Arsenal v Liverpool Preview/ Lineup. The Teeth v The Hair

Liverpool are coming to THOF with only one desire, which is to restart their season by beating us. Their recent results against Arsenal have been good, and they like playing us because we dare to press high and play our game. The space that will become available as a result, is highly priced by the Scousers.

So, just as with the Spuds, I am nervous about this game. Pool, despite their current low position in the league, are a better team than our North-London eell-mashed rivals, so let’s be very focused.

Having said all that, we now have a team of 11 fighters and the sort of attackers that will take their chances when they come to us at home. Saka and Martinelli, for example, both scored under high pressure at Manchester United, even though Marti’s goal was so harshly VARed out. GJ9 will relish this game a hundred times more than Aubameyang ever did. This season, XhakA and Partey are taking their chances when they come, and Arsenal also have a few defenders who can rise to the occasion.

I am writing all this to focus on an important, big difference with last season: Arsenal do now take their chances quicker, also in the big games. And if Arteta decides to go out and attack Pool by pushing up, we really need to take our chances as soon as they arrive.

It will be a big test because expectations are high and the pressure is on us. But the Teeth and his players also have a lot of pressure on them. Losing today will mean a huge gap between the top three and them with not even ten games played. Their PL season could be written off if Arsenal beat them fair and square.

So there’s a lot to consider for this game, and weighing on it, and I cannot wait for it.

Line up

I don’t expect many surprises in our starting eleven and will go with the Guardian’s lineup:

We may see Tierney starting ahead of Zinchenko, and the Ukrainian may even start in Granit’s place. Kieran offers more defensive qualities to Zinch and Granit has played an awful lot of high tension games lately… But I still expect us to start as per the Guardian’s lineup.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!!!


93 thoughts on “Arsenal v Liverpool Preview/ Lineup. The Teeth v The Hair

  • Arsenal have not recorded a single goal again the ‘mickey mousers’ in our last six games, yeah it’s hard to believe isn’t it. Even in their pomp of the 70’s and 80’s Arsenal routinely turned them over at Highbury and occasionally bushwhacked them at Anfield. It’s as if Klopp has weaved a spell over us…

    He gets away with murder flashing his tectonic hampsteads as he taps up our players, does he do that to anyone else or does he think that he has such a psychological hold over Arteta?

    Conte gave it large last season, digging out Arteta after the Spuds won 3-0 at the Slum, but Arteta learned from that, kept his council and stuff the Italian hair-piece last weekend, and now it’s time for a repeat against the Erwin Rommel of the EPL, let’s see if Arteta can do a General Patton on the Scousers today?

  • Kev, you see things my way, largely, concerning the presuptiousness of Klopp’s never ending talk about our players and the spell he seems to hold over our team, since joining the scousers. I doubt any other team has had one over us as long as Klopp’s Liverpool have had. We hardly score against them too.

    It is all about to change today. TA’s preview sets things up nicely. This is a different Arsenal team and for the first time, I sense nerves in Klopp’s assessment this time around. Nerves and respect, actually. We have a front 3 (nay, 5, when you add Odegaard and Xhaka) to peg them back and and worry them no end. It will be a pulsating encounter with the good guys wining it in the end.

  • Herr Colgate. Lol. Klopp’s choppers are a thing of allure. Hopefully, he smiles out of embarrassment after the game today.

  • Nice one Eris, I find it hard to hide my antipathy towards Klopp and Liverpool and that’s bearing in mind the fact that Liverpool have prevented th3 prospect of Man City and their unscrupulous owners lording over us with 5 successive titles, that really would leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

  • I love English football and I love the Premier League but you dln5 hav3 to dig too deep to discover the nauseating stench coming up from below the shiny facia of thegame we treasure.

  • Team sheet is out and it is Tomiyasu on at LB. Tierney won’t be pleased but I guess the explanation will be someone to keep Salah in check, while also comfortable cutting into midfield. It also means Zinchenko may have a knock as he isn’t even on the bench.
    It would seem Klopp is looking to attack us and lose something in midfield by playing four attacking players. Nunez on as striker with Diogo Jota also starting. Jordan Henderson and Thiago in midfield shouldn’t prove too much for ours to over-run, if you ask me.


