Ooh, how we miss his magic: what is your favourite Bergkamp experience?


All of us have seen the videos of Dennis Bergkamp’s best/most beautiful goals many times over during the last few years. Some of us were even lucky enough to witness one or more of these magic goals live during Dennis’ tenure at Arsenal: the ‘pirouette’ in and against Newcastle; or the ‘foot ball juggler’ in and against Leicester (his last one of a truly great hat-trick); or maybe even DB’s 89th minute ‘outer space ball collecting and juggling skills’ winner for Holland against Argentina, during the quarter finals of the 1998 world cup finals in France.


A couple of weeks ago, I spoke to my mate Elliot, who told me about his one-off meeting with the Iceman. He is never that keen to go up to players and speak to them, as he feels they should be allowed their privacy; but when he had a chance to speak to Dennis, he ignored his principles for once and introduced himself to him. He had a general chat with Dennis and the Dutchman was very easy going and humble. At the end of the conversation he asked Dennis to sign a napkin, which he promptly did.

Elliot told me that he no longer has the napkin, but that this did not bother him at all: what really mattered was the experience of meeting up with Dennis, and the Iceman signing his autograph on the napkin. It is an experience he will never forget.

And this is really important, because on object is nothing compared to an experience.

It would be great if we could hear your favourite personal experience(s) with regards to Dennis Bergkamp. Not many of us will have met him personally, but that’s not necessary: just tell us about your favourite DB10 moment.

Mine was on 16 September 2001. A colleague of mine, who was a Fulham season ticket holder, had arranged a ticket for me at Craven Cottage. Around that time, I knew very few fellow Gooners and it was hard to get tickets to any Arsenal games, so I was over the moon for getting the opportunity to see our mighty team live. Arsenal won 1-3 and we played fantastic football on a late-Summer’s Saturday.

Dennis came on for the last fifteen minutes, and very late on in the game he scored a peach of a goal right in front of me. It was a quintessential Bergkamp ‘placed shot’ from the edge of the box into the goalkeeper’s top-left corner.


Now, I had seen many matches and goals by Dennis on TV at that time, but all of those could never be compared with that one moment of seeing him score right in front of me, and with such a beautifully executed goal. It is an experience I will never forget. I have seen Dennis play live on a number of occasions since that day, but that first, fantastic experience will always be my personal favourite Dennis Bergkamp moment.

However, I am sure there are many fellow Gooners who have had even better personal Dennis Bergkamp experiences; and, whatever they are, it would be great to hear them from you today!

Total Arsenal.

Although some bloggers might appear very familiar and informal with each others, please never hesitate to comment if you feel like it: Bergkampesque welcomes any new contributions.

72 thoughts on “Ooh, how we miss his magic: what is your favourite Bergkamp experience?

  • Morning TA..
    Rest for a while.. from the upset situation.. hehehehe..

    This is my favourite Bergkamp’s goal ever..

    This weekend will be great.. so many big match..
    I hope City beat MU, and Everton beat Spurs.. And WHU – Liv draw..
    But more Important is we must win again WBA..
    Not an easy game.. But if we lose again.. then we must forget UCL..
    We will never be in the 4th place this season..

    But before that.. winning again Olympiakos is also another important thing to do..
    We need to bring back our pride and the energy of winner..
    And I hope.. Wenger find his magic again.. and keep continue making us stay in UCL.

  • Best moment: Final home game of 2005, Arsenal 7-0 everton. Highbury was singing “one-more-year” after DB10 score the 6th goal.

    2nd best moment: year 2003, Birmingham 0-3Arsenal. Arsenal leading 1-0, and the blue threw everyone for a corner. DB10 receive the ball from halfway line and out run Cunningham and upson before coolly chipped over out rushing maik taylor to seal the victory. not much striker can outpace younger defender at age of 35 huh.

  • HenryC

    That is without any doubt one of his best goals ever (in the post I referred to it as the pirouette). It is basically ballet on a football pitch. 🙂

    Against Olympiacos we must give our most used players a rest. The rest should go out and enjoy themselves, but it will not be easy, as the Greeks are strong at home and will want to win too.

