Sporting Portugal v Arsenal Preview and Alternative Lineup

To rest or not to rest? As always on EL night, that is the question.

Tierney will be unavailable tomorrow, this boy has no luck at all. That makes 6 (Hein, Tierney, Elneny, Jesus, Nketiah, Trossard) MA can’t pick, including 3 forwards.
Kick-off time at Craven Cottage is 67 hours after final whistle in Lisbon. They’re a (very) good team, Fulham, so I don’t see how we can expect a win if our usual starters are not given a rest tomorrow (except in midfield where there is no choice but playing the big boys – not to mention the experience in “game management” they’ll provide us with).

Which might leave us with (4-4-2 with “diamond” midfield):
(12 subs are allowed: Ramsdale-White-Saliba-Walters-Zinchenko-Smith-LewisSkelly-Saka-Odegaard-CozierDuberry-Martinelli-Hillson ???).

I, for one, think such a side could get a draw at least. Marseilles have beaten them twice in the CL, with Kola-Tavares-Guendouzi-Sanchez, all of whom would be 3rd choice in our current squad.
What I’ve seen of them in those 2 games might be misleading, but they looked terribly undisciplined (they ended up their two games against Marseilles a 10-man team). Don’t know if this is a terrible downside in the way their players are “educated” but they looked like a whole bunch of BrunoFernandeses in full brat mode …

They have 2 excellent players upfront though, Trincao and “Pote” Gonçalves – typical Portuguese forwards, fast, unafraid, lethal with both feet, the kind of players who can hurt any team, especially on the break.
Is that enough to risk adding one of our first-choice players to our injury list? I don’t think so …

I like the EL a lot, I’d love the trophy to end up in our cabinet, but our place in the 2023-2024 CL is secure now, so winning it is not as vital as it would have been if we weren’t 18, 20, or 21 points clear of the 5th, with only 12 games ahead of us.
Now, if things turned really sour, the 5-change rule will come handy, and there’s always the 2nd leg in our brand new, vociferous London fortress …
So, let’s put our trust in them and the 11 lads above will do us proud!

By Le Gall

114 thoughts on “Sporting Portugal v Arsenal Preview and Alternative Lineup

  • Thanks Le Gall for your fine thoughts on the game.

    The line up is fresh and maybe it’s what’s needed tomorrow. I am also worried about fitness levels come the Fulham game. I saw that Jesus has returned to training and maybe he can play tomorrow or on Sunday.

    But I think Arteta will start with a more familiar lineup out of respect for the competition. He also will want to keep spirits high.

    So I am going for a lineup of something like this.

    Tomiyasu, Sal, Kiwi, Zinch
    Jorg, Granit
    Saka, Marti, Reiss

  • Thanks LG. Interesting line up. Who would play number 9 in that team? Our Portuguese spy, Fabio as a false 9?
    I’m hoping for a full debut for Kiwi. Turner should likely start and I look forward to seeing him grow in the Arsenal shirt. Good to catch a glimpse of our Hector, too, even in Sporting colours.

    Thanks GN5…

    Everton v Brentford * 1-1
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion A
    Leicester City v Chelsea A
    Fulham v Arsenal A
    Newcastle v Wolverhampton * 1-0
    Viborg FF v FC Nordsjælland * 1-1

  • LG, Arteta has said that he will play a strong squad. But sure there would be rotation. Both our CBs need rest and without Tierney i guess its a back 4 of Tomi-Rob-Kiwi-Zin unless he decides to slot in one of regular CB. You can’t rule out Tomi as LB with White as RB to give more solidity and rest tk Zin
    Midfield will be Viera- Jorgi – Xhaka
    Forward will be ESR-Marti-Riess.
    If things gets a little hot then Saka can come in possibly Jesus very risky though.
    Good thing is that we have options. Would have been great if we had Nkethia and Trossard as well.

  • Good reasoning LeGall … next year’s CL qualification no longer a factor… and also the part about being able to get a result in the 2nd leg if necessary…. I’d rest Ødegaard and Partey thursday and definitely have Kiwior starting (he must be dying to play for us) with Cozier Duberry on the bench, maybe another youngster too.

  • I think we don’t want Sporting to come to us with a result to defend, next week. Let’s get it done tonight. The players want to win European titles and they will be up for it. I fear that if we play bad tonight we will do bad at the Cottagers too.