  • Arsenal: Ramsdale – White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu – Partey, Xhaka – Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli – Jesus

    Liverpool: Alisson – Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Tsimikas – Henderson, Thiago – Salah, Jota, Diaz – Nunez

  • Subs: Tierney, Nketiah, Holding, Cedric, Vieira, Lokonga, Nelson, Alencar, Turner.

    Liverpool Subs: Kelleher, Gomez, Phillips, Konate, Fabinho, Milner, Elliott, Carvalho, Firmino

  • Interestimg to see Tomi starting on the right. I have a feeling this is to stop the crossing from TAA as much as possible. This is such a weapon and a right footed FB will be an advantage.

  • TA, you just might have a point there, re the inclusion of Tomi at left back. It may not be about Salah but about stopping those crosses. It also gives the impression Arteta suspected (or knew) they Nunez will be starting and could feed off crosses.

    Again, Tomi is not likely to lose his man defending crosses from the other flank, as has cost us against Liverpool in the past, when Jota will get a free run on crosses.

    It is going to be nervy though.

  • That looked nasty on Alexander-Arnold. Hope he shakes it off. I’d rather him at right back, so long as he isn’t crossing dem balls.

  • We are allowing them grow in confidence by giving away the ball too often. We need to shake away the nerves.

    It is 1-1 and it was all preventable.

  • Disappointing that we are not controlling midfield a little better that goal was coming. We also not keeping the ball well in possession allowing Liverpool more rhythm.

  • We usually let in goals that we could have prevented by simply keeping composure.

    Well, we go again. Need to prevent getting caught on the ball. We are better than what we are showing and it looks lkke that hex we spoke about is at work here.

  • It has to start with a desire to win the 50-50s and quit pulling out of tackles or situations where some physicality is required.

    Gabriel should be stretching to block off that pass after making the initial error. Ramsdale should be confident in his players to pass out from the back. The long balls aren’t helpful. We won’t be winning very many headers in the forward areas.

  • Both goals have been counter attacking masterclasses with Marti getting a goal and assist

  • I would say may possession creating more dangerous is controlling us but different perspectives I guess

  • *More possession and creating more chances is what I meant. However the counters are working today but I think Arteta wants us to eventually not give up as much of the ball which in itself is great form of defending.

  • I might argue that the assist should be split between the 2 Gabis, as Magalhães not only occupied 2 defenders but made a smart dummy to leave Saka with a simple tap-in.

  • The half close with the good guys 2-1 up. What a run and shimmy by Martinelli before squaring it for Saka to stretch at.

    The game is understandably cagey and we are taking them too seriously, ignoring the table. We are focused on tactics and pre-game instructions, having learnt from the old Trafford result. Personally, if we just go out to play against this Liverpool side, they could score 5 but we should get 6.

    The manager makes the decisions, so I’d go with his choice to stay in shape at some points in the game. This is one game in which the team with more possession is not necessarily in control. One slip and …..

  • Why do all the pundits seek to blame Trent Alexander-Arnold for every Liverpool goal concession from that side of the field?
    They must realise he is still a young, promising player, no?

  • Makayah, remember how they use to attack us from everywhere and we were hanging on for dear life? That was controlling us.

    I admit we need to pass the ball better in midfield and make them worry much more in second half.

  • Let us all take note of the fact that we have seen Gabi’s handball from the cross given in most games I have watched last couple of seasons I was holding my breath. Our luck with refs and VAR might be changing last week I heard a lot of Arsenal fans say they were surprised at Spurs getting that red card and I thought it could have gone either way.

    I think Saliba has been great again even that interception which Ramsdale had to save would have been a certain goal as there was someone behind him.

  • Saka delivered twice. Aside from the goal, a great key pass that led to Ødegaards gorgeous assist..

  • Makayah I thought the same about the handball. I wouldn’t have been able to argue if it was given. I was expecting it actually.

  • We are at home and would like to see us press them more Thiago gives them class but Henderson is definitely not on Fabino’s level this is a great opportunity but again nothing is easy and that could come with risks.

  • 2-2! We have let in Firminho (who just can’t stop scoring against us) in for their equalizer. And that after Odegaard carved a good chance for 3.

    Ramsdale needs to be told it starts with him. He kicks out too frantically when a pass to his man would have been a better option.

    The game is all it was billed to be.

  • Thank goodness. When I saw GJ9 go down like that, I feared the worst. Caught by the arm of their left full back.

    Gabriel Jesus has risen! Picked that one from the come tary.