    What about?

    Jenkinson – Djourou – Miquel – Santos
    Coquelin – Ramsey
    Gnabry – Chamakh – Rosicky

  • I never been to highbury nor emirate stadium. watched 99.99% arsenal game on tv.
    i went to the stadium when arsenal visited my country (kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) last year.

    would love to see his statue eracted one day. or come back as a coach or manager

  • Kaboom, I can see from the blog stats there must be many Gooners in Malaysia. Do you watch at home or are there pubs that show Arsenal games?

    Totally agree on the statue and Dennis’ return to Arsenal in management!

  • most of the malaysian supports Manure or Liverfool. whenever these teams visit, the 90000 stadium is full house. when arsenal came to malaysia 2 years ago, the attendance was 60k. this year merely 30k++.
    most of the pubs will show manure/liverpool/chelsea even manshitty game. just have to find the right place (perhaps pub owner is a gunner).
    i usually watch the games at home coz i have a nagging missus. LOL.

  • haha 🙂

    Nagging as she wants you to stay at home, or wanting to watch the game with you at home?

    Good to hear that you can watch the Arsenal games in pubs, but it is a shame the other teams are shown more 😦

  • Nagging if i go out to drink and watch the game 😛

    i been to a few asia countries like China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and such. most of places will show only Manu or liverpool games. u should come to asia and experience it yourself.

  • Good Morning Kaboom. Its always nice to hear from Gooners in far away places, you will feel at home here at BK, we are a friendly bunch.Welcome.

    Nice to see Arsenal have a foot hold in KL.

    Us Gooners have the same problem with most pubs/establishments showing ManUre games. Glad you see the light and never followed that shower of s—.


  • Haha you are going through a tough time then at the moment: having to watch at home, us playing rubbish and the wife nagging you to stay in and not be able to drink away your sorrows with fellow Gooners?!

    Asia fascinates me and will definitely come and visit soon.

  • Morning Helmet Cheddars 🙂

    So many great goals. It has to be, ” The Pirouette “, Mmmmmm
    I remember that one against ” Brum ” Kaboom, I thought at the time, dont bother with a 1 year contract, give him another 5 year one !. People always talk about his brain, but he was no slouch either !.
    When AW does finally call it a day, it is DB10 who I would like to see at the helm and with a backroom team of former Dutch Total footballers , just like Ajax ( is it Ajacks or i-axe ) are doing at the moment.
    Right , 3 more holes to concrete, so I`m off to order some materials ready for Wednesday.
    Then the missus has a dentist appointment, I shall have a word first with him, to see about having a zip fitted, a remote control one would be brilliant !. hahaha
    I can here you all shouting now, ” I want one ” !. hahaha

  • I have to say what a really nice blog and nice people commenting. All positive vibes despite us not being entirely happy at the moment and surrounded with other blogs that are so depressing and have cretinous followers. To top it off this blog is dedicated to Bergkamp my all time favourite gunner and all time hero. Loads of good memories the best is so hard to decide.

  • This is prob my fav and yes beating Everton 7-0 sticks out a lot too. Probably the best game he had and we had played

  • This one for me against Bayer Leverkusen, this was the week before the Dabizas-Newcastle goal, he was obviously on a hot run of form at that time! How we could do with someone of that skill and class at the moment…

  • Cheers Gooner4eva49 🙂

    Simply fantastic move by Bergkamp and thanks for your best experience. Have you been lucky enough to see him live? 🙂

  • Hi Deech,

    That is one of my favourite goals as well. He wanted the ball so badly and when he got it he tricked three German defenders to come out, in order to make space for himself. He also had seen the keeper was from too far away from his line, but the way he dunk it over him was so sublime. Where you lucky enough to see him live? 🙂

  • Glic 😆 a wife with a zip and a personal remote control! Typical Glic joke – not so nice for your cheddar helmet though. I am now starting to worry about the holes you are referring to… 😀

    It is more like Ah j aaax Glic – but I am rubbish at this sort of stuff. Did you ever see DB10 play live, Glic?