    CoyrrGs ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽

  • I was thinking of Emil, Stu, he has a bright future in the “9” position imo, the very same as the one Trossard was given lately
    I know Eris thinks he’s not fit enough for this right now, and he’s probably right, but the boy is strong, bulky, the kind of player who has to play quite a few 90-minute games before being fully fit again
    Let’s give him just that – and let’s be patient, supportive with him, he won’t be taking off like a rocket or a chopper, more like a cargo-aircraft, but once in the air, he’ll fly like an eagle again

  • Starting ESR makes sense, if indeed he is fig enough to play well. I guess starting Vieira in his home country makes also sense.

    Jorginho, Xhaka
    Nelson, Martinelli, Emile

    Bringing on Saka, Øde and maybe even Jesus on for last 25 minutes or so.

  • Mon Dieu, un post a la Normandie…

    Cozier Duberry is I believe injured and Lewis-Skelly hasn’t been registered, maybe at 16 he can’t be, I’m not sure of the rules in that regard.

    It’s a conundrum isn’t it, risk seeing our rhythm broken by a negative result or keep the pot boiling but risk injuries?

    Partey is the only player I’d wrap in cotton wool as he can be fragile therest I think we have to trust in the process.

    Our main men don’t have to play the 90 minutes because with 5 subs available you can pretty much rotate half the team during a match and I do think that Arteta is improving in this dept.

    Allezkev Les Rouges

  • 30 Turner
    4 White
    12 Saliba
    15 Kiwior
    35 Zinchenko
    20 Jorginho
    34 Xhaka (c)
    7 Saka
    21 Vieira
    24 Nelson
    11 Martinelli

    1 Ramsdale
    56 J. Hillson
    97 Walters
    16 Holding
    18 Tomiyasu
    6 Gabriel
    10 Smith Rowe
    5 Thomas
    72 M. Smith
    41 Bandeira
    71 Sagoe Jr

  • Good morning gentlemen. A red sky dawning down here in the south. Tho’ I imagine we could be in our change strip, I see this as further evidence that Our Father in Heaven is a Gooner.
    Super strong starting line up.

  • Kiwior in his prefered position for his first start makes sense of course
    The Buk and the Zinch in cotton wool would have made me feel less worried, but this is the mindset of someone who never knew such things as warm-down, cold baths, yoga, adapted diet, etc.
    Hope I get a stream now

  • I can imagine Emile is not ready for a 95 minute shift just yet. But any idea why Holding isn’t starting? (I can only imagine that Saliba made some demands to be persuaded into signing the new contract, but I’m know to have come cynical tendencies.)
    I would have started Tomiyasu ahead of White as well, but at least I’m not surprised here.

  • Billy head’s is a magical world
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    They’re losin’ it already – they sure could do with yoga these boys

  • The new boy didn’t exactly cover himself in glory on that one …
    Back to square one, so much for my expectations of seeing Oleks – at least – taken off, don’t know what’s between him and the Sporting guys, but I don’t like the look of their challenges on him

  • Nothing like a bit of Jam on my half time toast this morning. Thanks LG.
    All a bit turgid, otherwise.

  • Not a great ad for the EL, this
    They’re a pebble-in-the-shoe kind of team, but they also have what it takes to score a second
    I don’t think I’ve ever “seen” Bukayo that invisible, if that makes sense. Fabio has been asked to play Martin’s exact part, but The Buk doesn’t seem comfortable witht he way he does it
    I don’t know why we fall back to the false safety of our box’s surroundings so fast – guess MA doesn’t want the lads to waste too much energy in high-press but between doing that and doing … nothing, there should be a middle-of-the-road way
    Anyway, we too have what it takes to score another, too bad the away-goal rule no longer applies

  • Its too bad Bukayo was not rested here maybe he would have if Martin had played wil never know. I cannot see him not starting against Fulham would be nice if he caught a ‘bug’ of some sort and missed the international break.

  • Nelson in so much space on the left nobody seems to pick. Too right sided attack

  • “Kiwi” is good at passing the ball, but back to Colney he will have a hell of a lot of defensive homework on his plate

  • I think Mikel has to think about taking off Zinch not doing well defensively and on that yellow is a risk.

  • And now time-wastin’ is on already … what a plague, this; and I sure don’t trust this ref to do anything about it

  • No injuries, that’s something I guess
    Mick didn’t look too happy about his right flank in the end, but I really don’t get why Bukayo had to stay on the pitch the whole game …
    I sort of miss the away-goal rule; now we’re for an attempt at 120 minutes of time-wasting, in the hope of making it to the shootout. We’d better get a decent ref come Thursday
    Anyway … Cottagers, we’re comin’ for you!!

