Gems of the Season: Nr2 The Sumptuous Creator – Mesut Ozil

An ‘old’ Gunner, one that many believed was never going to be a key player at Arsenal again, is my next Gem of the Season. Mesut is a complicated character: very talented, a bit moody and in need of love and respect to be at his best, but so talented and gifted and much needed in our squad.

Arteta knew how important the German was to his team and gave him his unconditional support from the start. This was key after Emery messed with him so badly, which was one of the poorest man-management approaches I have ever witnessed.

Are we seeing Mesut at his very best? No. Will we ever see him at his very best? Well that remains to be seen, but he has been a key player for us once again, as this video will show you:

I am not sure whether playing three attackers with limited passing ability is optimal for Mesut’s talents, but they do need to be supplied with great service and Mesut is by far best suited for this.

Unfortunately, the season is (almost certainly) over and Ozil will not get a chance to get to his very best any time soon. There should be little doubt that he will be a Gunner next season, as Arteta knows he is pivotal to his team and Mesut is a loyal kind of a guy. So there is a reason to rejoice, and if Mikel will go with an attack of Ozil, Auba and one or two proper, ball-tight, ball-passing wingers, like Nelson and Saka, we should certainly have another good season out of the German maestro.

By TotalArsenal.

17 thoughts on “Gems of the Season: Nr2 The Sumptuous Creator – Mesut Ozil

  • Hey, TA… You’ve got mail… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That’s a fun video, far more fun than watching Mesut and Pepe fighting over the same spaces and then looking exasperated with one another…

    I agree with everything you say above–except…

    …I think he’s gonna be sold. I also believe that Emery’s “man-management” was in an effort to please ownership (and upper management) and part of his plan to become the anti-Wenger, moving away from high-priced creative types (let’s not forget that Arsenal also rescinded Ramsey’s offer sheet soon after Emery came on the scene) in favor of ceding possession and getting his team to (almost) exclusively play on the counter. I fear that those same forces will choose Pepe over Mesut (the financial losses from selling the former would be massive) and anything we can get for Ozil (before he would walk on a free in 2021) would seem a bonus. US sports, post-virus, will be a free-for-all, so a big market MLS team splashing a bit for a guy like Ozil might be one way to stand out. Who knows, maybe Stan Kroenke’s Rapids (his Colorado-based MLS team) will be the buyer and then, after some fancy accounting, it’ll be a winner for both (of his) clubs…

    It’s a tragedy, but maybe of a piece with the treatment Ozil has received–first from pundits and then a big swath of “supporters”–since his arrival…

    All of that said, I hope you’re right (and I’m wrong) and that we become a team (and club) that knows how to appreciate what Ozil can bring and that we start (again…) walking in the goals in sumptuous fashion, Mesut-man at the helm… He’s indeed a gem, though severely roughed up by the way he’s been treated… I hope he shines again, ideally at Arsenal, but hopefully somewhere… And, if he ends up as the German Carlos Vela, I won’t complain…except here on your blog…


  • Cheers 17HT, also for your email. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is very quiet and it seems best to temporary close the blog. It would be good to hear how folks are and how their family is doing, how the countries are fighting the virus and what keeps BKers busy… but maybe that is not what everybody wants. Fine with me. I keep it open for a few more days and if there still are not a decent number of comments then it will be closed.

    Keep healthy everyone.

  • Ozil works best under managers who know him well, and not those who think that he can be a deep lying playmaker.

    He will sign another contract and stay for longer under Arteta. Arteta needs him to stay on. Willock is still not there yet and there is no one else to pick out the strikers with finesse.

    Due to the suspension of the league, there had been no new topics to talk about, like another superb game by Ozil, or Auba, thus the lack of comments.

    Maybe we would like to hear comments about whether you will want Ozil to stay or go.

    What say you guys?

  • Ozil, has one of the highest skill levels I’ve witnessed in a player and Arteta seems to have found the right fit for him. It may well be a good financial decision to sell him as it will give Arsenal some cash and it would also remove their highest paid player. Removing him from the team would flatten out the payroll and other/agents players using him as an example of what they should be paid.

    Personally I would miss the blog if it were to be closed, and now that I’m convalescing in isolation at home I offer my help in being of whatever assistance I can be.

  • On Ozil:
    Great video. It was nostalgic seeing his magic.
    I don’t think he will be sold. While I’m not sure Arteta or the club would do their best to keep him, I don’t think there is a substantial demand for Ozil in his age with his salary. And it wouldn’t make much sense to loan him to a club where they will pay him 100k per week while we have to keep paying the remaining 250k. And – as we could see – he is still good, plus he could nurture his successor (probably Emile Smith-Rowe).
    Furthermore I think he is a great guy. He took the ranting with dignity. And while he indeed earns a shocking salary he is well-known for his charity including but not limited to supporting the homeless and financing operation for children in 3rd world countries. So I don’t mind him staying at all, besides his (pre-)assists, he is a good influence on any young player.