  • The starting 11 and changes Klopp has made shows some new found respect for Arsenal, clearly.
    Salah off for Fabinho suggests Tomi did his job and Liverpool want to stiffen things in the middle.

  • Saka what a legend taking these penalties in such pressure situations while still so young

  • Saka is just the coolest man in North London. Even Klopp couldn’t look.

    It is what we deserved.

  • It was a game and a half! True battle. It was like WAR out there. Look, it was important Arteta got the Klopp monkey off his back today.

    The table cannot lie. We are up there for a reason, phobia aside. My old ticker was at breaking point today. Phew!

  • What a goal from Iwobi having watched him this season a couple of times he has been pretty good playing deeper for Everton, Lampard has done a fantastic job with him.

  • Besides our forwards I got to say Gabriel and Ben White also impressed me immensely, Gabriel had fantastic distribution from the back spraying those long balls and Tommi pocketed Salah.

  • T, this is why the Renaissance of Arsenal is absolutely real..
    Every week I have a list of a few guys who are deserving of MOTM.
    Then I watch the games a second time after a few days, and I see more great performances that deserve credit.

    Such total team effort and quality of players will result in great things. It’s inevitable.

    Was actually an inspired decision by Arteta to start Tomiyasu, and was looking for that Tierney sub. I thought it was perfect.

  • Unfortunately Alex was just punished for losing the ball resulting in a Ronaldo gaol

  • Everton need to time the introduction of Calvert Lewin. Gordon isn’t doing too well and may be taken off for that sub, unless Lampard goes like for like, instead, in which case Maupay comes off.

    Still a lot to play for in that game.

  • I don’t like Liverpool, for historical reasons and Klopp really gets on my nerves but there’s no doubting what a great team they are even if their level has slipped.

    They gave us a scare in that first half when I thought our midfield struggled but we started brilliantly and finished the half spectacularly so stick that in the Mersey and smoke it…

  • What I enjoyed was both the teams and spectators reaction to conceding two well worked but quite soft goals, we worked our arse off to score and they made it look so easy, but we held our nerve and that showed me how these players as a group are growing together

  • I also thought that Arteta won the tactical battle, so much so that it was Klopp, A’s was with Conte last week, making the very strange substitutions meanwhile Mikel was on top with his subs.

    Using Tomiyasu as the left back was a master stroke, it showed that he sussed Klopp out from his team vs Rangers and bringing on Tierney and going 5 at the back was so mature by Arteta, just seeing the game out, superb management…

  • What a result. Unfortunately couldn’t watch the game but listened to the commentary. Found that listening to the commentary makes you less nervous 😁. Watching this game would have been fun but very stressful. Time to wear my Arsenal jacket tomorrow to work. Enjoy your night gooners.
    All hail Arteta and time to say In Arteta we trust. Tactically Tomi at left back was great. Gabriel is a bit of worry but we playing a high line makes the backline vulnerable. With probably 15 teams in the league we should be good but it’s the other 5 teams we will be found out. Well that’s the discussion for a different day.

  • LeG, that was me strutting my stuff in the kitchen at full time, a la un cuppa 😄

  • So far guy’s I’ve only had predictions from Madhu.

    GunnerN5 says:
    October 1, 2022 at 21:02

    Here are the next 9 games as currently scheduled for our points prediction. I will post the results of the first nine games after the game against Liverpool. Things could change as both Everton (H) & the Manchester City (H) games are still to be rescheduled.

    Leeds United A
    Southampton A
    Nottingham H
    Chelsea A
    Brighton H
    Wolverhampton A
    West Ham H
    Brighton A
    Newcastle H

  • Here are my very optimistic predictions.

    Leeds United A 3
    Southampton A 3
    Nottingham H 3
    Chelsea A 1
    Brighton H 3
    Wolverhampton A 3
    West Ham H 3
    Brighton A 3
    Newcastle H 3

  • I have the results of both last weeks games and the first 9 games in the points prediction contest.
    I’ll do my level best to post them in the morning – but I prepping and cooking my families Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow so I may not have the time.

  • Happy cooking Chef GN5

    Apparently Henderson has racially abused Henderson during the penalty fracas. Reports say that FA is going to investigate. Referee spoke to both managers before the penalty could be taken. Managers have been told not to speak about it.

  • Kev,
    Good analysis.

