If I was Freddie: How to Get the Best out of our Fab Squad | Torreira is Key

How to line-up our team.

Arsenal Training Session
ST ALBANS, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 30: during a training session at London Colney on November 30, 2019 in St Albans, England. (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

So we had the Emery to FL change and the first game of the new interim-era is behind us. There was simply not enough time for Freddie to put his stamp on the team and it remains to be seen whether Thursday’s game against the Seagulls will also not be too soon. However, he has held the wheel in his own hands now and that experience is likely to have given him new ideas on how to approach our next game.

From my own and Pb’s post game posts and bloggers’ comments here on BK, I reckon the team should look something like this:

Many believe we don’t have enough quality players, but I would trust the above team to give any PL team a more than decent game, especially once everybody is fully fit. These are my key considerations:

  1. Xhaka and Torreira are 2.5 players on the pitch if they are both fielded, but they need to play in line and a bit deeper most of the game;
  2. Ozil is required for his creativity but he needs a couple of attackers who can also pass and combine in tight spaces;
  3. Hence my perference to play Willock near him and Laca or Martinelli in the hole position;
  4. I prefer Auba up top with Laca or Martinelli behind him. Wing play can come from the full backs and either Ozil or Willock (or Saka and Pepe if we need more pure wing skills);
  5. Martinelli is that good that we need to play him more, either in the hole or up top – as a starter or regular sub;
  6. Luiz is the brain of defence but we need to give him a steady-eddy next to him. That is either Chambers or Holding imo;
  7. Guendouzi should also get time in this team but not in the deeper midfield positions as he is much more of an attacker than a defender;
  8. We would need to dare to push up a bit and focus on our passing game again, but with real urgency and penetration.

I feel that with this team and formation we can defend and attack better and have much better balance in midfield….

But what do you think? How would you like Freddie to line up the team?

By TotalArsenal.

8 thoughts on “If I was Freddie: How to Get the Best out of our Fab Squad | Torreira is Key

  • TA– Mostly subjective by taste you and I– except… Martinelli. That young man must be in a position to influence the attack. Call him a winger if you must. But he’s a winger like Alexis was one.

    He can dance through a defense like no one else we have in camp.
    So here, our minds meet TA! 👌🏻


  • Interesting pitch, TA and I agree, we do have a team to match any in the league, with confidence restored. I have always felt that way; also believe we are in the top 3 of the best squads in the EPL, as far as Squads go. What we require is the right selection with the right balance. Ljungberg will eventually get it right.

    Unless we have not been watching the current (after recovering from injury) version of Rob Holding is no steady Eddy, TA and neither is Chambers. Chambers looks to me like he is too self conscious and knows he isn’t the most technical player about, so makes up for that by being unnecessary physical, earning card after card for clumsy tackles. He also hides and often gets caught up in a blame game when things go wrong. Otherwise, I like his enthusiasm but with everyone fit, he will be back-up (unless someone can get him to pick up a bit of confidence to handle it).

    If Mustafi isn’t going to be at right CB, then it’s got to be Sokratis! Bellerin worries me, these days, at right back, so maybe Chambers continues or shares the role with Mustafi (who deserves to be playing). I agree that left back has to be Tierney (mostly, at home). It will take a pre-season preparation to allow for Freddie to change some things; something tells me he is dying to play players like AMN and Martinelli on the wings, to fly at opposing full backs. But such change can not help mid-season.

    Against Brighton on Thursday, I will go with the following team: Leno, Chambers, Mustafi, Luiz, Tierney, Torreira, Xhaka, Ozil, Pepe, Auba, Martinelli/Willock. That will be in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

  • Oh, jw1. I did have that thought. In Freddie’s Place, I will call Wenger for advice on how to stem the tide of no wins. Wenger was always able to turn poor runs around. He would also tell him how to use some of the players to get the best out of them.

    Nice, if it happens, but these things don’t get to be shared with the public if they occur.

  • Thanks JW and Eris for comments. It is good to know the world has not gone under…

    Yes JW, Martinelli is a gem and he is rearing to go. No holding him back.

    Eris, I reckon Chambers is much calmer in the CB than the RB position. He needs to be nr2 to Luiz and just be his first soldier. Same goes for Holding but he also has future leadership qualities. Per will get the calm and discipline back again. 🙂
    Like your line up too!

  • TA … yes it is all hands on deck. Even Wenger is keen to chip in. Am at home with most of your points.

    1) I agree Xhaka and Tor make our best double pivot combo but Tor would have to assume a bit of the B2B role because Xhaka can’t. Xhaka needs to stay deep where he can conjure up space and time without which he can’t perform well.

    2) I agree again. Ozil needs one or two Santiesque around him for the triangles which to Ozil is the calm before his exquisite storm of a through pass. I depart from you slightly as I don’t think we have such a player. Maybe Nelson can be moved into the more central areas for such build ups.

    4) Auba up top for me also.

    5) I concur … Martinelli with his industry and self belief should be getting more playing time. He’d help the team running low on self belief.

    I accept we have fine players but I wonder if the mix can make a great team. For example Auba,
    Pepe, Martinelli and Laca are all great direct players. For them it’s bee line to the goal. Great for countering. Field three (even two) of them and our ability to build play patiently against massed defense is seriously curtailed (am thinking of a team that cam match anybody).

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