  • Well that was a poor team performance with just a few exceptions. Such a messy uncontrolled performance by the boys. Saliba and Xhaka are the only ones to reach their usual level.

    Saka too quiet
    Marti is not CF material on this evidence
    Nelson not demanding enough
    Vieira has got a lot to learn but I saw some improvements
    Kiwior I will not judge after one game
    Turner, well he is well behind Aaron
    Zinch probably our poorest player on the pitch tonight

    But we got through it and let’s move on. 🙂

  • I, have become, comfortably numb…

    A right old mish-mash of a game, there were times when I thought we were going to take Sporting to the cleaners and then in the blink of an eye we looked a serene at Fred Karnos Army, what a schizophrenic performance.

    Turner made some good saves but at other times looked like a Sunday morning footballer, Kiwior was like ‘the shadow’ I don’t remember him doing anything to make me sit up and go ‘that was good’ but Tomiyasu was on point right from the off, I think tha5 left-back suits him better than right-back. Nelson has pace to burn but wasn’t utilised enough, nor was Martinelli, our midfield was stodgy and our passing careless but I did t think much of Sporting either and home advantage will see us home…

    All our boys are fine, no injuries even if afew of our starting XI might hav3 been u def the weather (could explain our stodginess?) so we should be good to go on Sunday…

  • I noticed that the moment Partey and Gabriel came in the pressing of Sporting stopped. They started to drop off and passing from back became easy. We need a proper player to deputise and ultimately take over from Partey. Is that Declan Rice? Only time will tell but Partey is our lynch pin and hope he is available for all the 12 games of the PL

  • Thanks for the prompt GN5, I’ve been offline as I’m in a show this week. It looks like I need to pull my socks up after last week’s poor effort!

    Everton v Brentford * D 1-1
    Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion A
    Leicester City v Chelsea A
    Fulham v Arsenal. A
    Newcastle v Wolverhampton * D 1-1
    Viborg FF v FC Nordsjælland * A 2-3

  • Palhinha ruled out is a big boost for us. I didn’t know anything about him before the start of the season; now I must’ve watched Fulham 5/6 times, and he made a big impression on me every time
    Sunday trip to the (not so) Wild West, Kev?

  • Guys and girls, I am in Holland sorting out all sorts of stuff and have no time to do or post a blog.

    I am hoping the team will be back in the usual winning groove again tomorrow. They did enough on Thursday to give us a good chance for coming Thursday, but we didn’t look anything like ourselves.

    So let’s hope for the return of splendid normality and a cameo of Jesus.

  • Turning it on at Twickers’ LG. Seven tries already! This Ramos boy knows what he is doing.

    0-0 at Palace. Under the cosh but compact and defending well.

    Enjoy the stay in your old country, Total. Will the game be available on TV over there?

  • Unreal performance, Stu
    All the young “Bleus” looked like they’d hit form at exactly the same time, they were relentless … but I never thought I’d see an English national team surrender so fast, so completely
    Too bad you’ve missed the seventh try, Penaud’s second – an absolute thing of beauty
    There was a magic moment too, when Dupont walked off to the ovation of the Twickenham crowd. What a player he is, and so comfortable with both feet, you have to wonder how he’d have been doing on a football pitch as well
    Now France have earned this very unexpected attacking bonus point, tomorrow’s game in Murrayfield will decide who the 2023 tournament’s winner will be. It’s very likely to be a close call but as you well know,
    “Brave are the hearts that beat
    Beneath Scottish skies”!!

    Hope not too many painful memories were stirred, TA
    As irrational as it may sound, and probably is, I have this “peaceful, easy feeling” about tomorrow’s game, “I know the lads won’t let us down”

  • When you listen to Mikel Arteta talk and you hear the determination in his voice it’s no wonder that the Arsenal team has developed as they have, it also explains why the England rugby team is so rudderless when you listen to Steve Borthwick talking after the game, he certainly wouldn’t inspire me, somehow I don5 see him lasting very long at the helm…

  • On ya, Total. Get home safe, mate, hopefully to a substantial half time lead for our boys.

    That Eagles song doesn’t come to mind for me when I am considering the upcoming Rugby World Cup, LG. The AB’s are in some disarray at present, looking to appoint a new coach this close to the big event. They will come right, tho’ and yet another France v AB’s final may be a good bet. We have some talent coming through the ranks which would be a great match for the jeune boogaloo bleu’s.