  • Unfortunately not Total. ..I was in London, we went to see a show, I think it was Cabaret. But if memory serves me right I popped into a bar and see it on tv.

  • Moring VCC 🙂

    Do you have any great personal experiences of watching DB10 – as in a live game? Can you still remember the first time you saw him play?

  • Yes Total, I was fortunate to see “God” live on a few occasions. Cannot remember when I see him first, cos almost every game those days we won, and I went into a happy haze and partied with copious amounts of alcohol. Boy oh boy, as they say, the good old days. That era we had with “God”, Henry, Pires, Vieira,Freddie,Dixon, Winterburn. oooooooo Im getting excited here just typing their names.

    I’ve said this before but here goes.

    I used to manage my Sons Sunday team. Sometimes we came up against some strong teams, and I said to those guys, “Don’t be afraid when you go out and play these guys” Play your own game and express yourself on them.

    We used to have the fear factor with our wonderful invincibles, you could see the fear on the opposition faces, thats in the tunnel, even BEFORE a ball was kicked. You could look down the line and it was never ending. Now its a totally different story, its never starting!!!!!!!

    Plenty of games are won and lost in the head as well as on the field, imo.

  • Fully agreed on the fear factor VCC. I once took a colleague of mine to an Everton – Arsenal match and I still remember her surprise and admiration of the athletes we used to have in our team: tall, strong, fast, super fit, aggressive, and working hard and for each other all the time. At the time, I was so used to it, I did not even noticed this any more, but we were a superior team in almost all aspects, if not all.

  • Hi TA, and a jolly good morning to you. 🙂

    I don’t need to tell you I enjoyed reading your fine Post, and I think I will, in future, have a code letter to save me writing and you reading!! 😀

    Something like: A = Rubbish 😆 B = Excellent, C = Out of this World, and D = Dutch!! 😀

  • Thats all double to me RA. hahahahahah hehehehhehhe, (this Henryism is catching, hahahah hehehhehhe)

  • Morning Redders and good to see you back after the weekend! 🙂

    VCC, love the term Henryism and you are right; it is catching! 🙂

    Henry, if you are still reading today: when are you coming over to the UK so we can meet up to watch a live game of the mighty Arsenal? 🙂

  • RA, I like your scoring system, but I have a feeling this is just the sort of stuff for Glic to have a say on; and you and I know he is likely to refer back to bodily parts, tools or functions….. 😥

  • Unfortunately, TA, I will have to be noticeable more for my absences for a while, but I noticed, yesterday, that my man VCC had me fairly high in the predictions chart, and might even be close to the Yellow Jersey! 😛

  • TA,

    The Glicster and I seem to be blogging at different times at the moment, but I love reading his stuff — he is quite bonkers, but he has a way of making me laugh out loud with his distinctive brand of humour!! 😆

    Long may it be so.

  • I hope it is not for health but work related related reasons, Redders?!

    You are indeed doing very well in the UMF – you might become the Ultimate one, but it is still really early hehehe! 🙂

  • I forgot to say so, but there are so many Denis moments that I recall, especially when you include internationals, but the one that sticks in my memory, because it definitely made my jaw drop with amazement, was the Newcastle one already mentioned.

    Many people said it was not intended, and altho’ that is clearly untrue, I can understand why that was said, because the creativity, skill and sheer pizazz of that whole movement was out of this world or a “C”. 😀 😀

  • Overall standings at 11:45 Monday 3rd December, 2012.

    Red Arse(smart arse) 9 Yellow Jersey
    Rocky 7
    Total 7
    Henry 6
    VCC (flash in the pan) 6
    Oz 5
    Herb 5
    Terry 5
    GLiC (wooden spoon) 4

  • It’s not a big deal, TA, but I have felt better.