    On the Henderson thing, that’s a time when you want a leader of men on the pitch, like Granit.

  • Happy Thanksgiving, GN5. Clearly, you are starting to believe more with the big calls you’ve made in your predictions. Good on you!
    I won’t be cooking for Thanksgiving but will, certainly, help out in the kitchen. 😂

    Leeds United A 3
    Southampton A 3
    Nottingham H 3
    Chelsea A 1
    Brighton H 3
    Wolves A 3
    West Ham H 3
    Brighton A 1
    Newcastle H 3

  • Leeds United A
    Southampton A
    Nottingham H
    Chelsea A
    Brighton H
    Wolverhampton A
    West Ham H
    Brighton A
    Newcastle H….. Arsenal to win the lot GN5

  • Thanks Total, Johnno, I’m really looking forward to Thursday to see what Arteta comes up with?

    If anyone who likes Podcasts has a chance have a listen to Arsenal Vision from last Friday where the boys discuss fitness, rotation and why the thinking is less about players having rest but actually playing them and keeping their levels high, itexplains why Arteta uses our key players in game wher3 we expect him to rest them…

  • Kev yeah I listen to that podcast regularly. Heard that discussion on why Arteta played Jesus against Bodo in the last few minutes. It’s more like keeping game fit which is different from traning. Whatever is Arteta doing at the moment it’s bearing fruits. Long may it continue.
    I only hope that Edu and Josh are thinking about spending in Jan to strengthen the team in couple of areas and just go for the jugular this season. Finishing high up in the table and a cup should definitely possible if we keep the same level of.performance.

  • Leeds United W
    Southampton W
    Nottingham W
    Chelsea D
    Brighton W
    Wolverhampton W
    West Ham W
    Brighton W
    Newcastle W

    superstitious “D”? yes it is …

    They’re right, these Arsenal Vision lads … there’s a mental thing too, the boys’d rather have a 35-minute high-intensity europa league leg-stretching moment, than a tedious warm-down, or yet another practice session in Colney, were they made to stay home … That’s “happiness management” of some very clever sort indeed

  • “Oh what a game it was, it really was such a game”

    Well, well, well, we finally beat the pool and a deserved win it was – it was obviously heavily influenced by the presence of our very own Kerikeri baptist.

    I’m usually very nervous during games against it “top six teams” but the first minute goal allowed me to watch the game without too much fear of losing. Even when the twice leveled the game I still felt confident of an Arsenal comeback – but frankly it’s usual the opposition that get a late penalty in their favour and not Arsenal which Saka confidently stroked home.

  • Here are the results of last weekends competition:-

    For the week :-

    1st – OX 10 with 4/6 plus one correct score and a share of the most correct predictions bonus = 6.8
    2nd – Total with 3/6 plus one correct score = 5.0
    3rd – Eris, Madhu, Kev & Le Gall with 4/6 plus a share of the most correct predictions = 4.8
    7th – Stu & GN5 with 3/6 = 3.0
    Season to date:-

    1st OX10 & Kev – 42.8
    3rd Total – 33.33
    4th Eris – 33.13
    5th – Madhu 28.8
    6th – Stuart – 26.0
    7th – GN5 – 24.33
    8th – Le Gall – 19.8

    Looks like a race to the and between OX10 and Kev, but Total and Eris are both within striking distance and there is still a long way to go. Who knows even Le Gall and GN5 may get into the action?

  • Here are next weekends selections:-

    Leeds United v Arsenal *
    Manchester United v Newcastle United *
    Southampton v West Ham United
    Liverpool v Manchester City *
    Tottenham v Liverpool Women
    Real Madrid v Barcelona

  • Stuart as I was scrolling back through earlier post looking for folks points predictions on the next nine games I noticed that you had sent me a link to your fathers day service. So sorry I missed it at the time but I will certainly view it when I get the time – most likely Friday of this week.

  • That’s it from me today I’m off now to start prepping our thanksgiving dinner.

    Here’s our menu.

    Grain fed fresh Roast Turkey
    Sweet Potato’s
    Roast Potato’s
    Roast Carrot’s
    Roast Parsnip’s
    Roast Onion’s
    Steamed Corn & Pea’s
    Copious amounts of Gravy.

    Home made Pumpkin Pie & Ice Cream

    Australian Blackberry Patch Cabernet
    & Australian Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon

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