    On the Bergkampesque blog:
    I agree with GN5 that I would miss the blog and are willing to help if I can.
    TA, let us know if there is anything we can do to share the workload.

  • Thanks guys, really appreciate the comments re Ozil and the blog. It is clear that just a few of us feel a desire to be on the blog, but a few could be enough to keep it going…

  • Pb, it would be good to write something about why you think ESR is MO’s natural successor. Maybe have a look at the candidates, young and not so young, and give us your views..?

  • I guess Ozil being on that high salary has worked like honey for the club in terms of attracting top class players to it. We are probably paying too much to Mesut but there are additional benefits to paying such a weekly wage to a loyal star. Theo Walcott once got a similar contract (at the time) and the main reason for it was to show everybody that we are not a sellers club and can keep hold of our ‘stars’.

    Arteta uses MO the way he should have been used by Emery, and I agree with Pb that he is a great example to the likes of ESR, etc.

  • For a split second I was thinking about Arsenal players (and coaches) who might have those ^^ initials…

    Speaking of politicians… I’m starting to get VERY depressed about the way the virus is starting to be used over here in the US… Urban areas, of course, are hardest hit, but there’s A LOT of disdain for those people (and their gardeners and nannies and the ghetto folk they’re willing to live among) when folks start thinking that it’s us (who are being forced to stop working, watching sports, going to the bar, etc., etc… vs. them (and only them are getting sick)… There’s a worrisome sense that if I’m not directly affected, it’s (all) somebody else’s fault…

    I guess I should watch less news…and more player vids…or old matches on tape or something…maybe… I’m definitely missing the games, but at least the sun is out today… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Maybe we could share stories about the level of lock-down we’re (all?…) experiencing…and how we’re coping…

    Has PE been heard from? I guess I still have his e-mail address, but it might not be as current as one that you’ve got (TA)… Maybe with no games to watch (and to react to), there’s TRULY nothing to say… That’s not what Arteta and the boys seem to think…and I kinda love the idea that he’s giving them “homework,” news I got from reading Arseblog this morning. I also read Timmy the Tooth (7amkickoff) and I can see what he’s saying too about not really missing the football.
    Hell, I spent 3 months this winter where I couldn’t watch our matches!!

    Anyhow, I’m in favor of keeping the blog up, but also opening up the discussion a bit… I’m not sure if that’s possible (or desirable for you, TA)…just my opinion…

    Happy Friday…

  • That’s good 17HT we have at least 4 of us that prefer to keep the blog open.

    TA I will commit to writing posts, over the years I’ve written hundreds so I can look through them and see if how many of them will still, with some re-jigging, be topical.

    At one time I wrote a whole series on Arsenal’s top 50 players of all time, it was based on players that had played a certain amount of games and I included a mini bio on the players.

    If that’s of interest I’ll post them.

  • I think we need to react to those rewind games being shown on, 17ht and TA.

    All of us came to a conclusion that the lull period of comments were due to the lack of new games due to the shutdown and maybe by revisiting the games shown on the official website it should generate more comments and posts. This in turn will help us as Gooners to see the game in a different light.

    What say you guys?

  • TA, that was a surprise choice. Not that I have anything against Ozil as a player befitting of mention when team/game influence is in consideration, but frankly, I related your reference to โ€œgemsโ€ (noting your No. 1 choice) to be the up and coming stars. Guess that assumption was wrong. Mesut Ozil does deserve to be hailed for how heโ€™s changed certain opinions about him, particularly in the last two seasons, largely owing to his huge pay packet. He is one I would like to have around to the end of his contract, and if possible, to his retirement.

    As for the Comments count this period, it just goes to affirm the fact that sports is a powerful unifier and the absence of competition has left things in a lull with no narratives to analyze or push back against. I speak in general terms, though. On a personal note, I found my routine change somewhat, as the country comes to terms with the reality of the pandemic; the absence of football didnโ€™t help matters either. There is a lockdown order and this affects normal movement; but some staff of sectors deemed โ€œessentialโ€ still move about thus leaving room for abuse of the order in most states in the country. Only a few states are on strict lockdown, stay at home mode. I feel, overall, the pandemic may be had under control here, before long.

    Finally, TA, I do feel the blog should be kept going, irrespective. It is a boring period and shutting the blog would only worsen things (for me, at least).

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