    That is why reading the comments on BK is good for the soul, and reading the Glicster is good for a belly laugh!! I also love the dialogue between Glic and VCC — they are well matched.

    Terry’s enthusiasm is a nice fillip too, altho’, between you and me — as he is not around — he is a bit bonkers too!!! 😀

  • Red Arse….you are indeed the shining light amongst the tipsters atm.

    You could say a BK’er beacon. 🙂

  • RA + TA.

    The GLiC has me in stitches too. I sometimes laugh so much it hurts my ribs. He is a one off ( Thank F—)

  • Sorry to hear it is your health again, but as you said: laughter is the best remedy – at least for the soul!! So, please make sure you keep coming back amigo! 🙂

  • No, just thought I would try and cheers RA up. heheheheh hahahhahha. Watch out watch out Henry’s about

  • TA. The email i sent this morning of GLiC phoning the dentist about his Wife’s appointment. Can you forward it to RA.

    That might cheer him up.

  • My connections to the club run deep and I’d already “heard it on the grapevine” that after the GG fiasco Bruce Rioch was only ever going to be a stop gap manager, but I had “no info” about who it was that was going to take over, DD was obviously keeping his cards very close to his chest. When I heard the news in the summer of 95 that Dennis Bergkamp had signed a 4 year contract with us I couldn’t believe it! I got on the phone immediately to ask what was going on? This was huge! Now it’s small change but £7.5 Million was a massive signal of intent from the board, first it broke Arsenal’s all time transfer record being 3x’s more than anything we’d paid before. Moreover Arsenal had never been big spenders in the transfer market; we had a great defence, because defenders were cheap in comparison to forwards. Obviously big changes were afoot.

    I’d always had great admiration for the total football being played by both the Ajax, and Dutch national team under the great Rinus Michels culminating in the 74 World Cup. Following on directly from the great man came another not insignificant individual Johanas Cruiff. The Toekomst academy established and expanded under those two auspicious individuals. Produced amongst others “God” indeed JC gave “God” his first senior start. However Ajax had strayed from the system and it seemed to me that they only really returned to it under another Dutch coach of much note Louis Van Gaal. I knew of Dennis Bergkamp from his playing days at Ajax, pre 1990
    Because (much as now) I was commuting between London and Spain. I mention this because this was pre sky sports and Dutch football wasn’t shown in England back then, but Spanish TV showed football from anywhere and everywhere.

    That’s me placing things in context, I knew two things before they happened, first I knew DB10 would need to adjust to the prem, and second I knew once he did, many other things would pale into insignificance. Imagine if you can that “God” suffered at the hands of the press and pundits in his first 5 weeks at the Arse, can you imagine? I mean the bastards were actually on his case! Then came my Bergkamp moment, September 95 at home to Southampton the ball was crossed from the left and DB10 volleyed it home. That goal answered his critic’s and lifted the pressure, he started to play with freedom, bossed the game and scored another. A real top right hand corner screamer after rounding two defenders. God was home. The beginning of fantasy football.

  • Your welcome. Yes I have had the pleasure of seeing him live. Still gutted that I couldn’t go to the first game at the emirates for his testimonial. Managed to watch it on tv but really wanted to be there what a day though

  • Hi Richie, that is a fine and insightful comment as we have become used to. I still remember that first goal and I read recently that many of our top-strikers scored their first senior Arsenal goal against the Saints, which is quite bizarre and luckily Giroud did so as well. 🙂

    I remember Dennis scoring his first goal very well. I was getting nervous for him as it was clear he added so much quality to Arsenal but the media were getting on his back, and he just needed the goal. I never forget how Ian Wright was as happy for Dennis as the Iceman was himself, and that’s why I will always rate Wright as a human being.

  • Gooner4eva49, thanks for follow up comment. If you want you, and anybody else for that matter, can leave ‘a tribute’ in one of the pages above ‘Leave a tribute to DB10’. 🙂

  • Very interesting background to DB10, richie.