    Palace almost did us a big favour. One sloppy tackle!!
    How is Liverpool’s form, tho? 7-0 v Man U then 0-1 v Bournemouth!

    See ya’all at 4 am tomorrow, boys.

  • Yes Kev, Arteta’s focus and determination are close to insane. He lives and breathes football. Still things to learn, but boy is Mikel focused on top performance!

  • Pool and Spuds, Stu, can turn it on on the big occasion, but they lack consistency and motivation throughout the season. That’s the hardest part, and Mikel knows it.

  • Very nice touch from Ollie at the end of the video
    The kid plays Monaco away tonight. They’re on an excellent run, and their central defence, Disasi-Maripan, is very strong. Disasi in particular has been transformed dramatically by his time with the French squad in Qatar
    Big test for our boy

    For what it’s worth, just read stuff about GJ’s and Trossard’s possible returns at the Cottage

  • I just read that the £3m we received from Fulham for Leno will ‘jump’ to £8m if he plays a requisite amount of games (he’s done that already) and Fulham stay up (on safe ground there) still seems a bit of a giveaway for that fee, but given that he was on big wages, wanted to stay in London and in the Prem our options were few.

  • If true, might explain the bizarre feeling of watching “Samson(s) after Delilah took the fun out of him (them)” at times, last thursday:

    on Arsenal: “They’ve had a flu bug at the training ground which hit them quite hard for that Europa League game, but I’m told Ødegaard, Tierney, Vieira & Nelson, who all suffered from that bug, are now completely better & available for selection.” [Sky] #afc

    En réponse à
    Gotta rate Nelson and Vieira for still playing with the flu bug

  • Ramsdale
    Odegaard (c)

    Smith Rowe

  • Well, we’ve got the Arsenal team sheet. Now for the hosts’… :

    Leno; Tete, Tosin, Ream, Robinson; Reed, Lukic; De Cordova-Reid, Pereira, Solomon; Mitrovic

    Subs: Rodak, Wickens, Wilson, James, Diop, Vinicius, Francois, Harris, C Robinson

  • Nice to have Gabriel Jesus back in the side. We have put out a strong side and its just as well because Fulham can be a handful on a good day.

    Add the presence of ex- and on loan Arsenal presence and you’d agree everyone has to be on the job today for us to get something at the Cottagers’ home.


  • Too bad
    What a gorgeous pass from Master Granit this was
    We were very close to Emi’s og all over again, too …

  • We thought we had a goal but VAR has chalked it off for offside. Never looked offside to the ordinary eye, though.

  • Fort Cra-lamo it had been for a while, so this is utterly deserved
    BigGab does love a game here, doesn’t he?
    Ben/Bill/Gab what a run for our CBs
    I (We) want more!!

  • That disallowed goal has spurred us on to get a goal. 1-0 Saliba header.

    Ref making an effort to suggest White was fouling their keeper. Balderdash! White did nothing of the sort.

  • It’s 2-0,Martinelli header. Again, fine work and pass by Xhaka to Trossard,who has got his second assist of the game.

  • 2 assists for Trossard that is
    Robinson defended like a U16 but I won’t be the one blaming him for it
    Two headers in his 6-yard-box, this is not a great afternoon for Bernd either
    What a delightful pass from BigBill at the start of it all, the lad’s on fire at the moment

  • Xhaka just denied Arsenal a chance for a goal which could have been one of the great team goals.

    He looked to be caught in two minds as he bore down on Leno’s goal.

  • And Trossard has missed another chance. Took his time, composed himself and placed it wide. We should be 4 up by now. Need to take those chances or we could get a nervy second half.

  • Casemiro’s had another red card and United are down to 10 men against Southampton. They are home though and could still make fight of it.

  • 3-0! Beautiful finish by Odegaard. Another a Trossard assist by the way.. Amazing.
    Half time.

  • How about that Trossard guy is that 3 assists making this look easy should have been more to be fair wish Granit had finished that brilliant move he was a part of. Its like the team is like what pressure after City’s win yesterday. I was a little worried coming after the Thursday game against a high flying Fulham but this is the stuff of champions.

  • It started cagey but after that own goal was disallowed for offside, the shackles were removed and the boys started to go for it.
    Had Martinelli, Xhaka and Trossard taken their very good chances, we could have been 5 up by half time.

