Arsenal v Bournemouth: Can Arsenal Fight Off the Big C and Empty the Cherry Tree?

After disturbing the Eagles’ nest and hunting down the Foxes, will we continue our unbeaten run today by doing some fine Cherries picking at Dean Court?

I remember picking cherries with my family on holiday in southern Germany. We picked and we ate like no tomorrow until we discovered that some had worms in them. The veritable feast turned on its head when some of us were sick. Let it be a warning for our boys today.

Well, our very own radiant Stu will be on location to oversee the process and boy is he hungry for some live Arsenal footie success!

Scott Parker is a fine manager who seems the ideal successor for the man who is happy to do a ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ at the Oily Barcodes, these days.

Parker’s hair almost rivals Mikel’s Lego head coiffure, but nobody, IMHO, dresses better than the former Charlton hero. The Cherries beat Villa at home and they will be full of confidence, and they will like the underdog role at home.

Many expect Arsenal to win and that always makes me a bit worried. The Big C of complacency could rear its ugly head today. Luckily, as All or Nothing is showing us, Arteta warns for this constantly and demands humility and focus. This is a big game, as really all our PL games are. Arsenal can stay joint top of the league with a win and let’s fight for 96 minutes to return home with the three precious points, and a beaming smile on Stu’s face.

Line up will most likely be unchanged. Maybe we see a change at full back, but I doubt it.

Saka to score. Odegaard to assist a couple.

By TotalArsenal

21 thoughts on “Arsenal v Bournemouth: Can Arsenal Fight Off the Big C and Empty the Cherry Tree?

  • I completely agree TA, complacency could be our biggest enemy today. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us unchanged either.

    If, as rumoured, Pepe is to be loaned to Nice for the season that’s the best outcome for both parties. Maybe he’ll rediscover his mojo and we’ll be able to sell him next year. The burden of his price tag has always seemed to haunt him but, he’s not our worst purchase of all time as some media are suggesting. Here are some of my least favourite signings, in no particular order: Kim Kalstrom; Yaya Sanogo; Jehad Muntasser; Wellington Silva; Junichi Inamoto and; Sebastian Squillaci.

  • Kev yes they are boring. Wolves have been dominating but you know what somehow Spurs will get a result. How come they keep doing that? Either they are very lucky or they are efficient. Really drab and dull football. Unless you are a fan not sure why would you want to watch Spurs.

  • T,
    I also like Parkers nod to tradition with the suits, blazers.

    Our subs bench makes me feel good about the squad. It might even get stronger in the next week or 2.

  • Enjoying the fans creative songs for Saliba, after debuting with the chant for Zinchenko last week. 👌

    Early days but we are playing like champions, to be honest. OGAAT, of course.

  • Evening guys, what a control in this first half.
    Happy for Odegaard who needed this. Using right wing much more. GJ9 will get his chances too in the second half.

  • That was an emphatic win; the kind which lifts the spirits and helps confidence.
    What a pitch of a goal by Saliba, probably responding to his new song (Saliba!, to the tune of TEQUILA !). Fair play to the away fans today. They just drove the team on.
    As it stands, we have the best “goals for” stat of 9 goals and it could have been more, to be honest.

  • Ben White going forward more in the first half. Happy for Øde too. Came close to another assist with the goal ruled offside.

  • There should be a stipulation which allows a goal of such beauty and quality to stand, if the offside is that marginal. At least, there was a time the attacker was given the benefit of the doubt, as a written rule…….

  • I know it’s probably being a little churlish but I felt that we left a few goals out there on the pitch at Dean Court, I thought that some of our interplay was amazing and deserved goals, in fact we were good for a 5-0, so I get pee’d off when we aren’t ruthless and clinical enough in these situations, goals scored are worth a point at the final reckoning and we might need that extra point. Anyway grumble over, fantastic performance, good use of the subs but a shame we didn’t see Vieira, saving him for the Emirates I guess?

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