    Any news or rumours you come across in Spain would certainly be of interest on here too!!! 🙂

  • Thanks, VCC,

    I haven’t opened my emails at the mo’ but I look forward to reading the dentist email – it sounds very funny!! 😛

    Have to buzz off for a while. Laters guys.

  • TA I’m reproducing something I wrote recently because I think it’s relevant to some of the comments that are being made regarding our current squad. I’m sorry guys but some of you are living in a fantasy world. I mean we all want great players to play for the club, but can anyone name me a fantasy team of players that could match the invincibles? I mean I can’t even think of a current player anywhere in the world that I’d compare favourably to God can you?

    Let’s get real “Have you ever seen any team produce the Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, Freddy and Pires quality of football”? I mean Manu’er are the top team in terms of league titles won and how many times have they played football of the quality of the above? They are the quantity club at the moment but quality? I mean time before last I watched them win the prem and I still can’t believe they did, because they were crap. How about the Chav’s? They’ve spent a pretty penny but with all that spending (and indeed winning) they weren’t ever the entertainers were they? Which is why the Russian fired the Portuguese promotionalist and recently the Italian. The great team that Arsene produced was a “one off” I doubt we’ll ever see its like again. I know in nearly 50 years of watching the Arse I’ve never seen another team in either the old first division or the prem that could hold a candle to the above. I mean we were playing fantasy football. Even the Barca of Pep didn’t play that fast attacking sexy one touch at the speed of the entertainers, will anyone ever again? I doubt it, because ordinary teams can play in the Moronho/DeMatteo style and win the Champion league.

    My point is if our own are looking for Arsene or anyone else to buy a team like we used to have and play like we used to play it’s not likely to happen because players of the quality of “God” and “Thierry” aren’t out there at any price.

  • Hi guys.. thanks for all nice post..
    Henryism.. hehe.. very funny VCC.. but thanks anyway..
    I just can say that I don’t really know how to put the smile icon.. hehe..
    As I also don’t know how to make an avatar like you all did.. I wish I can put my son picture (7 yo) in red white uniform..

    TA.. Sure I like to go to Emirates.. but someone forgot to send me 6 number of lottery.. hehe..
    But btw we don’t have such lottery in Indonesia.. It forbidden.. haha..
    We used to call it – Haram.. not allowed – for the majority – moslem in my country..

    My sister was stay in North London – woodgreen and also Hertfordshire – stevenage for several years.. She work as a cashier in a Vietnamise restaurant..
    Maybe someday I will bring her with me for my tour guide.. hehe.. And she is a Gunners also.. It make me jelous to see her picture at emirates stadium.. haha..
    And I will buy some lottery.. who knows my lucky is there.. hahaha..

    Yes I agree with you TA.. for going away to Olympiakos.. Give them some rest.. and play the young gun.. Eisfeld, Afobe, Gnabry, Yennaris, and so on.. they can do their job.. just give them some trust.. Go Gunners

  • All very true Richie, although I wonder whether Arsene would have been able to replicate it if he had not suffered so much financial restraint in the last seven years.

    I have also no doubt that the PL has become a lot more competitive throughout the 20 clubs that compete in it now, and even the Invincibles squad would have found it difficult to dominate now as much as it did then imo.

  • Back in the bad old pre AW pre God days “91” I went clubbing in Ian’s Company in Covent Garden for Kevin Campbell’s 21st birthday. Wrighty’s an infectious joker of a nice guy.

  • Hi TA.

    My fave moment was Denis soring his first goals against southampon. I was sat next to some geezer who played a copper in the Bill. He kept saying Bergkamp was shit and to lightweight for the premeirship.

    I contemplated punching him in the face but he was so ugly i decided it wasnt worth it.

    Anyway Denis broke his duck, but the thespian wasnt having none of it. Kept saying he wouldnt make it and it was a bad buy.