    I think the boys are answering every question thrown at them at this time. The glee on the faces of the City players after full time whistle at Palace yesterday, must have been wiped away after that performance. We can choose to give GJ9, Nelson, Vieira, Tierney and Tomi a chance to get a feel some time later in the game. Then rest up for Lisbon’s visit.

  • Remember I was elated when we got Trossard but he has been better than I thought and the way he is interchanging has been amazing and confused Fulham. What a great window Edu has had.

  • Make it three!
    Trossard in an youthfulOzil-esque assist recital, ladies and gentlement!
    Were it not for Granit’s, Trossard’s, and Marti’s misses, this’d have been an all-time scoring record PL first half for us, I think …
    This team is just purrin’, midfield and attack are outstanding, but I’d spare a thought for Ben-Bill-BigGab who might be – no, are – the classiest back-3 in professional football right now
    Aaron’s (usually perfect) footwork is strangely wobbly today, but who’d be fool enough to blame the lad for slightly losing his focus?
    Mick, give a rest to The Buk, please, the lad needs it …

  • So right Le how about the pass Saliba had with his weaker foot to start the move which saw Martin score and then Ben White did the same with his left foot to find Marti who unfortunately was unable to finish.

  • Still 3-0 as the hosts try to show pride, but we have had break away opportunities.
    Bukayo and Zinchenko off for Nelson and Tierney. We should test Nelson some more as he can help give Saka much needed rest. He hasn’t done too well today, if we are being honest. Looks jaded.

  • Gabriel Jesus about to come on for Martinelli and Vieira on for Trossard.

    He comes on to a loud cheer.

  • Fabio-Reiss would have deserved these late assists for GJ-Martin, otherwise what is there to add?
    Let’s just enjoy this halcyon-day feeling
    May it last for … (feel free to fill in this blank)
    COYG (and thank you for days like this)

  • Total, I’d say that Leno will have come off of the field quite relieved that he wasn’t on the end of a Liverpool vs Man Utd style thrashing…

    Arsenal are the most entertaining and clearly the best team in the Premier League by a long way…

  • Trossard was amazing, Martinelli was everywhere, Odegaard considering his illness was immense, Partey was Lord of the Midfield, so many great performances and Jesus was the cherry on the cake, he looked so good. What a team, what a bench, what a performance, what a nice glass of wine I’m knocking back, cheers everyone. 😄

  • What a evening. Arsenal making lightwork of Fulham and my home team Bengaluru Football Club has done a Houdini act and reached the final of Indian Super League winning 10 games in succession.
    Arsenal were fantastic and played amazing football. Trossard is an amazing buy and is making our frontline very unpredictable and lethal. Great but and his use of spaces is very good.

  • Special mention to our centerbacks. They have been absolutely magnificent and classy.

  • 51′
    Monaco 0 Balogoal 1
    Monaco had had it coming, our boy’s runs have torn them apart from the getgo – with a little more control (“experience”), he would have punished them some time ago

  • O, it’s just a perfect day…

    Such a clever footballer, Leandro. Something of the Santi C about him. Can drop deep, two footed, brilliant in tight spaces, creative and energetic.

    From rags to riches with our potential forward line for next season: Jesus, Leandro, Eddie, Gabby, ESR, Bukayu, Reiss, Flo…

  • Congrats again, Madhu – have you thought of trying out lottery, casino, … ?? It’s now or never, mate
    You may have been aware of this already, but just in case you weren’t:
    … many comments on the game (and nice pictures of your Bengaluru heroes too) here:

    (the guy’s a “neutral”, apparently, so he has nice things to say about some of your foes too …)

  • Well Le Gall predicted it would be comfortable, and so it proved to be. A fine afternoon and three more points in the bag. Ooh to, Ooh to be..

  • Thanks LG. Ha ha i don’t gamble. I lived in Las Vegas for 4 years and didn’t spend a single dollar on casinos. But what a city to live superbly built city with abundance of parking space.
    Wow orbinho keeps track of Indian Super league as well. Nice.

