RC Lens v Arsenal: Starts for Chambers, Gnabry, JRA and Iwobi?


Tomorrow Arsenal will play their first proper preseason friendly against RC Lens in NW France. Once we start to play the pre-season games time will fly and before you know we will be kicking off our new PL campaign against Pool.

You can watch the game live for free on the Arsenal App on Arsenal.com  http://www.arsenal.com/lensarsenallivevideo as long as you sign of up for digital membership. The game kicks off at 7PM so make sure you don’t miss it.

The starting 11 are hard to predict but I reckon it will look something like this:

We may also see starts for Jeff Reine-Adelaide and the Ox which would mean that Campbell, Gnabry or Iwobi start on the bench. It does not really matter who starts but it will be good to see a settled and well-rested back-four as well as the trusted workhorses of Elneny and Coq trying to dominate the midfield.

Whoever starts, I am sure they will be playing to impress and gain important match fitness. Join me tomorrow on the blog as the game progresses.

By TotalArsenal.

18 thoughts on “RC Lens v Arsenal: Starts for Chambers, Gnabry, JRA and Iwobi?

  • Evening Total

    With my usual Frankness, I’ll just say – rather you than me trying to pick a starting 11 outofthe hotpotch of first teamers, soon to go out on loaners, and yutes good enough to hang around a bit longer (then go on loan 🙂 ) but thanks anyway. One quick criticism though….where’s your starting 11 (all new??) for the 2nd half 😦

  • Yesterday, one of the many erudite posters on here suggested that Theo possibly hurdled Kaboul at Sunderland because his previous injuries were on his mind. Whilst that thought did cross my mind at the time, but it only damned him further in my eyes, because I have seen many players come back from serious injuries and throw themselves wholeheartedly into battle without similar fears.

    I’m actually struggling to think of any time that young (!?) Theo has ever thrown himself into a tackle or a header that might show the heart and desire that top strikers have.

    Thierry Henry was a similarly non aggressive striker in that fashion…but when you have his ridiculous talent….

  • Hahaha, Sharkey, god knows what will happen in the second half. I am hoping we see just a few changes so we can give the back four and midfield a good game to get back into shape. These games are very important for the likes of Iwobi, Gnabry, Akpom, JRA etc as by playing well they may avoid being sent out on loan and get a chance to shine in the first team. Do you have high hopes for any of them?

  • The thing re Theo is that he is capable of having a flying start and deliver on goals and assist for a while, and I reckon Wenger is banking on this to happen. He may then sell him at the end of the TW and surprise us all with a quality replacement. I cannot see him risk playing Ollie or Alexis at the start of the season and thus he will use Theo… Well that is what I would do…

  • Anyone know what is happening with Santi Cazorla? No sign of him at training sessions and no mention in any articles etc

  • Wenger to partner Alexis and Oliver at the top.

    By Osman Tee (O T T) Makeni

  • Yes TA, you have given yourself an impossible task of naming who the 22 that might play at some point or other.
    Clearly those senior players who took no part in the Euro’s you would think will be around, and some will do 45 mins. For example, Gibbs and Monreal, Jenkinson and Debuchy? or possibly one of the juniors, as I think Bellerin was not one of the early returnees? Per was, and he may well see the whole game through, partnering both Chambers and a junior, probably Tafari Moore as he is off to the Olympics with England, so a little game time could be useful, given he must be close to full fitness?
    Up front I think you have it about right, but I would throw in Yassin Fortune, as both he and ‘the Jeff’ came on the cheap from the Lens’s Academy. Add Chris Willock too, for a short stint and perhaps a couple of others that had a good season in the Under 21’s, Mavididi would be a good shout for the CF spot, and Malen perhaps?
    The midfield should include Cazorla, even given if the lack of sighting in the photos. I did a quick peruse and I thought it was Santi on the sidelines talking, without the training bib on? – One of the last pics, broad shot, with Per doing his stuff nearest the camera. But without my magnifier, I could be wrong.
    However, I thought I recognised Ben Sheaf, and he could be a good for a starter alongside Coquelin or Elneny, depending who is pushed forward in the absence of Cazorla, or at half time as a replacement.
    Like you say, not a game to expect too much from, but a bit of skill and good application would be nice, eh?

  • Thanks for the additional player insights, Gerry. Would love to see Sheaf start as I met his parents last year and they were sooo supportive of him,

  • Mmmm, I don’t think Ben Sheaf’s parents have too much to worry about him and his future. He is a very talented kid who has the build to match, both as a DM or CAM.
    I am not sure if I will get to see the match as the site is rejecting my request to sign up as a digital member … because my email address is already registered with them. However, they only give me the option as signing in as a ‘Red Member’. Something I had to lapse last season.
    If I can get it on my small tablet via i-tunes, I may be able to cope with a bit of squinting?