    And then the great moment. Denis skipped past a couple of defenders and unleashed a superb 25 yard rocket into southamptons net. WIth no exageration, i grabbed the would be mcbeth and screamed at him “What about that then Ducky, not good enough my luvee arse” To be fair to him he saw the funny side but still left saying that he wanted to see more before he would be convinced. hahahaha

  • Hi Henry, once you get it re smileys it is all really simple. Did you read the page above ‘Using Smileys’? Just follow the instructions, but make sure you leave a space before and after what you type in if you type -:)- but leave the two – (hyphens) out and leave a space on each side it will lead to a smiley face once you have pressed ‘post comment’. Good luck.

    When I have a bit more time I will look into getting info re getting a gravatar for you. Oz would be a great help as well with this.

    Nice to hear you have a seven year old son – I have an eight year old daughter. Hope you win the lottery soon Henry and we can meet up with you and your Gooner-sister! 🙂

  • Good stuff VCC. The principle idea is that every time you use your email address (the one that you are going to link to your gravatar), Henry, for logging in to post a comment, your gravatar will show up automatically.

  • How comes Stretch hasn`t a gravatar of a telescope ? and Redders one is not a dictionary or a calculator ?.
    Back from the Dentist, where the wife was fitted with a micro-chip to the tongue, the chip produces a tiny current in the muscle to render it numb ( it`s the same technology Mrs Transplant has had fitted to Terry`s `scope, a sort of pre-nutkins Terry had to sign before being allowed back in the bedroom ! ) and it`s betters than a zip, I mean have you ever caught your hampton in a zip !, yes it effing hurts especially whilst trying to un-zip it !.
    The only problem is the remote control, every time I use it in the living room it not only mute`s her, but mute`s the TV aswell !. It`s ok whilst Loose Women is on as I get to kill two birds with one stone, but tomorrow night I will be watching the Arse !.

  • It is with sadness to say that I never got to see DB10 live, but hey, I never got to see his son Jesus live either !

  • Aparrantly, Stretch is in trouble with the neighbours !. Mrs Transplant left the remote to his `scope on the settee and the cat got hold of it and was playing with it like playing with a mouse !. Stretch was painting the inside of the street front door at the time naked and his `scope kept popping in and out of the letter box to the horror of his neighbours !.
    Another session in the naughty step loft beckons !. hahaha

  • Yeah the Arab Oilers of the north weren’t even on the horizon, and the Russians Millions hadn’t as yet skewered/squared/rigged the league so it was easier to think only in terms of the Manc’s and their bigger gate receipts. Liverpool traditionally our biggest rivals were down for the time being so yes it wasn’t as difficult. Yeah the Arab Oilers of the north weren’t even on the horizon, and the Russians Millions hadn’t as yet skewered/squared/rigged the league so it was easier to think only in terms of the Manc’s and their bigger gate receipts. Liverpool traditionally our biggest rivals were down for the time being so yes it wasn’t as difficult. Also I think Arsene showed everyone how to do it and all 20 prem clubs now scout all over Europe and the world Although the prem will always have a problem in that regard compared to other leagues in the shape of the British Government, especially Cameron because if we find a new Messi we’ll never get him in. Also I’m not very impressed with our current scouting set up, my nephew (who’s half Spanish) I’m trying to influence to become an agent/spotter because he knew we could get Santi before we did. He also told me of our recent tormentor’s Spanish buys Pablo Hernandez and Michu before they headed to Wales Seems to me we need all the help we can get scouting.

  • I am more worried about the constant transition we have to deal with and the lack of on-field leadership at the moment. The players are good Arsene does not seem to be able to get the best out of them: to make them gel and play like a footballing machine.

  • Yes I could’ve written exactly that, although I’m not as worried as you are about transition “There is nothing more consistent that change” but like you I am very concerned as to why Arsene isn’t able to make them tick. Unlike some I actually believe we have a very good squad but the sum doesn’t add up to the parts. I can identify area’s that need strengthening but I can’t put my finger on what isn’t going right. The team looks lethargic, and devoid of the off the ball movement that Arsene and Arsenal is known for. Never mind speed of passing, I’m starting to worry about the training drills Bouldie has them doing because unfortunately by process of elimination, he keeps cropping up.

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