Arsenal v Watford Lineup – Can Arsenal Complete the Turnaround?

The Hornets are coming to the Home of Football and Arsenal have a great opportunity to get very close to the top four and just six points of the high flying Oilski Ruski team. What an incredible turn around that would be; but let’s not underestimate the task and be complacent at any time in the game. Ranieri is a wily fox and will prepare his team well. He showed at Goodison Park how he can develop a good plan to give a team a bloody nose. Those Hornets cary a nasty sting.

I cannot see Mikel making any changes as Tierney is still a doubt and Tavares is grabbing his chance to shine with all he has got.

Our settled Starting 11?

Can Mikel and Arsenal complete the very impressive turnaround?

Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners 🌋🌋🌋

By TotalArsenal

50 thoughts on “Arsenal v Watford Lineup – Can Arsenal Complete the Turnaround?

  • 32
    Smith Rowe
    Aubameyang (c)

  • Tight groin I’ve heard, just precautionary J…

    Today is going to be a tedious game.

  • Foster in goal for Watford, always seems to have all the luck going when playing against Arsenal.

  • It’s all part of this teams evolution playing against a physical, tall, low block team.

    We need patience, calmness and a clinical eye from our players when in goalscoring situations, PEA should have two goals but such is life, some wasteful final balls when in good situations and I’m not sure how Danny Rose hasn’t got a yellow cards yet?

  • Afternoon all.

    A bit messy, but still had opportunities to be ahead. Auba needs a cold shower and wake up. Emile needs to be more involved and so does Lokonga.

    The tempo needs to go up two notches and we need to see more urgency.

    Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners!!!

  • Football brain, you know, looking across the line and seeing your offside as a cross shot comes in and as it’s going into the net you touch it and the goal is ruled out.

    That was some really dumb play by Aubameyang.

  • Should have been a comfortable 3-0 but the guys dug in, showed character, we ain’t no soft touch anymore…

  • Niles and White were great and Tomiyasu was like a spider, those long legs a la BFG.

    Horrible game, Watford are a right pain in the derrière and they’ll upset a few of the big boys.

    Frustrating but I love this team.

  • Auba had a stinker. He is selfish as well and after last penalty he should jave let laca take the penalty. He spoiled a game which we should have won easily. He also mis controlled the saka offside goal, missed penalty and toe poked a ball going tino the bet when offside.
    Anyways onwards and upwards and finally getting off the negative goal difference.

  • Man of the match Ben White. Easy choice for me. Made that goal, was everywhere defending, making blocks, and winning balls in midfield too.

    2nd choice Ainsley also an easy choice.. His challenges in midfield are so smooth, yet forceful…. and passing improving a bit. Moving past defenders more too.

    Artetas subs were absolutely perfect in hindsight even though I wanted Tierney to get a few minutes. Øde comes on as our best presser, smart and quick against tired opponents. Adds an outlet too. El Neny came on defensive and calm, knows his job is to see it out. Then Martinelli using up time playing keepaway.

    That save on Gabriel’s low header was frustrating. Another goal from Gabs would have been epic goal run. Funny thing about MOTM … every week I consider Gabs, but somebody edges him. He’s basically super valuable in every match.

    One thing I can say I’ve decided about him.. he’s my first name on the team sheet.

    Tavares is a dynamo. I feel like he has to play. I don’t care if he has to take Pepes place as the 3rd winger. He speeds up our game so much (the opposite of Pepe). He is rough on final decisions, but he is the best athlete I can remember as long as I’ve been watching Arsenal. People often over use the phrase power and pace. This guy is the actual epitome of that.

    Another big improvement…. Lokonga was on target a couple times, for a change.

  • I love it too, Kev. Great, grinding resilience by the team.

    Madhu, Auba was a bit unfortunate and silly but he worked hard for the team, so I am going to be less hard on him.

  • I am worried about Aubameyangs last 2 penalties being easy saves though. Can’t afford more of that.

  • Hi Guy’s, I’m delighted with both the result and the performance. We are now showing steel against low tackling teams and being able to give them a few bruises back in return. Our youngsters are a joy to watch ESR and Saka will be playing for both Arsenal and England for many years to come – Martinelli came on late and showed his intelligence by holding up the ball and keeping his exuberance in check. Our defense is now looking really solid and dependable. Of course it’s east to pick a few holes here and there. Eight game in a row unbeaten after losing the first three – I’m a happy bunny!!!

  • West ham is keeping our invincible title one more season. What a result for West ham. Liverpool looked average untill now 80 mins. Arteta better watch this and repeat this after the interlull.

  • Long sigh of relief at that final whistle! Felt for MO11 as Auba had a brain freeze and ruled out what would have been a very tasty goal. West Ham showed us what we can do after the intersnooze. The elves are polishing up those 30+ points for St Nicholas’s sack…
    Come on you ladies.

