Rambo/Coq in DM pivot, Iwobi/Theo on wings, Alexis CF: Arsenal v Spurs Preview and likely Line-up

A short but sharp match preview as we all know what is at stake here: pride, NLD bragging rights, a six point gap, and leading the table before the November interlull. I reckon it has been a great achievement to get level with Pep’s City and now we have the chance to overtake them, which would just be bliss. Of course Pool will have something to say about who will lead the table at the end of the day, but we must just concentrate on our challenge. It is about time that we beat the Spuds again, but it will not be easy despite their recent form.

Wenger has been able to rest the players who do most of the running for us: Nacho, Bellerin, Iwobi, Ox, Elneny and Theo. It is not entirely clear who of those are deemed fit to play as Arsenal.com has not updated its info re this since Thursday. It is to be expected that the Spuds will mainly play compact at the back with a desire to spring a counter as soon as we make a mistake. They will also press us high when they can but always in such a way that there is very little chance we can break them easily. Pochettino has his teams play a lot like Mourinho’s old Chelsea: they are hard to break down and score against and rely heavily on an in-form striker or two to win games for them. The latter they do not have currently and let’s hope this will remain the case today. We must play with care but also take the initiative and without any doubt will give away a few chances today, so our defensive discipline and their ability to take their chances will be a key factor.

Having said that, Arsenal have an in-form strike force and a strong midfield to boss the Spuds in their own half, and can create chances in the process. But we will have to take those opportunities early on to have a really good chance to win. If we are not leading by say 30-35 minutes it could become a tricky one for us.

I reckon, subject to fitness, that Arsene knows 9 of his 11 starters. The two areas where he will have some doubt is who to play next to Coquelin and whether to play Theo, Ox or Rambo on the right. We need to be solid in the double DM pivot with a strong focus on defensive duties and athleticism to cover the box to box challenges. Santi could play a big part in helping Ozil to crack open the Spuds’ bus but he may not be fit enough to play. I also doubt whether he is the right player to play as B2B in today’s game. For me, it is either Xhaka, Elneny or Ramsey. I would go for the Egyptian and play Rambo on the right ‘wing’ position. But I expect Wenger to play his strongest and most exciting team to watch.

Predicted Line-up:

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Whatever team will play, I am sure they will give their all for all the reasons given above; and let’s hope we will beat the Spuddies playing football the Arsenal way. Ooh to be…


By TotalArsenal.

12 thoughts on “Rambo/Coq in DM pivot, Iwobi/Theo on wings, Alexis CF: Arsenal v Spurs Preview and likely Line-up

  • Was just about to post my team when they announced it on sky. I would have played Giroud, but there you go. Where I would have been correct is playing Xhaka and Coquelin in midfield. Last year Spurs bossed the midfield by brute strength and I think it’s important we combat that. That said Alli and Diembele are both absent this time. Xhaka v Wanyama might get interesting.

    Nice write up TA


  • Good stuff TA. A few quick thoughts. The choice of Xhaka in midfield I understand as we need that transition forwards and he is a passer in the place of Santi. That said, we have a significant card risk in our pivot. The Spuds have a lot of physical presence in midfield, so we have something there to match them. They are playing players just back from injury; hopefully this will not prove smart. And we have far the better bench to draw on. All signs should be in our favour… But its a derby, and we will need to be really up for it and disciplined. We will miss Santi out there, but I hope the others can show some calm amidst the storm.

  • Cheers AB, I would have preferred Elneny for this one but Xhaka has that added ability to pick a deadly long-distance pass. I am sure he will know by now about his disciplinary duties. COYGs

  • TA. Yes either Elneny or Rambo feels a safer option. But I suppose Xhaka is a central part of the medium term plan and Wenger is pretty determined when it comes to applying his plans.

  • And if they press us high to keep us in our own half, Xhakakan will be able to pick out runners up-front… which will scare the Spuddies no end! 🙂

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