambers overall, and i hope he can be at least a fourth cb, or maybe learn dm.
    If not, we really overpaid. . Actually, i think we did..

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