  • Hey Fellas…long time… Cheers for the posts TA, sorry I missed getting a comment in on the previous one…

    …Which is probably where I should put this one, but–since I hope people will read it, and perhaps even respond to it–I’ll put it here… Truth be told, and perhaps due to lack of direct access, I’m less interested in the up and coming players (and thus these early friendlies) than I probably ought to be. Apologies, and I appreciate the impressions others give re: the younger gunners…

    In addition, the atmosphere surrounding the summer dealings (or lack thereof) is REALLY getting me down. To me, Arsenal need one big signing–an extension for the current manager–before we worry too much about a player here or a player there or the fact that those other (more desperate) clubs with their new managers are hoovering them up. Unfortunately, too many Gooners (I fear) want the exact opposite (Wenger out) and will be delighted if we stumble early and reignite all the usual debates surrounding the man. IMO, we have the core of a very, very good team as well as exciting quality in depth (including some of the up and comers and some of the older guys who still could come good) but the toxicity of the situation is such than EVERYBODY should be planning for their own escape route. That includes me. I just don’t know if I want to get too hopeful too early nor try to talk (the average) Gooner(s) down off their ledge(s)… (from where they will surely shout back at me…)

    So, let’s play the friendlies and see who looks nice then play the early games and hope we scratch out the needed results. Some work in the transfer market is almost surely necessary but that might not happen until the deadline given the absurdity of prices being bandied about. (let’s try to remember that whomever we buy, we’re actually stuck with…) Like I say, retaining the characters we’ve already got (the manager, players like Ozil and Alexis, etc…) should be the higher priority rather than placing too many hopes (and pressures) on new ones, but that’s just my opinion. I also agree with TA that these early matches could be a time for guys who might be thinking they need to move away from the club (Gibbs, Ox, Theo, who else?…) to show they can win matches with us and deserve a first team spot. The current culture is one of instant gratification, blame, simple solutions and quick fixes, but football is a game rife with frustration and sometimes it doesn’t reward the best laid plans and the most talented teams or players (don’t get me started on those final matches from the Euros, for example)…or even the most “passionate” fans…

    Personal activities today will keep me from seeing the match but I should be able to do better as the preseason kicks into fuller gear…As such, the match report will be much appreciated… Cheers in advance…

  • And MU win 4-1 to Dortmund.. Very happy for Mourinho first start.. hahaha..
    And Pep Guardiola also.. Keep doing your great job.. hehehe..

    Hi all.. Nice to see you again..

    TA.. You want to go back to the 4-4-2 formation also.. or what..?? Hehehe..
    You missed Asano in your list.. Just as Kagawa.. Asano can be another Japanese brightest star.. and I’m sure he will be more lethal than Son Hueng Min.. Interestingly.. We have Japanese player and Spurs had Korean.. hehehe..

    So.. JRA will against his ex-club.. I hope the best for him.. and Fortune also..

    Like Beckham said.. this season will be very interesting..
    It will be so much fun there.. and our team will be much stronger than last season.. So Let’s Rock.. haha haha..

  • Hi HT, I may join you in the need for a match review tonight. My only hope my be to use another email address, if I cannot get signed in at Arsenal.com.

    As for transfers, I do my best to read between the lines with whatever is reported. I get the impression, AW knows who he really wants to buy, but is not going through the auction games that agents and the selling clubs try to ignite. If he is lucky, he will strike when other teams have dropped their interest and can appear as the only guy with the readies. Unfortunately, if that goes on into August, the sellers may not have a replacement lined up, so they don’t sell. So the next couple of weeks are going to be key.

    You mention Ozil and Alexis as being needed to sign extensions to their contracts, but if we are to believe some of the stuff from them, part of the reason is the lack of signings, particularly up front? Chicken and egg?

    The way I think it might go, is Per stays as part of the back line, Holding, and second season Gabriel will be the alternatives, possibly with Chambers as the alternative, for Kos as well.
    That means the defence has been sorted on the cheap?
    DM, sorted.
    So the money goes towards:
    Upgrade on Theo?
    Second striker to play with or instead of Giroud?

    I repeat the point I made in an earlier post. Despite us not looking that clever for a big chunk of the season, Ozil still managed to create a large number key pass which were not turned into assists. Change that, and we have a good chance of competing with the best in the league?

  • Where was Sanogo?? 😦

    Good pre season game. The fact that Lens start their season next week made this a good challenge, as it should be. Also, a very clean game. No one out to be an enforcer.

    Even though we were clearly disjointed, I thought most of the guys did well. Perhaps only Chambers was disappointing. Maybe Walcott too. Ox looked really hungry when he came on (and was running with his head up!!) Great finish. But also glad to see some good work from Gnabry and Campbell. Bielik showed some good touches too. Gibbs did well. (Better than Monreal)

    Happy to see Arsenal back. I wonder who all will go on tour to the US and Scandinavia.

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