  • Morning all. Here are last weekends results for our competition:-

    For the week:-

    1st GN5 with 5/6 plus most correct predictions = 9 points
    2nd Eris with 4/6 plus 2 correct scores = 8 points
    3rd Total with 3/6 plus 2 correct scores = 7 points
    4th Stuart with 4/6 plus 1 correct score = 6 points
    5th Le Gall with 3/6 plus 1 correct score = 5 points
    6th Kev with 4/6 = 4 points
    7th Madhu & OX10 with 2/6 = 2 points

    For the season:-

    1st Kev with 100.80
    2nd Madhu with 96.80
    3rd OX10 with 95.13
    4th Stuart with 94.33
    5th Eris with 94.13
    6th Total with 76.66
    7th GN5 with 74.33
    8th Le Gall with 73.80


  • The competition is very close this season with only 6.67 points separating the top five players – so I have decided the make a full audit of my spreadsheet – in case I have made any errors along the way.

    This is a big undertaking but I feel that it needs to be done to ensure the accuracy of the scores.

    I will post the findings of the audit once it is completed.

  • Top, top job, GN5. We are getting so much fun out of your competition.

    A brilliant week for you, and I guess Eris will be delighted with his progress in the table too. The top three of the competition are this week’s bottom three!

  • Well, there were so few errors that the audit was really quick – plus Mrs GN5 was not home – so I could concentrate.

    I only found one error and that was in week 18 when I only gave Le Gall 2 points when he actually scored 3.

    So it raises Le Gall up to 7th place and puts GN5 in 8th…………………

  • Here we go – corrected version with score asterisks.

    Brentford v Leicester City
    Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur *
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United
    Chelsea v Everton *
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace
    Barcelona v Real Madrid *

  • Brentford v Leicester City H
    Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur * 1-0
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United H
    Chelsea v Everton * 2-0
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace H
    Barcelona v Real Madrid * 2-1

  • I’ll get in early this week to see if it will change my luck!

    Brentford v Leicester City. H
    Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur * 1-2
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United H
    Chelsea v Everton * 2-0
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace. H
    Barcelona v Real Madrid * 1-1

  • Brentford v Leicester City H
    Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur * 1-2
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United H
    Chelsea v Everton * 3-0
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace H
    Barcelona v Real Madrid * 1-2

  • Brentford – Leicester City H
    Southampton 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1
    Wolverhampton Wanderers – Leeds United H
    Chelsea 3 Everton 0
    Arsenal – Crystal Palace H
    Barcelona 1 Real Madrid 2

  • Kev breaks the ton, but is his taxi slowing down? Thanks GN5. Great fun.
    Brentford – Leicester City H
    Southampton 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1
    Wolverhampton Wanderers – Leeds United H
    Chelsea 2 Everton 0
    Arsenal – Crystal Palace H
    Barcelona 1 Real Madrid 1

    LG, I watched the England France game. Move over Aaron Smith. Your Dupont is from another planet.

    Little corner of New Zealand rooting for your Bengaluru boys, Madhu.

  • Brentford vs Leicester……Home
    Soton vs Tottenham….…….Away (1-2)
    Wolves vs Leeds Utd……….Home
    Chelsea vs Everton………….Home (2-0)
    Arsenal vs C Palace…………Home
    Barcelona vs R Madrid….. Home (2-1)

  • It was quite exciting, even for me whose seen it all before, to see Jesus back on the pitch and how he immediately began linking everything together, looking so sharp and the general lift it gave everyone to see him back on the pitch, the assorted heads at Eastlands must have dropped somewhat at seeing his return and the general level of the teams performance. We keep on hearing from the pundits about when the enormity of where Arsenal are will have a negative effect, but for me it’s when Man City finally slip up again as the impossibility of catching Arsenal begins to dawn on them?

  • Brentford v Leicester City H
    Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur * H (1-0)
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United H
    Chelsea v Everton * D (1-1)
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace H
    Barcelona v Real Madrid * D (1-1)

  • Well done, GN5. Nearly had a clean sweep of it. Thanks for the good work you do too. The table sure is tight heading to the business end of the season. I suspect it will get even more exciting…. 😁👍🏽

  • My predictions for the weekend’s picks:

    Brentford v Leicester City D
    Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur * D (1-1)
    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United H
    Chelsea v Everton * H (3-1)
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace H
    Barcelona v Real Madrid * H (3-2)

  • One-game-at-a-time is the way to go, guys. It is the secret to our ability to confound the naysayers, game after game. And, yes, the longer we stay top, the more crest fallen City will become until we get to a point where our haul shall be unassailable.

    There is no gainsaying the fact we play the best footie of any EPL side, at the moment, so our position is not a fluke. Arteta is also rotating well and doing his best to keep the lads fresh, so the argument about City’s a quad depth, being the weapon to rein us in, holds no water. Good times…… happy days!

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