  • Danny Cowley’s mixed verdict on Arsenal loanee Miguel Azeez’s rare Portsmouth start.

    It represented only his second start in more than two months at Fratton Park and Danny Cowley believes Miguel Azeez demonstrated ‘some good moments’ in his rare Pompey outing.

    The 19-year-old replaced Reeco Hackett as one of two changes in Pompey’s side for Saturday’s visit of Harrow Borough.

    The outcome was some promising moments from Azeez, particularly in the first half, during a laboured 1-0 FA Cup victory over the Southern League Premier South side and Cowley has given his thoughts on the Arsenal youngster’s third outing in a Blues shirt.

    ‘I thought he did okay against Harrow, some good moments, some good touches, we know he’s going to be a good player.

    ‘He needed some more penetration, to make more runs into the box, affect the goal more, show a bit more aggression, intensity and physicality against the goal.

    ‘Miguel played in the number 10 position and the opportunity for him was to be able to go and get close to John, receive behind the opponent’s midfield, try to get them on the back foot and front facing”.

    ‘We know he spent a lot of his life at Arsenal playing against deep-lying teams sitting – we thought Harrow Borough would be the same – and we know he’s got very good quality in and around the goal.

    ‘Miguel got into some good positions, yet didn’t quite get off his shots or final pass.’

    Azeez was substituted in the 60th minute, with Gassan Ahadme introduced.

    Cowley has revealed the decision was tactical rather than the youngster showing signs of injury or potential fatigue.

    Having not been called up for England under-20 duty, he will remain at Fratton Park training this week.

    Although it remains to be seen whether Azeez is in the frame for Tuesday evening’s encounter with Crystal Palace under-21s in the Papa John’s Trophy.

    Pompey’s head coach added: ‘Miguel coming off on Saturday was just tactical really.

    ‘We wanted two forwards on the pitch for any crosses into the box. Miguel wasn’t in the box and we wanted him in there, so we put Gassan on.

    ‘We know Gassan is a really good finisher from crosses, so it made sense to bring him on.’

  • Morning all,

    Here are the results of last weekends competition:-
    For the week:-

    1st Total with 4/6 plus 4 points for most correct predictions = 8 points
    2nd Madhu with 3/6 plus one correct score = 5 points
    3rd GN5, Eris, Kev & OX10 with 3/6 = 3 points

    For the season to date:-

    1st OX10 with 60.13
    2nd Eris with 58.46
    3rd GN5 with 52.13
    4th Total with 48.13
    5th Madhu with 46.66
    6 Kev with 41.33

    Well done Total 8 points puts you in touch with the leaders.

  • We have a mixture of games this weekend

    Tottenham Ladies v Arsenal Ladies *
    Spain v Sweden *
    Croatia v Russia *
    Fluminense v Palmerias
    Everton Ladies v Man U Ladies
    Man C Ladies v Chelsea Ladies

  • Tottenham Ladies v Arsenal Ladies * 0-2
    Spain v Sweden * 1-0
    Croatia v Russia * 1-0
    Fluminense v Palmerias H
    Everton Ladies v Man U Ladies H
    Man C Ladies v Chelsea Ladies A

  • What great news for ESR and well deserved!

    Emile Smith Rowe: England call up Arsenal midfielder for first time for World Cup qualifiers against Albania and San Marino

    Emile Smith Rowe has been called up to the England senior men’s squad for the first time.

    It comes after Marcus Rashford, James Ward-Prowse, Mason Mount and Luke Shaw have not reported for international duty.

  • A very tough selection of games, GN5! 🙂

    Tottenham Ladies v Arsenal Ladies * 0-4
    Spain v Sweden * 2-1
    Croatia v Russia * 2-1
    Fluminense v Palmerias H
    Everton Ladies v Man U Ladies D
    Man C Ladies v Chelsea Ladies D

  • Ex-Liverpool caretaker manager Phil Thompson has quite a big nose – unless you haven’t noticed. And funnily enough, it’s inspired a few choice chants from the opposition. From the inspired to the downright abusive, we gave you six of the best. Now you’ve added more….

    1) “Sit down Pinocchio” – to the tune of ‘Paolo Di Canio’ (or La Donna E Mobile from Verdi’s Rigoletto, we are informed by the only man in the office with a decent education). Sung by Arsenal fans, among others.

    2) “We’ve got Dom Matteo. You’ve got Pinocchio” – to the same tune. Sung by stretching-it-a-bit Leeds fans.

    3) “Hey, Phi-il Thompson (Ooh-Ah), I wanna know-oh-oh – where you got that nose” – to the tune of DJ Otzi’s Hey Baby! Sung by West Ham fans.

    4) “Get your nostrils off the pitch” – to the tune of footballing standard ‘Who the f***ing hell are you?’ aka Bread Of Heaven. Sung by Arsenal fans.

    5) “Big nose – you’ve got a f***ing big nose” – to the tune of Blue Moon. Sung by Leeds fans, among others.

    6) “Thompson needs a nose job, Thompson needs a nose job, la la la la, la la la la” – to the tune of Ossie’s Dream or Let’s All Do The Conga. Sung by Chelsea fans.

    7) “It’s here, it’s there, it’s every f***ing where, Thompson’s nose, Thompson’s nose” – to the tune of He’s Fat, He’s Round etc. Sung by Leeds fans. Nominated by Rob McNab.

    8) “Sneeze in a minute! He’s gonna sneeze in a minute!” – to the tune of Guantanamera. Nominated by Ray Calthorpe.

    9) “He’s got the whole world, in his nostrils, he’s got the whole world in his nostrils, he’s got the whole wide world in his nostrils” – to the tune of He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands. Nominated by Niall Quinlan.

    10) “Oh the shadow outside is frightening, stops the sun from shining light in. You can see it wherever he goes, Thompson’s nose, Thompson’s nose, Thompson’s nose” – to the tune of Let It Snow. Sung by Manchester United fans. Nominated by Michael Christie.

  • I had to chuckle at those Phil Thompson songs, I remember the Arsenal fans giving him dogs abuse at Highbury back in day – all clean fun…

  • That coach really pays attention to our loan players Kev! Sounds like he wants to train him to be like Smith Rowe is becoming.

  • Good one, GN5. Never a dull moment, even during the Inter-lull.

    Tottenham Ladies v Arsenal Ladies * A 0-4
    Spain v Sweden * H. 2-1
    Croatia v Russia * D 1-1
    Fluminense v Palmerias H
    Everton Ladies v Man U Ladies D
    Man C Ladies v Chelsea Ladies. A

  • Me and Bukayo are so close off the pitch – I’m so happy for him every time he plays for England,” Smith Rowe said. “It’s extra special to be here with him, we’ve both come up from [the Arsenal youth academy at] Hale End. It’s a big moment for us and for Arsenal as well.”

    Emile about his good friend and team mate Bukayo. I am so proud about these two Gunners.

  • Hi J, yeah that’s how I see it with the Cowley brothers, it’ll be interesting to see how Arsenal see it this January because despite some of the online criticism of the management of Azeez, if he stays at Fratton Park then it’ll be clear that Arsenal like how he’s being developed.

    Total, that’s the great thing about youngsters coming through the Academy together, how good must it be to be playing in the 1st team with your mates, the guys you knew growing up at the club, it’s like jumpers for goalposts over the park. It also ties them to the club a bit, I remember Jack Wilshere having his contract running down – during a period when he was healthy – and the fans bombarding him about signing a new contract, but he loved the club and duly signed only for that wanker Paddy McNair to destroy his ankle. All those on Twitter who disrespect Jack have very short memories and a total lack of empathy.

    Spud Ladies v Arsenal Ladies……A (0-5)
    Spain v Sweden ………………………H (3-0)
    Croatia v Russia”……………………..H (3-1)
    Fluminense v Palmerias……………H
    Everton Ladies v Man U Ladies…H
    Man C Ladies v Chelsea Ladies..A

  • Jumpers for goal posts! 😁 Those were the days, Kev. Coming home with grass stained jeans, or worse, a hole in them! There is something fairy taley about Bukayo and Emile. Lovely lads who ply with passion and pride.

  • Tottenham Ladies v Arsenal Ladies * A (0-4)
    Spain v Sweden * H (2-1)
    Croatia v Russia * H (1-0)
    Fluminense v Palmerias D
    Everton Ladies v Man U Ladies A
    Man C Ladies v Chelsea Ladies H

  • Tottenham Ladies v Arsenal Ladies * A 1-5
    Spain v Sweden * H 2-1
    Croatia v Russia * H 1-0
    Fluminense v Palmerias A
    Everton Ladies v Man U Ladies A
    Man C Ladies v Chelsea Ladies A

  • The latest headline maker is the ‘stunning report’ that the ‘super’ agent of Dusan Vlahovic is refusing to accept phone calls from Arsenal, I mean what on earth is this man playing at, ignoring calls from Edu?

    It’s just not good enough and I fully expect a Twitter campaign aimed at Edu and Arteta for this blunder, heads should roll.

    I also fully expect to see Football.London and Just Arsenal News running this staggering story every day, every hour in fact for the entirety of the International break.

  • It is of course a load of old tosh, Arsenal have not met with the management of Fiorentina, I mean whatever happened to Zoom anyway?

    And Arsenal aren’t interested in Vlahovic…

    That for me is a relief because he looked bang average in his You Tube videos and they’re designed to make a player look world class…

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